The Positives Of 2020 With Joe Keery, Leslie Jones & The Death to 2020 Cast

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22 日 前

Okay so SOME good stuff might have happened this year and the Death to 2020 cast members want to talk about it. From the creator of Black Mirror, Death to 2020 is now streaming only on Netflix.
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Super Skully
Super Skully 6 日 前
Joe is so cute
MoonInSun108 10 日 前
Ignorance is bliss, Leslie 😆
Reiss 11 日 前
Only here to see Joe
Marc W
Marc W 16 日 前
5:38... it’s good to know celebrities have connection issues too lol
Matthew Parsons
Matthew Parsons 17 日 前
Just know that most of the movie is satirical but based on real people
Kylo Hepburn
Kylo Hepburn 17 日 前
J O E 💫💫💫
Isaac Eldred
Isaac Eldred 18 日 前
The movie just came out and they already had an reunion thing going on
Abin Anto
Abin Anto 17 日 前
Like what?
Nikitha Vikram
Nikitha Vikram 20 日 前
Do u actually use Farrah faucet spray?
RY 20 日 前
Liberal garbage 🤮
Frank Mcmanus
Frank Mcmanus 20 日 前
Your dumb to make this. There has been no positives or silver lining. You all are a embarrassment you are the 3% of the world who isn't struggling right now. You are all complete trash
stf092 20 日 前
did she just say: i did not know nothing??? jesus... english is not even my first language and still i don't fuck up like this. yea yea...i's not that kinda is.
Emma Bennett
Emma Bennett 17 日 前
It's slang, many people talk like this .I think that part is AAVE (African American Vernacular English), which is not less than, just a dialect.
333 Carol Lobo
333 Carol Lobo 21 日 前
I liked Lisa's response!
Abin Anto
Abin Anto 21 日 前
Like down for steve😎
Isaac Eldred
Isaac Eldred 18 日 前
Like what?
Aaron Albrecht
Aaron Albrecht 21 日 前
I feel bad for that lady that thinks watching cable news is good
Justine Buda
Justine Buda 21 日 前
The only reason there was big protests was because people had TIME
Hellmoot Kruger
Hellmoot Kruger 21 日 前
Leslie Jones continues to set black's back every time she talks.
P C 20 日 前
This. She doesn't know anything but assumes that the "normal people" don't know what the Senate or COVID is. These people are politically ignorant and only get their news from far-left sources.
Penny Lane
Penny Lane 21 日 前
Hope it was/gets watched. Ppl are unaware.
Kindsey 21 日 前
Ha, I was just at Walmart and the greeter looked like Joe Keery. He had the hair and was looking out for dipshit's well-being. I second the listening.
Freddy Kruger
Freddy Kruger 21 日 前
As if its gonna be any better next year..those distraction will soon be as meaningless as they were during medieval era..For those who doesn't already give the deserved importance to those useless folks.
Sam Geurdi
Sam Geurdi 21 日 前
Dinesh face looks so sharp and square, even his jaw got buffed up.
Admiral Dewey
Admiral Dewey 21 日 前
Low IQ Hollywood puppets
J SmithSemper
J SmithSemper 21 日 前
Tv shows are better than therapy.
Altó Keyz
Altó Keyz 21 日 前
When does this special drop?
RedRacc 21 日 前
It’s out now
William neville-jones
William neville-jones 21 日 前
Altó Keyz it already did
big man ch
big man ch 21 日 前
I liked the movie
marlin thrower
marlin thrower 21 日 前
Good video
Netflix Soundtrack
Netflix Soundtrack 21 日 前
Sundjer Bob
Sundjer Bob 21 日 前
It’s good not to live in USA !! 😌😌😌😌
Dallac Ais
Dallac Ais 21 日 前
So many icons in one video!
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