Parents Don't Love All Their Kids Equally | Kevin James

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Kevin James once again giving us some hard truth. Whichever kid you like best, just make sure they like you more than brownies. Kevin James: Never Don't Give Up is now streaming on Netflix.
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Kimberly Old School
Kimberly Old School 10 時間 前
My mom uses MY birthdate, not my sister’s, for her security codes. I win.
Magna Minevin
Magna Minevin 12 時間 前
Wow im the second child and i can feel the lesser love my mom have for me. Its fantastical.
Belle Shear
Belle Shear 日 前
Not funny. It's never funny when we deal and joke about little kids this way.
Patti Ellis
Patti Ellis 2 日 前
I am glad u loved Ur children. But u are hateful to your fans and u will never ever be in a movie again u are washed up
Monique Rosewood
Monique Rosewood 2 日 前
Yeah kids will hurt your feelings. You just have to teach them not to talk like that. I'm the oldest and the only girl, but in my family the boys got the most attention.
crazzi-j north
crazzi-j north 2 日 前
He looks really well and I had no idea he was so good at stand up
JD Cortes
JD Cortes 2 日 前
This dude is not funny, and he is also a trash human being.
M.C Productions
M.C Productions 3 日 前
He looks kinda like Keifer Sutherland
Jann Elaine Eleodinmuo
Jann Elaine Eleodinmuo 3 日 前
"I don't want YOU!" 😂😂😂😂
the phenom
the phenom 3 日 前
Why a comedian return to stand up comedy
trisha450 4 日 前
I am the second child and the favorite of my parents. I have seen in most families in india second one is pampered a lot. Maybe when the second child becomes middle child then there are issues but for most part i have always seen that second children are more loved. I have seen in american movies etc they say stuff like my first born etc. Never seen or heard anything like this in indian movies etc. Maybe it is a western thing.
r k
r k 4 日 前
Is he mad or what...he knows his children will see this and belive me if i were his child i would never forgive him for this and yeahhh some topic are so sensitve you better not to make jokes on them.
kkkrayrock 5 日 前
Such a true comic !I loved him in the movie "True Memoirs of an International Assassin " LOL
Star Mocha
Star Mocha 5 日 前
Welp, second or middle kids learn to work well in groups or alone. It's a gift. Others tend to be more needy.
Baby girl
Baby girl 5 日 前
If this comedian mattered it would make a difference but it doesn't he's a sloth you're a sloth comedian not
Demarcus Jones
Demarcus Jones 5 日 前
Damn... who else is the second child
Lynn Cuthbert
Lynn Cuthbert 5 日 前
Claire Lotichius
Claire Lotichius 5 日 前
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Just Me
Just Me 5 日 前
I got 2. Daughter and son. Satan and demon. Dec 21st and December 24th. They are now 5 and 4.
Dusty_ Lady
Dusty_ Lady 5 日 前
It happens to first children too. My father's favourite children are his 2nd and 3rd. I'm like the step child 😭😭😭. I prefer my mum anyway so boo to him
☽ Ⲙj Ligh☥ ☽
☽ Ⲙj Ligh☥ ☽ 6 日 前
Wow he looks great! I always thought Kevin was handsome and funny.
Ari Renzi-Surprenant
Ari Renzi-Surprenant 6 日 前
When you’re the middle child...
Pavel Davila Garfias
Pavel Davila Garfias 6 日 前
He's the cop
C. McKinney
C. McKinney 6 日 前
😂😂😂 “I want my Mommy, I don’t want you”. That’s my 4 year old... 3am crying “Mommy!” Me panic, run in her bedroom “What’s the matter boo boo, mommy here...” Her: “Where’s Daddy!?” 🤦🏾‍♀️ Me: “Mommy here baby, you ok?” Her: I don’t want you, I want my daddy?!” Me @ 3am: “Why didn’t you call daddy!!”... I walk out, daddy walks in 😰😂😂😂
Fuckk ooooofffffff!!!!!!!!!!
cookie_dough_hangover 6 日 前
"You're the worst mom in the world", my 5 year old when I tell him to eat his dinner.
Stefanie B
Stefanie B 4 日 前
not the whole world 😄😄😄
Rebecca tota
Rebecca tota 6 日 前
I am a second child 😁😔I learn to accept it, cut off all family members and create a new one-family soul tribe 🤓💙💛💛💛💛.
Just Some Guy with Sunglasses
Just Some Guy with Sunglasses 7 日 前
Never knew he's a comedian.
Mr Knowitall
Mr Knowitall 7 日 前
Look who's trying to be edgy now...maybe come up with something that hasn't been used by numerous comics over the years
DevvMag 52
DevvMag 52 7 日 前
Some sibs are assholes and the parents know it. Like Burt Young said in Back To School: “one kid I put through college, the other I put through a wall.”
cjwonderstruck25 8 日 前
You don’t split your love, there’s no limit to love
KillerBait 8 日 前
As a second son.. this is true
sure right
sure right 8 日 前
He just gave the second child Daddy issues and lots of therapy sessions.
Efe the Captain
Efe the Captain 8 日 前
This is how "Yandex" feels when you search for "Google"
free kiki
free kiki 8 日 前
Second daughter here and yes 💔😂
Ria Francis
Ria Francis 8 日 前
I just died at "chubby"
Drew Branch
Drew Branch 8 日 前
Most dads could attest to that,”I want mommy,I don’t want you”🤣🤣🤣
Nisot 8 日 前
I'm a second child n lemme say... WE BEEN KNEW
Erika S.
Erika S. 9 日 前
My nephew to my sister: "mom I love you more than coca-cola's lollipops" 🤣
Phencyclidine M
Phencyclidine M 9 日 前
it hit too close to home. Stop it
Sleepy 9 日 前
From the bottom of my heart I can truly say I love my kids deeply and equally.
Linlin Wei
Linlin Wei 10 日 前
My second one helped me survived the first one’s horrible 3.
Dzifianu Afi
Dzifianu Afi 10 日 前
Cries in ~ second child ~
Just the Albrights
Just the Albrights 10 日 前
His youngest! She sounds EXACTLY like my youngest!!!!!! 😂
Rajanpreet Kaur
Rajanpreet Kaur 10 日 前
This caption is bullshit🐂💩
Siraj Khan
Siraj Khan 11 日 前
Being second is not bad you can learn from the mistakes of the first and take the goodies from the third
Sadique Reyaj
Sadique Reyaj 11 日 前
This video is not funny I am first child of my parents
American Malayali Kitchen
American Malayali Kitchen 12 日 前
I love you more than brownies 🤓
pauli hhh
pauli hhh 12 日 前
Is it really true that parents love their kids all the same? Because as someone with two siblings, it doesn't feel like it. I belive that we're loved with the same amount but still somehow different.
Jaycee Crowley
Jaycee Crowley 14 日 前
Used to be a big fan Then he started making deplorable movies and ain't that funny anymore That's what happens when you choose hollywood over the white middle class Bye,Bye Kevy Poo
Esane 14 日 前
Kevin James is so funny
Ang 14 日 前
I think I just internal rupture my stomach 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aramis Y. Cajigas
Aramis Y. Cajigas 15 日 前
They been traumatized by their momma.
Cody Gooding
Cody Gooding 15 日 前
His delivery on they were wrong is hysterical. Kevin James is woefully underrated as a stand up comedian.
The Slayer
The Slayer 15 日 前
It is facts they have a favorite
Ashley Zanon
Ashley Zanon 15 日 前
I know I'm my dad's favorite 🥰 I always will be, which is fine I'm a Daddy's girl. I also know that I'm NOT my mom's favorite, which is also fine cuz she's not my real dad so she can't tell me what to do 🤣.
Tyan 16 日 前
Some parents do love or like one kid more than the others and I get it, you like the one that easier to deal, but then some parents are going over the line by blatantly pay more attention to one kid while ignoring the other(s) all the freaking time Some even make them as a place to vent their anger and frustration on which is so fucked up, like seriously 😥
Edith Dlp
Edith Dlp 16 日 前
I love my oldest more because he is helpful and a very nice 20 year old kid, he was never rude. My second kid was a girl, she is 14, she is so rude with me. My daughter NEVER has said a "mom I love you" nor "thank you nor please". My last son is 12, and he is just in the middle, not rude nor helpful. That is a win for me.
Bianca 16 日 前
Good stuff
cinema tv
cinema tv 16 日 前
Comedy always thrives under republican gov. That pc stuff is a censorship cult.
Fahad Ali
Fahad Ali 17 日 前
My third daughter is just like the one who says I don't want you I want mommy. My first daughter she loves me so much that she gives me advise to be safe 🤣. My second daughter she just loves to play.
Kerly Lanchi
Kerly Lanchi 17 日 前
But being the first child it’s not that grate either hahaha
Shades of Sage
Shades of Sage 17 日 前
Lol, absolute GOLD🤣! I have three small children so I can definitely relate 😂! I love Kevin James❤️!
Shivani Narendran
Shivani Narendran 17 日 前
In my household, the second one gets all the love and I'm like 👁️👄👁️
Mike D
Mike D 17 日 前
Second Child of every family are usually rebels.
C.S 18 日 前
It is not enough to treat each child equally because what if the way you treat them isn’t right? Each child is uniquely different. As they grow you must learn each of their needs and work with them. Why at all? Because I promise you your kids for their entire life so far on this planet has always tried to please your needs and make you happy. Find out what each of your child’s personalities need. For example you have one more introverted child and one very extroverted child it is not right to yell at the introverted to child like you do at the extroverted child as well to speak at the dinner table. You just let them all have peace of mind. Not paying attention to these things will inevitably cause growth in not only resentment between you and your child but between the siblings.
Emma Sedaris
Emma Sedaris 18 日 前
I remember his show, where he had an oddly hot wife.
Funmi Smith
Funmi Smith 18 日 前
King of Queens 😍😍
Ole Nilsen
Ole Nilsen 19 日 前
How did he manage to make this not only lame, but also offensive to every second child out there? If there was a point to it, I might have let it slide, but this one? No!
Max -x
Max -x 18 日 前
Its joke. But his jokes on his 2nd child when mocks him for saying hungry is better be really only a joke. Cuz if someone really feel annoyed when his child said im hungry and also mocks him. That shit can cause psychological hurt.
Advait 20 日 前
What's Mike Pompeo doing here?
Tania 20 日 前
There's no such thing as equally.
Scott Charney
Scott Charney 20 日 前
I'm so glad to be sterile.
Carldine Bando
Carldine Bando 20 日 前
Repent, accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. The kingdom of heaven is at hand, He coming very soon 🙏🏽
Let’s pray and fast together
Let’s pray and fast together 9 日 前
@The Time is Now the time is now
The Time is Now
The Time is Now 19 日 前
theshadowtalks 20 日 前
It’s nice to see Kevin and a half back.
MZ Rohan
MZ Rohan 20 日 前
Every second and middle people complaining about their parents lack of attention and love Me an only child : Sorry folks can't hear ya over my privilege
Priyankita Pant
Priyankita Pant 2 日 前
@MZ Rohan sucks typing on a smart phone 😅😅
MZ Rohan
MZ Rohan 18 日 前
@Priyankita Pant YIKES... fixed it
Priyankita Pant
Priyankita Pant 18 日 前
From one only child to another- it’s hear*.
Alexander Alvarado
Alexander Alvarado 20 日 前
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Someone on the Internet .J
Someone on the Internet .J 20 日 前
Middle Children: I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!!!
Gacha_Hawaiian_Rolls 19 日 前
Yay, you like the kid laroi
words will never hurt me
words will never hurt me 20 日 前
Well my parents were fair, they didn't love any of us at all. Thanks mom 😕
Arnas DRenzo
Arnas DRenzo 20 日 前
That was horrible
NSW Lithgow tracks Let’s put our rigs to the test
NSW Lithgow tracks Let’s put our rigs to the test 21 日 前
I hope his second kid sees this
aldwin rosagaso
aldwin rosagaso 21 日 前
He looks like Mr. Incredible
Lydia Waweru-Morgan
Lydia Waweru-Morgan 21 日 前
My Dad used to tell me I was his favourite and the other day I told my sister it's too bad Dad loves me more and she said Dad told her she was his favourite. So we called him and he said "Oh yeah, I just told you both that. You're both my favourites." We're 38 and 39 years old... 😆🤭🤣😂
Richard mincer
Richard mincer 21 日 前
The first one sucks rn
Theresaplays Roblox!
Theresaplays Roblox! 21 日 前
I’m the middle child
Elmun 21 日 前
Peforms exactly as Louis CK, same delivery its funny.
Internet Bully
Internet Bully 22 日 前
Not funny. Only beta males have children. As soon as you have children you lose your ability to be considered an alpha male. Pathetic
Zuha Sajid
Zuha Sajid 22 日 前
As a second daughter I don't feel that great😂😂
Eric Fournier
Eric Fournier 22 日 前 remember joke when legend nascar or whe is party white house or the superbolw show just for hight class poeple
Eric Fournier
Eric Fournier 22 日 前
wow do you expect she have same attention you give at the people you do same whit your friend comedie
Emily May
Emily May 22 日 前
*i love your more than brownies* What are you allergic to chocolate, I would have to think about saving my family or a plate of brownies
Ilha Valorant
Ilha Valorant 23 日 前
We all love stand up with no bad language.
Zebulous 24 日 前
That’s real.
Alal Malal
Alal Malal 25 日 前
That’s an arrested development joke
Marcela Marcie
Marcela Marcie 25 日 前
I have a favorite daughter and a favorite son. I have 2 children...
carmagurl317 26 日 前
Netflix thumbnails give away the punchline , so stupid.
GloriaJ Blanco
GloriaJ Blanco 26 日 前
He kinda looks like Mister Increíble doesen't he?
Zuliany Aguilar
Zuliany Aguilar 28 日 前
I already knew that parents don't love their kids equally. They always have a favorite. I have 3 siblings.
Bean Panda
Bean Panda 28 日 前
Mr. Incredible REALLY disrespecting Jack rn
Pink Egg
Pink Egg 28 日 前
I'm a second born and I thought this was common knowledge.? it doesn't make me feel bad. it's perfectly understandable
Thedarknightbegins 29 日 前
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