The Biggest Fails Of 2020, As Told By Comedians

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Netflix Is A Joke

29 日 前

You might have had a sucky year but at least you're not one of these guys. Urzila Carlson: Overqualified Loser, Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything, and Jim Jefferies: Intolerant are now streaming on Netflix.
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Sarah C
Sarah C 4 日 前
When did the fire marshall start stand-up?
Maryland Terps
Maryland Terps 15 日 前
Terrible comedians, shows you how unfunny some of these guys are. I wonder how they still have a job.
MJ Maccabee
MJ Maccabee 17 日 前
Jim Jeffries is so profoundly unfunny that I will never understand why they gave him his own show.
Zakarea Ali
Zakarea Ali 22 日 前
He's such a pussy
Iconoclast 24 日 前
“Can’t nail a snack?l?” What?
ii 27 日 前
Why am I the only one who laughed at this
eintoll 27 日 前
Pity about the Jim Jeff[e]ries bit in the middle.
Deniz Ugur
Deniz Ugur 27 日 前
No white people noo
John Paul Lafferty
John Paul Lafferty 27 日 前
Lick it of course! Why not? It’s not as if you licked it before you stuck it in! That’s what she says! Wet Qua’c, oh yea baby! Get’s me hands on some wet Qua’c! Now pull it out! Yea baby!
countys32 27 日 前
Netflix is A joke but none of these acts were.
Chuck Shick
Chuck Shick 27 日 前
Meh, mediocre.
Eugene. L
Eugene. L 28 日 前
These comedians set the bar real low for who can be a comedian, low brow jokes told by mediocre comics, I’m wondering who’s actually laughing at these jokes? Hmm...
Sarah Milner
Sarah Milner 28 日 前
Absolute shite. Seriously. Worst ive seen. My local comedy club is 19 times btr
Tanya Kasim
Tanya Kasim 28 日 前
How is this related to 2020?🤔
zombierapture 28 日 前
Click bait headline nothing to do with 2020
Gigasmanswe 28 日 前
I didint laugh at all
gaskins garage
gaskins garage 27 日 前
Me either
shake spear
shake spear 28 日 前
Same here
Josh Temple
Josh Temple 28 日 前
What the hell does any of this have to do with 2020??
Noah Fucking hale
Noah Fucking hale 24 日 前
Who cares juts stfu
Aziza Maria
Aziza Maria 27 日 前
Gravel Lane
Gravel Lane 28 日 前
Oh no....
batgurrl 28 日 前
That was a waste of almost 10 Minutes. Patton, I hope your wife keeps this and shows it to your daughter every year and when she becomes an adolescent she will despise you
Jennifer Strickland
Jennifer Strickland 28 日 前
Scrotum robot 🤖 🤣
Lewis Jaffray.
Lewis Jaffray. 28 日 前
What is his daughter going to think of this when she sees this one day??
Nemesis 27 日 前
She might be thanking her dad for the porche she got on her 18th bday by the money he earned from telling this to the world.
Mush Room
Mush Room 28 日 前
That her dads a comedian not a Ted talker.
player shiningmuffin
player shiningmuffin 28 日 前
they'll still be family, still here's hoping everything ends well if things gets rough
Simeon Damian
Simeon Damian 28 日 前
Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Felix Ogbenna
Felix Ogbenna 28 日 前
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Adrienne and Kinsley’s channel
Adrienne and Kinsley’s channel 28 日 前
pepeshopping 28 日 前
Oh boy, getting invited to yet another movie that will show the same story but with younger or weirder people. Sheep will stay sheep.
Diky Sunjaya
Diky Sunjaya 28 日 前 Janhan lypa ya nonton video nich
Nasir Freddy
Nasir Freddy 28 日 前
You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️
TheGillhicks 28 日 前
Patton Oswalt is the Man....
OculusQuestFun 15 日 前
I've always liked him.
Robert Fugate
Robert Fugate 28 日 前
He used to be but he's fallen off
Felix Ogbenna
Felix Ogbenna 28 日 前
Gizele Sampaio
Gizele Sampaio 28 日 前
Felix Ogbenna
Felix Ogbenna 28 日 前
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