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25 日 前

We live in a world where an average farm boy can be married to the hottest woman alive and no one questions it. Except London. Her special To Catch A Dick is now streaming only on Netflix.
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Layhla Grace
Layhla Grace 6 日 前
I still can’t believe Pete Davidson got to fuck Kate Beckinsale. Like he’s not ugly but she’s on another level. Have you seen her on Pearl Harbour?? Pure beauty
Nicola Dawson
Nicola Dawson 6 日 前
FU yes boo... u r perfect!!!
Mr M.
Mr M. 7 日 前
Women women women, victims victims victims.
Sinister1986 8 日 前
Well he did win the sexist joke writer.
Emile Neslo
Emile Neslo 9 日 前
Hope it's jokes because any woman who's belly is sticking out more than her ass or can't make eye contact with her coochie standing up doesn't have the right to complain.
Ramonerdna 11 日 前
Yoooo, the 'the most beautiful Asian Actress in all of America' part sent me to the floor
Nkosana Mphambela
Nkosana Mphambela 11 日 前
😹😹😹😹 frothin at the nani
TWB 11 日 前
Just watched it. This jawn was corny.
Santiago Montoya
Santiago Montoya 11 日 前
She reminds me of a Scottish Demoman
Veronica Okomi
Veronica Okomi 12 日 前
She's telling nothing but the truth😂😂😂
Grey Ang
Grey Ang 12 日 前
This is the year of London Hughes! She's hilarious 😂😂😂
Theodore Alvarado
Theodore Alvarado 12 日 前
“frothin at the ‘nani” my goodness lol
modest_ love2020
modest_ love2020 12 日 前
I can't stop looking at her face she's so pretty 😍❤️👍🏾fine
Tator Po
Tator Po 12 日 前
That Colin Jost thing she said was spot on.
Ste Jer
Ste Jer 13 日 前
It's not because of her gender, it's because she's painfully unfunny. Observing shit and shouting about it does not equal comedy.
Santis Abraham
Santis Abraham 13 日 前
One of the few female comics to make me laugh
Ash Myers
Ash Myers 14 日 前
Yeah, she ain't funny.
Prince Cobra
Prince Cobra 17 日 前
I like her 😂
Dionne Ashley
Dionne Ashley 22 日 前
The over sexualisation of the black female. It's a NO from me
Où Sont Mes Lunettes?
Où Sont Mes Lunettes? 22 日 前
😅 yep guilty of *femme qui rit femme à moitié dans ton lit*
ART TheFirst
ART TheFirst 14 日 前
@Imane tebay lol. I like you already
Imane tebay
Imane tebay 14 日 前
@ART TheFirst haha it means a woman who's laughing is like halfway in your bed
ART TheFirst
ART TheFirst 18 日 前
Lol to whatever this means
Faizan Haider
Faizan Haider 23 日 前
Instead of complaining try to be funny wahmen komedian
UkulElla 23 日 前
That was a subtle Ed Gamble dig there. Lol he’s like the low self-esteem Colin Jost. I feel like he wouldn’t be able to walk past a reflective surface without preening. Serious neediness vibes
wes saxon
wes saxon 23 日 前
Shhhh.... Don't tell them .
HyperJunk 1987
HyperJunk 1987 23 日 前
This isn’t funny at all.
Colt 45
Colt 45 23 日 前
Mrs. Pat is the only funny female comedian I can think of, and I'm being generous.
DayInDaLife 23 日 前
a hole step sideways from "when a black guys walks, he walks like this, and when a white guy walks he walks like this"..... one of the oldest jokes in stand up and the small variation by making is male and female is not much of a variation. I mean if you are going to be a comic, maybe try not to do such a hackneyed and derivative bit.
amira Sharawy
amira Sharawy 23 日 前
Those pants are fire though
mateo torres
mateo torres 24 日 前
Reminds me of Estelle
Donna Snyder
Donna Snyder 24 日 前
Hilarious. Because it's true.
Rube Pena
Rube Pena 24 日 前
This sucks
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin 24 日 前
Omfg she makes me laugh so hard!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 I fuckin LOVE HER ❤
666dram 24 日 前
Finding a funny clean Female Comic is like finding a Unicorn being rode by a Mermaid with a leprechaun in a knapsack navigating the road to El dorado.
I Finn
I Finn 24 日 前
The difference is that men are MUCH funnier.
Alexius Corylus
Alexius Corylus 24 日 前
Whatever you look like, you still realize, right, that a witty, funny woman is a turn-on for a man, right?
Mitchell Brough
Mitchell Brough 20 日 前
True but its just not one of the first things most dudes look for whereas it is one of the first women look for in men
Alexius Corylus
Alexius Corylus 24 日 前
@Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin now you do
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin 24 日 前
No, I didn't know that.
Syed Hasan Abbas
Syed Hasan Abbas 24 日 前
I am trying soo hard to LAUGH at these lame ass jokes . But it would be an overstatement to even call whatever these are JOKES.
Rara 23 日 前
Dave chapel is the funniest comedian on Netflix. The rest can go home.
Gilbert Falling
Gilbert Falling 24 日 前
I want my 50 seconds back. How is this comedy? GO YANKEES!
Princess Jauregui-Hansen
Princess Jauregui-Hansen 24 日 前
"I'm just... banter and arse." -London Hughes, 2020
Carlos Merino
Carlos Merino 24 日 前
Mm this was not even funny
RobBank1985 24 日 前
When you only get laughs when you talk about your bits... like a discount Amy Schumer but even worse.
PariSitic Pictures
PariSitic Pictures 24 日 前
Too many females thinking Fucking is the pinnacle of everything. Look at Instagram. “See my ass? See my ass? Yay! 1400 people want to fuck me! I made it to the Fuck show!”
basil tiffani
basil tiffani 24 日 前
This was hilarious. Love the last bit, too. Working out and eating healthy don't work because she's already perfect, lol
NEO LEO 22 日 前
This was Hilarious? I pray for your sense of humour
GtheMVP 24 日 前
Do you have to have ADHD and high blood pressure to enjoy this?
Leandro 24 日 前
She ain't lying!
mysticookiebear 24 日 前
This lady has got some BIG DICK energy, I like it!
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate 24 日 前
Someone send this to Colin.
Nelson W.
Nelson W. 23 日 前
He's probably heard that a million times already after he started dating Johansson.
Princess Jauregui-Hansen
Princess Jauregui-Hansen 24 日 前
Kyle Connery
Kyle Connery 24 日 前
Im ccx an average looking dude, but thank god for my gift of gab.
batgurrl 24 日 前
This channel is showcasing like crazy this totally unfunny woman.
Holly B
Holly B 24 日 前
Am so glad I discovered London Hughes! PS - I find it funny that men who think "female comedians are not funny" seem to spend all their time watching female comedians . There are plenty of great male comedians out there for you to enjoy :-)
Holly B
Holly B 23 日 前
@Princess Jauregui-Hansen :-)
Mr. Grits
Mr. Grits 23 日 前
FYI Men already know that for a fact honey!!! It's just that the video title is click bait enough for men as well; so that male attention can be gained for the views endlessly
Princess Jauregui-Hansen
Princess Jauregui-Hansen 24 日 前
Nelson W.
Nelson W. 24 日 前
It's been known since the dawn of time that males care more about physical attractiveness whereas women care more about how good the other person makes her FEEL and/or how resourceful he is as a provider. That's why you rarely see couples with the combination of a model-looking man with a below-average-looking woman.
Torey Townsend
Torey Townsend 23 日 前
Well I must be different kind of guy because if a woman cares about me I will keep her regardless of the changes she has made as long as she stays healthy and well Mentally. However you can't expect to completely let go of your looks and expect to find someone. You got to at least try to keep yourself half way together. I mean who would be with someone who stinks and has all kind if health issues. So if we being real as we say we have to be all the way real about situations like this.
deltavagen 24 日 前
seeing the thumbnail i was like: "what kind of creature is that"
Time4House 3 日 前
Mr Object
Mr Object 24 日 前
I think this joke would have been better if she didn't make the false assumption that men don't find funny women attractive.
YousufDembele 24 日 前
Lol this is comedy?
DjangoXXI 24 日 前
Usually Im not with it when people hate on female comics, but this chick ain't funny. Some of you claiming women aren't funny are full of shit. THIS woman isn't funny tho lol
Mr. Grits
Mr. Grits 24 日 前
I don't know bout other people but the universal stereotype of women naturally being born unfunny (In fact *NOT* funny at all) compared to men is harsh Truth people aren't willing to admit at all costs 😌😇😌😇😁😁😁
Gandalf Dickinson
Gandalf Dickinson 5 日 前
1. Not an universal stereotype 2. no scientific evidence for that. All about personal preferences and sense of humour, nothing to do with your genitals, get over it..
Kris Santos
Kris Santos 24 日 前
Lol Colin Jost! 😃😆😅😂
szeth vala
szeth vala 24 日 前
I miss the part where it’s funny and all I got was a hysterical woman with quite a large face being loud
marlin thrower
marlin thrower 24 日 前
She funny
Catherinzsl 24 日 前
Kombuchas 😂
YuriHV 24 日 前
Merry Christmas everyone!!
YuriHV 24 日 前
@Kris Santos merry Christmas!! 🎅
YuriHV 24 日 前
@diavolo79 merry Christmas!
diavolo79 24 日 前
U 2!
Kris Santos
Kris Santos 24 日 前
Merry Jerry 🎅
Gonk 24 日 前
It's true tho, women get turned on for a funny guy but guys get turned off by a too funny girl becuase in the back of their minds they're afraid she'll make fun of them and they won't b able to handle it. Collin Jost or whatever his name is won't and will never make fun of Scarlet Johansen to her face cuz she owns that bitch.
Savage Nectar
Savage Nectar 24 日 前
Honestly? I LOL soooooo hard ! XD Happy Holidays \(^___ ^ )/
gvm technologies
gvm technologies 24 日 前
I thik before she tries to make anyone laugh,she should first sort out her blood pressure.My god this just doesn't take pauses,like someone backstage told her finish everything fast
Binita Rao
Binita Rao 24 日 前
The biggest difference btw male and female comedians are that male comedians can make anything funny but female comedians can only talk about sex,ass,dick and pussy that's all the know.
Binita Rao
Binita Rao 24 日 前
She just shouting cause she ain't funny 😂😂
333 Carol Lobo
333 Carol Lobo 24 日 前
This was awesome! 😂❤
Papa Kofi Assan
Papa Kofi Assan 24 日 前
Good material
Richard Sharpe
Richard Sharpe 24 日 前
I can’t take the British accent serius😂😂
Alice Werenka
Alice Werenka 22 日 前
Looks like one of Jeff Dunhams’ puppets and his puppets funnier laying in their case. That was grotesque!
Hypo Flump
Hypo Flump 24 日 前
@starseed96 Excuse me wtf...
starseed96 24 日 前
Class division caused the British to all use constant sarcasm, which became their accent.
Oliver Reid
Oliver Reid 24 日 前
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