Why Jo Koy Doesn’t Talk About His Dad On Stage

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23 日 前

Papa and Fortune talk with Jo Koy about his new book as well as his family, mental health and the way they've informed his comedy and life.
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Angie Bega
Angie Bega 21 時間 前
Abel Gonzales
Abel Gonzales 日 前
Thanx , cause sometimes I feel there is no way someone could relate..... But I'm glad I'm not alone, going thru some funk right now, But I'm glad that even my fav..... Comedian has compassion for his fellow man.... Lots of Love Bro , Thanx you for you!?!?
Lubz M.
Lubz M. 8 日 前
This man's dad is obviously Joe Rogan and he clearly feels uncomfortable talking about it because he's traumatised by idea of him never ever living up to his father's legacy
laine folden
laine folden 9 日 前
Read the title at joe koney
CamCam Studios
CamCam Studios 9 日 前
EPISODE 3 Not In My House On JPgoon CamCam Studios click the below link and catch a good laugh jpgoon.info/number/bideo/zaWGZdxpmGDEqKU.html
IJ Rodriguez
IJ Rodriguez 17 日 前
Jo ko! ❤️👏👏👏👏👏
Liko Arreola
Liko Arreola 17 日 前
God and Jesus Always
Michele Cherek
Michele Cherek 18 日 前
I APPRECIATE YOU, JO KOY!💖💖💖💖 My family deals with mental illness BIG TIME, so I feel u, and I'm HAPPY ur able to talk about this...
Gina Madanlo Calinog
Gina Madanlo Calinog 18 日 前
That's Filipina mom always proud and love thier children unconditionally.
Joey J
Joey J 19 日 前
He did talk about his dad??
Rozak ab
Rozak ab 19 日 前
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C. Gonzales
C. Gonzales 20 日 前
His my fav comedian🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Peg Mularz
Peg Mularz 20 日 前
My brother is also named Robert and is schizophrenic
MJ Maccabee
MJ Maccabee 20 日 前
FUCK YOU, NETFLIX, AND YOUR LYING CLICKBAIT TITLES. I'm always happy to hear Jo Koy, but he didn't say one word about why he doesn't talk about his father, so why use that as the lure? Because you disrespect your audiences is so much you think we won't notice.
laxmi narayana
laxmi narayana 21 日 前
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Nikhil Hira
Nikhil Hira 21 日 前
Keep positive jo koy .
Kate Frederick
Kate Frederick 22 日 前
These 3 are some of my favs!!!! LOVE THIS !!
NestasMom 22 日 前
That looks like one of my baby pictures. 😂 Same hair cut.
Sthembiso360 Comedy
Sthembiso360 Comedy 22 日 前
Best comedian....
Pineappletaco 22 日 前
How does this lady not have her own special yet? She could have her own solo show.
Deevious Ritchey
Deevious Ritchey 22 日 前
Oh my GOD! I have to read that book! I love Jo Koy!
Travis Clower
Travis Clower 22 日 前
Fortune is as funny as polio.
vcdrny 22 日 前
Jo koy and Gabriel Iglesias are the best comedians of our times.
Derek Utt
Derek Utt 22 日 前
Jo Koy is one of my favorite comedians. I have watched his Netflix specials so many times, I can tell you the next words, his inflections, everything. Would love to see him in person someday. How rude of me, Tom, Fortune I think you two are both great comedians too. I have also watched your specials. (Edited)
Robyn A. Israel
Robyn A. Israel 22 日 前
I love JOSEP and his Mother... Lol
Jennifer Stanfield
Jennifer Stanfield 22 日 前
I feel ya, Jo. My mom has schizophrenia and growing up with her wasn’t fun. Dr. Nicole LePera’s new book is really, really amazing - how to deal with childhood trauma ❤️
T BZ 22 日 前
Literally? I mean literally... ffs
Aick Sofonofos
Aick Sofonofos 22 日 前
Our brother isn't funny. We're glad yours is, and thank you for this.
Ian C
Ian C 22 日 前
I grew up in a 3rd world country I been thru a lot of shit you can’t imagine I didn’t need a therapist, I’m happy now. It’s called moving on.
Jess Blake
Jess Blake 22 日 前
Ian C, just because you went through shit doesnt mean you know how everyone else should deal with difficulties in their life. Nor does it give you some kind of leeway to act like an asshole.
Ian C
Ian C 22 日 前
@Rosa G I’m happy now. What else to heal?
Rosa G
Rosa G 22 日 前
Ian C, you're not happy, you're diminishing this smart guy pain because you still don't know how to heal it. Look for help.
Amanda McGuirt
Amanda McGuirt 22 日 前
Yes definitely don't seek help or empathy it's bad for your manlines
mary monte
mary monte 22 日 前
Omg- its extraordinary to see Jo in this light. May God bless him always: He's created such a sense of self & security, enough to empower others to find inspiration & thrive. My fam & I are here for it. We're Central American & share many similarities in the struggle,and transition . I can wholeheartedly say, it's a blessing to have Jo Koy enlightened us with his witts & charm as he shines light on "boardline insanity" of everything that less fortunate families, (primarily the kids) whom have to overcome, throughout developmental years, or cultural clash to the least. #MUCHLOVE&RESPECT #URTheBest #MorePowerToYou😎👌🎉🙏🏻💙
Daisy Singh
Daisy Singh 22 日 前
Great guy! Yes keep it at home!😇
M. cool
M. cool 22 日 前
On top of being one of my favorite comedians, I think Joe coy is probably my favorite comedian at doing interviews.
Clay Mitchell
Clay Mitchell 22 日 前
Totally agree. Keep it at home. No one outside our home knew what a terrible man our Dad was.
Gaming Universe
Gaming Universe 22 日 前
I thought the yellow shirt was a guy at first..😅
Jared Scroggins
Jared Scroggins 22 日 前
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 22 日 前
Love it lol
randy9 simmons up 6
randy9 simmons up 6 22 日 前
I didn't hear him talk about his dad
clam 20 日 前
Didnt you hear bro. It's in the book
Acantha Callippus Vlogs
Acantha Callippus Vlogs 22 日 前
Jokoy is one of the best comedian out there 👏🙏
leslie mendoza
leslie mendoza 22 日 前
I need to finish my book I keep saying it and I keep going to it and I want to finish but damn it I’m so scared 😱 to be judged or hated on but hey that’s life so I can relay to JO can’t wait till I’m here telling my story real talk much love
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 22 日 前
saskia parmar
saskia parmar 22 日 前
Mooketsi German
Mooketsi German 22 日 前
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