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Netflix Is A Joke

14 日 前

Not everyone is a hype beast, which is why it's good to have friends.
Sneakerheads is streaming now on Netflix
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About Netflix Is A Joke: The official hub of Netflix stand-up, comedy series, films, and all things funny - curated by the world’s most advanced algorithm and a depressed, yet lovable, cartoon horse. Their unlikely friendship is our story…
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Pids Me
Pids Me 12 日 前
What show is this?
Cameron Rose
Cameron Rose 12 日 前
Literally anything with King Bach in it is trash.
rashid rio
rashid rio 12 日 前
Is this a show a Netflix...
Pudge 215
Pudge 215 13 日 前
is there a second season i’m ready !!
J High
J High 13 日 前
Loved this show 👏👏
Team Celine
Team Celine 13 日 前
Is that KingBach?! Well hello there 👋
pedroza473 13 日 前
Is this suposed to make me laugh
Gravel Lane
Gravel Lane 13 日 前
Ummmm whos paying for these comments?
withershin 13 日 前
Andre - I know you'd be in all night. I ain't standing in line for sneakers but respect brother.
Miss Tiffany Galore
Miss Tiffany Galore 13 日 前
To da maxxx!
Randy Barnes
Randy Barnes 14 日 前
Haters!!! This ninja funny asf!!!
CHRISPYakaKON 14 日 前
I lowkey want a second season
Benny Boom
Benny Boom 14 日 前
He's not funny just funny lookin
Daniel Escobar
Daniel Escobar 14 日 前
what the fuck is this shit
Evan Khan
Evan Khan 14 日 前
King bach is not and was not ever, funny.
Biron Changar
Biron Changar 13 日 前
@Evan Khan I see you is play hide and seek all the time because your taste is hiding under ground and you looks are to maybe you don't like him because your gyal leave you for one of his video poor you
carclain 13 日 前
@KDF Kdf "and all these people followed Hitler because he wasn't funny!? Hmmm ok suuure"
KDF Kdf 13 日 前
Hmmm so all those folks followed him on vine then to youtube then instagram then to tik tok cuz he’s not funny? Ok. Sureeeee.
Benny Boom
Benny Boom 14 日 前
Simply why I wont be tuning in
Evan Khan
Evan Khan 14 日 前
@Biron Changar aw, I'm sorry you have such bad taste. I hope you grow out off it. Even rudy has more talent in one finger than this dude here.
Jonno 14 日 前
Anything with King Bach instant dislike. Rubbish, low intelligence comedy just playing on black stereotypes constantly *YAWN*
Biron Changar
Biron Changar 14 日 前
You to don't talk about king bach so
QueenSheba27 14 日 前
WTF!?!?!?! But, I’m interested!
Biron Changar
Biron Changar 14 日 前
This show looking fresh 😎
NONE 14 日 前
@Biron Changar it isbin the description.
Biron Changar
Biron Changar 14 日 前
@Abay tikum don't know do you know the title
Abay tikum
Abay tikum 14 日 前
bliuser 14 日 前
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Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 14 日 前
Avatar Yoruichi
Avatar Yoruichi 14 日 前
Miguel Alejandro Anaya Rivera
Miguel Alejandro Anaya Rivera 14 日 前
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