Swearing In The US vs. The UK | History Of Swear Words

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15 日 前

While Americans favor the bleep, Brits favor a free-for-all. For more weird, wild, and just plain fascinating facts on cursing, watch History Of Swear Words on Netflix.
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Something Diabolical
Something Diabolical 日 前
God this is the most buzzfeed shit I've ever watched that had a budget behind it. This was legitimately made for every little up and coming twittard of the future and if you're an adult and enjoy this I'm sorry and that's coming from someone who loves borat...
R3N 72
R3N 72 3 日 前
Ireland: *fook*
Lay Lay
Lay Lay 3 日 前
I've learned sooo many new words today
Анастасия Белова
Анастасия Белова 4 日 前
do they really have so little swear words xD
SupperMan 6 日 前
I have expanded my vocabulary
I love a big fat PU55Y!
Chef Pizza
Chef Pizza 8 日 前
What the hellwas this?
Sam Gillespie
Sam Gillespie 8 日 前
The UK isn't just England...
harmony taylor
harmony taylor 10 日 前
cunt is such a normal word in australia
Peter Peter
Peter Peter 10 日 前
Its an outrage
Gamer Crush
Gamer Crush 11 日 前
This bitch sucks.
Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis 7 日 前
That's what I said about your mom
liam anderson
liam anderson 12 日 前
Having one person to speak for the whole uk is fucking stupid half of the shit she’s saying is not true in my part of the uk
Lijiang 13 日 前
What’s nick offerman doing there
Cheyenne Tricks
Cheyenne Tricks 13 日 前
This was the best Vocab Lesson I ever had
In a few years, we'll be calling cats c**ts.
Francis A
Francis A 13 日 前
2:30 I know promiscuous women felt it
Muhura Dedan
Muhura Dedan 13 日 前
She's so cute. Who has her number?
Francis A
Francis A 13 日 前
simp man!,simp man !....yeah that's you
tigist fikadu
tigist fikadu 13 日 前
This video was fucking awesome
Annlin Margrett
Annlin Margrett 13 日 前
I learned so many words.
Bruce_Leon 10
Bruce_Leon 10 14 日 前
Netflix really are pushing this girl on us hard, she's on a few of their shows now & will probably be on more to come. I don't know whether they're trying to hit a diversity quota or what but it feels like overkill at this point, especially since I don't find her to be funny at all.
Bruce_Leon 10
Bruce_Leon 10 14 日 前
As entertaining as this show was, it could've done with more funny to go along with all the facts and origin stories. I feel like it needed Sam Jackson or Eddie Murphy as the host rather than Nic Cage.
Suga's neck pillow
Suga's neck pillow 14 日 前
This video gave me emotional boost. Whenever I feel down I come here to hear the beautiful words of peace
Tammy Pieters
Tammy Pieters 14 日 前
If you're reading this, you are a pssy
NotALot1135 14 日 前
We Brits call our mates cunts and call cunts mate. Now figure that out.
Lawrence Ward
Lawrence Ward 14 日 前
Everyone has their own experiences etc. But I’m English and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a single person refer to a vagina as a cunt like she says. Cunt over here is so far removed from meaning anything to do with that at this point
Maedhros V
Maedhros V 14 日 前
Why did the least funny person do all the talking in this video? She is annoying.
Bruce_Leon 10
Bruce_Leon 10 14 日 前
I dunno, probably because she's the only person on the show from the UK who is now living in the US, which would make her the only person from the show qualified to do the comparison since they called the clip Swearing In The US Vs The UK...
FoxyKing93 ®
FoxyKing93 ® 14 日 前
This show is misogynistic and sexist. Women saying that male genitalia are better than female genitalia. What a joke. The D**k episode was masculine gibberish. You don't know anything about female genitals. The fact that you showed naked male genitalia but made a taboo when it comes to female ones because you think it is ugly and people shouldn't watch it. This is pathetic.
Jimmy Gillard
Jimmy Gillard 14 日 前
Who told that British woman she's funny? She's just obnoxious
DodoBirdie 14 日 前
Fuckin great fuckin video. Fuck lol
a1960g 14 日 前
I am busting up laughing so hard.
Clash Devil
Clash Devil 14 日 前
Swearing is a part of culture you can't tell me otherwise
Miles Law
Miles Law 14 日 前
Totally expected an ep about c**t. Guess this is too much of a taboo in the US.
Brandt Heemsoth
Brandt Heemsoth 13 日 前
@FoxyKing93 ® are you fuckin stupid
Bruce_Leon 10
Bruce_Leon 10 14 日 前
Season 2...
FoxyKing93 ®
FoxyKing93 ® 14 日 前
What do you expect from a show where women say that penises are better and cooler than female genitalia? What do you expect from a show where they show naked male genitalia but are afraid to show female genitalia? This show is all about masculine.
666dram 14 日 前
When a 7 year old learn to curse for the 1st time
Vlad Makaveli
Vlad Makaveli 14 日 前
Can someone tell me the point of this beautiful video ?
Brayden Root
Brayden Root 14 日 前
Okoloco 14 日 前
David Wallace
David Wallace 14 日 前
“Censorship definitely give swear words more power.” I agree 💯
the Christian teen
the Christian teen 8 日 前
StupiderWithAB 14 日 前
I love these videos and i love my videos as well. Weird!
David Wallace
David Wallace 14 日 前
When Isiah popped up 😂😂😂
Toure' 14 日 前
Twat in the UK 🇬🇧 means stupid person; but in the US it of course means vagina sooo...🤷‍♂️
John Debest
John Debest 14 日 前
I fucking approve this video , now FRO.
Perez 14 日 前
Mere Lauren
Mere Lauren 14 日 前
Love London!
Fabian Gong
Fabian Gong 14 日 前
Wow she's so very beautiful woman..british..yep
Rayne 14 日 前
I'm surprised JPgoon doesn't cancel your account for violating community standards. They did that to me for calling out transphobia. I just realized JPgoon leans right.
Lau Ste
Lau Ste 14 日 前
In what way does this violate community standards lmao
Jessica Cheramie
Jessica Cheramie 14 日 前
Jesus died for you was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures If you confess with your mouth Jesus is lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. Please repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior,
Brandt Heemsoth
Brandt Heemsoth 13 日 前
I don’t give a flying fuck. And I’m Christian
Danijel Ujčič
Danijel Ujčič 13 日 前
oh for fuck's sake
F. Tonkonst
F. Tonkonst 13 日 前
@kackerlakensalat and ridiculous.
kackerlakensalat 14 日 前
It's a bit off topic, don't you think
NotALot1135 14 日 前
Jesus can eat the peanuts out of my shit.
Reginald Nixon
Reginald Nixon 14 日 前
Fuck and bitch are known as sentences enhancer in the U.S.A. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😂
Joe mutha Ogga bogga
Joe mutha Ogga bogga 14 日 前
That one girl who moaned fuck probably thinks consistently talking about Vaginas is hilarious
George Young
George Young 14 日 前
0:33 myhotmom.online
Alan Orange
Alan Orange 14 日 前
George Carlin covered this in spades. Should probably focus on euphemisms, and you can still insert all the profanity you want. Like "What the fuck happened to shell shock?"
martyre king
martyre king 14 日 前
I'm french Canadian so I like to mix it up a bit , l like to say " TABARFUCKINGNAC " sometime just to make it a little more original .
Luke Davis
Luke Davis 14 日 前
I use cunt as a term of endearment
Zaynab Valieva
Zaynab Valieva 14 日 前
lol in canada swearing is sensitive too to some people, but everyone swears constantly. it's a mix ig
StupiderWithAB 14 日 前
I love these videos and i love my videos as well. Weird!
Maria Gregoric
Maria Gregoric 14 日 前
Oh yes! Most of my friends cringe at swearing and of course they're all model citizens!
M E P R 14 日 前
The English girl in particular is so cringe worthy, definitely does not represent the majority of the UK. She failed to mention the word 'chav'... probably because she is one 😂
*•’kas’•* 4 日 前
Where I’m from in the UK, we use the words she said on the regular
ONLY 4C A E S T H E T I C 13 日 前
This is about swear words 🤦🏾‍♀️
F. Tonkonst
F. Tonkonst 13 日 前
So u telling me brits don't say cunt a lot? Haha. Right.
Bruce_Leon 10
Bruce_Leon 10 14 日 前
What does "chav" have to do with anything? Chav isn't a swear word.
Goose 14 日 前
@Chris Harrison Oh yeah definitely more of an American word, my mates and I don't use it to much, got a lot of other wonderful words to say here in aus
M E P R 14 日 前
Christ this is basic isn't it...this is embarrassingly bad 😬
Andre Brown
Andre Brown 14 日 前
Who are you? Are you worth anything?
Anony mous
Anony mous 14 日 前
hi netflix!
Vince the chronic
Vince the chronic 14 日 前
marlin thrower
marlin thrower 14 日 前
Good video
shankcooky 14 日 前
Good *fucking video
Baby Pearl
Baby Pearl 14 日 前
Vince the chronic
Vince the chronic 14 日 前
Hi, baby pearl
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