The Best Cut Footage Of Nikki Glaser & More | History Of Swear Words

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9 日 前

These moments didn't make it to the final but they're just too good to keep from the world. For the full experience, watch History Of Swear Words only on Netflix.
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DovahkiinBrother1993 6 日 前
Why this was removed from the show but naked male genitalia not? And why you didnt show female genitalia for equality?
Mama Dulas
Mama Dulas 6 日 前
Chris 7 日 前
Painful show to watch. From Nick Cage to Sarah Silverman, it had some crappy actors/ comedians. Mostly C and D listers. The history part was interesting and if they had Nick Offerman do the whole show, it would have been much better. Also there were some cringeworthy moments when the black guests gave credit to black musicians for swear words becoming part of the American lexicon despite the explanations of how swear spread from Europe. Then the black comedians skipped over how those hip hop and rap singers who were so influential in bringing profanity to music were leaders in denigrating and exploiting black women.
Shawn Ravenfire
Shawn Ravenfire 7 日 前
If someone is too aggressive, you can call them a dick or a cunt, but if someone is too passive, you can call them a pussy or a weiner. Figure the logic on that one!
Da Jerf
Da Jerf 7 日 前
Sarah Silverman Hit's the nail on the head here...
Forrest Culver
Forrest Culver 7 日 前
Why does Sarah Silverman suck so much?
Drew The Unspoken
Drew The Unspoken 7 日 前
'Well, it certainly displays the versatility of the word!"
RY 7 日 前
She is disgusting
Fillup 40
Fillup 40 7 日 前
I love Nikki.
Sahar 8 日 前
"The coward is balls" 😄😂🤣
Losartan 4 日 前
Always hiding when it's cold
Lasho_ 1O1
Lasho_ 1O1 8 日 前
I don’t want this I want saik k
Daniel Prochac
Daniel Prochac 8 日 前
The fuck is this bro
Demetrius Davis-Boucher
Demetrius Davis-Boucher 8 日 前
Where’s Gary???
Colin McMasters
Colin McMasters 8 日 前
Thank you for providing some Behind the Scenes content for the show. It would be awesome to see these extras on Netflix itself, similar to what Hulu does now.
Apollo Selispeks
Apollo Selispeks 8 日 前
Click bait title.
EyesOfByes 8 日 前
*All hail Dick Thunder*
Johnny Darko
Johnny Darko 8 日 前
Binged it. So good! Nick Cage was brilliant! And Nikki.
Beyond Stylz
Beyond Stylz 8 日 前
Nikki is just a way more likeable version of Amy Schumer
Cory Garrett
Cory Garrett 7 日 前
Schumer wishes she was half as funny as Nikki!
Amara Horton
Amara Horton 8 日 前
That last line was oddly uplifting...
spinthefastest 8 日 前 Same pussies are strong joke 10 years ago by Hal Sparks. We've got a couple female Carlos mencia's on our hands. Trevor Noah also stole this joke and used it on his Netflix special. And the whole history of curse words was done by George Carlin in 1972. (7 dirty words)
David Lawson
David Lawson 8 日 前
Remember, they are only interested in the top 20% of guys, even though they may only be a 3/10 on the man scale.
Arvind Wee
Arvind Wee 5 日 前
20? Pssshh... more like 1-2%.
Aye-Man my brutha!!! Preach🤬💪💪💪
BonkersTundra31 8 日 前
Hi, and welcome to my continued mission to keep this bit running. Today I continue to show up while the "putting a women's face next to a sex quote for every god damn thumbnail a woman is in" continues. I'm disappointed. Carry on
Da Jerf
Da Jerf 5 日 前
Agreed. When i shared this clip, I left out the dumb thumbnail.
BL4CK KN1G8T 8 日 前
FYI Silverman is not funny.
1 x
1 x 8 日 前
Nikki should just make an onlyfans
Camielle 8 日 前
Haaaaaaa 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rank Up
Rank Up 8 日 前
Watched 2 mins of this show. Might be the worst thing ever created. How can anyone enjoy this.
Alex X
Alex X 8 日 前
0:47 what my uncle said as he proceeded to plop his on my forehead
Blake Martin
Blake Martin 8 日 前
This is the most stupid thing I've seen in a while
Hot Girls Video XXX
Hot Girls Video XXX 8 日 前
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Cameron Derick
Cameron Derick 8 日 前
Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖
Alexis C
Alexis C 8 日 前
Nikki Dick-Glaser is the best name ever
itkojecockot 8 日 前
the stars of next video: Nikki Dick-Glaser and Whitney Cummings
Pernell13489 8 日 前
Leplace's Demon
Leplace's Demon 8 日 前
Never seen female comics so excited when talking about men and men’s body parts.
Kaleb Whitaker
Kaleb Whitaker 3 日 前
Because that is all of their material revolves around.
DovahkiinBrother1993 6 日 前
Talking? They also showed it fully uncensored. But of course it was too much for them to show naked female genitalia. This remains taboo. I was angry that female said male genitals are better than female. Misogyny at it's best.
J K 8 日 前
It doesn’t have the same effect “Don’t be a ballsack?” “Don’t be a pussy!”
Jessica Cheramie
Jessica Cheramie 8 日 前
Jesus died for you was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures If you confess with your mouth Jesus is lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. Please repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.
B.B. Rodrieguez
B.B. Rodrieguez 8 日 前
God can't save you now.
Mark Morris
Mark Morris 8 日 前
Hell no!
Supratim Purkait
Supratim Purkait 8 日 前
Fuck u
A Glass of Freshly Squeezed Ass Juice
A Glass of Freshly Squeezed Ass Juice 8 日 前
Take your meds.
Echo2124 8 日 前
Why is it that essentially all women comedy boils down to sex jokes...
Maegha Lanka
Maegha Lanka 8 日 前
I’m a woman and I know it’s a generalization, but it really does seem that way :/
B.B. Rodrieguez
B.B. Rodrieguez 8 日 前
It's not just sex jokes, it's also period jokes and bad relationship jokes.
Jack James
Jack James 8 日 前
Holy shit this is HORRIBLE!!! 😖
Hema Pulchan
Hema Pulchan 8 日 前
DIY Lobotomy
DIY Lobotomy 8 日 前
Pretty misleading title, not much Nikki Glaser here
anonymous awesome
anonymous awesome 8 日 前
fak ah
donnie gebert
donnie gebert 8 日 前
Team Fuck
Uluthando Silivile
Uluthando Silivile 8 日 前
Like like like!!
dynasty4851 8 日 前
Liked this video
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