Nikki Glaser & More Show The Healing Power Of Cursing

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Netflix Is A Joke

20 日 前

Bet you didn't f*cking know that swearing helps with pain. Comedians delve into the power and origin of swear words on History Of Swear Words, now streaming.
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LoOnar Forge
LoOnar Forge 12 日 前
You shouldn't tell the participants of the test how the test works... Turns out netflix is a joke!
Richard Remick
Richard Remick 15 日 前
It never does.
A Ghost.
A Ghost. 15 日 前
yeah we all saw when mythbusters did this ten years ago..........
Daniel Högberg
Daniel Högberg 17 日 前
such bull maybe if you have a brain you can put it so each person does either and then actually getting a result that can be a little scientific cause what you just did was to test how long each of those people can hold their hand in near freezing water
Ryan Orrock
Ryan Orrock 17 日 前
it has to do with energy.
Xtesy Gaming
Xtesy Gaming 18 日 前
I guess that black guy is made out of ice
Dano Kitemano Too
Dano Kitemano Too 18 日 前
Nikki: "Thank Phuking Gawd That We Get To Swear!" LoL
Brian Keller
Brian Keller 18 日 前
"Pussy isn't going to help me through this".....So she has been listening ti her boyfriend then.
nick gabler
nick gabler 18 日 前
Idk know if this is a joke, but I hope it is and not a scientific test
balsanova 18 日 前
Alternate Title: Nikki Glaser & more pick up the easiest check of their comedy careers
Sivana Velt
Sivana Velt 18 日 前
Nikki wins
I am the light of god..I show you the way of salvation..I was written in the scriptures..She brought out a powerful savior for us from David's line (Luke, 1: 69-71).. I warned the devil side before people.. estas llevando gente al infierno .no ocultes los hechos ..Soy el ultimo estímulo.. .Jesucristo no está muerto, dijiste ¿por qué está muerto?..aprender los hechos ..mensaje del salvador..sálvate a ti mismo y a tus seres queridos del tormento eterno Jesus não está morto..a chegada dele está muito perto Иисус не умер, его прибытие очень близко..3 мировые войны и факты.сообщение спасителя Ісус Христос не помер, написано його від'їзд..3 світові війни..факти, які ви знаєте
Fillup 40
Fillup 40 19 日 前
I love Nikki.
Fjeldfross 19 日 前
I knew this since I rammed my little toe at the doorframe. Moms, you should NEVER scold your kids for swearing while they are hopping around on one foot. just, never. and I really dont unterstand why americans are so anxious about swearing. Its a healthy and relaxing way to deal with pain, angst and rage, it frees the mind and blows of steam.. So, if someone is swearing and cussing while solving a problem, LEAVE HIM BE!
MoonlapseAffinity 19 日 前
Nikki is the perfect woman.
J Dobbs
J Dobbs 19 日 前
I get this. I mean I was cussing regularly from the age of 7 up until high school when most of my friends caught up lol but then I made a conscious effort to cuss less. I get this though and at 27 now, the only times I really cuss like that are when I’m hyper, expressing how passionate I am about certain things and definitely to deflect pain, especially when I stub my toe, or when I fall off a 60 mph fuckin jet ski and face plant on the bitch ass lake. Pretty sure I was knocked tf out for a moment, but when I came to and swam up first thing out my mouth was FUCK, FUCK, SHIT, MUTHAFUCKER, GODDAMN!!!! And it really helped ease the pain
Charles Jackson
Charles Jackson 19 日 前
Pussy can help with anything.. I need help 😶
Leo Verran
Leo Verran 19 日 前
I first thought when I saw 28, it was minutes and I thought no f--ing way, lol Just watched it again and it did say 28 minutes,...Bull F--ing Sh-t.
Qymberli Kae
Qymberli Kae 19 日 前
I learned this during natural child birth.
rod axel
rod axel 19 日 前
The power of cursing. Damn right.
Chairman Daenerys
Chairman Daenerys 19 日 前
You better be ready to pay your medical bills because cancel culture is coming for this healing method
esy sss
esy sss 19 日 前
No shiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!
Luv Vision
Luv Vision 19 日 前
Some people just don’t f*ckin get it🤷🏽‍♀️
Jonathon White
Jonathon White 19 日 前
This just shows Nikki can take it!!
Sync Ninja
Sync Ninja 19 日 前
Cheesy Crust! Sum Number Batches!
K Rob
K Rob 19 日 前
1:28 that caught me off guard
nikki glaser said in the bed with Eric Andre 🤣
Adel The Kid
Adel The Kid 19 日 前
Only here cause I’m single and she said pussy isn’t going to help lol
JJ 19 日 前
Pussy isn't going to help me through this 😂
pisacenere 19 日 前
I love Nikki Glaser
Ani Jp
Ani Jp 17 日 前
Me to but she looks like she's in some bad heavy illegal drug or ill medication or something she doesn't look good just my opinion hope she's not in either
Logan Daniels
Logan Daniels 17 日 前
She's underrated, for some stupid reason.
Stevo! 18 日 前
We all do.
Icecream 0183H
Icecream 0183H 19 日 前
I freaking love herrrrr more
StupiderWithAB 19 日 前
Stupidity of this reminds me of stupidity in my videos. I like that.
Jefe Moreno
Jefe Moreno 19 日 前
Yo Nikkie is so sexy.
BonkersTundra31 19 日 前
Hi. And welcome to my continued "women-in-thumbnails-required-to-have-a-sex-quote-by-them" name pending. Just gonna leave this comment here again
As a Brit, Nikki Glaser is pretty unknown outside of North America, so I only discovered her a few months ago and I must say she is one of my new favorite comedians to just kick back and watch on JPgoon, especially when she's just being herself like on a chatshow, it's not scripted or a skit. She's naturally very deadpan, dry, and vulgar as hell... which we Brits love.
Mackieinc 89
Mackieinc 89 19 日 前
Same!! Brit too here, love Nikki! She comes across awesome in interviews too just genuinely naturally funny and humble.
Chrispy 4949
Chrispy 4949 19 日 前
She's awesome,
Dovahkiin 19 日 前
She is funny, not amazing but I do like her.
Aperture Science
Aperture Science 19 日 前
+1 to that. Aussie here, first saw her on Conan about 3 months ago. Super funny woman and I don't usually like US comedians, just not my thing, but she's great. As you said, she's natural funny and doesn't force it.
Bojo777 19 日 前
Kyle Eller
Kyle Eller 19 日 前
Legend has it the old black man's hand is still in the water to this day...
B. K.
B. K. 15 日 前
@StupiderWithAB I totally agree with what you are not saying.
StupiderWithAB 19 日 前
Stupidity of this reminds me of stupidity in my videos. I like that.
xBigGameHunter 19 日 前
You still got time to delete this
Rafael Calvay
Rafael Calvay 19 日 前
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Justice Benskin
Justice Benskin 19 日 前
I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! (I will do it till the water is room temperature)
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith 19 日 前
I just got a notification letting me know if I want the comment pus.sies while watching a video with people cursing. Fuc.k you JPgoon.
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith 19 日 前
What a bunch of pussies
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith 19 日 前
Okay this one is very stupid if it was a challenge I know I could just hold my hand in there. I mean a kid could do this.
High Mane
High Mane 19 日 前
About as funny as a soiled diaper.
JoAnne Weiss
JoAnne Weiss 19 日 前
Why is it always Nikki headline...that's BS. She's the crassest bitch. Guess she's used as click bait now. Others are ALL better. But swearing does work, my orthopedist automatically gives me a pillow during knee shots & says "have at it" to my pillow cursing, works great!
Erfan Mir
Erfan Mir 19 日 前
Cursing companies are behind these new clips
StupiderWithAB 19 日 前
Stupidity of this reminds me of stupidity in my videos. I like that.
Ichbims Derepep
Ichbims Derepep 19 日 前
The freezing water is an paid actor
Jammas Chan
Jammas Chan 19 日 前
TokyoTraveller 19 日 前
That last guy's hand is still in the water.....
StupiderWithAB 19 日 前
Stupidity of this reminds me of stupidity in my videos. I like that.
J Dobbs
J Dobbs 19 日 前
It was a fake hand like Chubbs’ lol
Shit 19 日 前
FMFvideos 19 日 前
Fred Gardner
Fred Gardner 19 日 前
I've taken craps funnier then this...
Dovahkiin 19 日 前
Subjective. Get over yourself sweetypie.
Aperture Science
Aperture Science 19 日 前
It was supposed to be informative, I thought that much was obvious, but I guess some people are just oblivious.
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith 19 日 前
No shit
indoor gangster
indoor gangster 19 日 前
Nikki Glazer is getting oooooold. not the jokes, the woman.
@indoor gangster - Oh, look at Mr Eternal Life over here with his fountain of youth. If you lost just 4 or 5 more brain cells you'll be biologically closer to lettuce than a human being.
Chrispy 4949
Chrispy 4949 19 日 前
Do you think you're Peter Pan? Dumb kid, you're gonna have a real shock when you grow up sweety.
Nate 19 日 前
@Willemijn v lol
Willemijn v
Willemijn v 19 日 前
Yes, time does that to approximately 100% of the population
hugo votan
hugo votan 19 日 前
what about the black boomer? how long did he last?
Just Saying
Just Saying 18 日 前
Black boomer 😅😅😅😅
Belly Laughs
Belly Laughs 19 日 前
Asking the real questions
Canebrake 19 日 前
To be in a video titled “Nikki Glaser and more” must be insulting to the other funnier people in it.
Epilisium 19 日 前
There was not anyone funny in the video
StupiderWithAB 19 日 前
Stupidity of this reminds me of stupidity in my videos. I like that.
the HIGHER side
the HIGHER side 19 日 前
Its truly amazing how humans made up sounds then we used those sounds to help us ease physical pain . Even tho there just made up noises .....
Belly Laughs
Belly Laughs 19 日 前
@StupiderWithAB Would you get the fuck out of here? Have shame
Shit 19 日 前
StupiderWithAB 19 日 前
Stupidity of this reminds me of stupidity in my videos. I like that.
James Laumand
James Laumand 19 日 前
Fred Gardner
Fred Gardner 19 日 前
Stupid.. but .... just stupid
The Moral Compass
The Moral Compass 19 日 前
Nah this was a good watch
Fred Gardner
Fred Gardner 19 日 前
Piss poor..
The Moral Compass
The Moral Compass 19 日 前
Liked ur own comment i see👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐
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