London Hughes Answers Netflix's Most Invasive Questions

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26 日 前

All the facts you probably didn't need to know about London, but like weren't you kinda curious anyway? For more highly invasive stories from London watch her special To Catch A Dick, now streaming on Netflix.
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MJ Maccabee
MJ Maccabee 9 日 前
Such dull, junior-high-boy questions that even London seem to get a little bored with them got into riffing on the weed question.
HyperJunk 1987
HyperJunk 1987 23 日 前
She’s a comedian?
I’m not Gary
I’m not Gary 21 日 前
No. No club would book this woman. She sells to the folks at home who watch a Bert special every 4 months.
Israeliana NG
Israeliana NG 24 日 前
Watched her whole Netflix special and it's hilarious😂😂 endurance it's good. She reminds me of Richard Pryor
♡ 𝕥𝟘𝕩𝕚𝕔𝕓𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪 ♡
♡ 𝕥𝟘𝕩𝕚𝕔𝕓𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪 ♡ 24 日 前
She’s so annoying. She doesn’t even tell any jokes, she’s just load and interrupts people. Couldn’t even get through a full episode of the new show without having to stop. I hope she leaves the show so it’s actually watchable, or maybe somebody could edit her out of the episodes?
RobBank1985 24 日 前
Trash “comedy”
Adam Knights
Adam Knights 24 日 前
How does someone with no talent and no humorous ability get a job as a comedian? I have watched some of her stand up and no one in the family had laughed once.
Superlancashire 24 日 前
Trying far to hard. You're Not a comedian so please stop.
Deven Solanki
Deven Solanki 25 日 前
Her daddy sarrrrrrrrfffft
TonoSama 25 日 前
When she said, “I get mistaken for the queen... Kelly Rowland”, I fell in love! ❤️
Tamra Smith
Tamra Smith 24 日 前
Yes, and I can see it. She’s lovely.
Alberto Mazariegos
Alberto Mazariegos 25 日 前
Already saw the special. It was great. Keep up the good work and keep being yourself. You will be succesfull and famous but dont let that change who you are.
Angela Sieg
Angela Sieg 25 日 前
1 word oatmeal
Chris B
Chris B 25 日 前
I have watched all of the clips netflix have put out, which presumably represent the best output of this comedian. And I have not laughed once. Does nothing for me, genuinely cannot believe that people are wetting themselves over this pap.
RobBank1985 24 日 前
Same here, it’s like they are trying to get a black Amy Schumer. Same shitty style of jokes as her.
acloversgoodluck 25 日 前
She's gorgeous and funny!
bulldogbateson 25 日 前
All i got to say for me is no.. the questions are dumb. i actually was interested in smart questions to get to know this comedian..
Winwin Milieudefensie
Winwin Milieudefensie 25 日 前
Pee in the shower is gross
Daniel Narzary
Daniel Narzary 25 日 前
JayZ?! wtf 😂😂😂😂
Israeliana NG
Israeliana NG 24 日 前
This could be grown up Blue Ivy
J SmithSemper
J SmithSemper 25 日 前
JayZ ? Aint no daaaamn way but I appreciate the deprecating humor!
J SmithSemper
J SmithSemper 25 日 前
Porridge w/ 1 TBS ground Flax, 1TBS ground chia, & 1 cup of coffee. Every darn morning 🌻🌄😘
Odins Fire
Odins Fire 25 日 前
Fresh fruit and water. Cut Down starchy foods and too much red meat it really slows shit down literally.
sweetbelzn 25 日 前
She is funny! I loved her answers
Julieanna D
Julieanna D 25 日 前
Eat more fiber ;)
Raymond Z
Raymond Z 25 日 前
Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣 Jay-z !!! WTF?!! 🤣🤣
Edward Singer
Edward Singer 25 日 前
this is somebody's fetish fuel
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