Why Black Dick Size Is A Myth | London Hughes

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London has done highly scientific research on this one so you know she has the receipts. London Hughes: To Catch A Dick is now streaming only on Netflix.
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Paul Hain
Paul Hain 23 時間 前
That's nice to know. Thank you.
Huapa Bawitlung
Huapa Bawitlung 日 前
Some actual truth..
jordaine Nembhard
jordaine Nembhard 日 前
I am Black a still self conscious... Lol that shit is pressure.. But no complaints so far
Sophrosyne Mind
Sophrosyne Mind 日 前
What shade is your lipstick? Me likee !!
Thato Nwamadi
Thato Nwamadi 日 前
Go to Africa
James Gibson
James Gibson 2 日 前
It's called being a grower or a shower....is she just now figuring this out?
Kevin Dasilva
Kevin Dasilva 日 前
i've always known that but never associated it to race
Taurean Graves
Taurean Graves 2 日 前
She Ard
AnimatedGoose 2 日 前
She’s a farmer lol me too just not in that sense hahahaaa
Benjamin 2 日 前
Every woman stand up just talks about sex
John Bruno
John Bruno 3 日 前
Can't understand what the hell she's saying. She sounds like a drunk Brit slurring her words but regardless of that, whatever I did understand wasn't even funny anyway sooo...🤷‍♂️
Vasily Pivovarov
Vasily Pivovarov 3 日 前
Messiah hath descended
Kyle Coucke
Kyle Coucke 3 日 前
This bitch annoying af
A B C Of Life
A B C Of Life 3 日 前
Only the Africans proud to say , when I was 12 it was already longer than an average adult white guy We call it bakongo power
Richard Stern
Richard Stern 3 日 前
Cutie 🥧 pie
CURTIS Stapleton
CURTIS Stapleton 3 日 前
The accent dont work fo meh
Uriel Ramirez
Uriel Ramirez 3 日 前
“I’m a farma” 😂
Abraham almanza
Abraham almanza 4 日 前
Honestly what else would a woman talk about on stage
Audio Dream City
Audio Dream City 4 日 前
Interesting indeed.
donjosue1000 4 日 前
It is true.
Dion Wagner
Dion Wagner 4 日 前
It's all fun and games until the pencil dick compensates with a gun.
Wallace Sheckells
Wallace Sheckells 4 日 前
Sure does have a pretty mouth....
DR Stone
DR Stone 5 日 前
Logan Prescott
Logan Prescott 5 日 前
She has a lot of stage energy. It is really unique
Cyrus Shellard
Cyrus Shellard 5 日 前
I can't stand this fuckin gob with feet
Saint Rei
Saint Rei 5 日 前
being African and back home, felt like 8 was average, really self conscious in showers.... left home for school abroad and realised im actually doing very ok.. oh... i was in asia for while too, it was fun🤣. . .....for those that it helps to feel better, sure,...... its a myth....just dont go to Congo
Joking Cobra
Joking Cobra 日 前
@Saint Rei I’m 5,3
Saint Rei
Saint Rei 3 日 前
@CURTIS Stapleton 🤣🤣🤣 i was so insecure about it honestly.... then traveled abroad, had to make sure my sudden relief and feeling of yeah, im actually ok wasn't a fluke.... 8 is actually pretty good 🤣
CURTIS Stapleton
CURTIS Stapleton 3 日 前
Ok .so you did your research i see 👀
billfisher g
billfisher g 5 日 前
Middle eastern have bigger dick then black and Wight guys how is that for comment lol
Driver 302
Driver 302 5 日 前
I’m a farmer....! Lol
Russell Stevens
Russell Stevens 5 日 前
"My favorite London Hughes joke, is the "bbc myth" one!" Said no one...EVER.
Jason From Guitar Center
Jason From Guitar Center 5 日 前
*Johnny Sins Has Entered The Conversation
Darren Criss
Darren Criss 5 日 前
*Danny D has entered the conversation*
67schueppi 29schueppi
67schueppi 29schueppi 5 日 前
Lee Van Cleef
Lee Van Cleef 6 日 前
She must be from the UK. Her phonetics are way off... myth, myff
Spiritual Soul
Spiritual Soul 4 日 前
@Lee Van Cleef you’re an ass bro. Point blank period. Smh
Lee Van Cleef
Lee Van Cleef 4 日 前
@Leon 's Account yeah i wish you were right, but unfortunately you're wrong. th and f are different sounds. sorry to piss on your parade. facts don't care about your fat angry leftist lesbian feelings.
Leon 's Account
Leon 's Account 4 日 前
Having an accent doesn't mean your phonetics are off anything, people speak in all sorts of different ways, it's supposed to be like that
Lee Van Cleef
Lee Van Cleef 4 日 前
@Leon 's Account the way she says the word myth. i don't know how i could further explain what I'm on about.
Leon 's Account
Leon 's Account 4 日 前
...what are you on about?
Fergy Chester
Fergy Chester 6 日 前
That’s a lie .. average black men are bigger than white men ....
Derrick Meade
Derrick Meade 4 日 前
On average it's like 3/4 of an inch difference... So your fingernail
Jason From Guitar Center
Jason From Guitar Center 5 日 前
You Must Have Never Heard Of Johnny Sins Before
Kevin Walsh
Kevin Walsh 6 日 前
Ole girl coulda definitely researched with me tho. 😂
Suwi Sinyangwe
Suwi Sinyangwe 6 日 前
So basically the U.K version of Tiffany Haddish. Interesting.
Spiritual Soul
Spiritual Soul 5 日 前
Who she reminded me of low key
Takunda Nhau
Takunda Nhau 7 日 前
Not really funny to be honest will stick to Chris rock, kevin hart and Dave Chapelle
Black Yyy
Black Yyy 3 日 前
@Saint Rei did you mean 8 when not hard?
Takunda Nhau
Takunda Nhau 5 日 前
@Palahume honestly I don't really the punch line in the joke and also listen to the people's reactions they are not that much into it
Saint Rei
Saint Rei 5 日 前
it really isnt a myth though.... she's just using it for the show, the saying is... on average....this guys got bigger than the other guys, im from Africa and thought 8 was average, always felt so self conscious 🤣 until i got out and realised like huh, i actually am doing well for myself
Palahume 6 日 前
You're just mad cause she exposed the truth behind your myth. Lmfao 😆🤣
Mostafa Khallaf
Mostafa Khallaf 7 日 前
This fine lady just admitted to being with 200 men on the internet. Then watch her say later where did all the good men go loool
Hamilton Carvalho II
Hamilton Carvalho II 5 日 前
@R she's def lost count tho
R 7 日 前
Mostafa Khallaf she’s clearly exaggerating the numbers for the joke though lmao
AJ bin ReaDy
AJ bin ReaDy 7 日 前
She clearly dont know what she talkin bout
moses kumwenda
moses kumwenda 7 日 前
Alright not everyone deserves to be on Netflix
Platinum Hustle
Platinum Hustle 日 前
This shit was corny and just shows her simpin for white men
OccuredJakub12 Grefkowicz
OccuredJakub12 Grefkowicz 2 日 前
fak off
Druggy Isaiah
Druggy Isaiah 7 日 前
Was that a joke?
99 %
99 % 8 日 前
What a load of shit, you don’t see her going anywhere
Ixie Pixie
Ixie Pixie 10 日 前
That's the whole thing of "growers vs. Showers"...
Joe Black
Joe Black 11 日 前
"I'm a grow'er not a show'er."
Chy Shootah
Chy Shootah 11 日 前
Good stuff and the accuracy is spot on!
Antoine Rogers
Antoine Rogers 12 日 前
Black chicks who date white men always seems a bit strange. Theres always something off about them. I can never put my finger on it 🤔
Max Antwi
Max Antwi 14 日 前
You can't deny that the myth is somewhat true tho, I mean the country with the biggest dicks is Congo an African country with an average of 7.1 inches in length😂😳.
Total Grand
Total Grand 14 日 前
Any race can be hung its just that its more common for them to be so. My shit grows too.💪
Maritsa Iasonidou
Maritsa Iasonidou 14 日 前
Dr Olu
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zach miller
zach miller 15 日 前
What apparently is not a myth......BLACK LIP SIZE hahahahahah🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ben 15 日 前
This is comedy? Holy fuck
Tracy Houser
Tracy Houser 15 日 前
That was awesome
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 15 日 前
I did not laugh once
What's Good
What's Good 15 日 前
Prostitutes came up with the BBC thing from a lot more research.
Ronald Owens
Ronald Owens 15 日 前
It's all based on geographic genetics. Colder climate keep it pulled inside to prevent heat loss, hot climate it allows heat transfer to keep you cooler 😎
SUNNY GundoGun
SUNNY GundoGun 11 日 前
@TwoThingism 😂😂😂😂😂 me too even tho I'm black
TwoThingism 12 日 前
Damn my ancestors must have come from Antarctica 😪
Strahinja Kovacevic
Strahinja Kovacevic 15 日 前
You know what - I actually believe her when she says she did her resarch. This woman is disgusting and should be banned from internet. The level of vulgarity and wickedness is astaunding. There are kids looking at this video right now..
harvey boy
harvey boy 8 日 前
Makes you wonder who controls the American media
Sebastian Lovinger
Sebastian Lovinger 16 日 前
I’ve done the research as well...FACTS! 😂
Liiyow Momo
Liiyow Momo 16 日 前
what the hell happened to her jaw????
YellowPaint100 16 日 前
Well I guess we all have BBC's! Either big & black or big & beige 😆😆😅
Meth Monkey
Meth Monkey 16 日 前
Netflix really shoving this chick down our throats lately
Brycer Lyons
Brycer Lyons 16 日 前
She sounds exactly like simeon panda 🤣🤣🤣
A. De Beauviour
A. De Beauviour 7 日 前
Lmfao, they’re around the same age from the same part of London. All the black people here has different accents depending their area and what era they grew up in. People under 25 don’t have this accent anymore lol.
Killed_By_The_Architect -
Killed_By_The_Architect - 16 日 前
I'd rather have a smaller dick than be a black guy.
Mike Walsh
Mike Walsh 17 日 前
I feel better, I think
jizero 17 日 前
Funny "Shower vs Grower" joke. Actually, black men supposedly have a higher average size than white men(5 1/2" vs 7"). Whatever, she can solve all that because she's a farmer, lmao.
Charles Jackson
Charles Jackson 4 日 前
That's the average? that is unfortunate😶 thankful I beat the average in at least sumn.. #sheesh that's a piss on your own hand average right there.. that's like poking a whole through your belly button & pissing through ya navel.. Not like an orange because your making lemonade of course... If it's with pulp, I recommend you see a doctor😶 #mmhm
LegalBoss227 17 日 前
Why is it female comedians ‘best’ material is always sexual, and black comedian is always about white ppl, pathetic
Lewis Alvarez
Lewis Alvarez 18 日 前
And so it is written: “Whosoever wields this member efficiently, if she be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”
Marysa JB
Marysa JB 17 日 前
lulospawn 18 日 前
The audience was laughing inside, probably.
thatlsk 6 日 前
I laughed more at this comment than this entire 3 minutes
Lee Wilson
Lee Wilson 18 日 前
I’ve always said give it a lil love it’ll grow on ya
Pierre0starmaster 090
Pierre0starmaster 090 18 日 前
This is very true
fdub301 19 日 前
She’s from the uk tho
JustGiveMeGold 7 日 前
World record is held by a white dude tho. Poor guy runs the the risk of loosing consciousness.
Daimo 19 日 前
Bruh, so wheres the myth on Asian men? Lmao. I'm Black and Asian, so does the myths cancel each other out or...? Lmao. What if I'm big, but the asian side of me make it grow after? So many questions Unanswered....
Coach Lamar
Coach Lamar 日 前
@Michael Ciotta that's not even his final form
Tony Tarantula
Tony Tarantula 18 日 前
Left side small, right side big, so it curls around?
Michael Ciotta
Michael Ciotta 19 日 前
Like an Anime power-up transformation? Dragon Ball D?
Hize Rekt
Hize Rekt 19 日 前
The only thing female comedians talk about Is sex , still kinda funny ig
Adeoti Taiwo Ademola
Adeoti Taiwo Ademola 19 日 前
Grower vs Showers
Kathi Murray
Kathi Murray 19 日 前
If you doubt white men have big dicks, may I refer you to one Peter Steele (RIP)....11 inches, which can be seen in an old issue of Playgirl (August 1995) in his full glory!
Jason From Guitar Center
Jason From Guitar Center 5 日 前
Anesthesia Or All Hallows’ Eve??
james osterberg
james osterberg 20 日 前
Ron Jeremy Johnny wa dd holmes
David Belanger
David Belanger 20 日 前
The age old debate of showers vs growers
Nic Vassilounis
Nic Vassilounis 21 日 前
Not funny, cya!
Jaquiez Douglas
Jaquiez Douglas 21 日 前
Damn..... Why is it that a lot of female comics just don't hit the mark. God I really wanna like them but this shit wasn't funny. Smh.
Danny P.
Danny P. 21 日 前
Jay H
Jay H 21 日 前
Some days I'm a shower! Some days I'm a grower! My dick has a mind of it's own. I came to except this many years ago.
Jonathan L
Jonathan L 22 日 前
Get a white person making these comments and they are going to jail.
spikeboon123 22 日 前
Call me sexist, women are just not funny.
Original Man
Original Man 17 日 前
Yea. They don't need to be. Christopher Hitchens talks about this. Women don't need to be funny to attract a mate. Men do, basically
olheadgohard 22 日 前
Another black woman lost
Raynard Middleton
Raynard Middleton 22 日 前
the thing that sucks about this is that honestly any woman comedian could tell this joke, literally any of them at any level and it would fit perfectly in their set no matter what they were talking about
Raynard Middleton
Raynard Middleton 20 日 前
also just to clarify, when i say "the thing that sucks about this" i dont mean the joke, the joke is funny. i meant more that it sucks that i feel this way about it cause i want to like it
Raynard Middleton
Raynard Middleton 20 日 前
@Marysa JB im not saying that there arent, the point isnt the content specifically, as in it being about men. Theres just nothing personal about this to me. Like i feel like i could hear Whitney Cummings, Nikki Glaser, Annie Lederman, Tiffany Haddish, Esther Povitsky could all have told this joke and theres nothing they would have to do nothing to make it work it would just work. I listen to a lot of women comedians (and i enjoy them, and im also aware that im a man and my ear as the audience may be different) it just doesnt seem like many of them are trying very hard to write these days. i do think shes very funny though
Marysa JB
Marysa JB 20 日 前
why does it suck? most men comedians rip on women in some way and always get laughs. this is funny no matter what lol
Yusuf Abdulle
Yusuf Abdulle 22 日 前
Is this supposed to be funny
Nomah Simdeux
Nomah Simdeux 22 日 前
Basically growers vs showers 😹
James Murray
James Murray 23 日 前
is that... a boost to my self esteem? in this economy?
Vivek Amar
Vivek Amar 5 日 前
Mini Wolf
Mini Wolf 23 日 前
There are two types of men. There are showers and there are growers. You can go up to any man and ask if he is a grower or a shower and he will know what your talking about, some might even tell you.
Sechaba Theletsane
Sechaba Theletsane 6 日 前
It's actually a scientific thing. Except it's more known as blood penis vs flesh penis.
You are soul
You are soul 23 日 前
"I'm a farmer!" More like, milk maid.
Omar Muñoz
Omar Muñoz 23 日 前
This is netflix special worthy? Wtf
Omar Muñoz
Omar Muñoz 14 日 前
@Marysa JB go off? I just asked a question lmao. You're the triggered one. I even ignored you at first, but go on. Everybody's coping with the pandemic in their own way I suppose.
Marysa JB
Marysa JB 14 日 前
@Omar Muñoz sure you can have an opinion but just bc you watch the news that doesnt make you political and you have to do more than simply eat to critique a dish. but it's cool man, go off in some youtube comments 😂😂
Omar Muñoz
Omar Muñoz 15 日 前
@Marysa JB I'm not a comedian so I can't criticize? Does that mean since I'm not a politician I can't have a political opinion? Or since I'm not a chef I can't critique a dish? What kind of stupid shit is that? She's entitled to success, there's always a market for mediocre comedy and the unimaginative drabs who want it.
Marysa JB
Marysa JB 17 日 前
@Original Man or just be funny and original enough to be credited, instead of complaining about other's successes on youtube.
Original Man
Original Man 17 日 前
That was a response to the first comment, not OPs. This sounds like some open mic stuff, I concur.
John Beefcock
John Beefcock 23 日 前
She needs to be yeeted into the streets, from whence she came, for I am not homophobic, but these dick jokes, are lame. - a famous poet
Denhon22 24 日 前
Most women don't understand growers and show-ers is within all races
Thomas Lecky
Thomas Lecky 25 日 前
Sucking up to "white daddy" lol that joke is so 18th century it's "hilarious" but only in the ironic sence
J. Mr. J
J. Mr. J 25 日 前
I get the context even slightly agree but the joke wasn't funny one bit 🤷🏽‍♂️
Andre Bosma
Andre Bosma 25 日 前
Fuck me she's funny
Daniel Gardiner
Daniel Gardiner 25 日 前
She couldn't be less funny, honestly, how did this make it past editing
Matthew Gawelek
Matthew Gawelek 25 日 前
When she was quivering her lip that got me lol
J Batman
J Batman 25 日 前
Growers and showers, lol
Chris Cueva
Chris Cueva 25 日 前
niykee Johnson
niykee Johnson 26 日 前
Laughing my ass off but it's true 😂🤣
CharronBlue 27 日 前
You can be a grower. Growers are fun to be with. Its like a magic show. 🎉🎊🍆😱 It's like the old cartoon Apache Chief 😜
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