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13 日 前

Welcome to The Netflix Afterparty where David Spade, London Hughes, and Fortune Feimster recap all your favorite Netflix shows. Featuring Tanner Buchanan, Mary Mouser and the cast of Cobra Kai, plus a guest appearance by Bill Burr. A new season of Cobra Kai is now streaming on Netflix.
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S F 9 時間 前
This season focused on being paralysed/being stuck. Miguel being a quadriplegic, Tory feeling stuck in her familial/financial situation, Samantha being traumatised, Robby doing time, Johnny/kreese/daniel being stuck in the past. How do humans act when we get stuck - fight, fly or freeze? Do we ask for help? Do we ice people out?
cigar88up 20 時間 前
The blonde is a female?
Adriana Avila
Adriana Avila 日 前
This was super dumb, and not worth anyone’s time. -_- it’s called After Party, I thought they were going to talk about the season and delve deep into it since this aired the day the season dropped.
brifo 21 時間 前
I thought it was cool lol, the title is a bit misleading but i liked that it was an interview with them
Zachary Lee
Zachary Lee 日 前
Cobra Kai is The Best Drama Series on Netflix Ever 😁
Mike Talley
Mike Talley 2 日 前
Cobra Kai is awesome
Andre Villalba
Andre Villalba 2 日 前
This is s light "Lights Out", enjoyed it, but episode 2 never came
Gerardo Chavez _GV
Gerardo Chavez _GV 2 日 前
Never got the hype behind bill burr lmao and as soon as he got on the cobra kai cast was hardly given any attention anymore. Kinda pointless to keep them on at that point.
Kou Lor
Kou Lor 3 日 前
Damn ali mills a baddie still lol
Claire Broadway
Claire Broadway 4 日 前
Why is this entire comment section in such a bad mood.
Jerry Wang
Jerry Wang 2 日 前
I was wondering the same thing. "Misery loves company," I guess.
Victor macintosh
Victor macintosh 4 日 前
These hosts need to form a softball team
Madeline Rotbart
Madeline Rotbart 4 日 前
tanner literally never talked
Phillip Pearson
Phillip Pearson 4 日 前
Why is Miguel (dont know the actors name) awkwardly sitting behind the couch where no one else is? He’s practically the main character of the show
Georgios Mat
Georgios Mat 日 前
Because biol burr was an ass and took his chair by force
Erik Chingon
Erik Chingon 4 日 前
Yea that was messed up!
GunterJPN 5 日 前
I don’t think anybody got the “Elisabeth Sock/Shue” joke. It’s hard to tell, because no one cared.
King Lyonix 24
King Lyonix 24 5 日 前
"I'm kinda sad u didn't run off with a girl" oy vey come on, not everything/everyone has to be gay/lesbian.
Erik Chingon
Erik Chingon 4 日 前
Yeah it's in your face too much. Notice how Bill Burr told that chick it was funny because it was funny not because it was a lesbian joke, he got immediately cut off and by his reaction, he knew it. It was unfortunate.
Reid 6 日 前
Wow, The co-host's made this nearly unwatchable. What an awful idea
ChrispyAKAKon 6 日 前
Cobra Kai 🔥🔥🔥
Dorian Marquis
Dorian Marquis 7 日 前
Why is this barely known lesbian in flannel overselling her sexuality? If this were a guy hitting on a girl, they'd call it offensive. We get it!! You're gay. Elizabeth is pretty. Move on😒. If that's the only gimmick she has (constantly pushing her sexuality)....then, she sucks as an emerging comic and co-host.
DeflateGate 12
DeflateGate 12 日 前
Gay is old news now
Dorian Marquis
Dorian Marquis 3 日 前
@SweetD x3 "She's been around FOREVER....." Okay, hun😒😆
SweetD x3
SweetD x3 3 日 前
She's been around forever... she's not an "emerging" comedian
Van PastorMan
Van PastorMan 4 日 前
Homelander didn't even do it that much.
Kashouri Katsu
Kashouri Katsu 7 日 前
Covid kai ..ima steal dat 1
Madeline Rotbart
Madeline Rotbart 4 日 前
Kiran Dutt
Kiran Dutt 7 日 前
The host was terrible
Gym Butterchicken
Gym Butterchicken 8 日 前
why the whole vibe is meh here i dont like it....xolo and mary neutralizes that aside from the obvious one, mr bill burr himself...
Johnny Silverman
Johnny Silverman 8 日 前
these two female hosts were atrocious. ... holy shit.
rashad shaheed
rashad shaheed 日 前
They were really annoying 😒. Especially the British woman
Michael Ornelas
Michael Ornelas 6 日 前
Holy shit that was a female?? wtf I thought it was a fat will Ferrell!!
4TimesAsFunky 7 日 前
@Johnny Silverman Cool, bud. 👍
Johnny Silverman
Johnny Silverman 7 日 前
@4TimesAsFunky who? I don't even know who you're referring to, nor do I care. Like I said, they both suck.
4TimesAsFunky 7 日 前
Fortune's alright.
Johnny Silverman
Johnny Silverman 8 日 前
would love to see Bill Burr make an appearance in Season 4. He's a really good actor too
EmptyLanternMedia 8 日 前
Is that a Liverpool accent
Kevin Esquivel
Kevin Esquivel 8 日 前
At 8:50 I realized David Spade and I interpret 9 inches the same way 😂
Tony Suede
Tony Suede 9 日 前
"Mmmm "homelander voice
black bird
black bird 10 日 前
I won't mind when the "like" generation passes and we're treated to a reawakened interest in grammar and speaking properly. Everyone seems sweet, all the right people here, but using ''like'' as a placeholder is unnecessary and distracting.
Bel Xan
Bel Xan 6 日 前
@Kylar Diaz lmao
Kylar Diaz
Kylar Diaz 8 日 前
You sound so fucking old
pgorodiloff 10 日 前
Bill Burr as Kreese’s buddy?
Stein Bergsson
Stein Bergsson 10 日 前
London is obnoxious....
irregular mana
irregular mana 11 日 前
Should of been called hardly kai
H T 11 日 前
Tedlywinks it’s Spadoodle 🤣😂
H T 11 日 前
Did London, call Miguel, Jonah??
H T 11 日 前
Didn’t mind London on History of Swear Words. But that was short 10 second clips, this, I used my history of swear words - shut the fuck up.
KusanagiMotoko100 11 日 前
this was kinda meh.
Gene Burnett
Gene Burnett 11 日 前
Dude in the blue play dough suit needs to work a little on his story telling.
TheWolverine1984 2 日 前
It's clear he got a bit overexcited. He's a young kid, not like those veteran stars who come to talk shows with stories prepared ahead of time.
H T 11 日 前
Kinda agree. But I don’t expect all actors to be comfortable during interviews and especially taking the time to tell stories. Can we be honest, story telling is for sure a skill. Segura 🤣
Gene Burnett
Gene Burnett 11 日 前
Volume is set very low on this video.
H T 11 日 前
@Gene Burnett I wonder if he’d do better without the side jokes. Tedlywinks this is Spadoodle was hilarious. But then he ads the same director shtick from lights out, which I think is slightly funny but doesn’t fit. Sorry maybe I’m over analyzing but would love for this to make it.
H T 11 日 前
@Gene Burnett me too with the cancelling. I mentioned it before but it was like a softer tough crowd. How I miss that. Wonder what the sound issue is. I’ve seen a few comments on it. Hope this sticks but honestly I don’t get what Netflix is a joke is as a whole.
Gene Burnett
Gene Burnett 11 日 前
@H T Yeah, me too. Bummed when it was cancelled. I have the volume on high here on the player...and on high here on my computer and it's way softer than any other youtube video...when I switched to another video it was way loud.
H T 11 日 前
I didn’t get that... I’ve seen another comment tho. Mine is border lining on loud. They’ll figure it out. Hope David keeps the show. I loved lights out.
Wabb1e 11 日 前
Ol billy bitch tits
Grosvenor88 11 日 前
Is that Jonah Hill?
MatuschkaRossija 11 日 前
Bill is at 19:30
Andrew T
Andrew T 4 日 前
Good lad 👍
Gustavo Fring
Gustavo Fring 11 日 前
JoE Stuff
JoE Stuff 11 日 前
Hey Netflix is a Joke, can you turn the volume up on your videos? They're too damn quiet.
I, Spartacus
I, Spartacus 5 日 前
Agreed. Although my phone has shitty volume...
H T 11 日 前
I didn’t have that issue. What ya listening on?
x o
x o 12 日 前
I don't get what that british women's added value is. everyone else was top notch and bill burr is a legend.
Erik Chingon
Erik Chingon 4 日 前
@toma140803 3 let me guess you're a republican? And why don't you say the same thing about the lesbian. You couldn't wait to say something like that could you?
Staneagle 7 日 前
Her and Jabba the Hutt were so unnecessary
toma140803 3
toma140803 3 9 日 前
Diversity... if she wasn’t there people would cry at the lack of black peoples
Nicolas R
Nicolas R 12 日 前
I clicked on for bill burr... why put him in the thumbnail and barely have him on?
Erik Chingon
Erik Chingon 4 日 前
Because he tells it like is.
send that woman back to the UK please
H T 5 日 前
@Gamer Crush lol. Just fast forward friend. It was a good show.
Gamer Crush
Gamer Crush 11 日 前
@H T I shut it off as soon as she showed up.
H T 11 日 前
I thought she was funny in the history of swear words. But agree she tends to try to take over convos and even be interruptive
Liam Reidy
Liam Reidy 12 日 前
I watched this shite for 2 minutes of Bill Burr, piss take....!
H T 11 日 前
Then why didn’t either of you watch it 😂😂😂. This is lights out reincarnate. Love it!!! Give him a chance. He’s pretty quick witted. Brings on good comedians. I don’t like the side comedians being commentators or his side skits. Even tho I thought tedlywinks this is Spadoodle was funny. It doesn’t make sense to add it to cut burr short. And he keeps doing that director thing. Slightly funny. But doesn’t fit.
Liam Reidy
Liam Reidy 11 日 前
@DichotomousRex I don't really dig Spade either........
DichotomousRex 12 日 前
Thanks for saving me from all that Spade.
Gabbar Rf
Gabbar Rf 12 日 前
Bill burr
mayur tomar
mayur tomar 12 日 前
Only clicked to see our Billy big balls.
Me while the intro be like: Yeah nah
Saigon6 12 日 前
This is David Spade lights out but in red instead of blue
H T 11 日 前
Basically right? Comedy Central got rid of it for Netflix is a joke to pick it up? Fine with me. I thought it was a good show. Loved John Farley and the very little politics. A short short tough crowd. Speaking of, wtf Colin - please. Pretty please lol.
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn 12 日 前
Spade's 2 side kicks are beyond annoying....
H T 11 日 前
I assume they’ll change per episode I hope. He for sure doesn’t need it. But I enjoy fortune. Better if it was John Farley.
Langalibalele Mtimkulu
Langalibalele Mtimkulu 12 日 前
when was this recorded? it weird seeing people seated this close together.
Dev1359 12 日 前
The industry has been implementing pretty strict COVID testing protocols for film casts, crews and staffs since they've mostly gone back to filming movies and shows for release in 2021 and 2022. Considering everyone here is an actor, they probably have already been through strict protocol, tested negative and are safe enough to be around each other.
Ethan 12 日 前
Bill Burr's story should be written in a history book
Mike K
Mike K 12 日 前
Nutty Cups? Really
Jimmy Gillard
Jimmy Gillard 12 日 前
Wait, they haven't fired London Hughes yet?
H T 11 日 前
@Jimmy Gillard gotcha. I don’t think she’s terrible by any means. But the added “guest hosts” is weird. We all know this is lights out reincarnate but let’s get rid of the side skits that barely work but can be...slightly funny. And please don’t add side hosts. Spade can handle it. Burr is on - him alone shoulda been 10 minutes of this.
Jimmy Gillard
Jimmy Gillard 11 日 前
@H T It's a favour by Netflix to Kevin Hart whose company manages her.
H T 11 日 前
When did they hire her? I’m hoping there will be rotating side guests/ uhhh hosts. This is lights out without John farley. Bring back John. Get rid of the side skits - David being and director and although I thought tedlywinks this is Spadoodle is funny. Makes no sense and doesn’t flow.
AnklebreakerOfficial 12 日 前
Bill Burr is such a legend.
Nicholas Volker
Nicholas Volker 4 日 前
Burr was great in the Mandalorian
H T 11 日 前
Cobra Kai shoulda been 5 minutes. Burr seemed cut short. Which I thought tended to happen in lights out. Hopefully they fix that and the sound I guess. But I love it. Spade is perfect as a host. Doesn’t make it political. Usually just going for the joke. Feeds very well off other comedians. It could lose the side jokes - even though I loved the tedlywinks this is Spadoodle. I think he’d make an amazing slightly tough crowd host 🤪
Chris Ervin
Chris Ervin 12 日 前
Only the real ones are here this early!
StupiderWithAB 12 日 前
Independent fact checkers claim that you will feel stupider after watching my stupid comedy videos. Try and see how it goes.
I, Spartacus
I, Spartacus 5 日 前
Theres not a chance that's gonna happen...
SuperMustseetv 12 日 前
Why is Miguel dressed like an 80s pimp 😂😂😂
Hrishik R
Hrishik R 4 日 前
His real name is xolo mariduena
Kenneth Matthew N. TABBILOS
Kenneth Matthew N. TABBILOS 7 日 前
@Michael Quinn If there was a film about a teenage carlito doing stuff he would do, xolo can play him
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn 12 日 前
more like al pacino in Carlito's Way lolol
Red Ram
Red Ram 12 日 前
He belongs on Boogie Nights
FeaSt 12 日 前
Will billy blue balls be on the next season of kobra Kai? Find out on the next season. Go fuck yourself.
Mario Safradin
Mario Safradin 12 日 前
Hell yea 🥳
marlin thrower
marlin thrower 12 日 前
Great video
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