The US Election Is A Game Show | Death To 2020

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Netflix Is A Joke

29 日 前

It's time to come to terms with the sad truth that US Presidential Elections are just ridiculously complicated game shows. Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones look back on the worst year ever in Death To 2020, now streaming on Netflix.
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John Daugherty
John Daugherty 16 時間 前
I'm waiting for the network to cancel Uhmerica due to lack of interest...
TechnoNeko 日 前
I can't wait for America season 245 hopefully it doesn't get cancelled.
Astraea JJ
Astraea JJ 日 前
That British woman 🤣🤣
Christoffer Pedersen
Christoffer Pedersen 日 前
A pretty big bl(a)ck vote
Sarah Foster
Sarah Foster 3 日 前
So glad the rest of the world gets to experience Philomena Cunk/Diane Morgan and Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe-esque shows
Mami A
Mami A 3 日 前
Loved it....death of 2020
Know More Know Less
Know More Know Less 4 日 前
US election surely is an entertaining game show. 😂
Zed 4 日 前
Those voter line ups are ridiculous. As a Canadian who lives in a mid-size city, I've never had to wait in a line more than 3 people long to vote.
Lucy Ann
Lucy Ann 6 時間 前
Same here in Australia
Victor Dalloz
Victor Dalloz 3 日 前
In London for the French elections there were only two polling stations for around 800,000 eligible voters. Only a small fraction showed up but that still meant that the line started on the other side of the neighbourhood.
Jessica Victoria Carrillo
Jessica Victoria Carrillo 5 日 前
Cristin looked demonic as the Karen
Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams 6 日 前
This turns frowns into smiles, been a hell of a year and we are just in the first quarter.😅🤣
Thanos 6 日 前
“there was a pretty big ᵇˡᵃᶜᵏ vote but I’m totally fine with it as long as everyone keeps their hands in the air at all times”
Dustie 日 前
I can't 🤣
Please give Cristin Milioti more roles omg
Subham Roy
Subham Roy 8 日 前
You couldn't find a better thumbnail!!
Vincent Pouridas
Vincent Pouridas 10 日 前
People lining up thinking their vote still matters. I cant decide on what rude thing to say about humans
D Wilks
D Wilks 10 日 前
I enjoyed watching this😄
Cez Guxman
Cez Guxman 10 日 前
Netflix has been on point lately. They are coming for everyone. Not even the election is safe ....🤣😂😅
Rascal Husky
Rascal Husky 11 日 前
Super talented .
Paul Jiltsov
Paul Jiltsov 12 日 前
Have an ID. And that's it, no current address, hands in the air. Doesn't sound that crazy.
mistercohaagen 12 日 前
Just keep giving Jones and Brooker all the monies to do all the shows.
Pawel Zabicki
Pawel Zabicki 12 日 前
She's back! :D
Deepraj Roy
Deepraj Roy 12 日 前
i am liking this wave of criticizing white women for thier action & hypocrisy who have hijacked the voice for victims & oppressed despite being the most previleged people on the entire planet
Osman Yousif
Osman Yousif 9 日 前
They call those KARENS.
SaltyMaltyMo 12 日 前
Nowhere near as good as any of Charlie Brookers Yearly/Weekly Wipe series.
ZombyMammoth 14 日 前
Netflix is indeed a joke
Lil Tree
Lil Tree 15 日 前
Boy death to 2021 gonna be lit there's this rumor that the loser of this game show tried to get his flowers to raid the capital building
Timothy Morigeau
Timothy Morigeau 15 日 前
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Our conveluded electoral college system. So annoying.
Andika Rachman
Andika Rachman 15 日 前
What game show jingle is that?
烏鴉聯盟 15 日 前
OMG!! That's Hugh Grant!!! I didn't recognize him until this clip! Holy crap!
nachoza 16 日 前
My dad came downstairs when Christin said “black vote” and he’s like “ok who the hell is this woman😡” hhahahah
Irma Radzeviciene
Irma Radzeviciene 16 日 前
alessia 16 日 前
kathy or cristin milioti played her part so well i had to pause the movie and take a break cuz my blood started boiling!
AB 16 日 前
"The last election in human history" lmao ... that went by so fast, I almost missed it.
hotdogs9and9milk 17 日 前
Does this remind anyone else of that movie "Idiocracy"? I just think about Terry Crews being president every time and Costco guy telling people he loves them at the entrance. They're not far off from what's going on in the real world.
Louisa Kishton
Louisa Kishton 18 日 前
I can’t wait for the 2021 one of these
Ashantay Lumpkins
Ashantay Lumpkins 19 日 前
That one chick got big ass teeth 0:40
60sto80s2 13 日 前
its cristin milioti XD
jenna dean
jenna dean 19 日 前
Kathy didn't look "Karen" enough
jenna dean
jenna dean 2 時間 前
@Morgan yep 😂
Morgan 4 時間 前
Should have gave her the true bleached hair and inverted bob
Suhani Rajakarunanayake
Suhani Rajakarunanayake 3 日 前
ikr lmao
Rascal Husky
Rascal Husky 19 日 前
Fantastic , just watched it a second time . Great .
The most boring show ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Uknown M
Uknown M 20 日 前
Why do people whisper the word black
Folau Moeloa
Folau Moeloa 21 日 前
Soccer mom was the funniest
Al Derer
Al Derer 22 日 前
This film is just left wing fake news!
Minda Kahn
Minda Kahn 22 日 前
5G vaccine. It’s scary this old broad understands more about digital media than the people using it. The caricatures are amazing.
Minda Kahn
Minda Kahn 22 日 前
Who’s Trump?
snakesandsticks 22 日 前
imagine if they sent this back in a time machine to the end of 2019 and we saw it then
Soorma530 22 日 前
I thought it was a serious documentary when I started watching it. boy was I wrong lmao
la vern scott
la vern scott 22 日 前
Very funny. Hugh Grant and the "average" British woman were HILARIOUS!!!!
bossanovaluva 23 日 前
Is that the chocolate rain guy narrating tho
Phil Schneider
Phil Schneider 22 日 前
Deejay Mercado
Deejay Mercado 23 日 前
That was awesome! can we have a comment section Netflix?
A1 Dope Flow
A1 Dope Flow 23 日 前
I Literally Just Watched This Whole Film Just Now.
i -ritical
i -ritical 23 日 前
Lol Trump is the best. Demorats are like star wars galaxy empire. They are twisted liars
ineedhoez 23 日 前
This was too funny.
Max Fan
Max Fan 23 日 前
The soccer mom said seig heil 😭😂
Alexia Torrez
Alexia Torrez 23 日 前
Thank you ❤️Netflix fir this show ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nitish Pandey
Nitish Pandey 24 日 前
Well girl looks so fakee
Skycity Nem
Skycity Nem 24 日 前
After about 10 mins of watching it was very obvious the entire film had a leftist biased. The entire project is essentially a cheap way to indoctrinate millions of viewers to leftist programming! The subconscious goal of this mockumentry was to further blur the lines between the truth and how the left would like history to be told! Many people will watch this and unknowingly be programmed to the leftist rhetoric and ideologies they sprinkled all throughout the film. Overall this just a good way to program Normies, those that aren’t keeping up with politics, current events, covid and such str8 into lefty smooth brains! 3/10 cuz I did laugh a few times..
timothy clark
timothy clark 24 日 前
J Wilkins
J Wilkins 24 日 前
They showed everything but what.. NFAC Smh why!!!!
Connor Malbeuf
Connor Malbeuf 24 日 前
The British woman was the reason this was incredible.
Jack 日 前
@Malcolm Wolfe firstly, british and Scottish are the same thing. The main island of the UK, with England, Wales and Scotland is called Britain. However, she isn't scotish she's English (from Northern England).
Malcolm Wolfe
Malcolm Wolfe 2 日 前
Wait: is she British? Sounds Scottish.
Jack 3 日 前
Charlie Brooker writes for Diane Morgan a lot, look up Philomena Cunk, he made mockumentries staring her for the BBC for a few years.
marklola12 5 日 前
@Anna G yeh shes great, the only thing i did not like that she has done was Mandy, watched it on the iplayer it seemed too forced more so when she kept trying to keep her lip slanted all the time but then not doing it sometimes
Noah Aubrey Linus Sorensen
Noah Aubrey Linus Sorensen 6 日 前
I can’t stand her tbh, I’m British and I’ve seen her stuff, I just don’t find it funny
butterfly tears
butterfly tears 24 日 前
Should just stick to the anthological series BM. It's too soon. And it seemed too MSM-ish for my tastes.
Aman Nag
Aman Nag 25 日 前
Kathy looks like Hasan Minaj's Female clone
Omar A
Omar A 25 日 前
Best way to end the year. Thank you, Netflix!
k t
k t 25 日 前
This was so sarcastic and funny I love it all
Happy Couple
Happy Couple 26 日 前
This had to have been written by mindless tots...this is not funny but sad. Shame is definitely the promotion of the fool actors in this trash show.
Gareth Hart
Gareth Hart 26 日 前
If you don't laugh you would cry. This was brilliantly done, given the shit show 2020 has been.
Minda Kahn
Minda Kahn 22 日 前
Comedy is tragedy plus time. I’m amazed they pull this off. It just great.
Lol 25 日 前
That would be unfair to shit
keep it real
keep it real 26 日 前
It didn't work for me. We are sitting right in the middle of this shit and you want me to laugh about it??? 2007 part two is on the horizon and you hear it's gonna be much worse. This fucking year is so crazy but not funny. I don't know I just don't feel it.
TheOtakuKnownAsWolf 13 日 前
I laughed a lot along with my girlfriend. We need to learn to laugh at the horrendous things that happened this past year. It's like South Park, make fun of everything, no matter how serious it is.
butterfly tears
butterfly tears 24 日 前
Nor I. Too soon I guess and it looks as if the worse is to come. Also, this movie seemed quite...MSM-ish. Expected more.
Daniel Sergent
Daniel Sergent 26 日 前
I felt like Dax Shepard sitting on the couch watching "Ow, My Balls!" We've reached peak Idiocracy...this movie is proof.
Los 26 日 前
I couldn’t tell if this was real or fake. Reminded me of something straight out of a Black Mirror episode. Scary and weird.
Daniel González López
Daniel González López 6 日 前
This is not real... but it probably happened that way, my friend.
Loes C
Loes C 7 日 前
I thought this was my comment for a second I’m like wtf😂
Chris Sewell
Chris Sewell 7 日 前
Charlie Brooker is awesome, basically just watch anything he’s ever created and you won’t be sorry 😉
Mayter 1911
Mayter 1911 15 日 前
When you see samuel l. Jackson, you know this is gonna be a comedy
Los 25 日 前
Ahhh, I see. That explains those Black Mirror Vibes.
Bianca Smith
Bianca Smith 26 日 前
This was too funny 😂
Daniel Conklin Jr.
Daniel Conklin Jr. 26 日 前
Lmao is this a skit
Kenrick 26 日 前
This is very manipulative content. Shameful. But what do i expect
TheOtakuKnownAsWolf 13 日 前
It says the truth of what happened and showed over exaggerated views on how quite a few people view 2020
Rek Winchester
Rek Winchester 26 日 前
How is it manipulative it just depict the truth on both side and make it into something funny
Cj Gia
Cj Gia 26 日 前
This was Sofa King hilarious!!
BadCandy Babe
BadCandy Babe 27 日 前
Political shuit wrapped up with cr@p humour.
Briar Fox
Briar Fox 27 日 前
Old Black Mirror really made you think, new black mirror really tells you how to think! Crumples up and throws in trash!
CLOS CLOS 27 日 前
All these bad reviews from the media lol shits good
Boom Boom Billy
Boom Boom Billy 27 日 前
This is absolute garbage. And all actors involved are garbage.
XLostGamer 27 日 前
Man are Brits something else 1:10 this is why we had to leave those idiots
Lisa 27 日 前
Oh no! But the funny thing is, this is true.
perakralj977 13 日 前
Open your eyes see what’s happening around here don’t be a NPC Orange man bad orange man bad orange man bad 😷😷😷😷🤡🤡🤡🤡
Rascal Husky
Rascal Husky 19 日 前
You got that right , so very true .
Keishawn Hunte
Keishawn Hunte 27 日 前
That white girl reminds me of miss marello from everybody hates Chris 😂😂
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain 27 日 前
Its whats absolutly crazy is this is a real thing.
Suhani Rajakarunanayake
Suhani Rajakarunanayake 3 日 前
ikr lol
C T 27 日 前
Boycott all corrupt mainstream media, twitter, and Facebook's fuckerberg per youtube
C T 27 日 前 Per Google
Diana Riverjackson
Diana Riverjackson 27 日 前
This shit was funny especially the Trump and Boris part lol
Energy 27 日 前 biden will be disqualified, if not war😜
Dungus Glumbus
Dungus Glumbus 27 日 前
Bruh I got beef with Kathy. Don’t dance around your words. Just say what’s on your mind and don’t worry about how other people think of you
Colton Bryce
Colton Bryce 25 日 前
She’s the “Karen” meme
Rek Winchester
Rek Winchester 26 日 前
Bruh it’s supposed to be Satir and also a depiction that some people actually thinks like her
90 RPM
90 RPM 27 日 前
The Queen of England was the best! 😂
TheSkyLax 日 前
*Britain and N. Ireland
Resarious 12 日 前
Queen Elizabeth the Third part 2😭
Mitchell Stevens
Mitchell Stevens 25 日 前
No the karen
David Flores
David Flores 27 日 前
That “Netflix is a joke” tag line at the end 😂
Twitch Drbxy
Twitch Drbxy 28 日 前
This is the dumbest stupid shit I’ve ever seen
Franky Ace
Franky Ace 28 日 前
Cristin Milioti acts all liberal but she likes to have sex with right-wing guys 👍 good for her
Karan Kapoor
Karan Kapoor 28 日 前
This is soo cringy 😂😂😂
eric yung
eric yung 28 日 前
Totally don’t understand the show. 2020 is sad for everyone.
Sidge 27 日 前
That's why comedy exists. Especially dark humour. We can turn dark and sad things, into funny things to laugh about. Of course that doesn't mean that the events weren't tragic, but we can remember them in a better light.
AbsBoii 28 日 前
Spoil alert the mother from how I met your mother is somewhere in this video
Stefan Klassen
Stefan Klassen 28 日 前
If this doesn't make u laugh you will die with a frown on your face haha
TooBlessed ToBeStressed!
TooBlessed ToBeStressed! 28 日 前
I can’t believe this is still America....🤦🏽‍♂️
Donnie DeVille
Donnie DeVille 27 日 前
How ignorant are you seppos? You're the laughing stock of the planet. 7 billion people feel better about themselves every day because they don't live in your failure of a country.
Brookton Simmons
Brookton Simmons 28 日 前
Mr Harris
Mr Harris 28 日 前
Critics giving this bad reviews like what the fuhhh? It's so good and so funny. MVPs: Cristin Milioti & Diane Morgan
Daniel Sergent
Daniel Sergent 23 日 前
JohannesMusic 28 日 前
the best thing of 2020 is death to 2020
Janie Lunday
Janie Lunday 28 日 前
Some people want to get the orange grifter back in office, but you can't because the American people have spoken. The votes were recounted, some races have been 3 times. It's a fact that your boy lost by 7,000,000 popular votes and lost the Electoral College 306-232. It's not the ballots, not the electoral process. It's you.
yvar77 26 日 前
@Rek Winchester i never watch fox news
Rek Winchester
Rek Winchester 26 日 前
@yvar77 same goes to you with fox new
Dr. Tamara Worley
Dr. Tamara Worley 27 日 前
Agreed......I have asked constantly for the second amendment to be utilized prior to the repeal of our armaments. No takers, so just wait it they process your infant and rape and Harvest your wife and 8 year old in front of you. FREEDOM HAS NEVER BEEN FREE......Free and the BRAVE means up. ..
yvar77 27 日 前
did you enjoy watching CNN today
Adam 28 日 前
Did they just bleep the word "black" out? Wtf
Suffering From Mood Poisoning
Suffering From Mood Poisoning 26 日 前
@Adam Lol, how do you not get the joke? 😂
Adam 26 日 前
@CLOS CLOS lmao all my shit is together in a bag dw
Adam 26 日 前
@CLOS CLOS ohhhhhh ok I see
Stefan Klassen
Stefan Klassen 26 日 前
U won't get it. Brah its satire
CLOS CLOS 27 日 前
She’s a Karen bro get it together
Bladerunner Blues
Bladerunner Blues 28 日 前
Netflix for China propaganda
Edgar Escalante
Edgar Escalante 28 日 前
gf thought it was real when we first started watching it 😂
Alan Gonzalez
Alan Gonzalez 26 日 前
same here 😂😂
Tootspogs Forever
Tootspogs Forever 27 日 前
me too.. like wtf??!!😁😁😁. best part was the scientist telling how coronavirus is transferred from bat to human!!😆😂
David Whitley
David Whitley 28 日 前
Its like my good friend Jeffery Epstein told me. Fuck bitches get money
S P 28 日 前
Congratulations liberals now you're gonna reap what you sowed. Goodbye to our national heritage hello leftwing lunacy
Tootspogs Forever
Tootspogs Forever 25 日 前
@S P nothing!!! just enjoy the show. anyway both the right and left are gonna continue playing with us. it's been always about the all mighty dollar and will continue to be. they don't care about anyone and that includes trump and biden!! happy safe new year to you man!!!😀😊
S P 25 日 前
@Tootspogs Forever what you think is gonna happen?
Tootspogs Forever
Tootspogs Forever 27 日 前
jeez take it easy and take a load of your weary feet!!!😀
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