Queen's Gambit's Anya Taylor-Joy Is A Real Chess Master | The Netflix Afterparty

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No stunts, no fakeouts. The chess in Queen's Gambit has all the pure adrenaline-pumping suspense of real life chess. Get to know 2020's most-watched shows on The Netflix Afterparty with David Spade, now streaming.
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Fábio Palma
Fábio Palma 9 時間 前
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 15 時間 前
Really? There was no stunts? Damn, I can't believe someone moved their arm.
gabriel bro
gabriel bro 17 時間 前
real life chess huh, magnus and hikaru completely shat on some of those gm clips thinking they were making bad moves on purpose for the show💀
Jaygee Valdez
Jaygee Valdez 日 前
Her eyes really are far apart from one another. 😳
Claire Futrell
Claire Futrell 日 前
That’s hilarious that David Spade did this interview. I remember the second I saw Benny take off his hat in the show I was like, “dude, he looks just like David Spade”.
Theassassin 2 日 前
Stop writing that reply Johnathanthan
Stop writing that reply Johnathanthan 2 日 前
There were no chess players involved in this show except for Kasparov giving some brief advice, which is why the tournaments are so realistic. If there were the chess wouldn't have been so absurd, and Anya Taylor-Joy is obviously not a master. You can clickbait all you like but just openly lying to viewers probably isn't a good strategy.
Speedyflames 3 日 前
Knowing nothing of this actor, I cant tell if she's british or american
Duda Campos
Duda Campos 日 前
Argentinian, but grew up in England and was born in the US =)
Johan 3 日 前
David is lovely but it still blows my mind when you read the list of his girlfriends.
jamie fraser
jamie fraser 3 日 前
Holy shit i dont think anya knows what a blumpkin is!! I think its good she doesnt though
jamie fraser
jamie fraser 3 日 前
She would have made a good danerys
jamie fraser
jamie fraser 3 日 前
Shes the most beautiful thing ive ever seen
The flying dutchman
The flying dutchman 3 日 前
Clickbait!!! There was no talking about her chess standing.
Ekxo11 3 日 前
why is old bennie interviewing young beth?
Christian Montes
Christian Montes 4 日 前
“we didn’t even get to janking the bishop” 💀
88PianoKeys 4 日 前
Hi chess fans, I am just writting to let all fans from the show The Queen's Gambit know that I did a video performing the music from the show. It was so cool to combine my 2 favorite hobbies, so I hope you guys enjoy it as well!!~~
fuzzzone 5 日 前
"I'm going to go for the Cleveland Steamer" is not a phrase you hear every day.
Flowers Flores
Flowers Flores 5 日 前
There's something wrong with her face I just can't figure out what
Todd Harris
Todd Harris 5 日 前
Thought she was great in The Witch
Paolo Çani
Paolo Çani 6 日 前
Double Rooking the Queen lol This is why machines beat us!
Walter N.
Walter N. 7 日 前
Jeffrey S. Green - Dynamic Photography
Jeffrey S. Green - Dynamic Photography 7 日 前
Crazy. It looked like a de-aged David Spade. Then I see this. Just Shoot me.
Studeb 7 日 前
Hot alien! She's not bad either.
Major_D_Garp 7 日 前
Everyone loves a drugged out ginger. She seemed like she actually had a soul.
Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers 7 日 前
Haha, this is like deja vu. The whole time, I thpught Thomas Sangster was channeling David Spade in the series, and now, here he is!
Baron Munchausen
Baron Munchausen 7 日 前
“A Queen would move and I’d go _Ughh, f*ck, now that’s open”_ lol, sure David 😂
DeadDylan 8 日 前
She looks like a freak with those eyes
miRS _#
miRS _# 8 日 前
I thought Kasparov helped her with the games for the series.
Keith P
Keith P 8 日 前
That story about his step dad was really sad
Jussi 8 日 前
This was an awesome interview but one thing i have to talk about: How on earth do all the celebrities have the worst webcams😂i mean seriously it takes so much value from the interview if its all buggy and bad quality
Spidermoss 8 日 前
I’m fully in love with Anya idgaf
circle VIII
circle VIII 9 日 前
she's not a real chess master wtf kinda fake ass title is this
circle VIII
circle VIII 8 日 前
@ece demirçubuk a chess master is a real concrete thing and it's like calling fuckin joaquin phoenix a real clown because he played the joker... there's no "joke" there, it's literally just fake shit designed to get views
circle VIII
circle VIII 8 日 前
​@ece demirçubuk misleading titles used to clickbait views are a "joke" in 2021? I didn't get the memo
ece demirçubuk
ece demirçubuk 8 日 前
Bro its a joke chill what the heck
DipsticksOfficial 9 日 前
Okay, spoilers, damn it Spade!
joosunkmybattleship 9 日 前
Her eyes are so beautiful I just want to kiss them and then get in my car and drive 20 minutes westbound then kiss her left eye
circle VIII
circle VIII 9 日 前
Hector Ochoa
Hector Ochoa 10 日 前
Joe dirt 3 coming soon on Netflix
Steve Warris
Steve Warris 10 日 前
well she had a hand double for the fast blitz games scenes.
eharvid 10 日 前
misleading title
MrTkeddo 10 日 前
The girl who played the young Beth was amazing too .
Jeff Mendoza
Jeff Mendoza 10 日 前
I thought David Spade is Jojen or Jojen's father.
Perpetually annoyed
Perpetually annoyed 10 日 前
India is an over populated country use ur answer to most viewed show on Netflix 😂
Taco Taco
Taco Taco 10 日 前
her eyes are so far apart
Bill Chalmers
Bill Chalmers 11 日 前
Those eyes 😍
Kevin Rehder
Kevin Rehder 11 日 前
I lost it at that meth joke, lmfao
lordwetinari 11 日 前
What the *** is "Double rooking the queen""?
Sorry na! God bless!
Sorry na! God bless! 時間 前
That is called rook battery
Juraj Stehlík
Juraj Stehlík 11 日 前
Why it is lagging?
Britney Cortes Ruiz
Britney Cortes Ruiz 12 日 前
I keep rewatching it !
free tayk
free tayk 12 日 前
She look like a cartoon character
Davis Lebaillif
Davis Lebaillif 12 日 前
He looks like older version of Bennie and Johnny dep and Harry styles
Aleksi Suuronen
Aleksi Suuronen 12 日 前
She fits well in period pieces, fits well on Peaky Foookin Blinders too
MendesG 13 日 前
Remember Benny? This is him now! Feel old yet?
Leftyo/ 14 日 前
Wow Bennie got old fast :o
Rico A
Rico A 14 日 前
His Jordan 9 is fire.
Philly Tobes
Philly Tobes 14 日 前
She really starts with a killer joke
M A.
M A. 14 日 前
I gotta say, this show brought back the days when I was still playing chess and I kinda miss it.
abcbatman1966 14 日 前
Funny...we kept calling the hat guy “David Spade”
Contrapunctus XV
Contrapunctus XV 14 日 前
I think the obsession with Anya Taylor-Joy is a bit creepy. The definition of being the current trend.
Shrimp Ross
Shrimp Ross 15 日 前
She’s like a really hot hybrid from Splice
Gordon Campbell
Gordon Campbell 15 日 前
She is not a chess master in real life
Wipifire 15 日 前
I thought it was Benny that was asking her those questions lmao 😂
denndre 15 日 前
There were no stunned chess players?
Parzehlli bby
Parzehlli bby 16 日 前
She shut down that conspiracy real quick! I thought the same thing tho, that girl was 100% paid by the Russians to invite her out the night before the match knowing she wouldn't resist. I think Beth would of beat him if she wasn't hungover that night. Eitherway the Writers had to tame her skill somehow by writing in a self destruction side to the character which is what got me locked in episode 1.
Shambles Ramskull
Shambles Ramskull 16 日 前
Yagami Raito
Yagami Raito 17 日 前
"Double rooking the queen" yooooooo
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 17 日 前
Such a good show!
I AM SURE 17 日 前
"Chess nerd game" She should not have said that
eric davis
eric davis 18 日 前
Something about those eyes 👀
Greg Ralph
Greg Ralph 18 日 前
is nobody going to talk about Spade's fly as jordans? lolol. why does it look so off with his outfit?
Chameleon Scheimong
Chameleon Scheimong 18 日 前
wtf is Dutch Rudder
K-Choi 18 日 前
She could play an older Ellie if there is a live action TLOU2
uwu 18 日 前
She looks like Kendall Jenner
Robert Jay
Robert Jay 19 日 前
Fabulous actress! Great series. End too fast . Wanted more but what was there was perfect
Adri Mulet
Adri Mulet 19 日 前
did i just hear laugh tracks? in 2020?
technoalah 19 日 前
Great movie.
MattMatters 19 日 前
SNL could do a "modern day" spoof Queen's Gambit ... only instead of chess... Candy Crush. ... the gal makes it all the way to the game show... yes there's a candy crush game show..
MattMatters 16 日 前
@Lauren Lestrange Oh yeah, good point. Fine, .. Checkers? Uno? "War!" I got it, "Go fish."
Lauren Lestrange
Lauren Lestrange 16 日 前
But the whole point of the show was that a young girl took over a male-dominated game. Candy Crush is already a female-dominated game, and a spoof should have some sort of parallel to what it’s spoofing.
Darrell Ellis
Darrell Ellis 19 日 前
What wanker this bloke is....!
Yang Z.
Yang Z. 19 日 前
Anyone on Chinese chess?
Nick S
Nick S 20 日 前
She needs to get some serious chess coaching from a GM and play in the next Pog Champs! That would be killer, there is some pretty big online personalities playing this one, MrBeast being one. And in the last Pog Champs chess tournament The Mountain from The GOT played and he was not only the strongest man alive but a decently strong chess player too! Plus super humble and nice :)
Mely Ayala
Mely Ayala 20 日 前
Why the spaghetti western persona for such a young man? Whose idea was dressing Bennie that way.
Plottoberry 13 日 前
It's based on the book, I guess?
Neil Wilson
Neil Wilson 14 日 前
My theory is that it's a mind-game, like everything else in Chess, lol.
Ryan Saper
Ryan Saper 20 日 前
Yanking the bishop lol
Sync Biz
Sync Biz 20 日 前
Anya Taylor-Joy: I’m really sorry for Billie (Eilish) jpgoon.info/number/bideo/xXxngpuenWq7Xp0.html
Jing Manalaysay
Jing Manalaysay 20 日 前
shes prettier as beth
Pablo Frediani
Pablo Frediani 21 日 前
anya from argentina
Susan Shakya
Susan Shakya 21 日 前
Playing chess is so dangerous I nearly met a life threating injury. I should've used a double. 😭😭
Puay Chan
Puay Chan 21 日 前
David really sucks!! Very bad host, full of himself and a true dull..
Paul Lee
Paul Lee 21 日 前
Was this a junket?
Khevin Mituti
Khevin Mituti 21 日 前
"AND I KINDA LOOK LIKE THAT BENNY GUY" Imagine when Spade saw Benny show up for the first time in the series
Samuel Koch
Samuel Koch 22 日 前
Queens Gambit was fucking wonderful. I just really loved that show.
Patricia Chua
Patricia Chua 22 日 前
Now THIS is an interview
Chesscom India
Chesscom India 23 日 前
Queen's Gambit Is The BEST. Period!
Let Me Out Productions
Let Me Out Productions 23 日 前
She's actually just a pokemon
ay_dee_an 23 日 前
She’s like the female Tom Holland lmao
ankush ds
ankush ds 23 日 前
I'm a gay guy and I have the biggest crush on Anya
Snoozopoulos 22 日 前
Me too
Curious Pug
Curious Pug 24 日 前
David spade indeed is what benny gonna look like 30 years later😂
Dipo Ogunmodede
Dipo Ogunmodede 3 日 前
I literally thought that was Benny in the caption
Demi Bernice
Demi Bernice 11 日 前
Bro samedt
Bridget McConnochie
Bridget McConnochie 15 日 前
When he turns 80
Maria McMillan
Maria McMillan 18 日 前
I said the same when I saw Benny!
Gilbert-Ian Rueda
Gilbert-Ian Rueda 19 日 前
NikFPV 24 日 前
Cool interview. But Netflix, you guys don't need to add laughter to this. It's fine as it is.
Albert Boris
Albert Boris 25 日 前
I know that Beth Harmon is a character not a real person chess player but why I still scare of this person all of the times when I imagine that my match chess player is her LOL
Stefán Atli Jakobsson
Stefán Atli Jakobsson 22 日 前
Some say that she is based on Bobby Fisher. He was the state champion around the same age as her and the fact that he doesn't appear in the show while other famous chess players that were around the same time as Bobby do appear, support that argument ... So if that is right, her person is kind a real.
NeonSound 25 日 前
Can this be a on separate channel?
ハンナ 25 日 前
“Your sHiiOw”
Jack Burton
Jack Burton 25 日 前
I'm not usually into objectification but........yes please.
J. K.
J. K. 25 日 前
Oh rats, clickbait title! I'm sort of disapointed now...
TigerWoodsLibido 26 日 前
Cast her in ‘Fallout’ please. It will make the series far more compelling with such a versatile performer.
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