Sarah Silverman Tells Us The Most Outdated Swear Word

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10 日 前

Pussy is out, ballsack is in. Learn more than you ever needed to know about swear words with History Of Swear Words, now streaming.
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Custard Drop
Custard Drop 日 前
dumb bitches
John James
John James 2 日 前
"we should call people ball sacks" or a dickhead... that's a pretty common term used that parallels calling someone a pussy, but I guess it would be damaging to your point to admit it goes both ways
pl topper
pl topper 6 日 前
im also funny but i dont no enybody
Heath Spence
Heath Spence 7 日 前
I don't know about anyone else but we call each other ballsacks at work on a daily basis.
Drew Blood
Drew Blood 7 日 前
call me anything you want sarah
Surafeal Melese
Surafeal Melese 7 日 前
my ball sack is offended.
The ultimate shade is “limp dick”
Red Moruga
Red Moruga 8 日 前
when will you get it? woke jokes are not funny, or maybe simply you are bad at composing woke jokes. Either way, thumbs down - this was not funny, not by far.
Black Light
Black Light 8 日 前
wtf r these c:unts talking about?
Fat Cat
Fat Cat 8 日 前
This is the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard. This would be kinda funny if it wasn’t serious. But they’re being 100% serious. That’s what’s sad. Comedy isn’t about saying dumb things and being not serious. It’s about serious political nonsense. Augh oh Silverman what happened to her?
Ursan 8 日 前
Until recently, I thought "pussy" was referring to cats.
Jayson Simpson
Jayson Simpson 8 日 前
Wasnt this a Betty White joke...
SlicedOranges 8 日 前
I have never seen anyone offended or upset at being called a pussy
Ken's Shaving & BS'ing
Ken's Shaving & BS'ing 8 日 前
So off base... It's called a "second definition" and not referring to a vagina. Jesus!
ShallowHercules 8 日 前
Doc they realize they call people dicks
x o
x o 8 日 前
a lot of angry incels in here
Mobie Dyche
Mobie Dyche 8 日 前
Get woke, go broke. Venellope was great tho.
R. A. Perez
R. A. Perez 8 日 前
This reminds me. The last time I logged onto gtav online I heard a bunch of idiots calling eachother pussy! When it was my turn I simply replied by saying "yah yah yah we all came out of one" then this other kid said "your a dick head!" I replied again by saying "yup,, we came shooting out of that before the race started"
reallythinkaboutyourself 8 日 前
Calling someone a pussy really rolls off the tongue in the heat of a dispute though. There is an art to delivery.
Kael Dreset
Kael Dreset 8 日 前
This lady is a sad sad woman...
Frank West
Frank West 9 日 前
You’re a pussy if you don’t like the word pussy lol fucking pussies
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson 9 日 前
Use " Bawbag ", it's a derogatory Scottish term for a scrotum and is used as an insulting term for somebody preforming below the expected standard." Have you seen the mess that bawbag made of the job?".
Leo 9 日 前
Here we have "Cona de sabão" which translates to soap pussy when we want to say someone is too soft and weak. It's not being a pussy that's the problem, it's the fact they're soapy/made of soap. There's a distinction.
Gsk 9 日 前
Perez 9 日 前
boitshepo maledi
boitshepo maledi 9 日 前
That just ain't funny
Matt Styles
Matt Styles 9 日 前
Well this series of vid they posted here worked....... I went and watched the show on Netflix. Its fun...Nic was the best choice. Bad parts were the blonde and u god awful accent chicks. They just were not funny and a real kick in teeth while u watch and enjoy the others
Dominic 9 日 前
Sara Silverman: "Im not Ok with denigrating women...we should denigrate men instead"
Rose Jenna Prieto Arias
Rose Jenna Prieto Arias 8 日 前
Watch it you ball sacks
Kenneth Solnoky
Kenneth Solnoky 8 日 前
Yeah she's a piece of crap
AR Rossouw
AR Rossouw 9 日 前
Judging by the comments, you hit the nail on the head. Lol.
King BruceLeroy
King BruceLeroy 9 日 前
I call them crotch rockets cuz lately they have been taking off quick into their emotions their so big of a pussy 😆
Okoloco 9 日 前
Okoloco 9 日 前
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 9 日 前
Calling someone a pussy is short for pusillanimous. It is not referencing female genitalia.
jiji 9 日 前
I have never once been offended by anyone using pussy as an insult but it is pretty unoriginal I guess.
Josh Human
Josh Human 9 日 前
Having a guy call you a pussy is a lot worse than having a women call you one. Because a woman has a pussy. And if that's an insult, well they have one, so that is worse technically than just being called one but not having one. Trust me. I have the experience to attest to such things, I've been called a pussy many times by men and women alike. But don't you dare say to me, "Shut the fuck up you shriveled old ball sack"
StrawHatFluffy3 9 日 前
People are also called d!cks, which is also negative on a male part,,but do you see anyone complain about that, So why dont we stop being sensitive little babies and not find fault in everything there is.
Purp Dawg
Purp Dawg 9 日 前
Can they just stop being pussies about calling people pussies? Jesus
Colin McMasters
Colin McMasters 9 日 前
I don't think Sarah's bit works very well ... We DO use male genitalia as an insult. Has she never called someone a d***?
Ocean Alexander
Ocean Alexander 9 日 前
Yeah, except the original popular use of the term 'pussy' had absolutely nothing to do with a female's body part; It's the idea that you're a harmless kitty cat; a pussy cat. Yes, It absolutely has to do with the connotation of weakness - but in that 'He may look like a tiger, but deep down he's a pussy cat.' Maybe instead of shunning the word 'Pussy', these girls should grow some balls.
MScandiffio87 9 日 前
This was painfully unfunny
Robby Wallace
Robby Wallace 9 日 前
Horrible ad lol
OldSchool اولد سكول فانتازى FPL
OldSchool اولد سكول فانتازى FPL 9 日 前
Fuck Netflix illuminati scum
tjfast 9 日 前
If you have go explain an insult.... it's really not that good. 😕
Subliminal Messages TV
Subliminal Messages TV 9 日 前
Sarah Silverman is cringe these days
Ahmad Shawky
Ahmad Shawky 9 日 前
Comedy is not just body part.
AleGuajardo 9 日 前
nobody: modern day society: *gets offended by everything*
Rose Jenna Prieto Arias
Rose Jenna Prieto Arias 8 日 前
@Frank West cool ballsack
J K 8 日 前
And they call themselves “ open minded” How can such “ open minded” and “ none judgmental” people be so offended by everything??
Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2.
Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2. 8 日 前
​@Frank West whos else convo? im not sure what you mean, but taking offense for others is tricky, but usually ill advized. . but if i walk down the street and one person is openly calling someone else, maybe a granny all sorts of nasty thing. i think i would have the courage to go and say, they shouldnt be insulting the granny. she might cuss me out too. but id hope not to just have a head down, not my issue, not get involved mentality. but there are those that see a robbery or mugging and just walk by. not thier issue.
Frank West
Frank West 9 日 前
@Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2. words from someone else’s convo shouldn’t make u offended like the sensitive social justice pussies we have today
Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2.
Peter didn't pick a pepper. But 2. 9 日 前
yeah being polite has been round house kicked out the window.
BonkersTundra31 9 日 前
Hi. Welcome to my seemingly daily "thumbnails have to include women with something related to sex" post. This time the patent has indeed come through and I no longer need to put hyphens in it. Just figured I'd roll in, say hi, express disappointment, and leave. Just like my father. See ya!
Sean M
Sean M 9 日 前
And this is why women still aren’t funny.
Antalyan Junction
Antalyan Junction 9 日 前
Brits already use "bollocks" a lot, which refer to testicles, but also means nonsense. Americans reserve "dick", which refers to a penis, for saying someone is a jerk. I don't notice those fading from use even though they denigrate male genitalia. Also, I notice Australian people seem to be more like open to calling people "cunts". I hadn't heard anyone say it for most of my life until I started watching Jim Jeffries. I also wonder if "pussy" as a derogative, come from the association with cats, as in "scaredy cat". I usually hear them in similar contexts of a guy not doing something out of fear.
lrdofmusic 9 日 前
Calling someone a pussy didn't originate from the body part, it's a shortening of the word pusillanimous, which means "lacking courage and resolution : marked by contemptible timidity" according to Merriam Webster.
Rachel Rexxx
Rachel Rexxx 9 日 前
Haha They HAVE been listening after all
M T 9 日 前
Yep ballsack. No one has ever be called a dick or dickless. More profound stupidity from Silverman. Not shocking she is still single with time running out.
Stefan 9 日 前
Um, pussy is short for pusillanimous .
Ataraxia95- 9 日 前
Why are the funniest woman not celebrity comedians. A decent chunk of a celebrity woman';s stand-up comedy seems to be jokes about their genitals.
harikesh ram
harikesh ram 9 日 前
Welcome 2 u Sarah silverman.fantastic culture your wearing clothes. Amazing immigration harikesh ram.
A.I. Howard
A.I. Howard 9 日 前
Women are just as good at comedy as men are! I could not stop fucking laughing! I never knew!
Akif Çelik
Akif Çelik 5 日 前
very funny
The Eastern front
The Eastern front 9 日 前
Sorry Hoes. Betty White already did this bit.....and she did it better.
Insanitygamer 9 日 前
What if you call someone a pussy but meant pussy cat.
Net Ninja
Net Ninja 9 日 前
If a man likes pussy but doesn't want to be called Soft as a person (soft= thats what pussy means here essentially....its can argue against that?!). So if that mans personality is strong and calling him soft or weak in a unfitting Moment, in negative manner--> why would anyone not be opposed to be called pussy or maybe even angry??
Source LOOPS
Source LOOPS 9 日 前
Pussy is SO resilient not weak, makes 0 sense, she's right. I've BEEN saying this
Berto 9 日 前
Wamen are funny Jk
dean martin
dean martin 9 日 前
The Eastern front
The Eastern front 9 日 前
You can root through a bag of trash and find something of some menial value. This is worse than trash.
Chris young
Chris young 9 日 前
Babies with aids is funnier than anything said here.
Floyd Mcpherson
Floyd Mcpherson 9 日 前
Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯
Tony 9 日 前
Jesus Christ was this supposed to be funny? What happened to comedy? Thank God Louis CK is still making content otherwise I might never laugh again.
A.I. Howard
A.I. Howard 9 日 前
Why am I constantly being forced to look into Sarah's nose? It's gross
Chris young
Chris young 9 日 前
And that weird wrinkle on one side that looks like she took softball bat to her scnhoz in 1993
purplerabbit 9 日 前
My wife hates the word cunt. If I use that word on her, I can expect a hundred years of pain after that.
Liam Kerrigan
Liam Kerrigan 9 日 前
If you agree with this you’re a... well, you know.
Fat Cat
Fat Cat 7 日 前
@Sana Singh nah he funnier
Sana Singh
Sana Singh 9 日 前
@TheCrealogist funnier than you tho
Chris young
Chris young 9 日 前
TheCrealogist 9 日 前
Pussy. Let it out lads, no shame, don't let the unfunny women tell you what's funny :)
Ultimate Surpriser
Ultimate Surpriser 9 日 前
@Chris young You mean, Pxssy
patrick hall
patrick hall 9 日 前
Calling someone a pussy originally referred to cats and, the word pussy for the vag comes from a old French style of panty. It's like bark and bark. One a dog does and, the other is tree skin.
Zander Davian
Zander Davian 9 日 前
I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞
Akif Çelik
Akif Çelik 5 日 前
you need balsack?
Jaquan Jarrett
Jaquan Jarrett 9 日 前
You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️
hoodeddragon 9 日 前
Deal with it, ya pussy.
المحارب الأسود
المحارب الأسود 9 日 前
What is the C word ????
rainbowblack1 9 日 前
And pussies undergo extremely painful experiences as just a factor of continuing human life! But also, the word is fun to call people, meant in a similar way to Sarah. I only use it to trigger trumpers, myself, because it is very very effective.
liam 9 日 前
this was not very funny
I concur
Frank West
Frank West 9 日 前
Most women aren’t lol only black women are funny
The Eastern front
The Eastern front 9 日 前
@Chris young Please do be so bold.
Chris young
Chris young 9 日 前
Incredibly unfunny if I may be so bold.
bardroid 9 日 前
'Faberge' is such an amazing substitute... "hey Brad, just do it bro, stop being such a faberge" "yeah Chad, stop being such a gilded egg bro" "yeah Chaz, stop being a glistening, golden, diamond encrusted relic from late 19th century Russian aristocray bro" "Yeah Thad, that is hastag faberge A F bro" ...i'm gonna print some of that on a t shirt and get SSilvermans autograph on it...outstanding work xx
Brad Roberts
Brad Roberts 9 日 前
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander 9 日 前
marlin thrower
marlin thrower 9 日 前
Good video
Laura Bell
Laura Bell 9 日 前
I use that word quite frequently.
Fat Cat
Fat Cat 7 日 前
@Laura Bell and you should keep using it being this isn’t an issue. That’s just crazy. Oh sorry. I said crazy. That was dumb. Oh damn did it again, I’ll stop being an idiot. Damn, did it again.
Chris young
Chris young 9 日 前
@Laura Bell sounds like it’s working out better now.
Laura Bell
Laura Bell 9 日 前
@Chris young Sorry, I call my x husband a pussy. If I feel the need which is often lately. Lmao 😁💨
Chris young
Chris young 9 日 前
Which one? “Help”?
Βασίλης Αναγνωστάκης
Βασίλης Αναγνωστάκης 9 日 前
I'm cold I have to be closer to the body? Idiot the only reason it's PUT of our bodies is becuase it gets hot and sperm doesn't survive. Also you are being called a pussy becuase women don't go to war. When there is an emergency women and children leave
LottoBoBotto 9 日 前
Could also just mean pussy-cat? Like your soft, no threat, kinda vibe... these ladies are choosing to make it about them. “Man is called pussy- woman most effected” 🤦‍♂️
Chris Maciel
Chris Maciel 9 日 前
people are really bored these days making videos like this
Frances Bridges
Frances Bridges 8 日 前
@Hone Heke not the same woman...
Frances Bridges
Frances Bridges 8 日 前
I used to watch a youtube like that! Let me see if it's the same woman that I watched, she was great, made learning fun and interesting.
Hone Heke
Hone Heke 9 日 前
That woman at 0:15 used to make videos for Merriam Webster explaining the etymology of words. I used to enjoy her work because of her apparent enthusiasm. However, she looks tired here. Perhaps the constant sniping, baiting, and nitpicking over gender issues have worn her out?
Frances Bridges
Frances Bridges 9 日 前
Yet, here you are...
Colin McMasters
Colin McMasters 9 日 前
It's from a Netflix program called "The History of Swear Words." It's a full length TV show, each episode is about a different word. They explore the etymology and the history of the words' usage.
Nathan Peyton
Nathan Peyton 9 日 前
Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯
Billy Badass
Billy Badass 9 日 前
I called someone a fuckin ballsack last week
captianobvious 9 日 前
Calls man pussy. Proceeds to say the C WORD WHAT US THE C WORD US IT ORANGE!?
Ionel Floria
Ionel Floria 9 日 前
I don’t even want to know what girls really deeply think of men...😂😂🤗🙏😇💝
B.B. Rodrieguez
B.B. Rodrieguez 9 日 前
Ask a lesbian, they'll have no problem telling you.
yep 9 日 前
Come out and fight me you fucking ostrich!
Phillip Pringle
Phillip Pringle 9 日 前
I feel dirty for laughing out loud as the kids say. Greetings from Mobile Alabama
Phillip Pringle
Phillip Pringle 8 日 前
@Matt Styles Them come off.
Matt Styles
Matt Styles 9 日 前
?? Is it on wheels?
Jonathan Marsh
Jonathan Marsh 9 日 前
Don't you dare call some one my most favorite place
Jonathan Marsh
Jonathan Marsh 8 日 前
pussy I love it
Mobie Dyche
Mobie Dyche 8 日 前
Rasraj Th
Rasraj Th 9 日 前
JedEye DeadEye
JedEye DeadEye 9 日 前
Guys taint?
B.B. Rodrieguez
B.B. Rodrieguez 9 日 前
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