My Teen Son's Girlfriend Needs To Learn Respect | Cedric The Entertainer

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Teens dating is cute until one of them starts getting a little too comfortable. Cedric The Entertainer: Live From The Ville is now streaming on Netflix.
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lunchmeat 3 時間 前
The truth is funny af . even at the age of 50 I ask my friends what their mama's last name so what if she walking around in a halter top and booty shorts
S Ford
S Ford 4 時間 前
Chill out dude.
FATIMAH AISHAH Konte 22 時間 前
Miss Shaneice
Miss Shaneice 日 前
period... put some respek on uncle cedric's name!
L P 日 前
I'm white. Italian American. That did not happen in our house. No doors closed. Hell you didn't even go into your room.
Lets Funk
Lets Funk 2 日 前
Shout out to Aries spears for the joke in the end ! Hahaha
Soliloque 1
Soliloque 1 2 日 前
Dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥
Kitty Ayala
Kitty Ayala 2 日 前
My mom's black and dad's white but I don't have curly hair I have a afro lol And I called my mom by her name once and got beat down 🤣🤣🤣 I did it to my dad and he did nothing but he doesn't believe in hitting momma doesn't mind it one bit though
Gabriel Alexander
Gabriel Alexander 3 日 前
It’s good to see that he hasn’t changed his comedy style. Unfortunately often times when black comedians become famous they exchange their sharp edge for a more universally politically correct style so they can appeal to a wider racially diverse audience... Sure they make more money but they become less funny.
Datch Guy
Datch Guy 4 日 前
Well he's not wrong...
Sam Baker
Sam Baker 4 日 前
Cedric still entertaining
Dee WArD
Dee WArD 6 日 前
You are. CORRECT
Vegan Vocalist
Vegan Vocalist 6 日 前
😂 True , true 👏🏼
Hindukush 9 日 前
NationJJ 11 日 前
The hoverboard act was hilarious. Great clip overall. 🤣👍
GAMELORD 313 11 日 前
LMMFAO not gone lie that was funny asf n with teenage kids I can relate
John Doe
John Doe 11 日 前
You think when your father calls you a n*gga it's ok...? Change the culture.
joshua hudson
joshua hudson 12 日 前
Lol. I’m white, my parents were crazy rigid. I tried the room thing and shut down. Thanks for making me laugh.
Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson 12 日 前
There's something about his personality that's beyond being just funny. He's super endearing and clever.
Luv ced !! This shit was funny
Ida Iversen
Ida Iversen 13 日 前
Centurion Guards
Centurion Guards 13 日 前
If she said its his room as she finished saying the word room she'd be out the front door.
Daimon Mario Perez
Daimon Mario Perez 14 日 前
Cedric is still funny 😆 🤣 😄
Just JuanGoodCitizen
Just JuanGoodCitizen 14 日 前
Ced still funny as shit 😂
Lady Jay Mac
Lady Jay Mac 14 日 前
Close the door IS def white 15, but if you "Tell Mr* Cedric" anything** THAT will def get you "white outside holding hands on the sidewalk".
Artleycoul 15 日 前
Nah, doors stay open. Even as a grown ass woman, doors stay open.
Willie Wonka
Willie Wonka 15 日 前
His kids are stupid.
Randy Roberts
Randy Roberts 15 日 前
If you listen real closely he called her b**** but you got to catch it though
Delmiko Taylor
Delmiko Taylor 15 日 前
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯💯 respect on my name
LowerTheBoom 16 日 前
What language is he speaking?
Solus Darkcoat
Solus Darkcoat 16 日 前
When does his neck join the show?
J Reddd
J Reddd 16 日 前
Cedric is one of the greatest for sure...Bernie Mac rip and Cedric made the kings of comedy those 2 of the greats for sure and he is still doing it...telling the truth and making it funny
Michael. 16 日 前
Cedric talks in a ghetto Dialect on stage Off stage he talks like an eloquent States man.
Audrey's Credit Repair
Audrey's Credit Repair 16 日 前
Not todaaayyyy 🤣
x x
x x 16 日 前
Full Dork
Full Dork 16 日 前
Cedric the Entertainer's standup is underrated.
Je' suis Cherie
Je' suis Cherie 17 日 前
The moment I hear my first name periodt..little bih would have been outta my house. These millennials ain't really ready.
My Two Scents
My Two Scents 17 日 前
That part. Put all that up lol
Space_Ace_1 17 日 前
Door don’t need to be shut to have a good time, and frankly open doors make it more fun
Taylor Libby
Taylor Libby 17 日 前
Sounds like a whole different white house than the one I grew up in. My parents were definitely on the same page as Cedric about that shtuff😂🤣
sw valor
sw valor 17 日 前
Cedric is funnier than kevin hart
Luke Dixon
Luke Dixon 17 日 前
This dude disgraces the word entertainer
Michiwonder Outdoors
Michiwonder Outdoors 17 日 前
Damn, I knew I shouldn't have watched this. I busted a rib a few days ago and it hurts to laugh.
why is 45 still alive
why is 45 still alive 18 日 前
Recommending crap, as usual...
jungalist 83
jungalist 83 18 日 前
How come I never laughed once
Samuel Trajano
Samuel Trajano 18 日 前
ma kiez
Lucy M
Lucy M 18 日 前
White mom here and we didn't let doors be closed. My son's girl friend called me Mrs Lucy until they got married and then Mom. The one time he tried to tell me it was HIS room, I took the door off the hinges. Might be your room but until you pay me some rent, this is MY door. That little girl is gonna play those games your boy needs to find him someone else. Your room? Calling an adult by their first name? Nah, I'm that old school kind of mom and I'll whip my kids when it's needed and their friends know for SURE not to call me by my first name. Love Cedric, he just has some of us pictured wrong. My kids know why there's one single slipper always laying around, it's easy to grab and easy to regulate!
James Rippy
James Rippy 18 日 前
Cedric needs to call Jenny Craig. Needs to lose about 100 pounds
Just Mawn Things
Just Mawn Things 18 日 前
Birdman will never get to live without being made fun of, lmao.
Michael Fleming
Michael Fleming 18 日 前
Cedrics impressions dude none like it 😂😂😂
yankee traitor
yankee traitor 18 日 前
Racists crap
Boomer Vergil
Boomer Vergil 19 日 前
I'm gonna tell my kids this was Big Smoke
Lord WD
Lord WD 19 日 前
3:16 “All 🌲 o’ y’all, shit”😂
Royal Relle
Royal Relle 19 日 前
Ced is a Comedic Legend! 😂🤣
Torome86 19 日 前
I'm supposely white, and no matter how many times my best friend's mother told me to call her Janet, I always said Mrs. *****. Disrespect isn't a white(race) thing as much as a cultural thing.
T G 19 日 前
Cool Ya!
nick chrappa
nick chrappa 19 日 前
Hell yeah. At 15 almost every adult is mr or ms. Especially the person you're dating's parents. "Hello Mr _____ I'm ____ and I'm here to pick up your daughter." Even depending on where you work it's mr or ms.
The Matrix Red Pill Is No Joke WakeUp
The Matrix Red Pill Is No Joke WakeUp 19 日 前
The white 15 😂💀 facts
😅😭😭😭😭 respek Cedric, All 🌳 of you lmfao
Javier Cortez
Javier Cortez 19 日 前
“All tree ah y’all “ 😂😂😂💀
SagaSWP 20 日 前
"When you say my name, put some RESPECK on it."--Cedric the Entertainer
AnonymousOneThree 20 日 前
Dumb shit
Jenkins Montgomery
Jenkins Montgomery 20 日 前
He's supposed to hop in the back with her.
Original74 20 日 前
erica 21 日 前
Cedric has to do a better job of telling his sons about the beauty of black women if hes falling into the socialization of thinking mixed girls are better (nothing wrong with mixed women, but if thats all hes looking at, its a problem).
Shades of Sage
Shades of Sage 21 日 前
Loved this 💕🤣!
Mike Nikonsuk
Mike Nikonsuk 21 日 前
This dude hasn't been funny since he BOMB on king of is weak
TACO 21 日 前
Put all of them up😂🤣
T Jac
T Jac 21 日 前
Bernie is a comedy legend!
Sheila Pate
Sheila Pate 22 日 前
You telling baby these damn kids these days
Sheila Pate
Sheila Pate 22 日 前
Love you 😍 Cedric !!!!
Charles Harris
Charles Harris 22 日 前
Used Hyundai my foot. A 2001 Crown Vic or something like that. Tell Cedric my ass. Little heifer better get out of here with that crap. You better call me Mr. CEDRIC. Have a little respect. I would have been slapped past Christmas, into the new year for saying something like that.
adam meyer
adam meyer 22 日 前
My mom didn't care if I 'had a girl over', because she knew I'd do it anyways, and I'd always be safe about it. But if she implimented the no closed doors rules, she'dve seen something she wouldn't have wanted to. Instead my mom had the 'just turn the music up cuz I don't wanna hear it rule'. Her non-chalance has lead to a couple funny stories. Lol
Augustus Mc crae
Augustus Mc crae 22 日 前
You remember when black comedians were funny and didn't just talk sh*t about white people? Me either.
Augustus Mc crae
Augustus Mc crae 18 日 前
@Bren You and I both know that's a lie.
Bren 18 日 前
@Augustus Mc crae Sorry I'm not here too argue Kid smh
Augustus Mc crae
Augustus Mc crae 18 日 前
@Bren ah a gullible fool. I hate to have to be the one to teach you this but.... people lie. I wish your father would have had this talk with you a long time ago.
Bren 18 日 前
@Augustus Mc crae Ah a negative soul. Yes they did . Find it
Augustus Mc crae
Augustus Mc crae 20 日 前
@Bren Kat Williams and Dave chappelle said so!? You're an idiot. Stop trying to take up for racists.
Big Ski
Big Ski 22 日 前
aaaaaahhh stand up thats not politically charged... i love Dave and hes an all time great but sometimes we just want regular funny.
Sherman Tucker
Sherman Tucker 22 日 前
Please can I respect this chump who calls his son a n , Cedric the chump
Bram Kruyt
Bram Kruyt 22 日 前
Was that a reference to that birdman interview at the end?
neosapiens 23 日 前
Dude is like Katt -- BORN for this. Amazing
neosapiens 23 日 前
His voice is like syrup & gravel
Don 23 日 前
How is closing doors a white thing, because we have doors?
Don 21 日 前
@AvionElation same in my non black home.
deyajaira flores
deyajaira flores 23 日 前
More Boys and young men should also be taught abstinence and sexual morality. Way to go Cedric!!
York 20 日 前
What the fuck.
Helen Lewis
Helen Lewis 23 日 前
I’m 24 and I still address people as Mr and Mrs and sir and ma’am
Lesa Blessed
Lesa Blessed 17 日 前
God BLESS you. That's respect for your elders.
Mystic 23 日 前
I sure wish people would start dropping the "N" WORD. It's never going to go away unless WE stop using it.
MsJWheels 23 日 前
"Is we finished or is we done?" Love it!😆
Sissy M
Sissy M 23 日 前
Can Cedric get another Netflix special PLEASE
monkeykingjosh 24 日 前
This really isn't funny. But since we've entered the age of equity, I shouldn't say that. But it's not funny.
Bly Davis
Bly Davis 24 日 前
The zealous lift anatomically appear because cemetery separately sprout after a hypnotic underclothes. strong, thinkable stepdaughter
Rez Logan
Rez Logan 24 日 前
I never got to be “white 15.” My parents said “the door stays open and you know damn well why.”
Alex Clark
Alex Clark 19 日 前
I never got to even have girls over til well after I moved out at 18
Mona 24 日 前
Lmao! I absolutely love Cedric! 😍😍😍❤❤❤
Mark Perkins
Mark Perkins 24 日 前
Cedric is still the shit
Estelle Smith
Estelle Smith 24 日 前
Told my boys they could shut the door when they start paying the bills..
Dave Bustanut
Dave Bustanut 17 日 前
Bro my door fuckin gone since I don’t pay the bills
Mango Dew
Mango Dew 18 日 前
They’re gonna put you in a home
Age of echo chambers !
Age of echo chambers ! 18 日 前
Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson 19 日 前
My mom said I could start closing the door when I start paying bill in my own house 😂
JL Main
JL Main 24 日 前
That’s Mr. Cedric.
luvearth 24 日 前
Can't accept his show The Neighborhood. Poking fun at the expense of white people, but God forbid it be the other way around.
ChainReaction 25 日 前
That is good parenting. He is responsible for both his son and his girlfriend's safety while they are in his home.
GodsRUs 25 日 前
“I ain’t gone say it NO MO” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Khris Khristie
Khris Khristie 25 日 前
As a blk man please sit down when in the audience.
YouBackTube Jeff
YouBackTube Jeff 25 日 前
Didn't laugh once. 👎
sr kseries
sr kseries 25 日 前
For real don't cross the line bruh is my house.
bassmith448 bassist
bassmith448 bassist 25 日 前
My daughter doin' a 5year stretch.
Ernie Simms
Ernie Simms 25 日 前
I ain't gon say it no mo! 😥
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