Tiffany Haddish Learned Coochie Hygiene The Hard Way

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14 日 前

We are once again asking you to wash your damn hands. Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah is now streaming on Netflix.
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J C 3 時間 前
You CANNOT let anyone put their hands on you without washing them. You CANNOT have sex with anyone who hasn't showered thoroughly and had a checkup. These days, that's the difference between life and death!
A. Ronaldo
A. Ronaldo 9 時間 前
Enough internet for today
Minolla 11 時間 前
Women comedians only talk about their pussy 🤮. Imagine men comedians only talk about their dick. I'm absolutely disgusted.
HoneyBlackBerry 21 時間 前
I love how a joke turned into an open forum in the comments. ♀️❤️
Jazmin Artopeé
Jazmin Artopeé 日 前
How can a woman have a daughter and NOT teach her daughter how to properly clean herself??? I mean if there’s no mother figure u gottta learn but mothers who just don’t teach are horrible.
Genn S.
Genn S. 17 時間 前
Ok thanks so I’ll
Genn S.
Genn S. 17 時間 前
Ok I
Kendal Nicole
Kendal Nicole 日 前
I remember when I got with this guy who did lawncare for a living, I noticed his nails were dirty so I asked him to please wash his hands before we got intimate. He obliged, but when he came back, he still had dirt under his nails 🤢 I was like oh no baby we gotta go back to the hand-washing basics..
Md Rehan
Md Rehan 日 前
Female comics Sex, penis, vagina ,boob. "NO WOMEN ARE FUNNY "😭
anna 日 前
This is the kind of people who are proud they never go to the doctors
galaxy 44
galaxy 44 日 前
Ladies: our hoohoahs are one of the most absorbent parts of our bodies
Brian Gohjira
Brian Gohjira 日 前
What is up with women and pussy jokes?!!
isha 日 前
Why can't she just go to the doc?
RAE M 2 日 前
Rebekah L
Rebekah L 2 日 前
I haven’t been taught what cookie hygiene is heck I didn’t l ow how to put in a tampon until I was 13 and I’ve had my period since I was 12 with no knowledge of it and to this day I’m 15 btw I still don’t know jack crap about cookie hygiene way to go me
I used pads for the longest time because I didn't know how to insert tampons correctly so I thought they were so uncomfy. I didn't really get the hang of tampons until I was 21 and I'm almost 23 now! HAHA I really should've googled it a long time ago
Jordan Harrington
Jordan Harrington 2 日 前
Nessa 2 日 前
I am SOOOOOO glad my mother was a nurse and growing up it didn't matter what the biology was my mother had NO SHAME talking about it.
Elisa Marini
Elisa Marini 2 日 前
this clip is more informative than any advice my mom gave me in 24 years (when I figured out finally what was my issue and I started to treat it). 24!!!!!!
Slycooper14 2 日 前
When she said her left coochie lip was gone, it took me out! XD
Cynthia Copland
Cynthia Copland 2 日 前
Older sisters 👯‍♀️ are keeping it real without it going wrong. ♥️She Ready!
sheloveswilby 2 日 前
She just me almost piss myself
Kenny Lunacy
Kenny Lunacy 2 日 前
Remember, vaginas are open wounds.
J family hendersons
J family hendersons 2 日 前
You deserve this! 🤩🤗🥳
Bethany Kennedy
Bethany Kennedy 2 日 前
Aub Schienes
Aub Schienes 2 日 前
Finally. My guy gets so irritated when we about to and I pipe up with "you wash your hands?". Oh the grief out of him. Go cry on your hands with some soap please and thank you.
Izzah Yoni
Izzah Yoni 2 日 前
Lol I could only image what the GYNAECOLOGIST LISTEN TOO
Bruno'sBaBySquirrel 2 日 前
Guys really think they can touch without washing their dirty hands. They open public doors and what not and think they can touch 😭 make it make sense
Gosha Tomasik
Gosha Tomasik 3 日 前
IKeri Cyash
IKeri Cyash 3 日 前
Daffni Kharkongor
Daffni Kharkongor 3 日 前
Lipstick_Nicki Love
Lipstick_Nicki Love 3 日 前
Emily Mather
Emily Mather 3 日 前
Im a girl and this sounds so nasty/painful I bout threw up ahah ....oh god
T Black
T Black 3 日 前
Don't let them handle hot peppers then touch you🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Trust me!!!!
Tania 3 日 前
Didn't she say she didn't want to live her mom anymore? The "no one raised me" might have been her being honest:(
Ashley Wills
Ashley Wills 3 日 前
I remember washing ur cochie wit peroxide that burn like hell and even washing it wit warm water vinegar everyday
Jessa 3 日 前
I'm not even surprised that guys don't know half of these things since even I, a girl, didn't learn stuff like this until internet and adulting happened. I can't remember my mom tell me about hygiene except wipe front to back. Also, a lot of girls I know have UTI after their first sexual experience. Girls really have a lot to worry regarding that area.
Kindsey Vaughn
Kindsey Vaughn 3 日 前
Hmm, a yeast infection, did Tiffany shower after track practice? Because yeast infection are cause by hot moist environments for long duration.
Larissa Delgado
Larissa Delgado 3 日 前
Ya know what actually works? Garlic clove wrapped in toilet paper. Stick it up there overnight, and in the morning the yeast infection is gone. Must've done that at least three times in college.
Larissa Delgado
Larissa Delgado 2 日 前
@LaDonna Washington I mean when I've done it with toilet paper it didn't disintegrate. But I guess cheesecloth could work too.
LaDonna Washington
LaDonna Washington 2 日 前
Toilet paper? Wouldn’t it disintegrate? Cheese cloth, maybe?
erihan 3 日 前
i feel lucky my mom taught me all the hygeine stuff when i was little.
brittney ruiz
brittney ruiz 3 日 前
The left coochie lip was gone dead 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣
Bacon. 3 日 前
Men don't know they need to wash their hands and clip their nails before they touch a woman's vagina. + if they plan on eating you out, they need to brush their teeth and tongue because they can give you a yeast infection.
virall cullture
virall cullture 3 日 前 can she go shuck & jive else where...please.
nittoburn4 3 日 前
I love how she said *"koo-koo/coo-coo"* lmbo XDX'D
Efya Nsoah
Efya Nsoah 3 日 前
Tanner Lane
Tanner Lane 3 日 前
Nothing but untalented dirty jokes
Tanner Lane
Tanner Lane 3 日 前
Janice M
Janice M 3 日 前
I grew up when women were taught that their vaginas smelled bad. There was a whole industry that was soon gotten rid of, thanks for that! So in our bathroom there was FDS, feminine deodorant spray, and room deodorizer. I’m getting ready for school one day, eyes half closed, and got them confused.
Priya Kalloria
Priya Kalloria 3 日 前
Preach gurrllll... preach!!!!❤️
sacero38 4 日 前
No mayonnaise on the pussy- got it, boss ✅
dariosergevna 4 日 前
Is it Tucas voice? ☺️
LiL Crayzie
LiL Crayzie 4 日 前
She so hell bruh
Tasmia Bano
Tasmia Bano 4 日 前
My lesson was never spray perfume on you 🐈, it will start burning and never use wet talcum powder on it to reduce burning 😐
sunflower Blalock
sunflower Blalock 4 日 前
Dont put dukes on ya cooch!!!😄
Tangila Lee
Tangila Lee 4 日 前
People said she wasn’t funny, but this is hilarious! Wth!
Romella Dasratt
Romella Dasratt 4 日 前
Kere Jones
Kere Jones 4 日 前
Lmfao too funny
SetApart RDB
SetApart RDB 4 日 前
Yup!! I’ve washed my hands BEFORE and AFTER going to the bathroom for years. And I make sure my hubby wash his before he touches my cookie every single time. You just don’t know what’s on your hands from the everyday items we touch.
Olivia Canaan
Olivia Canaan 4 日 前
Tiffany is a queen 👑
Ali Haider
Ali Haider 4 日 前
Buz Buz
Buz Buz 4 日 前
Female comedians: mY vAgInA Also female comedians: We don’t understand why we’re not as respected as men are in this field🥺
Angelique Lehman
Angelique Lehman 4 日 前
I'm so happy that this day and age ladies talk about EVERYTHING! We were shamed for so long, made to feel embarrassed that we have vaginas, that we like sex, that we have dirty senses of humor! I'm so proud of what we are and we are more open, more honest and we don't have to be ashamed of a damn thing! I love this!
Ifrah Jama
Ifrah Jama 日 前
TimeIsMoneylive 4 日 前
Worst female comedian of this generation
Elise Verroen
Elise Verroen 4 日 前
I first thought i clicked on a ted talk
Lizzy Ramos
Lizzy Ramos 4 日 前
Even at my old age of 42... I still have to learn the hard way, make sure your guy clips his nails. Scratches in the wrong place can lead to infections.
Angie angie l
Angie angie l 2 日 前
That's what happened to me. My husband put a finger in me and stratched me and I got a yeast infection.
Tammy Malone
Tammy Malone 5 日 前
CWD yuuup
CWD yuuup 5 日 前
Yoo I didn't want this to end lmao she too funnyyyyyy
shalmali -
shalmali - 5 日 前
AzureAnie 5 日 前
You could hear the horror in the audience
Rebecca P
Rebecca P 5 日 前
This is why sex Ed is so important
Jennifer Hizzy
Jennifer Hizzy 5 日 前
I love you Tiffany
Audrey Agbodjan
Audrey Agbodjan 5 日 前
Damn I was too busy feeling her pain n feeling bad for her to laugh. Awwww wish I could've helped her even though I couldn't have.
Sins闇 5 日 前
First of all why you letting musty nasty dudes touch you🤢
Mootswalo Charmaine
Mootswalo Charmaine 5 日 前
Lol is so true ❤️😁😜
Koneko Yagami
Koneko Yagami 5 日 前
Probiotics worked for me
Gray //
Gray // 5 日 前
This is why we have health class I always wondered why schools needed it but she made me realize my parents didn’t teach me anything about this stuff either I learned it mostly from school. Parents really have to do better with that part of communication
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 5 日 前
That was one thing that my mom taught me from an early age she said make sure that your guy always washes his hands cleaned underneath his nails and brushes his teeth before he touches you down there.
melissa ruiz
melissa ruiz 5 日 前
I never told anyone this story, so lemme tell the internet 😂. I was in middle school when i had this long term boyfriend we had been going out for like a year at this point. We were finally gonna do it, so i was looking things up on what was gonna happen and what men want and one of the websites it said that men like cookie that smells nice, it's inviting and what not. So my stupid middle school self was like soap ain't enough, (not that I smelled bad or anything i mean i was a kid, i should have left it alone) so i had these new victoria secret perfume w glitter in it and i thought yes what's better than a good smelling cookie one that ✨sparkles ✨, my middle school self sprayed her cookie and lord i died, the pain of perfume on your cookie is just 😫 too much. Adam & Eve should have came sooner.
SEAL 2 時間 前
@melissa ruiz omg💀💀💀
melissa ruiz
melissa ruiz 日 前
Hold on she wanted it breezy 😂😂
FightingTheNoodles 2 日 前
Dude don’t feel bad - I knew a girl that sprayed febreeze up there 😳
BJMallory 2 日 前
✨sparkles✨ sent me 😂😂😂
Pug Things
Pug Things 5 日 前
I think I read somewhere that bathing in a super diluted peroxide help? Somebody correct me please
Pug Things
Pug Things 5 日 前
But old wives’ tale also told me to shove a moderfuckin garlic in there so I’ve no credibility whatsoever 😂
Vegan Vocalist
Vegan Vocalist 5 日 前
Kesha Swain
Kesha Swain 5 日 前
I fuckin love her❤❤❤
Diablo's kitten
Diablo's kitten 5 日 前
A little peroxide and water could help if its from cuts and then rinse with pure water afterwards. Had to do it a few times from nail cuts. Always worked good for me. Yeaat infection though go to the dr pronto
Goddess of euphoria
Goddess of euphoria 5 日 前
How ??? How ??? Always make your partners clean themselves and their hands before getting down 🤣🤣🤣 never never.. Not on my side of town
Karoline 5 日 前
😂 There is way to little info about these things! Thanks for talking about this!
Terri Leep
Terri Leep 5 日 前
Lmfao hard as hell😂😂
Lauren J
Lauren J 5 日 前
This doesn’t even seem real😩
Kate Murray
Kate Murray 5 日 前
I grew up in a pretty strict Christian household so talking about anything remotely close to hygiene down there was basically treated like it didn’t exist. Thank goodness I was allowed to use the internet 😂
Jocelyn Rios
Jocelyn Rios 5 日 前
I learned to always pee after any "activity" down there (from my younger sister's friend, mind you) and that seriously improved my quality of life. No more horrendous UTIs and ER visits to get antibiotics. Wish an adult would have shared this with me earlier. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Sx4 69
Sx4 69 5 日 前
Kate Adaidu
Kate Adaidu 5 日 前
When she's said "I'm growing a penis"😂😂 And "Nobody raised me bitch"😂😂
Onigiree 6 日 前
I spent most of this video with my legs crossed in memories of all the itchy, burning, swollen mistakes I've made in my teens. ;n;
Petty White
Petty White 6 日 前
Not the 1900s😂😂😂
Miso Soup
Miso Soup 6 日 前
If you didn’t know this is a thing, you’ve been lucky
tamil bts sope
tamil bts sope 3 日 前
I never knew this 😭thank goodness now I know
J M 4 日 前
Male privilege gang ✊. But on a serious note, girls have a lot to worry about
Gigi Delauranti
Gigi Delauranti 6 日 前
Its a struggle when you don't have a mom to teach you. My mom didn't teach me anything about sex, other than to not have it. She also didn't teach me anything about female hygiene, other than to wear pads and shower. Its crazy how men know much less. There's so many things that can throw your PH off: spicy foods, coffee, sugar, alcohol, tight clothes, sweating, douching, dirty dick/nails, antibiotics, sperm. Please educate yourself ladies. Don't rely on health class or you parents. Study and learn your body.
Gigi Delauranti
Gigi Delauranti 日 前
@RAE M I’m saying. Smdh you would think they would know. I have to remind my bf every time. Always double checking.
Gigi Delauranti
Gigi Delauranti 日 前
@Diana Sasahara same. It almost was as if STE was embarrassed to. But come to find out, my grandma never taught her, so she didn’t know how to teach me. People can only teach what they know. Along with the fact, society makes women ashamed to talk about/research their bodies. Women’s health is still as much as a mystery to the general public as ever.
Gigi Delauranti
Gigi Delauranti 日 前
@funtimehappytime soap sure will
RAE M 2 日 前
"Please educate yourself ladies." Yes. And also, men. Men, please don't expect us to do everything for you. If you want to touch us, learn to wash your hands. For real.
Diana Sasahara
Diana Sasahara 2 日 前
yeah, my mum was also always too embarrased to talk about anything more specific than `you have to keep clean` `don`t wear panties when you sleep` and `don`t sit on the cold floor`. I swear if I ever have a daughter I`m gonna teach her all the stuff I had to learn from the internet, and if I have a son, he`s gonna be educated about the female anatomy as well.
jk4lang 6 日 前
"NOBODY RAISED ME!" 😂😂😂fuckin mood💀
Pissy Missy
Pissy Missy 6 日 前
jaffa74 6 日 前
Acidophilus Yoghurt! -Coconut yoghurt for vegans Not mayonnaise
Random_girl Idk
Random_girl Idk 6 日 前
I’m having the same thing kinda, mine is itching but not on the inside but the skin around it and no one was ever touched me
Random_girl Idk
Random_girl Idk 4 日 前
@Mocha T I’ve shaved for years and it’s only something that has came up in the last few months and I’ve never put oil on it I just don’t know
Mocha T
Mocha T 6 日 前
@ Random girl, if you shaved and didn't apply witch hazel or some kind of oil after shaving you will itch. This area is your vulva. You could put vagisil on the outer lips (vulva, not inside vagina) for relief
Wawa5150 6 日 前
Love Tiffany Haddish. 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️
Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown 6 日 前
I remember at 16 yrs I tried to smell good and put some skin so soft by Avon down there I was searching for ice to cool the burning I say in a tub of cold water 😱😱😱😱
DC _
DC _ 6 日 前
I love her She’s hilarious 😂
Ryk Son
Ryk Son 6 日 前
I brush my teeth before eatin 👀.. wink wink
Ari Renzi-Surprenant
Ari Renzi-Surprenant 6 日 前
I love Tiffany Hadish! “Dirty nails, dirty D. That MF can’t touch me.” Truer words have never been spoken.
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