The Netflix Afterparty: The Best Shows of The Worst Year | Full Special

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Netflix Is A Joke

ヶ月 前

Hosts David Spade, London Hughes, and Fortune Feimster recap all your favorite Netflix shows of the year. Featuring the cast of Love Is Blind, The Queen's Gambit, Emily In Paris, the producer of Tiger King, Jo Koy, Kevin Hart and more!
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The official hub of Netflix stand-up, comedy series, films, and all things funny - curated by the world’s most advanced algorithm and a depressed, yet lovable, cartoon horse. Their unlikely friendship is our story…
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SweetD x3
SweetD x3 3 日 前
The annoying Brit HAS to go!!
Albert torres
Albert torres 15 日 前
The accent too strong for me. They wont cut her though because its BLM appropriate 😉
level 1
level 1 16 日 前
where is bill burr ?
Ahmad Azeez
Ahmad Azeez 19 日 前
When will Netflix stop pushing the irritating black british girls, seems theres one in every show.
DmDaPDm 17 日 前
Calm down Azeez, comedians come in all colours and sizes and genders, jeez
Samuel Duplessis
Samuel Duplessis 20 日 前
Spade's asking the actors in-kayfabe questions and them answering them out of kayfabe is absolutely hilarious!
Bedding&Blankets 21 日 前
Love Spade, big fan of his mind and comedy, but I can't watch this with the other two. Let Spade do his own thing, or at least choose someone he has good comedic chemistry with.
Freeway 21 日 前
I love Fortune. So happy to see more of her quirkiness.
LordMarsh 21 日 前
so glad netflix did this. been missing spade's show lights out
chedi chakroun
chedi chakroun 21 日 前
spade is always great but the other two are just horrible
GrandDP44 21 日 前
I love younger comics like tim dillon and nick mullen but I will always love David spade lol
Do Re
Do Re 22 日 前
Is Feimster related to TJMiller? She looks like him changing gender.
Sydoney Seaton
Sydoney Seaton 22 日 前
Love this.....thank you Netflix
C O 22 日 前
Tiger King was ONLY 10 months ago?????
Kari 22 日 前
Jfc yelling doesn’t equal funny , calm down lady
Michiel van den Heuvel
Michiel van den Heuvel 24 日 前
Yikes.. David, please. Don't surround yourself with people who cant handle jokes and are afraid to laugh, try to be PC and generally don't contribute anything.
europa 24 日 前
Affirmative action hires, ......please go home, and start your true career..... Service sector.
europa 17 日 前
Not funny talking over SPADE
DmDaPDm 17 日 前
Done 0 research on her, she’s a comedian with her own Netflix specials, she’s been doing it for years. Am surprised to see her on here though but she’s a hard worker.
syed qasim
syed qasim 24 日 前
Pls spade invite Norm macdonald plsss, ill only watch that episode
Danny Marschall
Danny Marschall 26 日 前
I like this format! Finally D. Spade got his own show. ;)
Jimmy Gillard
Jimmy Gillard 23 日 前
He already had one. It was called Lights Out and was far superior to this.
Gamer Crush
Gamer Crush 27 日 前
This is straight trash
mrjackpotz 28 日 前
omg so terrible. who on earth approved the loud brit?
daboy dudus
daboy dudus 3 日 前
@Erik Chingon peak hahaa
Erik Chingon
Erik Chingon 4 日 前
@daboy dudus yes
DmDaPDm 17 日 前
She’s been in the British comedy game for years, loud and outlandish then and now
DmDaPDm 17 日 前
She’s n out trying to be American, that’s just what she’s like.
Jimmy Gillard
Jimmy Gillard 23 日 前
Blame Kevin hart
googie 28 日 前
Love Spade. Better with age.
Stephan Doiron
Stephan Doiron 29 日 前
That other lady that isn't Fortune is beyond irritating, who decided to give her a Netflix comedy special then put her in this cringe fest? Yikes, 2020 has given us yet another reason to be sad, this person is getting 15 minutes...
Grecco Buckliano
Grecco Buckliano 29 日 前
Shrimp Cocktail?.....oh my sides. Even funnier? I think Dave writes these little zingers on himself.
Wolf Man
Wolf Man 29 日 前
Sting and Billy Bob are both great choices (more so billy bob) 2 guys that woulda been perfect but are a bit too old are Lance Henriksen and Scott Glenn
I’m not Gary
I’m not Gary 29 日 前
Kill it. Kill it now.
nunya bizness
nunya bizness 29 日 前
I ❤ Josep! Because.... rice is rice!
Angie Mendo
Angie Mendo ヶ月 前
Spade is great 😊 but the other ones kill the vibe !
SilentHamish ヶ月 前
It's like these people are not aware of the power of shadows.
terry russell
terry russell ヶ月 前
I’m from the UK and have never seen this mad cow. 15 mins in to this i had to STOP WATCHING
Michelle Thompson
Michelle Thompson ヶ月 前
This the show is set up like Lights Out! Which was great. This not so much. I never need to see a interview with British person again. Good grief
TonoSama ヶ月 前
Thanks Netflix for Lights Out 2.0! I miss that show. This just needs to get tighter. Fortune is always wonderful and London is great new talent for the US.
Church Vs State
Church Vs State ヶ月 前
Glad to see the rich and so-called famous can be open with no masks or social distance crap but the people who watch this crap are going out of business (Aka every bar and restaurant in LA)
Erik Chingon
Erik Chingon 4 日 前
@nunya bizness what s cringe ass thread besides the first reply..
Istdoch Allesegal
Istdoch Allesegal 29 日 前
They can do that by having their brainpans swabbed on a near-daily basis. Not feasible in the food & beverage industry, which, instead of mindless mollycoddling, we should be supporting with subsidies to have them refill the decimated foodbanks.
nunya bizness
nunya bizness 29 日 前
Lighten up, Francis! While I agree with you about the situation regarding the LA restaurants, (good ol Commiefornia is the reason I got the hell out of there, and moved to Texas), but if people wanna stay, and live under a dictatorship, then that's on them.
justmemadison ヶ月 前
Are you assuming it's current because this clip was just released or do you know when it was filmed? Netflix releases old and new clips on youtube.
CalvinLokinFerHobbs ヶ月 前
What a lovely time spent with AllYall, DSpade..they just need to go ahead and giv you thKeys to so got this..JustSayn
Cynthia Jones
Cynthia Jones ヶ月 前
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Andrew Remm
Andrew Remm 29 日 前
This is a joke right
Xensonar ヶ月 前
Childish nonsense.
Christopher Freeman
Christopher Freeman ヶ月 前
Man remember him working with Farley. They made to classic movies. Too bad he never found his groove like that again. Still good .... not the same
Brandon Lyttleton
Brandon Lyttleton 20 日 前
They were best friends
Countfoscolikesmice ヶ月 前
The Stu-stu-studio made me hate David Spade just a little less.
Istdoch Allesegal
Istdoch Allesegal 29 日 前
And it made me Google this Lily lady to confirm my dot connections
Robot Munkee
Robot Munkee ヶ月 前
I'm British but that freaking muppet woman made me cringe so hard. No wonder she was booted out of the country.
Jacob Busch
Jacob Busch 24 日 前
so bad
geoffrobinson ヶ月 前
If you think this is the worst year, read some history
Andrew Remm
Andrew Remm 29 日 前
Shut up. People aren’t one thousand percent serious you dipshit
Norm McFarland
Norm McFarland ヶ月 前
That London woman is horrific. Too loud, unfunny and brings nothing to the table. Love spade and fortune
Jacob Busch
Jacob Busch 24 日 前
izzo WinifMatt
izzo WinifMatt ヶ月 前
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
Andrew Remm
Andrew Remm 29 日 前
@Christopher Freeman who is going to tell the neck beard it’s a fake account
nunya bizness
nunya bizness 29 日 前
@Christopher Freeman bwahahahaha
Christopher Freeman
Christopher Freeman ヶ月 前
👋. Hi how are you?
1 ヶ月 前
The two blonde dudes are hilarious but the one that doesn’t speak English is too hard to understand
Fukhead McPot
Fukhead McPot 23 日 前
@Robot Munkee Looks like Channel 4 UK presenter training. They all act irritating like that over here.
Fukhead McPot
Fukhead McPot 23 日 前
Istdoch Allesegal
Istdoch Allesegal 29 日 前
Your comment is so stupid... and yet so funny!
Robot Munkee
Robot Munkee ヶ月 前
Yeah, she needs to shut it for more than a few seconds. Is she on coke or something?
Kate D
Kate D ヶ月 前
tried to watch this show, not watchable, spade fan, get rid of the others, cringe show
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn 20 日 前
Get rid of spade as well, bring in jim jefferies...
Moises Duarte
Moises Duarte 24 日 前
for real i watched the jo koy and bill burr the rest was spent ... crying into a pillow
s s
s s ヶ月 前
Swear down she was on cbbc
Annie Thyme
Annie Thyme ヶ月 前
I believe she discussed this when she was on Richard Herring's podcast
jethro katuntu
jethro katuntu ヶ月 前
one dislike already in the first ten minutes
Manan Mistry
Manan Mistry ヶ月 前
Ha loll
Kylee Martin
Kylee Martin ヶ月 前
tiger tastic
tiger tastic ヶ月 前
Feels forced and awkward.
Kate D
Kate D ヶ月 前
it is forced and awkward, his monologues from his home are hilarious...this is not spade
PHILLIP Green ヶ月 前
Kate D
Kate D ヶ月 前
👎👎👎👎👎👎 not watchable, i tried for quite awhile
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