The Racist Roots Of "Parental Advisory" Labels | History Of Swear Words

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8 日 前

Let Elvis Mitchell, DeRay Davis and Patti Harrison break it down for you. For more history to blow your damn mind, watch History Of Swear Words, now streaming only on Netflix.
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Timothy Sotir
Timothy Sotir 12 時間 前
Didn't even mention the "Filthy Fifteen" :/
cale lively
cale lively 5 日 前
Yet only Frank Zappa, Dee Synder, and John Denver showed up to contest it. Also let’s totally gloss over that Heavy Metal and Prince that actually sparked the debate in 1985.
Justin R Gray
Justin R Gray 5 日 前
Funny how that parental advisory symbol actually did the opposite of what they intended: it boosted sales of rap music
Weak Sauce
Weak Sauce 6 日 前
Fuck the police
blackboy923 6 日 前
Lisa White-Pagano
Lisa White-Pagano 6 日 前
Who decided they were bad words? Society did. The beginning of the shit show we are living in today started way back and this has a lot to do with it. Vulgar is vulgar.
Meldondg Lord
Meldondg Lord 7 日 前
Why did you show naked penises in Dick episode but there were no naked female genitals in the Pussy episode? On the one hand, you say that vulva is more taboo than the penis, and on the other hand, you yourself make it more taboo.
Insert X Files Music
Insert X Files Music 7 日 前
Did they fucking seriously just say that conservatives try to invalidate others words when left mfs are been trying to shut everyone up? Fr bitch?!
Jules Reyes
Jules Reyes 7 日 前
In the 80's I was a teenager and I had a F*CK THE PMRC sticker on my car. I got yelled at so much, so many notes left on my car. lol
MrRamone420 7 日 前
Brian 7 日 前
You know who was a big proponent of those labels? Tipper Gore (Al Gore's wife) and no, she has never apologized and never will.
AJW13 Richman
AJW13 Richman 7 日 前
It was made due to metal like the fuck it later was used for hip hop
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 7 日 前
When the PRMC hearings happened, the majority of offensive black music hadnt come out. Their filthy "15" did not contain a single rap or hiphop artist. The catalogue was pop and rock of which nearly all were white, Prince was as black as it got. This video is a compmete lie and untrue. 1985....NWA and all that didnt even come out yet. Get your time line straight fools. It may have affected it but the stickers do not havr their roots in black music.
Stealthy Boi
Stealthy Boi 7 日 前
all i hear are opinionated assumptions... or am i wrong?
Insert X Files Music
Insert X Files Music 7 日 前
You're so right
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 7 日 前
No evidence because its not true?
Goki Gulmez
Goki Gulmez 7 日 前
That’s completely Bs
abhohabohoabhoab 7 日 前
remove this video immediately
Brent Walter ll
Brent Walter ll 7 日 前
My dad is a cop, when I was a kid I bought an MC hammer cd and a vinilla ice. Dad let me keep MC Hammer. The moral of the story is that you can shove your racism up your liberal ass'.
Xitsundzuxo Himina
Xitsundzuxo Himina 7 日 前
Vhele🤔🤔🤔🤔 who is deciding these are bad words?😏😏😏😏
J K 7 日 前
Netflix know they have no good original content, they lost the Office and every other show that is worth watching. So they’re desperate to stay relevant now with their useless “ social commentary” programs
J K 7 日 前
Who the fuck cares... This is why Netflix is dying, instead of giving us quality entertainment, they give us useless bull shit
MJ Maccabee
MJ Maccabee 7 日 前
Good points, if slightly vague. But why is DeRay Davis the only one identified in this clip? (Yes I know it's in the blurb, it's just not in the clip.)
Astro4220 7 日 前
Just did a simple google search. Turns out the overwhelming majority of the artists Tipper Gore had beef with were primarily white rock bands. How is this a race issue? Please stop this race-baiting bullshit.
Adam Knights
Adam Knights 7 日 前
🤔🤔🤔🤔 like most people I don’t give a fuck
Jessica Cheramie
Jessica Cheramie 7 日 前
Jesus died for you was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures. If you confess with your mouth Jesus is lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. please repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.
A.I. Howard
A.I. Howard 7 日 前
Thank you...if the Karen's had their way, then I would never have had the opportunity to know about Cardi B's WAP.
Geof Boet
Geof Boet 7 日 前
Yea i call bs on this one. Plenty of non black albums contained the parental guidence sticker. Lots of metal bands..
Dame Anvil
Dame Anvil 7 日 前
What a load of bull! And not a word of who did that. And from what party they were.
Yo RAHeem
Yo RAHeem 7 日 前
Magically no one likes how history is told. Hello Pot. Hello Kettle.
KP 7 日 前
Don't you want history to be told factual and accurate... Well this BS video is nothing but lies and race-baiting BS ... I had plenty of metal albums right next to Nasty as they Wanna Be, Easy Duz It, and the Ghetto Boys and they all had stickers on them
Blackceeser 7 日 前
Not all conservatives are bread in the same basket. I'm a conservative and I don't support Parent advisories on labels. Back then Parents were parents and kept their kids away from that if they so wanted to. so stop using the word Conservatives as if we're all the same. same as all blk folks vote democrat and we all know that's false smh. And to answer that question seems like Liberals are choosing what's good or bad.
Thabestevah 7 日 前
@J K yep lol. The world is a fucking loony bin
J K 7 日 前
Aren’t Liberals the ones now who cry about everything, cancel everything and get offended?
paris kwstntidis
paris kwstntidis 7 日 前
This video needs to be ratio'd
paris kwstntidis
paris kwstntidis 7 日 前
Lmfaooo, rly it's 2021 stop with the victim politics. After 6 years of this bs people just point and laugh at your mental gymnastics 😂
Prof G
Prof G 7 日 前
Complete BS it was PRS & Heavy Metal. Fake news NEVER was color.
matteo gottie
matteo gottie 7 日 前
NO. one white woman Karen did it. and it was not even hip-hop first.
Liam Riley
Liam Riley 7 日 前
I think it was both. It just that metal was at the front because it would (according to conservative christians) promote devil worship. Because Tipper Gore was at the forefront of this movement, and the movement was primarily backed by conservative christians, metal became the face of the "enemy". While I am certainly not denying that the discouragement and discrimination of rap and hip hop is primarily rooted in racism, metal was the most referenced by conservatives as the "danger to the impressionable youth," again putting metal at the forefront. It could also be that racism was involved in the decision, but in order to have a better argument and not be called out for their blatant racism, they chose metal as it was a genre primarily dominated by white people. I'm not exactly qualified to confirm that however. In short, it is likely that both were the reasoning for the explicit label, it's just that one happened to be chosen as the face of the enemy over the other.
matteo gottie
matteo gottie 7 日 前
now Twitter and Facebook google etc doing it wait for what's coming next.
Imorokr 7 日 前
Those aren't like the Recording Industry Association of America at all, ya fuckin' dingus! lol
Beautiful Contradiction
Beautiful Contradiction 7 日 前
Thanks to 2live crew we have this label. Born in the USA was an ode to this
jason woods
jason woods 7 日 前
Ice-T's Rhyme Pays was the first rap album to have a parental advisory sticker. Just not the black and white one like 2 Live. And rock albums starting in 1984 beat 2 Live by 6 years.
Scot Fretwell
Scot Fretwell 7 日 前
Fuck right off if your answer is to always blame whitie instead of looking to your own faults then you are the problem.
Dr Fartbox
Dr Fartbox 7 日 前
She said blow job mouth
Allocator Gator
Allocator Gator 7 日 前
Curse words are mainly used when individuals lack a broad vocabulary..
Allocator Gator
Allocator Gator 6 日 前
@jiji it was a general statement about musicians that used curse words as "fillers". We must not have been listening to the same music last 25 years
Allocator Gator
Allocator Gator 6 日 前
@AyeshéIsAlwaysLovely read a few books and see how you tend to not curse as much
Allocator Gator
Allocator Gator 6 日 前
@Mason Fluker I said lack of broad vocabulary not lack of knowledge lol
AyeshéIsAlwaysLovely 7 日 前
You sound stupid!
Mason Fluker
Mason Fluker 7 日 前
No curse words are used to emphasized a point Using them doesn't signify no lack of knowledge
AlaMaKoty 7 日 前
What a bunch of bs. Profesional victims anyone? IT WAS NEVER ABOUT RACISM DUMB$$SES
Snazzymask Films
Snazzymask Films 7 日 前
Are they actually trying to make censorship about race and politics?
Filmation77 12 時間 前
@Jared Perry AssClown Says WHAT?
Filmation77 12 時間 前
@LevantineR1 oh shit I forgot! The most famous single that help Kick start the Physical Sticker would probably the original cut of 2 live Crew's 'Me So Horny" and the Whole controversy with the Album "As Nasty As Wanna be"(and this was the case that The PMRC went into meltdown, and the Album was so hot and not in a good way. That 2 live Crew we're even allowed to play venues even if the shows were adult only and restricted) this album and That single literally went up against the U.S. Congress with Luther Campbell going to court a few times in Florida over the content on his album,it was so retarded) one other song that might have truly inspired the stickers might be Body Count(led by Ice-T) 's song "Cop Killer" but Covers From The Band WASP (who had great ditties like "Fuck Like A Beast) or GNR's "One in a Million" only got a slap on the wrist.(they still got the sticker. Though)I wonder why. If you really wanna see how race played into this,look into the The Hypocrisy of 2 live Crew vs the Government.if you want a link ,look back at that time . I don't where to start for you. Unfair reasons? "Me so Horny" is just The Original "WAP" , and both those songs are just silly POS songs. Targeted by people who forgot they were once young and (now)sellouts like Snoop Dog.And now,like then ,they're picking on black artists.
LevantineR1 12 時間 前
@Filmation77 6 days where you at
Bevin Z
Bevin Z 2 日 前
@Jared Perry I'm geeking
Jared Perry
Jared Perry 6 日 前
Both snazzy and filmnation are keytards
A.I. Howard
A.I. Howard 7 日 前
This is bullshit. They want to boil everything down to race which is the trendy thing to do. If I were black I would be suspicious of the liberal narrative of perpetual black victimization. Y'all are being gaslit hardcore.
Craig Goetsch
Craig Goetsch 7 日 前
And here us white boys thought it was an attack on heavy metal. Guess it is a matter of perspective and what you’re into.
Thabestevah 7 日 前
@Craig Goetsch it was targeted at metal. D&D was satanic and so was metal music. It was part of the satanic panic shit
Craig Goetsch
Craig Goetsch 7 日 前
@Ned Slanders Was alive and playing attention, metal was targeted way more than hip hop with these labels. Dee Snider was legendary at the congressional hearings.
Ned Slanders
Ned Slanders 7 日 前
If you were alive and paying attention back then you would know the truth instead of a lie.
Claire Wyatt
Claire Wyatt 7 日 前
Yo I agree with this 100% my parents always hound on me for this ;-;
Slicktop 2jz
Slicktop 2jz 7 日 前
Conservatives. The party of free speech 😂
Slicktop 2jz
Slicktop 2jz 6 日 前
@A.I. Howard Lol she's a republican light.
A.I. Howard
A.I. Howard 7 日 前
It was Tipper Gore who pushed censorship the hardest
I am also against censorship, which is why I want to strip away protections from entities that get away with doing it. I understand that it will yield more censorship in the short-term, but let's just try and level the playing field. #RepealSection230
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake 7 日 前
Everyone is pro- free speech until it gets around to something they don't like. Everyone has a "great sense of humour" until they hear a joke that makes them butthurt
Insert X Files Music
Insert X Files Music 7 日 前
@Mel On stfu
Mel On
Mel On 7 日 前
I'm not.
Penetration Nation
Penetration Nation 7 日 前
Foul language is not a sign of low intelligence. Not knowing where foul language is acceptable is
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander 7 日 前
This completely ignores that it was used against Heavy Metal and primarily driven by the Satanic Panic, neither of which had anything to do with race. There are real race issues in America that need to be addressed, this type of crap just makes it more difficult
DJ Crystal Clear
DJ Crystal Clear 7 日 前
@Sarah Harris they made the PA sticker because of Prince lol
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 7 日 前
Prince talking about sex in Darling Nicki. I watched enough PRMC tapes with Zappa and Schneider to know this clip is FALSE NEWS
DJ Crystal Clear
DJ Crystal Clear 7 日 前
I hate Whenever TV blocks out Rated R movies
DJ Crystal Clear
DJ Crystal Clear 7 日 前
Parental advisory sticker is on everything lol even TV
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander 7 日 前
@Termike S Holy crap there's too many to list.
A C 7 日 前
Everybody into heavy metal right now be like o_O
Insert X Files Music
Insert X Files Music 7 日 前
J Frampton
J Frampton 7 日 前
J G 7 日 前
This is bollocks.
k hanna
k hanna 7 日 前
Thank you!
Vinny Mac
Vinny Mac 7 日 前
They're trying to make those labels about race? Every CD I got as a kid had them. Metal, punk, rap..whatever.
Termike S
Termike S 7 日 前
That’s exactly right. Race hustlers are ubiquitous
Gypsy Heart
Gypsy Heart 7 日 前
Thank you.
Dabbler Deluxe
Dabbler Deluxe 7 日 前
Yeah it definitely wasn't, Don't understand how they can justify this other then to say the label was used against rap in general but that isn't true its just that rap began emerging after the label and to be brutally honest here many rap groups USED the label to promote themselves, (2livecrew "nasty as I wannabe") the Label became a PR tool, "no such thing as bad publicity"
jason woods
jason woods 7 日 前
The parental advisory sticker waa primarily concerned with heavy metal music. In 1985 Too Short, NWA and the Geto Boys weren't even part of the conversation. This video seems like an excuse to claim racism when it wasn't about racism.
jason woods
jason woods 7 日 前
Also, Tipper Gore's 'filthy fifteen' list includes only 2 black artists/groups (2.5 if you count Vanity). The rest were all white and consisted of primarily heavy metal bands.
sheLovesG 7 日 前
Exactly. They need new customers(victims) so useless academics can still have a job.
Shmucko21 7 日 前
Pretty popular these days to use mental gymnastics to claim racism ANYWHERE possible. These people are professional victims, its sickening.
My Delorean
My Delorean 7 日 前
Glad Netflix is pro free speech
Crackhead Joe 211Series
Crackhead Joe 211Series 7 日 前
But it was the Democrats...Al Gore, Bill Clinton...etc...
TherealAzurel 7 日 前
Except one of the biggest bands to be brought up was Twisted Sister....Which Dee Snider fought and it hit all genres...To say it was race based is bullshit at best. Tipper hated heavy metal as much as hip hop.
Drew The Unspoken
Drew The Unspoken 7 日 前
The funniest part was that Frank Zappa, who was very much against the PA label, released Jazz From Hell with that sticker. It was all instrumental songs.
A C 7 日 前
I think it was really the reaction to the music video. Music had had bad lyrics for ages. But the advent of music videos meant that heavy metal now "sold" easy women, beer and cigarettes to kids. Which all seems quaint now but this has really been about puritanism in Congress. now after the heavy metal scares died out it's very worth noting that these same professional mouth-frothers stopped caring at ALL about metal once rap came to the fore. Sure, it pushed an even "sluttier" agenda perhaps, but we all know the real reason: white girls like hiphop.
Dabbler Deluxe
Dabbler Deluxe 7 日 前
​@jason woods Yeah I just checked 2livecrew (nasty as I wannabe) was 89, the advisory label was 85, it was definitely nothing related to hiphop then. All metal then
jason woods
jason woods 7 日 前
@Dabbler Deluxe The hip hop groups with especially 'vulgar' lyrics, like NWA, 2 Live Crew, the Geto Boys and Too Short, hadn't even released anything when this got kicked off. Racism gets clicks though.
jason woods
jason woods 7 日 前
Right. The parental advisory sticker wasn't about race it was about censorship of vulgar lyrics.
Darla Love
Darla Love 7 日 前
A lot of it is vulgar, black and white . To bad people have to live their life in the “feel sorry for me, I’m black” culture. Life is short, move on.
Darla Love
Darla Love 7 日 前
@Ned Slanders I’m black for your in formation. Such an intelligent comeback, “ Karen” how original. Your ignorance looks awesome on you.
Ned Slanders
Ned Slanders 7 日 前
We’re telling the truth. A person like yourself “feeling sorry” for us is no honor. We don’t even like you. Less projection and more learning. Ok Karen?
Auggie Doggie
Auggie Doggie 7 日 前
Life isn't short. What are you on?
Monica Potter
Monica Potter 7 日 前
Good for you. Enough is enough. I was taught growing up, the more you swear the more honest you are. My family is all from Ireland 🇮🇪-Cleveland That’s just how we roll. People need to get a hobby. Keep doing what you’re doing..
Terrell Khalil
Terrell Khalil 7 日 前
Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
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