Why Kevin Hart Could Never Be a Rapper

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ヶ月 前

Anyone can be a rapper as long as you've got the right bass notes. Kevin Hart: I'm A Grown Little Man is now streaming on Netflix.
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James Ware
James Ware 9 時間 前
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Bee Smooth
Bee Smooth 日 前
Kevin is taller when he sits than stand
Naseem Jacobs
Naseem Jacobs 2 日 前
2:18 had me dead 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Justin J
Justin J 3 日 前
There's a rapper named pressa listen to his voice
bandit 7 日 前
Hell he can’t be a rapper he can’t be a comedian either
bob bby
bob bby 7 日 前
Wait till you hear 645AR this dude hit his ballsack everytime he rap 😆
Nat Chill
Nat Chill 8 日 前
"Yeah bitch I'm a killer .." 🤣😭💀literally can't breathe
Monopoly Man
Monopoly Man 8 日 前
Well how the tables have turned. Playboi carti personification
Razan Algarni .
Razan Algarni . 9 日 前
I watched this probably a 100 times before and I still watching it and still laughing like the first time , GOD he’s so funny I love hiiiimmmmm
Shiwani Gupta
Shiwani Gupta 9 日 前
that singing imitation was awesome 😀
Jekyll 10 日 前
If Michael Jackson was a rapper
Im Gomba
Im Gomba 10 日 前
Yeah bitch ima killa😅😂
coloreo666 10 日 前
0:15 to 0:25 that's The Weeknd's voice, *_RIGHT_* there xD
Muanpuia B.K OryiNn
Muanpuia B.K OryiNn 11 日 前
I love black people except Kevin... All black people is funny without Kevin...
Cutepanda 12 日 前
I almost choked and died within the first 20 seconds
Sully Rosul
Sully Rosul 12 日 前
I mean, he's not wrong, but he's not right at the same time. Look at Kendrick Lamar, his voice is just a little bit higher.
Abdi Qani
Abdi Qani 13 日 前
Who's watching this in 2021 🤣😂😂❤️
This whole video> Lil Wayne: *Am I a joke to you?*
Jerald Hao
Jerald Hao 14 日 前
Peshewng Peshewng 😂
Graindere kyjm Manglicmot
Graindere kyjm Manglicmot 14 日 前
The part about rappers freestyling was funny and so true ngl🤣🤣🤣
Leonardo Roscelli
Leonardo Roscelli 14 日 前
Quasimoto be like:
Amrita Lekhai
Amrita Lekhai 15 日 前
3:06 Justin Bieber is that you 🤣🤣🤣
R Gazmair
R Gazmair 15 日 前
He can roast me so bad still I'll be laughing
Maika Jacobs
Maika Jacobs 16 日 前
Lil tjay am I a joke to you
Вера Калашникова
Вера Калашникова 17 日 前
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Memories 17 日 前
I cannot process what I just saw 😧
LiveCentral 19 日 前
Im mean kendrick?
Curryman Patel
Curryman Patel 22 日 前
MR ICE 23 日 前
What about Kendrick Lamar
selva ryanto
selva ryanto 23 日 前
There is just kevin hart and eddie murphy when talk about comedy or laugh For me
Nayhama Gaspar
Nayhama Gaspar 23 日 前
Ivan Morrison
Ivan Morrison 24 日 前
He didn't sound too bad when he deepened his voice and rapped a little 🤣
my life basically
my life basically 26 日 前
"You need a deep voice to be a rapper" 645AR:👁️👄👁️
Mansib Mostafa
Mansib Mostafa 26 日 前
"To be a rapper, you need a deep voice" Corpse:
Siddhanth shetty
Siddhanth shetty 26 日 前
Ever heard of 645AR?
what about his rap battle with Klarity
The Broke Gamer SA
The Broke Gamer SA 26 日 前
He raps like YK Osiris lmao
Jinxdakid 27 日 前
Eazy E plays tennis
CABO 27 日 前
Velma Proffitt
Velma Proffitt 27 日 前
The quick fortnight notably prefer because bowl cephalometrically influence before a abstracted kite. gleaming, ambitious table
Amna Al-Hamadani
Amna Al-Hamadani 28 日 前
Thank you for making me laugh before my test 😂😂😂😂😂
kanis haby
kanis haby 29 日 前
The null coast alternately slip because board jelly jog anenst a shivering character. typical, nostalgic witness
Mike Dlamini
Mike Dlamini 29 日 前
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez ヶ月 前
High pitch voice and short EazyE: am i a joke to you?
kanis haby
kanis haby ヶ月 前
The spiffy promotion aditionally work because impulse unfortunatly bless absent a impolite cancer. screeching, wicked bathroom
Scardinal ヶ月 前
No joke he sounds like Kanye West
Juster DelMundo
Juster DelMundo ヶ月 前
Lol that's chocolate droppa
SpiroSZN ヶ月 前
I would buy his album just for the *pchew pchew*
Northeastern Guy
Northeastern Guy ヶ月 前
im sure he would be better than some today's mumble rappers
gerry graciano
gerry graciano ヶ月 前
man i miss when he was actually funny and not just cussing left right and center
BenFly ヶ月 前
Yo playa this style the dopest dope I ever smoked. Get with me my g.. Reach out on IG if you tryna link up bruh @_benfly
Ik Gix Official
Ik Gix Official ヶ月 前
Chocolate Drooopppaaaaa!!!!!
Averill Dalton
Averill Dalton ヶ月 前
0:14 that sounds like he would imitate Michael Jackson . 😂
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Jean Ortizzz
Jean Ortizzz ヶ月 前
He killed it
Enasa Jackson
Enasa Jackson ヶ月 前
Rakesh Verma
Rakesh Verma ヶ月 前
Oh my! His honesty is cute and funny
Rakesh Verma
Rakesh Verma ヶ月 前
So honest
Alessio Bummels
Alessio Bummels ヶ月 前
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harold modilim
harold modilim ヶ月 前
Belle Ellzey
Belle Ellzey ヶ月 前
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Elena Andrews
Elena Andrews ヶ月 前
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Deleyti Fithi
Deleyti Fithi ヶ月 前
This one is actually funny sorry by Kevin hart stand up is overrated
FaerieSensai ヶ月 前
Look how young dude was lol
Jhenkar M. S.
Jhenkar M. S. ヶ月 前
Mariposaoro Fusion food Channel
Mariposaoro Fusion food Channel ヶ月 前
Ha! He could be a rapper if he had a better flow! Look at Q Tip and his voice!
Zachary Procter
Zachary Procter ヶ月 前
Shoutout Tobi Lou
krishna bhojak
krishna bhojak ヶ月 前
tony lorez entered the chat
yazid ghani
yazid ghani ヶ月 前
Lillian Ross
Lillian Ross ヶ月 前
this is his best standup act, you cant tell me otherwise
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee ヶ月 前
The big foot nomenclaturally squeal because bankbook conceivably search including a uppity green. successful, tangy prepared
VRanger 666
VRanger 666 ヶ月 前
"Cant be a rapper, cause my voice ain't deep enough" Ever heard of mc smalley??
Hari Govind
Hari Govind ヶ月 前
Damn he aint know shit bout lil uzi
Zach oneill
Zach oneill ヶ月 前
As if lil baby doesn't sound like a teenager
Shadow 6667
Shadow 6667 ヶ月 前
Is Sooooo good like wow👍👏😶
Shadow 6667
Shadow 6667 ヶ月 前
Hi guys☺☺
saitama sensei
saitama sensei ヶ月 前
Kendrick is unsecure now
Hermes Davi
Hermes Davi ヶ月 前
He's talking about not being able to be a rapper but his voice looks pretty similar to Eazy-E's voice
Brace ヶ月 前
654ADR: *exists*
Hussleman1 ヶ月 前
He reminds me of that rapper chocolate droppa
Francisco Armand
Francisco Armand ヶ月 前
Kendrick Lamar. Lil Torey.
Vladimir Polii
Vladimir Polii ヶ月 前
KH : Rappers need deep voice Kent Jamz : hold my beer
Derick spawn
Derick spawn ヶ月 前
Ken Arts
Ken Arts ヶ月 前
He would make an interesting villain 😂😂😂
Cirineu 41
Cirineu 41 ヶ月 前
I'm a rapper but the first p goes silent on Saturdays
Pass Kall
Pass Kall ヶ月 前
This is my favorite Kevin Hart bit 😁🤣😋
JayGoCrazy GC
JayGoCrazy GC ヶ月 前
The melted girl energetically occur because deposit lily raise along a towering cucumber. expensive, lazy wrist
Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son ヶ月 前
He's just so damn GOOD!! Privelaged to see him live
Andy Savage
Andy Savage ヶ月 前
Kevin must be mad as hell about the Weekend and Kendricks rap voices
Veljko ヶ月 前
That "Pew Pew everybody gonna die" had me in tears
Abhishek Pal
Abhishek Pal ヶ月 前
This guy is one of my Favourites. Just want to meet Kevin and throw a party one day! Cheers to that day.
Corn Pop
Corn Pop ヶ月 前
Chocolate Droppa 🤨
djb1ge ヶ月 前
...and thus “Chocolate Droppa” was born.
ADAM. ヶ月 前
Say what you will about his comedy, but the man’s come a looong way. Props
Lindsay Duet
Lindsay Duet ヶ月 前
rappers are like the italians of the music industry, your hands and your mouths tell stories
spectre trash
spectre trash ヶ月 前
Eazy E : Am i a Joke to you?
Fundo Gigi
Fundo Gigi ヶ月 前
This is the kevin I like
Hemant gangwar
Hemant gangwar ヶ月 前
He made me buy Netflix 🙆🏼‍♂️🙆🏼‍♂️
ascics420 ヶ月 前
Chocolate 🍫 droppa!!!
arpeeh21 ヶ月 前
Back when Kevin Hart was still funny
Moji Okedara
Moji Okedara ヶ月 前
His new special was so bad, they had to show us his old ones XD
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