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15 日 前

Cast members from The Upshaws and Family Reunion get nostalgic with Jacques Morel; sharing memories from their favorite sitcoms of the past and some of their experiences today.
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Jimmy Prantalos
Jimmy Prantalos 12 日 前
Oh look, they're black! Yes years of fighting to be equal only for self b induced segregation. Mlk is turning in his grave
BlackCheezit 12 日 前
Netflix really is a joke. Who cares about this shit lol
Devala Griffith
Devala Griffith 14 日 前
There's no such thing as "black laughs." There are only "laughs." We are not our skin color. Don't let these elites try to divide us.
Johnny Pottseed
Johnny Pottseed 13 日 前
This. Just because the media makes a claim doesn't mean we have to embrace it as a fact.
Vedant Wagh
Vedant Wagh 14 日 前
Why likes are less
Average Talent
Average Talent 15 日 前
Those are the whitest black people I've ever seen
Lady Loki
Lady Loki 15 日 前
Hi Kim & Wanda! 😍😍🥰🥰😂😂🤣🤣
Alessandro Gambino
Alessandro Gambino 15 日 前
Its curious that blacks used to complain about WHITES ONLY TV...look at em now...enjoying the spotlight for the 15 minutes we are willing to sacrifice for peace in this country.
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