Seinfeld Asks Steve Harvey If You Can Teach Funny

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17 日 前

Is funny born or funny made? Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Harvey discuss.
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David Shamiri
David Shamiri 4 時間 前
Bullshit .. someone can be fuuny with experience and practice
Patrick S.
Patrick S. 9 時間 前
Found a continuity error 5:03-5:07. Probably nothing xD
gilwillia 日 前
5:20 Never a truer word said.
Les in Boston
Les in Boston 日 前
Elon Musk is funny and he smokes pot.
Warren NZ
Warren NZ 日 前
I find it strange that there's an American accent that is distinctly black. If you heard this video without seeing it *_every single one of you_* would pick that one was black. That doesn't sound like a *_United_* country to me.
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze 日 前
Two egomaniacs have lunch.
Murray westenskow
Murray westenskow 2 日 前
Even comedians take years of practice before they reach the level of a real comic - with exceptions - but mostly true.
Richard Glass
Richard Glass 2 日 前
This is fuckin' funny!
timomomomo 2 日 前
All of the pot smokers feigning indignance at Steve's comment might be even funnier than this clip
julie marquez
julie marquez 2 日 前
I love that they’re together!!!
Omarr Phillips
Omarr Phillips 2 日 前
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Trantore 4 日 前
Dude. What would Steve Harvey know about comedy? Dude hasnt been a comdian in over a decade.
timomomomo 2 日 前
apply that to yourself to see how silly it sounds
Arienne Landry
Arienne Landry 2 日 前
He’s still pretty funny.
Greg Andtrws
Greg Andtrws 4 日 前
Can we get a new Family Feud host ?
Ryan Hurley
Ryan Hurley 5 日 前
Yeah no comedians that smoke weed are wealthy. Probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
Oz da GAP
Oz da GAP 日 前
He said comedians HE knows
timomomomo 2 日 前
it was a joke. And you're the offended woman he describes.
t reznicek
t reznicek 5 日 前
Seinfeld, what a joke that he’s got a nerve to call himself a comedian while avoding jokes for entire life!
t reznicek
t reznicek 8 時間 前
@Patrick S. You are an idiot. Not a general statement, only my opinion... hope you are satisfied now.
Patrick S.
Patrick S. 9 時間 前
@t reznicek And yet you made a general statement, although it's only your opinion. (I dont think Seinfeld is particularly funny either).
t reznicek
t reznicek 日 前
@Les in Boston I dont know how much he is worth nor the reason he is worth anything. I wouldn’t pay him a penny if i wanted to have a laugh. In fact, I’d pay him to shut up
Les in Boston
Les in Boston 日 前
Yeah, I guess nobody thinks he's funny. That's why he's worth 800 million.
t reznicek
t reznicek 2 日 前
@timomomomo Thats ok, they are entitled to own opinions
Ryukikon 5 日 前
All the people getting upset about Steve Harvey pot joke, actually made everything Steve Harvey said true and sadly funny
Dan Mitchell
Dan Mitchell 6 日 前
Steve Harvey sucks the humor out of a room. Jerry, you're better than this.
Zachary White
Zachary White 6 日 前
Yup. I'm baffled by the fact he was invited. Never thought of him as a comedian. This was not boring but it certainly wasn't funny. Still better than the Eddie Murphy episode. Talk about a dud
Tango Dog
Tango Dog 7 日 前
Manny’s deli and jerry isn’t taking a bite? Damn. That place is king
quizman5 7 日 前
Watching two legends just shooting the s*** about their shared passion is amazing
Jump Rope  City
Jump Rope City 8 日 前
Steve is one of the unfunny guys.
Alla Mokrane
Alla Mokrane 9 日 前
The only funny thing here is Steve Harvey thinking he is funny like that
GFCM 8 日 前
Fuck that, baldie is funny as shit
Liam Stark
Liam Stark 9 日 前
Wait till he starts smoking a joint, I bet funny can be learned then
jeff503pdx 10 日 前
This making me want diner coffee, mmm.
K Ficker
K Ficker 10 日 前
Comedy and being an Artist can not be taught. Skills related can be taught but the front lines are few!
Well someone needs to teach Steve Harvey then because it's is NOT funny AT ALL. Steve's standup has no needle and thread. It appears that he just gets up there with no preparation and start talking. He reminisces alot and makes you feel relevant again but that isn't "COMEDY", that's just a crazy Uncle at a family reunion.
timomomomo 2 日 前
Steve is hilarious.
CaT S 12 日 前
That rally joke is 😂
debra rolland
debra rolland 13 日 前
Two nuts two cracked nuts😂😅😂😅🤣
Shax Shaw
Shax Shaw 14 日 前
If Borat could learn how to be funny why can't others?
HobbesJnr 14 日 前
Jesus Steve Harvey really isn't that funny
Tom Adams
Tom Adams 14 日 前
The ppl ( customer eating ) in background are all their bodyguards . Because the restaurant was closed for customers that day.
Alicia 867
Alicia 867 15 日 前
Godfrey does the best impression of Steve Harvey 🥰
Charles Wettish
Charles Wettish 15 日 前
So good to see Jerry's kindnees on display. Here is he is talking to Steve as if they are anywhere near on the same level. It's like a rocket scientist asking a parking lot attendant about space travel.
lanethelame 5 日 前
Harsh but I get it lol
Sener 15 日 前
Steve Harvey loves talking about this crap but he's offended by atheism.
timomomomo 2 日 前
timomomomo 2 日 前
Bank account, peers, and agents say otherwise. Were you going to offer him a contract or something? :D
Ted Faris
Ted Faris 15 日 前
Love to see them bet like Pygmalion
justa nime
justa nime 15 日 前
I'm not sure what they're eating but it looks good
justa nime
justa nime 12 日 前
@Sammie Mayo now i gotta try that lol
Sammie Mayo
Sammie Mayo 15 日 前
@justa nine, look like pastrami an roast beef on rye! Both my fav's!😋
Elizabeth Gian
Elizabeth Gian 15 日 前
Whatch your eat
Elizabeth Gian
Elizabeth Gian 15 日 前
I like your eat i love you bev
Elizabeth Gian
Elizabeth Gian 15 日 前
Bev wow yammy
Xitsundzuxo Himina
Xitsundzuxo Himina 15 日 前
Steve Harvey is the funniest 😂😂😂😂
🤨...??? David Chappelle smoke weed. I don't think he's broke. Set Rogan, Joe Rogan, i mean... WHAT?! THERE ARE TONS OF... 😒 whatever...
yusuf jamal
yusuf jamal 16 日 前
I hated how People just got sensitive about anything. they just wanna be angry. they just take everything personally What a shame
Ding Dong
Ding Dong 16 日 前
Martin Kuliza
Martin Kuliza 16 日 前
4:20 They did Jerry, His name is Isaac Butterfield
Lillian Smith Whyte
Lillian Smith Whyte 16 日 前
👑👑🏆🏆❤❤🍷🍷🍾😂😂😂thanks for sharing❤be kind to one another❤✌✌✌✌
Zachary White
Zachary White 6 日 前
Oh stfu
SixSpadez 16 日 前
2 people that aren't that funny talk about comedy
Arkthung Spencer
Arkthung Spencer 16 日 前
Why do People need Comedy? Because it Feels GOOD... And Stop Being OFFENDED on BEHALF...!!!!!!
Jim Harrigan
Jim Harrigan 16 日 前
A comedian knows when the delivery was successful because everyone gets it, and laughs. A scientist won't know if the delivery was successful because many in a select few won't get it, and will be speechless if they do.
jkm 14 日 前
You what?
Raymond D'Agostino
Raymond D'Agostino 16 日 前
Conversation was good because the food was untouched! 👍
sakhile 16 日 前
Saying comedy can't be taught is the funniest thing in this clip.
Dasarath Reddy
Dasarath Reddy 16 日 前
Even the camera was shaking. 4:26
Chris B
Chris B 16 日 前
Steve Harvey : every comedian I know that smokes weed ... Is broke Dave Chappelle: hold my joint ...
David Shamiri
David Shamiri 4 時間 前
@JashinSlayer they all died early
timomomomo 2 日 前
to all of the people getting their panties twisted over Steve's comment: he's a comedian. It was a joke. And you're the offended lady he described.
Ryukikon 5 日 前
He is generalizing as most of them are broke
Len Flakisinski
Len Flakisinski 8 日 前
@JashinSlayer I agree with you, but every comedian you listed is dead. I don’t know if those are the best examples
Thought Investigation
Thought Investigation 10 日 前
Guess Steve doesn’t support black comedy because kat Williams discovered vapes and was real excited about it
ShWeJaPa 16 日 前
0:46, because language is a myth.
I’m apart of Black History!!
I’m apart of Black History!! 16 日 前
He’s such a FRAUD...🤦🏽‍♂️
Dustin Huiting
Dustin Huiting 16 日 前
This may be the best clip of how insane the cancel culture got and still is.
timomomomo 2 日 前
@mjribes or kneeled for an anthem
mjribes 15 日 前
@Sener It's who would have been cancelled if they hadn't apologies for a joke.
Sener 15 日 前
Who got canceled in this clip?
Jeremy Thelen
Jeremy Thelen 16 日 前
Look at both of their foreheads, both Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Harvey are "cognitive comedian's"...
twsx 16 日 前
Yeah let's ask the unfunny sanctimonious douche bag bigot what he thinks about comedy, let's go!
DKGibble 16 日 前
So everyone who went through Second City, Groundlings, Harvard Lampoon, and smokes pot is an unsuccessful comedian? I have about 500 examples otherwise. These two are so narrow and out of touch.
timomomomo 2 日 前
or, it was a joke and you're the offended woman they described
Christopher Baker-Grant
Christopher Baker-Grant 16 日 前
Dave chappelle smokes weed lol
siulumlion 16 日 前
Pastrami on rye and whatever that fried thing is, please
Trevor Mantshoane
Trevor Mantshoane 16 日 前
Coolest I've see in a while... I need to come to America before I die 😆...
Noel Banda
Noel Banda 16 日 前
The last part was 😂😂😂😂😂
Tumelo Pule
Tumelo Pule 16 日 前
doesn't Chapelle smoke weed?
Max Haro
Max Haro 17 日 前
They didn’t eat the food though...
Erica and Aiden
Erica and Aiden 17 日 前
Aghhhahahaha!!! 🤣 The best part is at 4:53 when Seinfeld laughs at "what's your baby's name?". Mr. Seinfeld, you sir have a great laugh.
Dante Justice
Dante Justice 17 日 前
I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm just saying that he's not as funny as most other comedians to begin with. Love seinfeld though
jkm 17 日 前
i guess steve doesnt know about dave chapelle smoking weed lol
Rahul Huriya
Rahul Huriya 15 日 前
@S4B1NF1G4R0 well that's just like... your opinion man
AlexTheGreat 17 日 前
Jerry laughing just brings me so much joy. I absolutely love watching Comedians In Cars and watching him double over, lean to the side or throw himself back in a good chuckle. 😁😆😅🤣😂
Malcolm Exxx
Malcolm Exxx 4 日 前
Jerry Seinfeld wack as FUCK.
Uranus Ten
Uranus Ten 17 日 前
What isn't funny is how Steve Harvey supported Trump and we're pretending like that didn't happen
Rodrigo doesn't trust fact checkers
Rodrigo doesn't trust fact checkers 2 日 前
And how is that a crime?
anonymous 17 日 前
why are you emotionally invested in who he supports or does? Why are you still thinking about Trump anyways? he hasn't been relevant for months. I think it's time for you to go to the loony bin.
// Ronit
// Ronit 17 日 前
Why steve harvey talks like he's imprastnating steve harvey?
emprrah 17 日 前
Justin Timberlake is funny.. he a musician n actor.. I feel like he could be a funny comedian
emprrah 16 日 前
@Puff Puff ok*
emprrah 16 日 前
@Puff Puff look
Puff Puff
Puff Puff 16 日 前
Timberlake is "funny" acting out the material prepared for him. He is no comedian
blackjack_bulls 17 日 前
I think someone can be taught to be funny but like anything you have to have drive and determination to be successful
Oscino Films
Oscino Films 13 日 前
@Laura Lee Originally art imitates life
Laura Lee Originally
Laura Lee Originally 13 日 前
@Oscino Films You get all your major life truths from fantasy?
Oscino Films
Oscino Films 13 日 前
I disagree in the words of The Joker from Batman "If I have to explain the joke, then it isn't funny" also you may have the material but your timing can be way off and ruin the joke. You just gotta have it.
Laura Lee Originally
Laura Lee Originally 16 日 前
@8-Bit Error but yet you cared enough to take the time to comment? idk, i don't want to say close minded and a bit mean, but what do I know...I am an American. Does it help that I was a Bernie lady? Don't hate, assimilate lol.
Jon Siewert
Jon Siewert 16 日 前
@8-Bit Error wow so edgy and cool.
Good Guy
Good Guy 17 日 前
It cames from your childhood and how you spent it.
Vishal Mishra
Vishal Mishra 17 日 前
I don't know why but Harvey's coat is making me feel very much itchy.
Me too. 😂😂😂😂😂
Vishal Mishra
Vishal Mishra 16 日 前
@Laura Lee Originally Lmao, true
Laura Lee Originally
Laura Lee Originally 17 日 前
He is rather irritating here so maybe that has something to do with it somehow.
marlin thrower
marlin thrower 17 日 前
Cool video
Juan Salinas
Juan Salinas 17 日 前
louis ck tried not to apologize
Khristian Peel
Khristian Peel 17 日 前
I disagree. So while I don’t think you can teach a person to just BE funny, because in my opinion you either have it or you don’t but if you are a up and coming comedian I do think there are certain things that can be taught, like cadences, when to let the crowd digest the jokes and things like that.
SiriusMined 17 日 前
Seeing as how Steve Harvey isn't funny, how would HE know?
SiriusMined 2 日 前
@timomomomo and I don't take your comments seriously. See how that works?
timomomomo 2 日 前
@SiriusMined wow, you sure carry around a lot of personal baggage. You should understand if no one takes your comedy input seriously.
SiriusMined 17 日 前
@xanbition looking in the mirror? Or at Steve Harvey?
xanbition 17 日 前
@SiriusMined shitty person alert🚨
SiriusMined 17 日 前
@Frozen gamer or he's not, and you just laugh at shit humor
Anthony Hornacek
Anthony Hornacek 17 日 前
Still my favorite episode out of the series. Their laughs are SOOO contagious! Their Styles are unmatched! And the Damn Pastrami Sandwiches are killing me! 😋👍🏼
Scorpions Oracle
Scorpions Oracle 17 日 前
And when you are naturally funny you are never bored
Scorpions Oracle
Scorpions Oracle 17 日 前
I was shopping by myself at Ross and I was cracking myself up making fun of the ugly sweaters and dumb leggings. Funny can't really be taught.
DemonLord Diablo
DemonLord Diablo 17 日 前
Seinfeld is alive holy shit
Lavaconda AsianKid
Lavaconda AsianKid 17 日 前
I love this🤣🤣🤣👌
hazynico 17 日 前
bruh moment
Mikel Fields
Mikel Fields 17 日 前
The funniest part was when Steve implied you can be taught to be a doctor but not a comedian
JackDeniston 3 日 前
People say that when they are worried about competition. Harvey is not funny.
John Lee
John Lee 6 日 前
Funny is subjective. A doctor can cut or prescribe, and the objective results demonstrate the efficacy without debate. Someone says you're not funny, and there's no argument to the contrary, except the consensus of others. Medicine is the practice of reliable procedures, comedy is persuasion. The conundrum is when comedians think their comedic skill is something more than it is. Making me laugh doesn't mean you are right or smart. It just means you delivered a bit of communication in a way that amused me in the moment.
Mc Garcia
Mc Garcia 14 日 前
Mikel Fields
Mikel Fields 15 日 前
The fact you can be taught to be a doctor doesn't make you the best doctor You can be taught any skill if it doesn't click thats understandable but to be so far in the clouds to think that as a comedian you're some how God like in luck/skill is just silly both are great comedians but they are to far into their fame im sure there is a video floating around for both of them talking about certain people that have helped them and taught them tricks of their trade.
Onizen 16 日 前
@JashinSlayer you can't teach funny. You can give pointers and advice, tips, and tricks but ultimately comedy comes down to personality, timing and delivery. 2 comics could tell the exact same joke and get completely different reactions. Whereas when you're taught 2+2=4 it's the exact result every time
Herman Christoffersson
Herman Christoffersson 17 日 前
"Thats the ultimate compliment, when you get called a couple of MFs. Thats when they love you for real" 😂😂
Tyler Gibson
Tyler Gibson 17 日 前
The end was the best 😂😂😂
Embargo27 17 日 前
Gotta love the honesty...🤣🤣😂
gadoora kass
gadoora kass 17 日 前
I love what you do
R.S.R 17 日 前
Should’ve asked this question to someone who is funny.
anonymous 17 日 前
@First Of All exactly, seinfeld and steve harvey's comedies suck but they are funny dudes.
First Of All
First Of All 17 日 前
I agree that I'm not a fan of Steve Harvey's standup material, but he's excellent on Family feud, and I think its more of a testament to being naturally funny when its improvised.
alex sorkin
alex sorkin 17 日 前
Bobby Maverick
Bobby Maverick 17 日 前
U either got it or haven't, absolutely agree, u can't teach comedy
Frozen gamer
Frozen gamer 17 日 前
@Bobby Maverick oh ok. Its either you have it or not right
Bobby Maverick
Bobby Maverick 17 日 前
@Frozen gamer you must have attended some classes with that comment. Get your money back. What I said still stands, you can't teach comedy
Frozen gamer
Frozen gamer 17 日 前
How comes there are comedy classes
Bobby Mariani
Bobby Mariani 17 日 前
🔥 😆😂🤣😂😆 🔥
Y E S 17 日 前
Looks like a fun video :)
Scorpions Oracle
Scorpions Oracle 17 日 前
It's better if you watch it
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