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No matter who you are, Nate ALWAYS asks "May I?". Natalie Palamides: Nate - A One Man Show is now streaming on Netflix.
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Froggy77100 7 日 前
I agree this clip isn't funny... Why is everybody getting so politically correct...Calm down comedy isn't supposed to be serious...
Carmichael K.
Carmichael K. 19 日 前
safe space comedy
fvalerio87 ヶ月 前
Don't listen to the people that criticize it without watching, and don't listen to the people that say it's hilarious because they feel they have to defend it. Don't compare this to stand up because you'll end up disappointed. It's a play, with a story that has funny points sprinkled throughout. I thought I was gonna hate it based on this clip but I was fucking wrong. It has cringe moments but it's on purpose, and some of them are funny. It was pretty entertaining and I recommend it.
Springheeled Jack
Springheeled Jack ヶ月 前
So, a 'right on' female comedian dresses up as your average rapey male, complete with bare hairy chest, a crap wig, obligatory head band and a black eye (something you see every day 🙄) in order to base a whole show around just how bad a small percentage of men are in a 'thought provoking' and 'comedic' way. I can't help thinking if it was the other way round, the shit would hit the fan big time.
R9D1H 29
R9D1H 29 ヶ月 前
I didn’t thought he is a girl
S F ヶ月 前
Cringy garbage.
Juanxo Larrosa
Juanxo Larrosa ヶ月 前
It doesn't surprise me at all that most of the negative comments on this show are from men. Maybe Nate makes us too uncomfortable because he reflects the worst of ourselves. Natalie Palamides in Nate's skin was sensational to me.
BangBangLee ヶ月 前
steven guevara
steven guevara ヶ月 前
You can dress like a man but it the is still an unfunny lady in that costume
krimy media
krimy media ヶ月 前
Reminds me of the lady that dressed up like a guy to do her comedy act because she thought the only reason people didn’t laugh at her jokes was because she was a woman.... she was sorely disappointed
Timothy Patrick
Timothy Patrick ヶ月 前
Watched this last night and well I wish I didn’t. Big yikes!
Andrew Carpenter
Andrew Carpenter ヶ月 前
Haven't seen the special this is from, but its definitely a poor choice of a clip. And why so short? Context, ANY context would help this.
Tony Gates
Tony Gates ヶ月 前
I just finished watching this it was the craziest and one of the funniest things I've ever seen. well done.
VLNOW ヶ月 前
I really hate preachy right on pc pandering nonsense. This clip makes the show look like that. But its not like that at all. Its not really comedy, more like fringe theatre. If anything it highlights how uptight uncomfortable and paraniod everyone is in this current pc meetoo culture. Its actually quite good, give it a watch.
mokiloke ヶ月 前
@VLNOW thx ill give it a go
VLNOW ヶ月 前
@mokiloke the clip makes it look like everything i hate. But watching it. its more like it shows how bs pc culture is. It doesnt start of like that, it starts off like the clip. Netflix truly f'd up using this clip to try to sell this show. Only reason i watched it is to see if it was as bad as i thought it would be. It wasnt. But like i said. its more a theatre type thing than a comedy show thing/
mokiloke ヶ月 前
So its an anti or questioning of pc culture? completely the opposite of what i got from that small clip.
John Smith
John Smith ヶ月 前
Kinda like Blackface.
Joey The Misfit
Joey The Misfit ヶ月 前
Don’t understand why there are so many dislikes..
The Juiciest Lemon
The Juiciest Lemon ヶ月 前
Andrew Schultz does it way better
Caro Granner
Caro Granner ヶ月 前
everyone making judgements based on a one minute clip: I encourage anyone who feels they’re in a place to deal with some really heavy and uncomfortable stuff around consent and assault to watch the whole special. it is astounding and i cannot tell you how insufficient this small snippet is in capturing where the show actually goes from here.
Josh The Hooman
Josh The Hooman 28 日 前
Watched it all and personally I disagree. It’s pandering. And it’s pandering about stuff we already know, and how we should treat others. This did zero for any form of awareness and it’s just got awful performance art.
Caro Granner
Caro Granner ヶ月 前
@Jonathan Vachon i would say it’s a comedy but it’s also a lot of other things! more of a performance art/solo theatre piece than a traditional stand up special.
Jonathan Vachon
Jonathan Vachon ヶ月 前
So its not a comedy? Not that finally makes it funny suddently
Ruby Rayne
Ruby Rayne ヶ月 前
That’s the problem with these clips that are out of context. Based on this clip, I don’t know the set up or anything about the character. And what I watched wasn’t funny or thought provoking. So people will judge it based off these little adverts. That’s not the performers fault. It’s Netflix’s for trying to advertise this show like they normally would and removing any build up or context. That said, I haven’t seen the show and maybe I won’t like it all. But it’s not fare for me to judge it based off this clip.
Emmanuel Rojas
Emmanuel Rojas ヶ月 前
Kirua Solomon
Kirua Solomon ヶ月 前
I'm suing because of this video
Sophiyah -
Sophiyah - ヶ月 前
This is the pinnacle of the downfall of western civilization.
Jonathan Vachon
Jonathan Vachon ヶ月 前
@Eamon Doyle you are right, its gonna worse. But its terrible already
Eamon Doyle
Eamon Doyle ヶ月 前
@Sophiyah - So I'm the pinnacle of the downfall of western civilization but not powerful? How does that work?
Sophiyah -
Sophiyah - ヶ月 前
@Eamon Doyle powerful? Oh, honey no...
Eamon Doyle
Eamon Doyle ヶ月 前
@Sophiyah - Wow, cool! I had no idea I was so powerful.
Sophiyah -
Sophiyah - ヶ月 前
@Eamon Doyle correct, it’s actually you.
Tayrich ヶ月 前
Best special this year. Felt the most 2020. She really grinds away at how slippery consent is but y’all want to talk about cringe gtfoh
UFO _vid
UFO _vid ヶ月 前
#CNNTapes 😆
SmokeyDesperado ヶ月 前
Why do people pay to watch this? Good lord its bad
tony durgett
tony durgett ヶ月 前
Fucking dumb ash
tony durgett
tony durgett ヶ月 前
Fucking stupid
Cory Phaeus
Cory Phaeus ヶ月 前
Reminded me to go back and rewatch 'South Park - Girls are funny, get over it !'
Justin Chaney
Justin Chaney ヶ月 前
This is bad on every level something could be bad. It’s hack It’s not witty It’s definitely not funny It’s lazy pandering on a scale once thought impossible
Charlie Johnston
Charlie Johnston ヶ月 前
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling ヶ月 前
The professor must be very confused right about now
Clarity Sans Hubris
Clarity Sans Hubris ヶ月 前
These comments 😂🤣🥴
MahoneyP573 ヶ月 前
Gideo Vames
Gideo Vames ヶ月 前
Is this funny in-context? Because this is horrible as an excerpt.
Noah Smith
Noah Smith ヶ月 前
Wtf did I just watch ??? This was not funny at all.
philosoph. er
philosoph. er ヶ月 前
Peter Coleman
Peter Coleman ヶ月 前
It is as about as funny as the special of the "comedian" and I use the term loosely that was screaming about how she was (it rhymes with grape) for about 5 mins .
Jundas ヶ月 前
grape or graped?
Sam Ward
Sam Ward ヶ月 前
Ellen page in 2021
Jeff Markwood
Jeff Markwood ヶ月 前
@Sam Ward (asshole)🖕
Sam Ward
Sam Ward ヶ月 前
@Jeff Markwood ❄️
Jeff Markwood
Jeff Markwood ヶ月 前
Spooky Noodles
Spooky Noodles ヶ月 前
Why. Why youtube. Why the garbage.
Andrew Carpenter
Andrew Carpenter ヶ月 前
You do know JPgoon doesn't make these videos right?
LT ヶ月 前
Wtf was that
Bobo Smash
Bobo Smash ヶ月 前
What a load of crap. If this is what Netflix thinks passes for entertainment they might as well go back to making more paedophile films for their owners and sponsors
Sassy Sasquatch
Sassy Sasquatch ヶ月 前
I’m sorry is this supposed to be comedy .....
Joshua Bolin
Joshua Bolin ヶ月 前
This is what happens when far left cultists try and do comedy. She’s satirizing a false narrative so it makes no sense to normal, sane people.
A.I. Howard
A.I. Howard ヶ月 前
Who the fuck is this
ATLsF1N3ST91 ヶ月 前
I didn't even crack a smile.... Wow
Default User01
Default User01 ヶ月 前
I made it 5 seconds before I cringed out in a really bad way.
K&O McNair
K&O McNair ヶ月 前
Why ya got to make it so hard to keep paying for Netflix?
nishaad771993 ヶ月 前
Yawn...not funny Not a great delivery Not sarcastic, satirical or ironical Just a moronic portrayal that fails at so many fronts
Jonathan Vachon
Jonathan Vachon ヶ月 前
@Mike J the clip is already enough to know its cringe
Mike J
Mike J ヶ月 前
Did you watch the whole special, or just this clip?
Rabid Pepe ii
Rabid Pepe ii ヶ月 前
Well, it's comedic to think Netflix is worth having. I'm glad it wasn't cuties 2.
Jundas ヶ月 前
@Rabid Pepe ii I found Stranger Things, The Crown, The Witcher, and Blood of Zeus entertaing myself.
Rabid Pepe ii
Rabid Pepe ii ヶ月 前
@Kylee Martin Not one show is entertaining.
Kylee Martin
Kylee Martin ヶ月 前
Netflix IS worth having. Millions of shows with no ads!
Ash Trismegistus
Ash Trismegistus ヶ月 前
This woke comedian shit is so unfunny. Wow, you can’t pay to make woman funny at netflix
Rob Deleon
Rob Deleon ヶ月 前
Bet this garbage gets ratio'd
Rob Deleon
Rob Deleon ヶ月 前
Not funny.....just lame sauce.
Quise Senpai
Quise Senpai ヶ月 前
Lameeeeeeeeee BOOOOOOOOOO wtf was that
Bruceleeyourface ヶ月 前
This was the dumbest thing I've ever watched
All Encompassing Evil
All Encompassing Evil ヶ月 前
More feminist bullsh!t.
Shotgun_ Shogun305
Shotgun_ Shogun305 ヶ月 前
Me first clicking the video and the following emotions after as I watched 😀 🤔 🤨 😐 😕 🙁 ☹
Simply Stand-Up
Simply Stand-Up ヶ月 前
Follow @simplystandup on Instagram for a daily dose of hilarious quotes from stand-up comedy!
eddie d
eddie d ヶ月 前
the only funny thing about this is that she thought this one man show would actually be funny
Chris Kelver
Chris Kelver ヶ月 前
KavaLogue ヶ月 前
Jesus Christ. What a disgustingly sexist and out there, by all means exaggerated portrayal of a Male. This is some ridiculous bull crap. The roles have completely flipped. Woman deserve to be equal. But no man deserves to be less. The fact that decades were spent to make sure no fool of a man could portray women is such a negative light, has only come full circle time a point where a woman has to portray a man in a negative light to establish a career. What A load of horseshit
Bojo777 ヶ月 前
ffs im cancelling netflix now
Bojo777 ヶ月 前
@Brandi TX you are 100% right 😅
Brandi TX
Brandi TX ヶ月 前
You should have canceled it after they added the film Cuties to their database?? 😂
BlackCat13s ヶ月 前
***Visible confussion***
J C ヶ月 前
Batman Pop's
Batman Pop's ヶ月 前
👀 yikes 😬
Shotgun_ Shogun305
Shotgun_ Shogun305 ヶ月 前
😴😴😴😴😴 I'm sleep right now.. this comedian put me to sleep. Wake me when it says something remotely funny. 😴😴😴😴😴
Mr. Bjack
Mr. Bjack ヶ月 前
Vanquish Audio
Vanquish Audio ヶ月 前
Netflix is a joke is a joke
Vanquish Audio
Vanquish Audio ヶ月 前
Y tho
Envy_hypez 56
Envy_hypez 56 ヶ月 前
luis irizarry
luis irizarry ヶ月 前
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