Meet Ayo Edebiri, Big Mouth's New Missy

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Missy's going through changes in the newest season of Big Mouth. Get to know her new voice, comedian Ayo Edebiri, and watch new episodes of Big Mouth now on Netflix.
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Anthony Llamas
Anthony Llamas 41 分 前
Nice to see white people being pressured out of just about anything now. R.I.P. Cleveland Brown.
Rusty Shackleferd
Rusty Shackleferd 日 前
Ayo Edebiri did a great job voicing Missy. :)
branden8045 theultramangofighter
branden8045 theultramangofighter 日 前
The fact they changed her voice actor cause "she was white" cleveland brown is a white voice actor and he kills the role same with the original voice actor smh
smd 2 日 前
for the people saying they didn't notice i personally did mostly because I was attached to missys orginal voice but after she got a new character design It made it more okay when her voice changed since we're getting a new missy and I will miss the old missy but at the same time she's still missy and she's just growing :)
LastManStanding 2 日 前
You know I was always brought up with the thought that only races care about race I never really gave a second thought to whether the voice actress was wider black because it doesn't matter it's a cartoon
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 3 日 前
I just though she got a deeper voice bc maturity, didn’t notice the switch, well done
Johnny Cade
Johnny Cade 3 日 前
Wait who was the old missy?
keith /keef
keith /keef 3 日 前
There all saying they stepped down willingly. All at the same damn time? Cleveland. Missy. And like 2 others. From other shows. Pretty wild lol
Ragnar 3 日 前
Missy has one black parent and one white parent, literally just as white as she is black. So why would it be wrong for a white person to play her but not a black?
monica sy
monica sy 22 時間 前
well actually the original voice actress didn't want to be missy anymore, they didn't get rid of her, no one said it was wrong for her to be it anyways
Mind Chimp
Mind Chimp 4 日 前
I have no idea what’s happening
Bob Chancy
Bob Chancy 4 日 前
I don’t really like her voice Jenny slate was better
Jari Johnson
Jari Johnson 3 日 前
Boo hoo Jenny chose to step down on her own
RZDER 5 日 前
I didn't noticed that they changed the voice actor
Caleb Spears
Caleb Spears 5 日 前
Bruh this is news to me I didn’t even know the switch was a thing👀
losdagod G
losdagod G 5 日 前
I love slate but this girl is real life missy
Lofe’s Arts
Lofe’s Arts 5 日 前
I am so excited!
PUBG Mobile Combat Diaries : LemoNades Clan
PUBG Mobile Combat Diaries : LemoNades Clan 5 日 前
Miss Missy!! Bring back Missy. She was a Highlight . The show Has lost something, not gained
shastapurpledaisy 6 日 前
I hope she can do a similar voice and they can pass it off as her voice changing with puberty.
Reedboi1703 6 日 前
Finally, that old voice was so annoying
space dude
space dude 6 日 前
They fired the original voice actor because she was white
Scott Williams
Scott Williams 6 日 前
No they didn't lmao she left on her own terms
Untried Genius
Untried Genius 6 日 前
Isn't the point of voice acting that you're a voice ACTOR😂😂 Why we gotta make everything about race. Especially for someone biracial. I swear y'all liberals are crazy.
Timya Young
Timya Young 7 日 前
i hate how some people are like “i hate the new missy i miss the jenny slate missy” as if they even noticed the change. stop putting people down cus she actually is really good at the role she is playing. if you don’t like it stop watching it also this implies to the people who are sending hate to her not everyone.
biLAWL 7 日 前
This week on woke activism nobody asked for
MynameisTMP-0134 7 日 前
Imagine bullying a voice actor into retiring from a role because they don’t share the same race but they can impersonate the character perfectly; time to kick every voice actor who isn’t white off of white characters
Angelika Joy
Angelika Joy 6 日 前
@MynameisTMP-0134 what “movement” are u referring to. she didn’t want to continue. thats it
MynameisTMP-0134 6 日 前
Angelika Joy nonsense; I can step down form my job doesn’t mean no third party had influence in that decision; disgusting movement
Angelika Joy
Angelika Joy 6 日 前
she decided to step down herself. no one pressured her to do it, she just wasn’t comfortable
She kinda looks like missy 😭
nugget 42
nugget 42 7 日 前
Lol i had to look into this for a bit cause i definitely notice a difference between her voice and the other voice actors but im happy cause missy is trying to find her self
Rachel Lewis
Rachel Lewis 7 日 前
coach steve ♥️
Asia Collins
Asia Collins 8 日 前
I actually didn’t notice the difference in the voice I was like “wait didn’t the original va quit?” But now I’m like oooooohhh she’s the new va! She did a great job
Wolf 3100
Wolf 3100 8 日 前
I considered the switch to be a part of missy actually going through puberty and changing as she grows, her voice went from a kid to a preteen and either way I still like it. Season 5 is gonna be good.
Robert Gadson
Robert Gadson 10 日 前
Ya put it back.
SoranotRoxas 11 日 前
She's cute
Semaj Jarrett
Semaj Jarrett 11 日 前
She looks..... JUST LIKE MISSY WTF
Joey Shahenian
Joey Shahenian 11 日 前
I don’t really care that they changed the voice, I just don’t really understand the original voice actresses reason for stepping down
Angelika Joy
Angelika Joy 6 日 前
a lot of missy’s plot is season 4 was her finding herself and coming to understand her culture as a black woman. jenny slate felt she rlly couldn’t voice her because she herself has never experienced that
Oliver Moore
Oliver Moore 11 日 前
I’m all for the inclusion of our black community becoming more inclusive in the VA Scene but at the same time we don’t have to switch already established characters with actors let’s get them new parts with new characters
SomePerson Online
SomePerson Online 11 日 前
I still don’t see what the problem was with the old voice actor...Missy is _not_ black, she’s a biracial child who is black passing. Hopefully this new voice actor is biracial as well 🤷🏾‍♀️
Texas RedFox
Texas RedFox 11 日 前
So, no kudos for Jenny Slate? None? She never existed? Her contributions to the character and show are not noteworthy anymore? Ayo Edebiri can't even say her name? WTF?
iHeartFandomz 11 日 前
I thought it was the same voice actor.
Good Soap!
Good Soap! 11 日 前
she is better in every single way but im so used to the old one!!!
Byzantine Boi
Byzantine Boi 12 日 前
Who in there right mind would like that show it’s disgusting and I don’t mean random gross stuff that happens the entire concept is disgusting that show only gets away with this stuff because it’s animated
ACE CLOP 6 日 前
True, it's also so over exaggerated and not realistic like no on goes through puberty like that.
Clone Man66
Clone Man66 12 日 前
I don't care what race you are but I am looking forward to her playing this characters people now these days are sensitive.
FMFvideos 12 日 前
Who was old Missy voice and what happened?
Milomondo 12 日 前
Meninist, nice, she does a good job even though I feel bad for her previous voice actress.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 12 日 前
Out of curiosity, would anyone cared if the original voice actor didn’t step down and continuing voicing missy?
Gemini 13 日 前
This show is familiar wouldn't go back tho🤣
Rain Yatsu
Rain Yatsu 13 日 前
This is a complete insult to voice actors everywhere. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what your sex, gender, orientation, or what your skin color is. If your voice sounds right for the role then that is all that matters. And don’t give me that bullshit of the original actress chose to step down herself, she caved in to the toxic extreme political correctness that is infecting everything. She made a shitty decision. John Mulaney isn’t Jewish, so why is he playing a Jewish character? Why don’t they get a real Jewish voice actor to play him? Because it doesn’t matter, his voice sounds great for the role therefore he has the job. If you try to say “oh this form of underrepresentation is more important than that form of underrepresentation, then you’re a bigoted hypocrite. Or maybe people need to stop fucking bitching about the owner of a fictional character’s voice looking like the actual fictional character.
Trenton Lollar
Trenton Lollar 13 日 前
Roy Hoy!
Roy Hoy! 13 日 前
She is awful!
Jari Johnson
Jari Johnson 3 日 前
no one asked nor do we give a fuck how you feel
klowny sam
klowny sam 13 日 前
Netflix advocates child abuse.
Not Peachy Keen
Not Peachy Keen 14 日 前
She looks like you
F RO 15 日 前
She’s cute
Sinister1986 16 日 前
She nice but I still don't like the reason she was hired.
golly g
golly g 16 日 前
What I find weird is the actress stepped down even thoe the character is bi racial but because the character is brown they think the actress can only be black , like drake would be perfect for this role since he is black and Jewish
Bill Delorme
Bill Delorme 16 日 前
Hate the new Missy voice
Jimmy Lopez
Jimmy Lopez 16 日 前
OMG she's so talented that I couldn't even tell the difference
Tigerslicer _
Tigerslicer _ 16 日 前
I noticed the different voice and didn’t like It
Octavio Salvatierra
Octavio Salvatierra 16 日 前
A biracial voice actor should play missy not her, see how stupid it sound
Traumatized Cardboardbox
Traumatized Cardboardbox 16 日 前
My favorite song was easily from season 1 episode 2 everybody bleeds
My Name
My Name 16 日 前
Good job on enforcing segregation. What's next? Making movies with only black people or movies with only Asian people and so on? You're trying to fix a problem that doesn't even exist. You want segregation? You want to avoid cohabitance? Good job, you're starting this movement.
Angelika Joy
Angelika Joy 6 日 前
@My Name well jenny slate said herself she couldn’t portray it well and felt like a black woman could do it better
My Name
My Name 6 日 前
@Angelika Joy This isn't about producing or working on something, this is about telling a story. Your argument is correct and makes perfect sense! But with regards to telling a story, as long as it prortays it well, can be done by anyone. That's like if you were to say "Only kidnapping survivors can tell stories about kidnapping". If the story teller learned about kidnapping from survivors and did justice in telling their story and their experience as told by them, then it should be totally fine.
Angelika Joy
Angelika Joy 6 日 前
@My Name yeh but she lacks the experience and ability to portray what missy is going through accurately. you wouldn’t get a lawyer to build a house. you wouldn’t get a plumber to work for nasa. they don’t have the same experience
My Name
My Name 6 日 前
@Angelika Joy I am aware that she said she dropped down on her own, but let's not pretend like the current state of the world we live in didn't force her to do it. I get the point that it's about finding herself, but is that implying that no one but black people can tell that story? That's like saying no one but black people can support BLM. Only women can fight for womens rights and so on.
Angelika Joy
Angelika Joy 6 日 前
@My Name educate urself. jenny slate VOLUNTARILY stepped down from the role. missy in season 4 is all about finding her identity as a black woman. jenny realised she could not properly portray this since she has never experienced them. it’s common sense
Cam Morse
Cam Morse 16 日 前
After watching this. I am now a forever fan of Ayo 🥰
Lumbani Banda
Lumbani Banda 17 日 前
Honestly, I was wondering the entire time why she sounded different. I could hear that she sounded similar, but I could spot the difference. Finding this has just reaffirmed that. I'm happy they got a black person to play Missy, considering that they will be doing a lot of stuff with her character as they tap into the "black" side of her.
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore 17 日 前
Finally a biracial actor for a biracial character, thank you 😌
Don Gadson
Don Gadson 17 日 前
Voice actress is pretty AF.
Audiopuffs 17 日 前
I miss the very first missy.
Angel Wings
Angel Wings 17 日 前
I noticed the switch instantly cause missy is one of my favorite characters.
hailey !
hailey ! 17 日 前
Itzz Brianna
Itzz Brianna 17 日 前
Bring old missy back I noticed the voice difference in season 4 😔
Alexandra Latco
Alexandra Latco 18 日 前
I miss the old VA, they did a great job. I wish thwy could bring her back
PRF NEWS 18 日 前
Didn't even notice there was a change. Awesome job!
Wealthy_Panda1 18 日 前
Now Missy can finally say the n word 🥴
Lenny Payne
Lenny Payne 18 日 前
Ayo doesn’t do a very good job at voicing Missy. She lacks the kind of “gargly” tone that Jenny was able to simulate quite phenomenally and she just doesn’t seem to capture Missy’s quirky and shy personality. I dread hearing Missy’s voice from here on but I’m glad that this season was at least able to give us as much Jenny Slate goodness and a few golden gems before giving her a respectful enough, albeit awkwardly placed sendoff. R.I.P. Missy’s real voice. You will mot be forgotten. 🙏🏻
Bombproofbutter 18 日 前
i didn’t know they changed the voice, this is perfect
IceBucket2K 18 日 前
I thought I was buggin barely noticed the change
the_masked_rift935 18 日 前
From what i heard, the new voice actor came in at the last episode. Shes doin a good job but i liked the og better. she will be missed
KateyMegginson 18 日 前
I saw that Jenny Slate was stepping down and then watched the new season and was like “wait... I thought she was getting a new voice actress” like I knew that the voice was supposed to change and didn’t even notice until my second time watching the 4th season.
Daniel The Tornado
Daniel The Tornado 18 日 前
Airsoft Andy
Airsoft Andy 18 日 前
Ah yes the change forced from The BLM movement. Hi
Sey no more
Sey no more 18 日 前
it's nice to have a black voice actor behind a black character. I didn't even know the va was white until I read comments on some clips of her. dnjsbs
lesley 17 日 前
paris :
paris : 18 日 前
I wanna be a character so bad I feel like I’d be so good
Mmhmmm Yea right
Mmhmmm Yea right 18 日 前
I like the other voice more 😥
Onii-chan Complex
Onii-chan Complex 18 日 前
I noticed and am sad.
Jon Carpenter-smith
Jon Carpenter-smith 18 日 前
The change in the Halloween episode was so smooth I barely noticed it
Payton Turpen Vlogs
Payton Turpen Vlogs 18 日 前
I sort of noticed a change of character in the last episode of the fourth season that may just be me
Shot in the Heart
Shot in the Heart 18 日 前
I didn’t even notice it lol
complexities 18 日 前
Dude I knew there was a voice change, but I was so confused because I wasn’t able to notice it at all lol
Furious Bear
Furious Bear 19 日 前
This was honestly a well done transition. I'm glad missy is starting to embracebhwr black side she she can find her identity herself.
minarismole 19 日 前
WAIT WHAT???? i didnt even notice a switch you guys did that really good
Joshua Hisoler
Joshua Hisoler 19 日 前
I heard she came like halfway through the season, but I'm confused how we didn't see her name in the theme song unless I missed it or something
AJ Rulz
AJ Rulz 19 日 前
Rip Jenny
Name_not_found Sb
Name_not_found Sb 19 日 前
Question: Was the switch done at the start of season 4 or in between? Because there were some moments half way through season 4 where Missy’s voice sounds a tiny bit different. All in all the switch from voice actors was very well done. If I hadn’t been actively focusing on Missy’s voice, too see if I could tell if there was any change, I wouldn’t have noticed that the VA had changed.
HOOdIEd TOby 19 日 前
imma say this THAT is the most RAREST girl I've heard and seen in my life
Jaden Beckom
Jaden Beckom 17 日 前
Did you not pass elementary English?
Brooklynn K
Brooklynn K 19 日 前
What episode was the switch made? I couldn’t tell a difference the entire season.
Super Dude
Super Dude 19 日 前
I straight up didn’t notice the change until the last episode and even then when she sounded different in the last episode I honestly liked it more
Caleb Black
Caleb Black 20 日 前
When a comedy show bends the knee to political correctness it kinda takes the wind out of its sails. You’ll see it won’t do as well next season because they won’t know where to draw the line on jokes anymore. 100 pedophiliv jokes are fine but god forbid a white woman voice a mixed race Jewish and Black cartoon character
Danpie1212 19 日 前
The original voice actor for Missy made the decision to leave herself
Anton DeLuca
Anton DeLuca 20 日 前
Kelly Hash
Kelly Hash 20 日 前
Anyone else notice that she and missy have the same smile 🥺❤️
what a surprise
what a surprise 20 日 前
now she can say the N word
Alex Vause
Alex Vause 20 日 前
Love how were now going back to giving people jobs based on only skin color and nothing else. 🙄
Chaotic Fiction
Chaotic Fiction 20 日 前
Jenny slate left after blm to show support as well as letting a black character be played by a black girl for representation with helps with missy’s character development as she grows to be aware of her blackness in a later episode as an actual black woman can have an influence on Missy in a way that a white woman wouldn't be able to do
Gabriela Schnettler
Gabriela Schnettler 20 日 前
i don't think her missy voice wasn't bad, but i think it could have been much better. I really don't understand why they did the switch mid season and not right off the bat, because i definitely noticed.
anthony taurisano
anthony taurisano 20 日 前
rassle dane
rassle dane 20 日 前
Now she can say the n word
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