Nate Bargatze on Gen X & Millennials

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18 日 前

If you're born between 1978 and 1980, you'll relate. What do you call this generation?
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andrewthezeppo 2 日 前
Sorry Gen Xer any definition I can find clearly says you are in Gen X.
black bird
black bird 2 日 前
In 1966 it was still optional to get your kid a social security number, I didn't get one till I was 3yrs old. My mother tied a laundry line around her waist and attached it to my brother and I whenever we went to shopping, people thought she was a monster till we started knocking stuff over and making a mess. Then they understood, and now there's an industry of ''child restraints'' out there. Computers? Not till 1984 did I even see one and then it was NOT for normal kids but for AP math students. Our teachers STILL carried their Texas Instruments calculators from their college days, an item that cost big bucks $$$ back then. It was a badge of honor to keep all that knowledge in your breast pocket.
Grey Card
Grey Card 2 日 前
Born in 79, this is me, and, I born and lived in China.
MrMegaGamerMan 2 日 前
Amen to high school staying in the past with NO PROOF (except the occasion yearbook photo)
Jennifer Bates
Jennifer Bates 3 日 前
Gen Xer here 👋. Born in 1976, I completely agree. I didn't get my first cellphone until I was 27.
Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa 3 日 前
Born in 74, all that that he said and more... Or less actually... Haha
DustinWood524 3 日 前
1978 baby here too and I have to say, I kind of love being a Xennial. I have Gen X friends and Millennial friends and it's sort of like we got the best of both of those time frames.
Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson 4 日 前
Flat Delivery on the joke observation comedy style. Difference between a great observational comedian like Seinfeld and this guy is Seinfeld doesn’t deliver the joke like a guy talking to his buddy on the same intelligence level he delivers the joke as if your still not getting it so let me talk to you like your a moron and it was brilliant.
Ares 4 日 前
Music is too loud after he stops talking
Sara Super
Sara Super 4 日 前
I was born in 91. lived in suburbs and I wasn’t allowed to go out and do anything by myself growing up. I got helicopter’d to the max. I’m so jealous of people who got to just run around the neighborhood on bikes with friends or whatever
Aware American
Aware American 5 日 前
Born in '78. This is me. I showed my kids my yearbooks and showed them the signatures pages, and explained bullying like it was cave art.
Jeff vee
Jeff vee 4 日 前
Bullying was important part of human development. Look what happens without it 😬😬
I was born in 89 and this is completely relevant/accurate so idk how that happened 😂😂😂
rotflolextreme 5 日 前
This feels like the beginning to a joke, but ended way too soon
RuaTheRapoet 5 日 前
Spoiler: he's Gen X. He didn't know how to use the internet to look up what generation he was
B. Benjamin Eriksson
B. Benjamin Eriksson 5 日 前
K O 9 日 前
'85, felt like we were called Generation Y until someone came up with a new term to backhand three generations.
Shauna Carpenter
Shauna Carpenter 9 日 前
Yep, 80 here
Geoffrey Thomas
Geoffrey Thomas 9 日 前
Born in 85, and I feel like I got the last gasp of the analogue world, then the digital age took over. I still miss planning which CDs I wanted in my backpack to listen to on walk home from school. But I also grew up on vinyl and cassettes and VHS. Weird, cool times .
skwabo 2 日 前
Yeah it's not so much the year you were born as the experience you had that determines your generation.
Geoffrey Thomas
Geoffrey Thomas 3 日 前
@B. Benjamin Eriksson I guess it's all subjective
B. Benjamin Eriksson
B. Benjamin Eriksson 5 日 前
1985 is a millennial though... Millennials are people born 1981-1996. My sister was born the same year as that dude. They're different..
Denisia Rose
Denisia Rose 10 日 前
I was born in 78 and this guy just summed up my life.
Holden Miles
Holden Miles 10 日 前
Not Funny.
Squidfish 10 日 前
for sure, 82 here; get off my lawn!!!
B. Benjamin Eriksson
B. Benjamin Eriksson 5 日 前
So you're a millennial then :). Do you even own a lawn?
Josh Lingo
Josh Lingo 12 日 前
I was born in 82 , that is what it was like.
Andrew Neilson
Andrew Neilson 16 日 前
My freaking oxen just died again
Swann 16 日 前
What a strange segment to select, out of the entire special.
Thanasis Zevg
Thanasis Zevg 17 日 前
I'm pretty sure u werent lucky if at your late 20s-early 30s the global economy crashed...but to each their own
B. Benjamin Eriksson
B. Benjamin Eriksson 5 日 前
:D hahahahahaha!!!!!!
Amy McKeown
Amy McKeown 17 日 前
1983 LOL yes !!!!
Snarky Charlie's
Snarky Charlie's 17 日 前
Xennial generation is a thing and don't let anyone tell you different.
B. Benjamin Eriksson
B. Benjamin Eriksson 5 日 前
Generation X. It is a thing.
Drey B
Drey B 17 日 前
86 kid here too. I can't really relate to a lot of his experiences. But I do feel a bit like I also was born in a buffer period or transition period. I grew up with VHS, telephone lines, record players, old radio set, & watched many cartoons & films from the 70s, 80s & early nineties. Back in the late 90s, in secondary school, we would take turns to play Wolfenstein or Prince of Persia on windows 98 soon after our computer teacher would step out of the class. Wasn't until early 2000s before I actively began visiting cyber cafes. And it wasn't until the late 2000s before I had my first phone- a Nokia java phone.😄
J-TV 17 日 前
I didn't hear about the internet until 1993. I didn't get to use it until 97. I wasn't apart of my daily life until 03.
islandbrowncoat 17 日 前
79 is pretty securely gen-x I'd say. But that said, born in late 86 that described my childhood too.
B. Benjamin Eriksson
B. Benjamin Eriksson 5 日 前
85 and 86: very Millennial then. Me too!
Tyler Cooper
Tyler Cooper 9 日 前
Yeah, 79 is firmly at the end if X, I was born in 85 and feel like I fall into the cusp he speaks of
Joey the Sloth
Joey the Sloth 17 日 前
I was born in 1981 and yes to all of this
Evan Martin
Evan Martin 17 日 前
83 kid here. Definitely applies. Encyclopedias for school work until our first PC in 1995. I love that I remember a time before technology dominated everything, but I was young enough to learn it all and keep up when it exploded.
FreewayKnight 17 日 前
Similar story with me. Born October of 1995. I think of myself as a millennial, but just barely. I didn't have a personal laptop until I was 14 and a smartphone until I was 17. Nowadays you see kids in the sixth grade with that shit.
Justin Hall
Justin Hall 3 日 前
Please tell me you're joking?
Jondoe Harris
Jondoe Harris 17 日 前
pughconsulting 17 日 前
Got an 086 XT PC in 1988 or 89. Had a 20mb hard drive and dual floppies. Monochrome monitor. 9600 baud modem. Livin' high on the hog. I was the only kid in high school with an Internet connection on a 386 in 1995. The internet was the wild west back then. Loved it, before social media screwed it all up.
Illuminatic 17 日 前
do you guys have Blueberry 2004 in full hd on netflix?
T Red Thomas
T Red Thomas 17 日 前
1980 for I know exactly what he’s talking about.
Jes Larcy
Jes Larcy 17 日 前
Im 82 and describes me
Julie Waters
Julie Waters 17 日 前
1979 here and he's totally right. My dad brought home a "laptop" (bulky box, the keyboard slid against the pc when not in use) when I was around 12 or 13 and we had Prodigy when it was just message boards, no graphics of any kind. We got an HP PC when I was 16 and we switched to AOL.
Scribe13 17 日 前
Hellzyeah, I'm on that cusp too...had a commodore 64 and friends were knocking down my get to my commodore 64
Vicky 12
Vicky 12 18 日 前
I was born in late 94 and even I can relate to some of what he says. I certainly remember Myspace! 😄
curtisnucmed 18 日 前
1979 kid here.
curtisnucmed 17 日 前
He’s right on about our age group.
mostRADude 17 日 前
Incisive Commenter
Incisive Commenter 17 日 前
Me too!!
Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith 18 日 前
Bargatze is quickly becoming the king of comedy.
Coach Taylor
Coach Taylor 18 日 前
I just searched the comment section comments and still have no idea how he finished that joke going to have to turn on the caption cuz this man is clearly tipsy
Coach Taylor
Coach Taylor 18 日 前
It can't ruin my life
James Clothier
James Clothier 18 日 前
Nate continues to impress without a single obscenity in his entire act. Considered and professional.
James Clothier
James Clothier 16 日 前
@Nature Taco Dude quit attaching implications that aren’t there just because you want to argue in youtube comments. Calling someone professional for doing something doesn’t exclude all others from being professional.
James Clothier
James Clothier 17 日 前
@Nature Taco I’m saying it’s very hard to be successful in modern comedy without using profanity, which Nate does. That indicates a level of professionalism and care with his act. Tom Segura, Bill Burr, Dave Chapelle, etc. are all professional too, and they curse up a storm.
Landmine Hopscotch
Landmine Hopscotch 18 日 前
@Nature Taco I totally fucking disagree
Taz C. Storm
Taz C. Storm 18 日 前
And you are a gen x baby.. bruh..
Taz C. Storm
Taz C. Storm 18 日 前
You were called 80's babies... In my neck of the woods.. lol..
marlin thrower
marlin thrower 18 日 前
Good video
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li 18 日 前
trkddy 18 日 前
I didn't get the jokes
DwanDurrrrr 18 日 前
Don't think there were any tbh...odd editing
Joe Beaudette
Joe Beaudette 18 日 前
So glad I was born in 86 in an old-fashioned rural home. Our phones had rotary dials. I guess we did have a Commodore 64 at home but I still spent most of my time outside where my mom had no idea where I was. I only really joined the modern era in 94 when we moved to the city. I was like HOLY CRAP HOW MANY TV CHANNELS CAN THERE POSSIBLY BE
that dude
that dude 18 日 前
I was born in 86 and that almost perfectly describes my life
Steve B
Steve B 日 前
It’s interesting because I was 85 and my youngest brother was 96. I feel like there is a pretty huge difference in our childhoods. For me I remember ICQ when I was about 16 and cell phone shortly after when I could drive. It’s like technology grew with me at the correct age when outdoor play (other than pickup games) goes way down anyway.
r0conscious 3 日 前
86 represent 🤚🏻
B. Benjamin Eriksson
B. Benjamin Eriksson 5 日 前
1986? Me too. We are Millennials. 1979s are a different breed. Millennials are people born 1981-1996.
David Fhth
David Fhth 10 日 前
rocklesson86 17 日 前
86 here.
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 18 日 前
My mom was born in 1967 (Early Gen X)
Landmine Hopscotch
Landmine Hopscotch 18 日 前
I know, son..I know
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 18 日 前
My mom was born in 1967 (Early Gen X)
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