Why You Should Date A Foot Fetish Guy | London Hughes

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23 日 前

You might be surprised to learn that the man who can give you what you *really* want... is a foot guy. London Hughes: To Catch A Dick is now streaming on Netflix.
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Eric 9371
Eric 9371 10 時間 前
There’s this misconception that all foot fetishists are weirdos and creeps. I mean in terms of it being weird, that’s your opinion and you can say whatever you want about it. But not all foot fetishists are creeps. I’m a foot fetishist, but I don’t go around asking girls to show me their feet and stuff. I have enough self control to know when I take things too far. But I do know to not ask strangers for feet pics, or to show them their feet. My girlfriend respects my foot fetish and I hope that every man or woman that has a foot fetish finds someone special that accepts that part of them cause it’s hard to find someone who won’t judge you
BabyBotany 12 時間 前
How is this funny.
Kam 12 時間 前
"Take 'em off!" "No!" "Take 'em off and I'll buy you new shoes!" "Okay!" I choked on my drink.
Mirela Vasile
Mirela Vasile 日 前
Sex for shoes is more like ... prostitution than it is comedy. I didn't laugh.
Nospotic 日 前
there's only two things in society: men and prostitution
Ericc E Solitude
Ericc E Solitude 2 日 前
😂😂😂 this was quite funny
David Whittaker
David Whittaker 3 日 前
Eric davis
Eric davis 5 日 前
I love the British accent man when women say it it's a turn on man
bradleremond 7 日 前
Barely any funny. If it's wasnt for her energy and enthusiasm, this would've completely fall flat. This may be a joke but I hope she doesn't see all of foot fetishists as out of control crazy freaks.
toobalkain 8 日 前
Maybe it’s edgy but it ain’t funny, not by a long shot.
toobalkain 8 日 前
OK, I’ll be honest, I’m not keen on seeing her feet. Or smelling them.
John M Jones
John M Jones 9 日 前
i love her and her hair too
The slayer
The slayer 10 日 前
She's weird.
Shamim Hossain
Shamim Hossain 10 日 前
Tiffany 10 日 前
I could listen to her speak and watch her being so animated....all day! She's so adorable!
HunterX23 X
HunterX23 X 11 日 前
"Tricked" 👠....🤷🏿‍♂️...🤦🏿‍♂️💯
TWB 11 日 前
Comedy material is corny.
Warrior J Gamer
Warrior J Gamer 12 日 前
Why do women always make foot fetish guys seem proper creepy I guarantee the way she told the story wasn’t exactly accurate
assyifa bintang
assyifa bintang 2 日 前
Which part of it is creepy? I thought the guy was super sweet. i mean he didnt chop her toes or anything dodgy
Nick Indigo
Nick Indigo 3 日 前
Because of society
BeatlesandStones 14 日 前
She would have pretty feet I have no doubt. Would love to see them too.
Mr Knowitall
Mr Knowitall 14 日 前
So anybody can get a special now ?
Jolly123123123 12 日 前
@Mr Knowitall 6 seasons and a movie. You betcha
Mr Knowitall
Mr Knowitall 13 日 前
@Jolly123123123 so Netflix will give me a special if I talk about my random sexual encounters ?
Jolly123123123 13 日 前
Ever heard of netflix?
0jisoo375 XD
0jisoo375 XD 14 日 前
i luv ha
Janjua __
Janjua __ 15 日 前
Never known a funny female stand up . No surprise here
Branden Brunson
Branden Brunson 16 日 前
I don't remember laughing. She's sexy tho.. I only came to hear her opinions about foot fetishes and her experiences.
D. S.
D. S. 11 日 前
She has the enthusiasm and energy along with the relatively good looks. If she just has some proper guidance, i think she has potential.
Joey Taylor
Joey Taylor 16 日 前
Exactly lol, terrible comedian
me just
me just 16 日 前
HyperJunk 1987
HyperJunk 1987 18 日 前
This bitch stinks
Nadia Moon
Nadia Moon 19 日 前
Brandon Davidson
Brandon Davidson 19 日 前
The fact that the comments on this video are so polarized between love and hate only means one thing: Some men just hate women comedians. That's fine, but at least own it and admit that you hate women. This was far from the raunchiest act I've seen a woman do, and it was fantastically put together. The joke structure was superb from the set-up to the punchline, and the way she acted it out, keeping the audience in suspense just made the whole thing hilarious.
Lewis Blank
Lewis Blank 19 日 前
Oh no I love funny comedians I don’t look if they are male and female
Carl Adams
Carl Adams 21 日 前
Any ladies want some nice shoes hit me up.
Blacker Panther
Blacker Panther 21 日 前
God, she looks like a monster
Alle Rhie
Alle Rhie 5 日 前
is it because of the pants
L Melis
L Melis 7 日 前
@Blacker Panther don't worry, everyone can tell
Blacker Panther
Blacker Panther 11 日 前
@Branden Brunson to each their own
Blacker Panther
Blacker Panther 11 日 前
@Katie Mills I fail to see what point you’re trying to prove...
Branden Brunson
Branden Brunson 16 日 前
Yeea she kina beautiful bro. Imo
Jack 21 日 前
i have a foot fetish and would love to buy a woman shoes. unfortunately no women seem to like guys with foot fetishes.
InstinctivelyTwisted 21 日 前
Wow, lot of hate on her in the comments. Y'all clicked the video. You can just leave without spreading hate. She was entertaining and now I'm moving on. All humans deserve respect and love. Hey fellow human, I know you are doing you best 🖤
InstinctivelyTwisted 21 日 前
@Chico FTB Anything is possible. You can do what you want. I'm suggesting that sharing hate is not a great use of energy. Your opinion is valid though the way it is communicated should be a conscious act. Everyday we will effect others.
Chico FTB
Chico FTB 21 日 前
Since when can you only comment on something so long as it’s positive? Can I only review a restaurant so long as I give it 5 stars? She produced a special.. people are entitled to leave their opinions. It just so happens that she isn’t funny.
Lewis Hunt
Lewis Hunt 21 日 前
This is staggeringly bad, my word 🤦‍♂️
MyPretty BrownFeet
MyPretty BrownFeet 21 日 前
Yes girl! I looooove dating foot fetish guys, they are the absolute BEST! Love the pants!
yomisamtomomi 21 日 前
Craig featherstone
Craig featherstone 21 日 前
RedSnt 21 日 前
She seems like a real life cartoon character. Features out of this world!
Pink Dragon
Pink Dragon 22 日 前
Is this basically prostitution?.. You know what.. don't answer that
Angsty Goblin Entertainment
Angsty Goblin Entertainment 22 日 前
This amuses the humerous yellow canine
Andrew Bauerle
Andrew Bauerle 22 日 前
Idk man... I couldnt find any of this funny. Probably because its more relatable to women tbf. Though, it might just be me, but the smile looked a tad belligerent.
Andrew Bauerle
Andrew Bauerle 21 日 前
@shesaprototype i could say the same to you lmao
Chico FTB
Chico FTB 21 日 前
@shesaprototype yeah. How dare he give his opinion. Shame on you Andrew.
shesaprototype 22 日 前
You could have just thumbs down and kept your comment. But that's just me
Toucan Sam
Toucan Sam 22 日 前
That was me. I'm the guy. And my name is Sam, since you don't remember 😒
•ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ_ʙʟᴏꜱꜱᴏᴍꜱ• 17 日 前
Wait did you seriously buy her all those shoes ?
Lewis Blank
Lewis Blank 19 日 前
Bro you can do better man don’t get down
peace go
peace go 22 日 前
Are u for real?
J SmithSemper
J SmithSemper 22 日 前
That's a cute outfit ☺️😍☺️
Kelly CrossFit
Kelly CrossFit 22 日 前
Oh god she’s funny!!!
marlin thrower
marlin thrower 22 日 前
She is one of the most funniest female comedians I have ever seen
marlin thrower
marlin thrower 19 日 前
Some stupidest shit your one of them
Dusk x Dawn
Dusk x Dawn 19 日 前
Try *deaf**
Craig featherstone
Craig featherstone 21 日 前
You must be BLIND...
batgurrl 22 日 前
Why are like 10 videos in a row from this unfunny person. She’s the reason why men say women aren’t funny.
Tim Tipsy
Tim Tipsy 22 日 前
Not funny..... really not
BIGV AZ 22 日 前
Jonathan Baird
Jonathan Baird 22 日 前
Boy howdy, there sure are a lot of prickly manbabies in this comment section. Stay in your basements; you’re doing the rest of the world a huge favor.
Bitch I don't Know
Bitch I don't Know 21 日 前
Men think they r to the only one that can tell jokes
Winwin Milieudefensie
Winwin Milieudefensie 22 日 前
Low brow “ comedie” ...... inverted smile on my face ... its like anti humor ...good premisse ... horrible execution
Susan Freeland
Susan Freeland 22 日 前
This isn't funny. What is she on?
Chace Michael
Chace Michael 22 日 前
Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Dusk x Dawn
Dusk x Dawn 19 日 前
@shesaprototype 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
shesaprototype 22 日 前
Bitch this vid is 5:10. What timestamp is this?
June Cailyn
June Cailyn 22 日 前
Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Thomas Hindmarsh
Thomas Hindmarsh 21 日 前
Fuck off bot
PariSitic Pictures
PariSitic Pictures 22 日 前
Why do alllllllll these bitches only talk about sex!? There is more to Life than Fucking. It’s as if they think that’s all they’re good for... Maybe it’s our fault...
Solo Bello
Solo Bello 22 日 前
Couldn't finish she mad annoying
Kris Santos
Kris Santos 22 日 前
How many guys have said this to you 'your feet just gotta be free of them boots?" As a lady, I'm 😲😀😃😆😅😂
bradleremond 8 日 前
Yeah. I can't picture a guy saying this, unless he was in his own house
Shamim Hossain
Shamim Hossain 10 日 前
Bryan Terrell
Bryan Terrell 22 日 前
I'm Single 😍😥
Hadi Nzaal
Hadi Nzaal 22 日 前
Disgusting i might as well go make a comedy special if everyone is doing it
Hadi Nzaal
Hadi Nzaal 16 日 前
@Bitch I don't Know i just have nothing better to do i am broke bro
Hadi Nzaal
Hadi Nzaal 16 日 前
@Bitch I don't Know i didn't say anything bro
Hadi Nzaal
Hadi Nzaal 17 日 前
@Bitch I don't Know 😂
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson 21 日 前
@Hadi Nzaal lol ty for being able to take a joke
Hadi Nzaal
Hadi Nzaal 21 日 前
@Brian Wilson Believe me i wouldn't make it out of the couch anyway
Gizele Sampaio
Gizele Sampaio 22 日 前
Yusuf Ginnah
Yusuf Ginnah 22 日 前
If I spent that much on shoes for her and she ran off, I'd feel _deFEETed_ 🙊😆🤣 Ok, imma see myself out... 😔
Damola Alabi
Damola Alabi 8 日 前
Shamim Hossain
Shamim Hossain 10 日 前
Branden Brunson
Branden Brunson 16 日 前
Stick around bro, that was funnier than this bit actually.
Yusuf Ginnah
Yusuf Ginnah 21 日 前
@667 ape 😆🤣🤣👍🏼
667 ape
667 ape 21 日 前
Come Back you good 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Артём Нурдинов
Артём Нурдинов 22 日 前
Guys pls tell me what's her name?
Hamster Go
Hamster Go 15 日 前
Шоколадки нравятся?
PariSitic Pictures
PariSitic Pictures 22 日 前
Look upwards?
Dovaroar 22 日 前
Once again girls aren’t funny
iam awah
iam awah 20 日 前
@MesaMesaOnTheWall any suggestions? There's this one Korean chick . She's good but same jokes over n over.
Craig featherstone
Craig featherstone 21 日 前
At ALL... rest in peace Joan Rivers
MesaMesaOnTheWall 22 日 前
Wrong, plenty out there you're just looking in the wrong places my dude
iam awah
iam awah 22 日 前
I'm a girl I agree. The only one I found even remotely funny was Ali Wong. But she's also gotten boring now. Only talks about her pussy. I've never found one female comedian funny not one. Sucks
Samantha Kennedy
Samantha Kennedy 22 日 前
@Lau Ste couldn't have said it better. I'm gonna start saying this cause every other time guys just don't listen
Lewis Blank
Lewis Blank 22 日 前
She is not funny at all not in one bit It’s insane how she’s got a special
Samuel Giwa-Majekodunmi
Samuel Giwa-Majekodunmi 17 日 前
Katie Mills
Katie Mills 18 日 前
ok lewis
Mark Maina
Mark Maina 22 日 前
Her enthusiasm makes it funnier than it should be😂
Shamim Hossain
Shamim Hossain 10 日 前
Oobie boobie kanoobi Scoobie dooby
Oobie boobie kanoobi Scoobie dooby 17 日 前
Well yeah enthusiasm and exaggeration are a cornerstone of comedy
Pedro Sanchez
Pedro Sanchez 21 日 前
Chocolate Sugar
Chocolate Sugar 21 日 前
Its her vibe lol she herself is funny 👌🏽
Trey Love
Trey Love 22 日 前
Delivery is half of what makes comedy funny.
If a man made a joke anywhere near as offensive as that he would be ostracized. The guy was kind enough to spend so much money on her yet she doesn’t remember his name that’s treating him like an object as if he is only used for spending.
MesaMesaOnTheWall 22 日 前
Bro, if a guy made this joke everyone would praise him. Male comedians literally go on stage and make jokes about being a shitty dad, husband, doing drugs and sleeping with girls and dipping. Just seems all too typical that women are told it isn't funny when if a man were to do it there'd be praise instead. 👀
elpida k
elpida k 22 日 前
he liked her toes, she liked his money. whats the problem?
Phillip Lemmon
Phillip Lemmon 22 日 前
It's a fucking JOKE! YOU KAREN SJW ADAM!
Figuremonkey 22 日 前
@Sarah yes, absolutely, but the point this guy’s making is that if he celebrated his objectification in the same way she’s celebrating using him for the shoes it wouldn’t be received as positively as her routine is. Which is still a double standard tbf
Sarah 22 日 前
It's called a sugar baby lmao you think he liked her for her ? He objectified her to her toes lmfao
Eliza Jennings
Eliza Jennings 22 日 前
Kiall Jacobs
Kiall Jacobs 22 日 前
Wendy Shaw
Wendy Shaw 22 日 前
I know a man who has a foot fetish. I had to try to get used to him licking my feet and sucking on my toes. But I just could not get into it then he wanted me to let my toenails grow and I don't like really Gotti looking long toenails that's just gross to me so I decided if I can't be his friend I don't want to be around him.but this goes all out to all women who love men sucking your toes better you than me happy holidays
AProXD 22 日 前
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