The Real People of Bad Trip

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28 日 前

Meet the real people who were pranked by Eric Andre in this hilarious follow-up to the film.
Bad Trip is streaming now on Netflix.
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soyjulez 3 日 前
This movie was so damn good! 10/10
Rafael Lima
Rafael Lima 10 日 前
People just love guitars
Rafael Lima
Rafael Lima 10 日 前
This should have been longer and more people should have watched this
Sebastian Fairchild
Sebastian Fairchild 20 日 前
Why they didn’t show the ppl from the blind man part.? OMG I woke my wife up for that part, I was dying on the floor laughing 😆😂🤣
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima 22 日 前
Thought they would have gotten auntie from the restaurant, she was nuts 😂
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima 22 日 前
Nurse is cute AF, Eric hook it up
Dave Franks
Dave Franks 24 日 前
I knew that guy shreds guitar
Ken Nielsen
Ken Nielsen 24 日 前
That movie was hilarious! Never seen anything like it before.
Smitty Ervin
Smitty Ervin 26 日 前
Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer
Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer 27 日 前
Had a hard time deciding if the first guy was in on it, good dude. The lady at the diner was my fav though. Was hilarious how she got so into the stolen car drama.
Terry Oma
Terry Oma 27 日 前
Wtf so this was a prank on real people? Naaahhh
JS Thompson
JS Thompson 27 日 前
I love Eric but this is a huge cringe fest.
SHAMER steady
SHAMER steady 27 日 前
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Kee 27 日 前
The first guy is so wholesome 😭
Edward Singer
Edward Singer 27 日 前
I legit thought that guy was an actor when I saw that scene
Julie Waters
Julie Waters 27 日 前
"If I'm going down, somebody's coming with me" 😂 Absolutely. I'm not going alone!
Ron Sill
Ron Sill 27 日 前
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Kee 26 日 前
Do not fall for this scam, go view pleasant green's youtube channel to see NUMEROUS videos on how these scams unfold 😑
Kee 26 日 前
@robel exactly lmao 🤣
robel 27 日 前
bruh this dude just made a whole fake conversation with like 15 bots LMAOOOOOO
Barbara John
Barbara John 27 日 前
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John Morrison
John Morrison 27 日 前
Expert Fred has brought me out of wrenches to a better living I encourage newbies to place their trade under his services.
marlin thrower
marlin thrower 27 日 前
Cool video 1
Iron Dogger
Iron Dogger 28 日 前
Eric Andre you are a pranking genius!!!🤙🏽👏👏👏 This is so funny *WATCH IT NOW!* Thanks for bringing a good belly laugh to the world 🌎 The man who split up the fight is everyone’s favorite friend right now! 🤙🏽 These people are stellar humans!
I damn nearly piss ma self
I’m apart of Black History!!
I’m apart of Black History!! 28 日 前
I damn near died watching this movie!! 🎥
NotoriousCRG27 28 日 前
Feel good movie of the year! Eric Andre is a messed up genius
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 28 日 前
I love it lol
vikingnor h
vikingnor h 28 日 前
What would a fake prank be?
Clarity Sans Hubris
Clarity Sans Hubris 28 日 前
A scripted prank where everyone involved knows a prank is happening
Short black And Miserable
Short black And Miserable 28 日 前
Their reaction was priceless lol
Kenneth D. Calderón
Kenneth D. Calderón 28 日 前
Siddhant Dhal
Siddhant Dhal 28 日 前
That "Jeezuzz" killed me
Cliff Smith
Cliff Smith 27 日 前
lkr 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂💀💀💀
Kris C
Kris C 28 日 前
Good gotcha movie! need more !
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Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li 28 日 前
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 28 日 前
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