Stand-Up Jokes To Save Your Terrible Dating Life

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25 日 前

Be honest, your New Years Resolution is to cuff someone. These comedians are here to give you some tips and tricks for landing a new boo. Whitney Cummings: Can I Touch It, Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter Life Crisis, and Jen Kirkman: I'm Gonna Die Alone are now streaming on Netflix.
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Regina Nemo
Regina Nemo 20 時間 前
DO NOT SCROLL! So many pathetic men complaining in the comment section💀
Iago Natan
Iago Natan 2 日 前
The first woman's like: 🙇‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧍‍♀️🤸‍♀️🏃‍♀️💁‍♀️🚶‍♀️
youreokay 3 日 前
I love that last line. That last line kills me.
Veronica 3 日 前
love to see it 😂
Sophia B. Lopez
Sophia B. Lopez 4 日 前
Scrubs are for men. Gold digger for women.
Riley Paige MC
Riley Paige MC 4 日 前
Literally just watched this twice in a row 😂
Corrupt JKing
Corrupt JKing 4 日 前
I’m ngl, like I’m not hating on the topics etc but damn I have not seen a single women comedian say something not related to sex or men, like damn. 😐
Anna Arrigunaga
Anna Arrigunaga 4 日 前
Keep looking then, there are many female comedians that don’t just talk about those topics that you can google! :) But the one I know speaks Spanish so idk if you do but yeah when they do openly talk about this, it’s because it’s normally taboo to talk and joke about this in many settings so they intend to debunk that norm in their platform. Cuz... for some reason men are praised for making dirty jokes but women saying anything related to it are silenced, so they talk about men because of the relatable double standards :/
Katie G
Katie G 4 日 前
The “gobstopper test.” Lol, genius.
Nell Grace
Nell Grace 4 日 前
i love jen kirkman so much she's got such lowkey chaotic energy
ThoseNeonGummyBears 5 日 前
None of this was good “advice” for dating life except the second girl with her chocolate factory.
ThoseNeonGummyBears 8 時間 前
@MsI2I not really... I look at it from a hypergamous stand point, so the joke wasn’t for me...but to each’s own I guess...
MsI2I 3 日 前
Well I feel like the first advice about men dating actual adults instead of college students was a good one. It was good!
Ian 5 日 前
Everyone here seems to just want to hate on the “incels”. But peeps... Can’t we all agree that the first woman simply wasn’t very funny? I only had time to watch 2 of the women, but the second one was legit funny. There’s clearly a difference between the 2. Basing your entire skit on controversial political topics is risky and difficult. More so when you are targeting half of your audience with your chosen topic. So far, Chapelle is the only person I’ve seen that can successfully balance on the line between uncomfortable and funny.
Yusuf The Great
Yusuf The Great 6 日 前
thisCLUMSYgirl 6 日 前
What constitutes as a cougar? I'm dating someone younger but would I be considered a cougar?
Mandy Meyer
Mandy Meyer 4 日 前
Here’s a mathematical equation to distinguish the point when any relationship becomes creepy: Your age / 2 + 7 = the youngest you can date before it’s creepy Or contrarily You’re age - 7 x 2 = the oldest you can date before it becomes creepy. Obviously it’s not a hard and fast rule, but for example a 65 year old can be with a 45 year old, but it’s a little iffy for a 45 year old to be with a 25 year old. They’re both a 20 year gap, but the latter is more likely to make a person uncomfortable. But at the end of the day it’s all about what makes you happy and everyone else can deal with it.
Marshmallows Are Friendly
Marshmallows Are Friendly 5 日 前
Hi, I believe what constitutes a cougar would be the age gap between a couple, although some say it’s older females seeking out younger and more attractive males, hence the nickname of a predator cat. If there is only like a 2-7 year gap between you then I’d say that’s average. If the age gap is like 8-15+ then you might be considered a ‘cougar’ to ignorant people. If you have a happy and healthy relationship though then it doesn’t matter what other people think ❤️
Sarah 6 日 前
Scrolled down to see the repetitive, sexist comments....... It's a cesspool y'all
Maryam Rizwan
Maryam Rizwan 6 日 前
So, in conclusion: Men suck. One way or another, we always end up back here smh
Maryam Rizwan
Maryam Rizwan 6 日 前
@BLACK RORSCHACK Haha Thanks for the encouragement but I'm prepared
😅 basically, but what's understood don't need to be explained. Brace yourself for the "look at these butthurt incels crying in the comments" replies we're more than likely about to receive here, be strong bro 🤞🏾
Only Crazy
Only Crazy 6 日 前
wait.... That last comedian is over 37???? ESCUUUUSE ME girl
Sonali Singh
Sonali Singh 6 日 前
Go get'em sister
Matthew Haase
Matthew Haase 6 日 前
7:46 a man dating a young woman can be called a cradle-robber / cradle-snatcher which is factually not as cool as silver fox.
Furious Imperator
Furious Imperator 3 日 前
cradle robber is (usually) reserved for someone dating someone barely legal or with a she difference over 20 years or even more
thisCLUMSYgirl 6 日 前
Was called that once... not even a male.
Star Free
Star Free 7 日 前
heyysimone 7 日 前
Bronzer should *not* be $90!
Boyer Industries
Boyer Industries 7 日 前
2nd one is proof females don’t know what they want and just play mind games. Good thing is when you figure that out.
Pix3lle 7 日 前
A joke in a comedy special isn’t really a proof of anything. Some women don’t know what they want, some play mind games, but most don’t. None of us know what we are doing especially in our early 20s, so bad communication and sour endings are bound to happen.
Mmm145 7 日 前
I love Taylor Tomlinson!
Rayne Sorrells
Rayne Sorrells 7 日 前
Taylor is 100% on that one
Joey Yazbeck
Joey Yazbeck 7 日 前
everyone: these comments are toxic me: *looks intensely for them but find nothing*
Oh no it's marshie
Oh no it's marshie 3 日 前
JPgoon sorta makes comments that are heavily disliked very hard to fine.
Mason Campbell
Mason Campbell 6 日 前
Scroll down to the bottom or filter by newest first, they're there. I found 3 people moaning about how women aren't funny within seconds.🙄
Lindsay Morrison
Lindsay Morrison 8 日 前
There is a word for it though. Cradle robber. No one uses it though.
youreokay 3 日 前
I was 4 months older than my boyfriend and he called me that 😂 My current guy is 4 years older and I call him boomer lol
Raquiel Ryoka
Raquiel Ryoka 6 日 前
That's more of a gender neutral kinda thing though
Sup I'm Panda
Sup I'm Panda 6 日 前
Yeah my grandmother called me that when I dated a guy a year younger than me
Jordan Smiles101
Jordan Smiles101 8 日 前
I am a 16 year old girl. All I see is sexist comments. I really wish I was given an equal chance in life. I get asked if I know what I am doing even though I have been weightlifting for 1 and a half years now and now what I am doing. I get sexualized from men twice my age. I get told to marry a rich man, instead of following my dreams to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. Society has taught me to hate myself for the way I look. I hope you all know your comments matter and people see them. I shouldn't be viewed less than as a woman, yet most of you are doing so. This is so very sad to me.
Jordan Smiles101
Jordan Smiles101 17 時間 前
@Bri D I thought this was serious at first lmao
Jordan Smiles101
Jordan Smiles101 17 時間 前
@Janice Chia I hope your life works out well too. All the love.
Jordan Smiles101
Jordan Smiles101 17 時間 前
@Color Me Stoked I will. Thanks for the support.
Jordan Smiles101
Jordan Smiles101 17 時間 前
@Breathe Hayleyann We are in this together
Jordan Smiles101
Jordan Smiles101 17 時間 前
@Débora Roque thank you so much
isabel toledo
isabel toledo 8 日 前
Jen Kirkman sounded like Anna faris for a second there 😂😂😂
Roaming Wolf
Roaming Wolf 8 日 前
Other than Whitney Cummings, only big black women are funny
saint3211 9 日 前
Women can be funny, there is no denying that.... This however was disappointing.
Aabhinav Kaushik
Aabhinav Kaushik 9 日 前
This first lady is dumbass
Edith Dlp
Edith Dlp 9 日 前
I got together with a poor man and 20 years after, I am unmarried with 3 kids, renting, no car, no money in the bank...If I could go back in time I would look for a rich man.
frank Sinatra aint my dad nah
frank Sinatra aint my dad nah 3 日 前
@Edith Dlp woah. That's very sad. If you are a civil engineer, can't you yeah some college kids or tutor highschool students? Try that. Once you get a customer more will come.
Maryam Rizwan
Maryam Rizwan 6 日 前
@Edith Dlp Oh, I'm sorry for judging so harshly, it was wrong of me. But do try to find other ways to generate an income. As I said, men can't be counted on so try and find an alternative. Good luck!
Edith Dlp
Edith Dlp 6 日 前
@Maryam Rizwan I am a civil engineer but I lost my job in July 2020 due to the pandemic
Edith Dlp
Edith Dlp 6 日 前
@frank Sinatra aint my dad nah I am a civil engineer but with the pandemic lost my job in July 2020.
Maryam Rizwan
Maryam Rizwan 7 日 前
Why were you so dependent on the man in the first place? Poor or not, you should be able to pull your weight in the first place because men can't be counted on.
kavya reddy
kavya reddy 10 日 前
Cue: All the stupid men in the comments screaming *she isn't funny*
Wrong decision
Wrong decision 6 日 前
@Jordan Smiles101 I don't think so I watch him a lot literally a lot like I have nearly watched his special twice he talks about sex yes but maybe out of 10 he talks about it in 3 shows and yes even if he does the speaker talk about sex the whole show it's for a min or two ngl
Jordan Smiles101
Jordan Smiles101 6 日 前
@Wrong decision I have watched him a lot. I find him very funny. He talks about sex 2 or 3 times a show.
Wrong decision
Wrong decision 6 日 前
@Jordan Smiles101 yes because they don't only talk about there sex life and money they have real jokes check out Gabriel Iglesias he talks about family he rarely talks about sex or money or how to get girls and shit talking bout stories are different talking about sex and money to get people to laugh is diffrent
Aabhinav Kaushik
Aabhinav Kaushik 7 日 前
@Jordan Smiles101 if they would do bitching like her and degrade the woman like her- i would do the same. I once left a comedy show in between because the guy doing the stand up was doing the exact same thing. Punching down is never funny.
Jordan Smiles101
Jordan Smiles101 7 日 前
@Aabhinav Kaushik but when men talk about their dating life and troubles with women, you wouldn't say the same
Mary J. Jones
Mary J. Jones 10 日 前
Third girl looks like Kate Hudson
maeve smith
maeve smith 10 日 前
Title: Jokes to save your terrible dating life Me: **clicks aggressively in commitment issues**
Aria Tyson Bey
Aria Tyson Bey 7 日 前
Sulagna Panda From what I’ve learned, being honest is always the best policy. It leaves no room for the other person to be confused or question if it’s their fault, ect. It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Let him know you care about him, but this is how you feel. Just don’t pull a “it’s not you, it’s me” even if that is the case. That never sounds good 😅 You weren’t asking me, but ya know, hope that helps!
Sulagna Panda
Sulagna Panda 9 日 前
How tf do i tell my bf im scared of commitment and thats y wanna break up...shits scary
M T 10 日 前
Guys over here getting butthurt over female comedians are cringy af. No matter what your sense of humor is, the first woman was spitting facts. Why do some men date younger women with no money? They flaunt their wealth to attract women, then get pissed when they only attract gold-diggers. Maybe if they didn’t use their money to attract women in the first place? I dunno, I DUNNO.
Parvinder Sethi
Parvinder Sethi 3 日 前
@MsI2I I've watched all of Whitney's standup specials. It seems like all the problems in her life are due to men. Just saying stuff with a sarcastic tone is not comedy. She generalizes all the time. Please check out my first comment I literally said all that you explained. The problem with the comments section is that it does not get the tone right. I was sarcastic saying all the jobs point and the friendzone point. Be sensible enough and then date. I agree with you.
MsI2I 3 日 前
@Parvinder Sethi I just don’t understand why are you bringing this up. Plenty of women date men who are ”not handsome” as you say or men who make less then them . You make it seem like it’s so black and white. But it’s not. You’re talking about a small, specific situation/relationship. But there are billions of us on this Earth. So I don’t see the point in generalizing so strongly. Sure there are women out there who only want a rich man or a handsome man but there men like that too. Just forget about people like that. Focus on the good ones. Also. The friendzone is not a real thing. Guys who think women own them sex because they were nice to them believe in the friendzone. If you like someone, tell them. If they don’t like you back, move the fuck on, that simple
Oh no it's marshie
Oh no it's marshie 3 日 前
I dunno, I dunno. Maybe like, if guys don't always use money as their advantage, maybe like, they actually have a personality, they wouldn't attract all the gold diggers
Simon T
Simon T 5 日 前
@Parvinder Sethi Correct.
Parvinder Sethi
Parvinder Sethi 5 日 前
@Samy Sundararajan please read my first comment again. I specifically talked about jobs as being the deciding factor. And you said you have dated a variety of guys let me ask you this was their job a deciding factor in what drove you guys apart ? I already said there are good and bad points on both sides just be sensible enough to date.
Bas Hamid
Bas Hamid 11 日 前
Whitney is still not funny to me, all her jokes where the first simple answers everyone who doesnt have a answer comes to. Patrice O' Neal would have destroyed her. I hope women never see that as a real arguement. The rest was pretty damn hilarious
Ian 5 日 前
Yea, she made me cringe. Her comedy sense just didn’t seem to exist. Seemed more like complaining while alienating half the audience. Couldn’t watch the whole clip, but another one I watched was good.
josie shagonaby
josie shagonaby 11 日 前
5:15 I lived this shit.
PshuuuPleasure 11 日 前
I like it because it's true
WoW Symergestic
WoW Symergestic 11 日 前
First and third girl were spot on and hilarious
juliesomethinorother 12 日 前
cougar does sound cool
antaraa dasgupta
antaraa dasgupta 12 日 前
What's with all the misogynistic men in the comments shut your damn mouths
David Mendizabal
David Mendizabal 14 日 前
Women aren't very good at this. Their observations feel bitchy and predicable
Noodle Kaboodle
Noodle Kaboodle 14 日 前
Ha I love watching straight people talking about relationships. you lot are crazy XD
Renae Kalish
Renae Kalish 23 時間 前
@A from what I’ve seen they put up with more toxic behavior from there partners (not saying this is a fact this is just what I’ve seen) so it’s funny that things get as bad as it does
MsI2I 3 日 前
@FlyingStars ANIMATES Hey, I’m ace too! Don’t know why I’m here either. I can’t relate to any of these!
FlyingStars ANIMATES
FlyingStars ANIMATES 3 日 前
I'm not sure why I'm here, as a very ace person, but ty for a relatable comment.
Top Lobster
Top Lobster 6 日 前
I guess the age old idea of family is dead
Corrie Fleming
Corrie Fleming 7 日 前
Lmaooo most relatable comment here
tuzzolol 14 日 前
whitney moves like kevin hart
Aella Lee
Aella Lee 15 日 前
Omg lol. I had that horniness after my first breakup. It's intense!
XHitsugaX 15 日 前 face is the joke.
Ana Luiza Figueiredo
Ana Luiza Figueiredo 15 日 前
They're great. So good when women insert gender related critics in their stand-up shows
M Yoshi
M Yoshi 17 日 前
I would love to date a gold digger. I've been wanting to get into mining and spelunking and that could bring us closer together.. maybe take a trip to Alaska together, adopt a sled dog
Sharon Gronlund
Sharon Gronlund 4 日 前 an alaskan, this is gold 😂 its not like that everywhere
Les Mortimers
Les Mortimers 17 日 前
Cue the incels whose only contact with women is waifu body pillows
Renae Kalish
Renae Kalish 23 時間 前
@Ester Night he’s in denial 😂 lol
Ester Night
Ester Night 2 日 前
@Simon T bruh
Simon T
Simon T 4 日 前
@Ester Night No, incorrect.
Ester Night
Ester Night 4 日 前
@Simon T why are you so upset that it is considered an insult? Even if that’s apparently “not the true meaning of the term” that’s what it means now.
Simon T
Simon T 5 日 前
@avantika mathur No, the term is just ridiculous. Think about your life before you reply to me again.
Salman Shaikh
Salman Shaikh 18 日 前
Taylor ❤️
Madison Myers
Madison Myers 18 日 前
JPgoon Reccomendations: Stand Up Jokes to Save Your Terrible Dating Life Well I mean I thought my dating life was going pretty well! Gee thanks JPgoon!!! Nobody asked for your opinion JPgoon!!!
Anonymously MJ
Anonymously MJ 7 日 前
Go away JPgoon, and you’re only allowed back if you bring cake. Hmph.
Blessed.2.Teach.4.God 8 日 前
Meh, Fuck JPgoon.
Juan Carraballo
Juan Carraballo 21 日 前
Sugar daddy is the equivalent of a cougar GOSHH she didn't knew that
Juan Carraballo
Juan Carraballo 20 日 前
OH !! My fault for the misunderstanding MS angel 😜
heartears angel
heartears angel 21 日 前
No, sugar daddy isn't the equivalent of cougar. Sugar daddy is someone you date for money most probably a rich old man. Cougar is an older woman you date / have sex with for experience. You date a sugar momma for money.
Juan Carraballo
Juan Carraballo 21 日 前
I guess this millennial they find out what gold diggers is lol cause this is been ongoing for years ages decades & just now stupid ass new gen find out REALLY !! & i don't hate on bitches for doing what they gotta do to survive just like the parents of this millennial kids doing to others
Nihal Singh
Nihal Singh 22 日 前
As 21 savage said best, ‘A rich man can look a poor woman’s way and change their life, but a rich woman wont look a poor mans way
Aamir Viqar
Aamir Viqar 22 日 前
This is supposed to be funny?
Shawn O'Rourke
Shawn O'Rourke 23 日 前
not sure who this was for.... a wealthy overly aggressive divorcee? These don't apply to most people 😂
Medaddict 23 日 前
Prepare for the avalanche of comments from men saying women aren’t funny... when clearly they are just not the target audience. Good luck!
Mr Knowitall
Mr Knowitall 12 日 前
@Evelyn Steveson depends on who you asked like maybe if you asked 10 people at least 7 might say he's funny
Evelyn Steveson
Evelyn Steveson 12 日 前
@Mr Knowitall a thought experiment for you: is, say, Bill Burr funny?
Kam 17 日 前
@Silas Taylor Tomlinson is hilarious
sladki6ka 19 日 前
@Mr Knowitall "why people say women aren't funny" Ahem, yeah...
Mr Knowitall
Mr Knowitall 20 日 前
@Medaddict you know I'm replying to what YOU said right ? Idk why you're telling me about art being subjective
Crista Karam
Crista Karam 23 日 前
lmao the comment section is filled with unfunny men crying
DinosourousRexx 23 日 前
“Now come inside my chocolate factory, it’s all for you!” 😂
Aaron Peart
Aaron Peart 23 日 前
How is Taylor Tomlinson so young? She's got chops better than people 10 years her senior.
nico alcover
nico alcover 10 日 前
I mean, she is only 27
larry porker
larry porker 23 日 前
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Joshua Jim
Joshua Jim 23 日 前
Only in my dream, all I got is my hand. He never let me down, and yeah sound kinda gay calling my hand a he.
Shawn O'Rourke
Shawn O'Rourke 23 日 前
From your wildest dream being your hand, to your hand being a guy; that was a lot to unpack.
Steven James
Steven James 23 日 前
I really want to believe that white women can be funny, but white female stand up comedians do not help the cause. They just have it too easy to be funny.
zhivko stankov
zhivko stankov 6 日 前
@silversleeper or admit that these comedients have potential but waste every second joke on males.
dexter 123
dexter 123 12 日 前
@silversleeper Dismissing one because the other has it easier is like dismissing Hitler because Stalin killed more.
silversleeper 23 日 前
Yes, as opposed to all those males comedians living the hard knock life. Don’t try to hide your misogyny by pretending you’re hating for legitimate reasons. Just say “Not my cup of tea” and move on.
Derrick Brossard
Derrick Brossard 23 日 前
The cure to insomnia
L A 23 日 前
Only broke men call women gold diggers 😆
L A 11 日 前
@dexter 123 exactly! Because they ARE broke! 😆
dexter 123
dexter 123 12 日 前
only gold diggers call men, broke.
that is one lucky drummer
E L 24 日 前
ᄋᄋᄋ 24 日 前
you won! come in to my chocolate factory! lol
Ryan G.
Ryan G. 24 日 前
Lol the problem is women with gold tend to date men with more gold than they have & 0 chances for the guy with gold but not in her spectrum of riches. So basically the rich old men want young girls with no money & the rich women think dating men in lower tax brackets are losers.
Ryan G.
Ryan G. 6 日 前
@Gale yes sorry forgot to mention that. Men like having more money because it gives a feeling of control. If she has less then he feels he has control of finances since he earns the larger share of the cash. That plus the society's expectation is that the man earn more so they would feel worthless earning less.
Gale 6 日 前
there's also the fact that some men don't like to be with women that earn more than they do. I didn't believe it, but I've seen so many irl instances and they give me second hand embarrassment
becca. 24 日 前
Yessss go Whitney!!!!!
333 Carol Lobo
333 Carol Lobo 24 日 前
This was wonderful!
Anjali Baskar
Anjali Baskar 24 日 前
whitney is dropping truths left and right 💋‼️
toobasaurus23 24 日 前
Love these ladies.
Swetty Spaghtti
Swetty Spaghtti 24 日 前
So female comedians only have relationship jokes. Yeah
Swetty Spaghtti
Swetty Spaghtti 12 日 前
@Sarah hugs and kisses.
Sarah 18 日 前
@Swetty Spaghtti it's not a vote. The video title is a fact
Swetty Spaghtti
Swetty Spaghtti 18 日 前
@Sarah 4 to 1 vote here honey
Sarah 18 日 前
On a video compiled for relationship jokes yes...poor reading comprehension on your end bud
Zackery Mchan
Zackery Mchan 24 日 前
Finally some good comedy that’s not based on current events. Need more.
A Cote
A Cote 9 日 前
@Shawn O'Rourke lol yeah
WILD RAPH 23 日 前
@Shawn O'Rourke what's that supposed to mean
Shawn O'Rourke
Shawn O'Rourke 23 日 前
You have a very niche idea of comedy..
WILD RAPH 23 日 前
I love the chocolate factory joke
Zaid Shaikh
Zaid Shaikh 24 日 前
Watch hasan minhaj for past events😉
Rube Pena
Rube Pena 24 日 前
A whole compilation of woman comedians and it's still not funny . There jokes sound like complaints 🤣😅😇 yeah I said it .
Doh Joe Gringo
Doh Joe Gringo 24 日 前
Jerry Sangma
Jerry Sangma 24 日 前 Happy new year I really hope you all like this🥰🥰
#classic hybrid#
#classic hybrid# 24 日 前
Why is the compilation only females? Guys tell incredibly unfunny sex jokes too tbh. 75% of the time jokes on sex and dating are never fucking funny, thats just the truth. The compilation being only female gves off the impression that only females make these jokes. Taylor Tomilson and whitney cummings are really funny comedians, trust me. But when mashed up like this, nah....that aint it.
#classic hybrid#
#classic hybrid# 23 日 前
@vane c well, I have to agree with you. Women comedians need new innovation, dwelling on the same topics for too long just makes everything stale. That's what male comedy has that female comedy does not. People who constantly try out new stuff. I feel like Taylor's filling that gap a bit, but I'm not totally sure. As for Whitney, I guess difference in opinion. I enjoy her style of comedy cause she's just spitting fax lol
vane c
vane c 23 日 前
@#classic hybrid# Thing is there is no Dave Chapelle level of woman comedian. If there is someone like that, the narrative will simply change.
vane c
vane c 23 日 前
@#classic hybrid# okay this Taylor person is funny. Whitney simply not. It's the Joe Rogan variety of comedy. Yell as loudly and confidently as possible.
#classic hybrid#
#classic hybrid# 23 日 前
@vane c Point is, both genders are equally bad at handling sexual topics. Some idiots, seeing this compilation, will draw the conclusion that "women aren't funny", which is just plain wrong. What I will add though, is that female comics tend to ONLY dwell on sexual topics, which might be good sometimes and not so good most times. Taylor tomilson and tiffany haddish are the only ones I've seen who aren't based on sex only, and Whitney Cummings is frankly one of the only people who can pull off a good sex joke. It would be nice to see women branch out more, but the opinion that "women aren't funny" is just really retarded.
#classic hybrid#
#classic hybrid# 23 日 前
@vane c male sex comedy. Apart from Josh wolf, it's repetitive and unfunny as fuck, just done with different voices.
Jesse James
Jesse James 24 日 前
I stopped the moment one talked about "advantages of being a guy" I'm tired of this stupid notion that being a guy is anything special. It's not. We do horribly dangerous and disgusting jobs and die at much higher rates. If woman want a piece of that than cool nothing is stopping them.
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 23 日 前
@L A ok funny story what are you using right now to type your bullshit comment who made that biiiiiiitch actually who ¨created that?¨
L A 23 日 前
Men build..Women create.
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 23 日 前
@Supadrumma441 aye I’m from the future there is going to be a female that says woman try to commit suicide more often
Supadrumma441 24 日 前
If it was so great to be a guy, why do guys successfully commit suicide at nearly three times the rate of women?
Johnny York
Johnny York 24 日 前
In the voice of an old southern black granny...bless their poor little hearts.
John Loop
John Loop 24 日 前
Could you please FFS link the specials in the description? Is it really that hard?
John Loop
John Loop 23 日 前
@No one you know I really don't know what you mean :-D. VPN or Netflix or something?
No one you know
No one you know 23 日 前
@John Loop which promo code did you use? ;)
John Loop
John Loop 23 日 前
@No one you know Yeah, it took me a while to realize it's region locked so I had to VPN to watch it :-)
No one you know
No one you know 24 日 前
When their clips start, the name of their specials is on the bottom corner of the screen. Just, ya know. It's there
jason mathis
jason mathis 24 日 前
Is it me or female comedians still ALWAYS joke about the same shit? It wasnt funny then and its not funny now
Raquel Botelho
Raquel Botelho 24 日 前
men who are with women for their home and money is called "soft pimping"
Simon T
Simon T 6 日 前
@Jordan Smiles101 In retaliation. Do you not understand how arguments work? Read the thread again, Jimbob.
Jordan Smiles101
Jordan Smiles101 6 日 前
@Simon T she classified a type of guy. You did so with all women. There is a difference
Simon T
Simon T 6 日 前
@M T Oh, I see OP deleted my rebuttal to you about using the term 'incel'.
Simon T
Simon T 6 日 前
@Jordan Smiles101 Yes! You indirectly proved my point!! Now say that to the OP!!!! Dont do not do it, reply to the OP with that exact message!
Jordan Smiles101
Jordan Smiles101 7 日 前
@Simon T Imagine thinking one gender all thinks and feels the same
Alex Cipolla
Alex Cipolla 24 日 前
Totally busts through the stereotype that women can be funny.
Randy Ruppel
Randy Ruppel 24 日 前
Goddamnit 🤣
vane c
vane c 24 日 前
When a comment is funnier than the entire video
Arvind Wee
Arvind Wee 24 日 前
Had me in the first half.
VeXeDZERO 24 日 前
Bless em for trying, I guess.
Powerlifterusa 24 日 前
Men are chefs and women are cooks. That’s why chefs are really funny and cooks are only kinda funny.
vane c
vane c 24 日 前
@xxxxMonkeyGirlxxxx No, some humans know comedy, while others will just laugh at anything.
xxxxMonkeyGirlxxxx 24 日 前
It happens. I’ve watched male comedians tell jokes which I think are stupid but all the men are laughing. Men know men and women know women.
Kahner Peay
Kahner Peay 24 日 前
A 40 year old man and a 20 year old woman is called a cradle robber
Annabelle Zinn
Annabelle Zinn 7 日 前
Or a cougar
Joshua Jim
Joshua Jim 24 日 前
At least we got that straight, so a necklace is good for a date.
Jessica Cheramie
Jessica Cheramie 24 日 前
Jesus died for you was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures If you confess with your mouth Jesus is lord And believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. Please repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior
Sally Gal101
Sally Gal101 2 日 前
What are you a Jehovah's Witness
Randy Wein
Randy Wein 24 日 前
Taylor Tomlinson got her start at - and with the support of - her family church. Her first comedy tour was of local churches, working covered dish events and pot-luck suppers.
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez 24 日 前
woman have such a different humor. Talk about us "guys" or....... yep about it. ohhhhh OR TALK ABOUT THERE VAGINA.
aztec 24 日 前
When do the jokes start
John Covington
John Covington 24 日 前
With the last comic
Adam Ibrahim
Adam Ibrahim 24 日 前
Why can’t men be this funny?
Gauri Gutte
Gauri Gutte 6 日 前
@sladki6ka and what year so you think it is, sir? It's 2021, btw not the 80s or something
Jordan Smiles101
Jordan Smiles101 7 日 前
@PolarisAce not cause there is a wage gap at all
dexter 123
dexter 123 12 日 前
@Adam Ibrahim I can't 😭😭😭
Adam Ibrahim
Adam Ibrahim 12 日 前
@dexter 123 stop crying so hard.
dexter 123
dexter 123 12 日 前
@Adam Ibrahim I really thought you were being sarcastic. how can you call this comedy. I can name you atleast 20 females comedians that are better than this females. then I can name 20 males comedians that are better than this females.
No_amanita 24 日 前
This comment section is really predictable...
SlytherinSlacker 9 日 前
@jason mathis Completely. You're just too proud to admit that if you got up on that stage and said that women aren't funny, you'd get booed off so hard that you'd get turned into a ghost.
Hownottoadult 101
Hownottoadult 101 23 日 前
Pineapple and coconuts
#classic hybrid#
#classic hybrid# 24 日 前
@jason mathis yup......kinda.
jason mathis
jason mathis 24 日 前
Are we wrong tho?
Moby Trice
Moby Trice 24 日 前
this is just sad.
Christopher Clink
Christopher Clink 24 日 前
I don't care if a woman wants some of my wealth. If she takes the job she's earning it.
Human Grenade
Human Grenade 12 日 前
Men like you are good
philomela 24 日 前
Maybe just date adults with it
MsI2I 3 日 前
@Asheru Judo Jesus, your image of humanity is sad. Just so sad. I’m honestly thankful for being asexual right now. I might have turned into cynic like you if I was a straight girl. Or maybe not since the world isn’t as black and white as you like to think it is
Asheru Judo
Asheru Judo 5 日 前
@avantika mathur It's true! Women are 100% like men. They make the exact same dating choices based on the exact same desires, only today, they won't be judged as harshly as men. The rules have changed. Lol. For instance, consider all the famous 40+ women dating famous guys in their 20s, people always say society wouldn't bat an eyelid if it was a dude, but then you consider the Zach Braff and Florence Pugh situation and compare it to the Drake and JLo or the Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde situations and how no one said jack shit. If Jason Sudekis started to date some 20 year old, the internet would destroy him, but because Wilde is a chick, people call it girl power. The pendulum has swung and now we are seeing that women, if given the chance are exactly 100% like dudes. They want the same exact things in relationships (young hot people), work (a crap load of money) and life (meaningless expensive shit like clothes and handbags and jewelry to make them feel special).
honeybear 5 日 前
@Ghoraxe no actually i didn't. despite the fact that you deleted your comment, i know for a fact that you were referring to women as people who have to much pride and need to get their "heads out of their asses" (not a direct quote) and that this makes it hard for them to recognize or gain "suitors". you also talked about them having too much pride and that they take advantage of men, or something like that. you never spoke of modern communication and even if you were, that would only make your comment irrelevant.
Ghoraxe 5 日 前
@honeybear you obviously got the wrong idea from what i was trying to say ... the most significant issue with modern communication is that texting fails to convey tone... which is vital for accurately communicating with people ... leaving the message vulnerably to readers bias... or taking an idea out of context.... .. My words where aimed at all people .. not (not just women).. who possess too much pride ..a virtue that must be taken in moderation to maintain a good character
honeybear 5 日 前
​@Ghoraxe ah sorry forgot we were in the 1800s. don't worry, i'll just become a fucking pushover despite the fact i've fought my whole life to be seen as something other than a man's property, which you will never understand because you were born with the privilege to have absolutely everything you could ever need besides a woman who genuinely likes you.
Mariana Sativa
Mariana Sativa 24 日 前
Boy/man: "these women only care about money" The same boy/man: hm this girl is selling packs on Instagram I should hit on her. Go date women who dont care about your money, but she will probably have stretch marks, scars, celulite, dreams and fears and she wont be just a sexual object that you'll get off to and that's it. If you don't want to be objectified, don't objectify. To all the lame ass motherfckers saying women aren't funny I saw you smiling to that anime chick bouncing her boobs on the screen. Maybe you should just be with men and leave women alone, even the models and por nstars lmfao
Tulika Chandra
Tulika Chandra 24 日 前
Beautiful, strong women. Loved this piece! Cant wait to hear them more!
mttbrad777 7 日 前
@Definitely going to hell These waman get a pass even tho they bombed
Definitely going to hell
Definitely going to hell 7 日 前
@mttbrad777 boi no one asked
mttbrad777 24 日 前
but not funny tho?
1350 24 日 前
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