Lisa Kudrow's Best Scenes In Death to 2020

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11 日 前

Lisa Kudrow is a true original queen of comedy and she shall be respected as such. For even more Lisa watch Death to 2020, now streaming.
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Tyler Livingston
Tyler Livingston 2 分 前
She was the best.
Sierra 4 時間 前
I choose to believe Lisa is amazing💛💛💛💛☺️
ROBBY D Music 5 時間 前
we don’t deserve lisa she’s a gift from god
Alberta Cricket Roy
Alberta Cricket Roy 6 時間 前
She’s doing a great job at mimicking the LEFTIST LOSERS
Kristin Trisha
Kristin Trisha 7 時間 前
So damn good!! 😆🙌🏻🔥
Valentine Vanessa
Valentine Vanessa 9 時間 前
Netflix Is A Joke !!!!!!
Jonas Wunderkind
Jonas Wunderkind 10 時間 前
As if SJWs are better :D for some reason democrats/lefties lack self awareness about their own crazies :))
Miss Abdulkafeel
Miss Abdulkafeel 11 時間 前
She is my hero
Sarah Ford
Sarah Ford 16 時間 前
Lisa kudrow reminds me alot of Kayleigh Mcenany. All she needs honestly is her trusty podium, her cross necklace and her binder full of ridiculous lies and all of her awful responses to those lies!!👱🏻‍♀️📿📗
Harry Ballsacky
Harry Ballsacky 16 時間 前
A.H Octavius
A.H Octavius 21 時間 前
Yes .... hunter biden and his father abused the office of Vice President .... just because you dislike trump doesn’t mean you ignore Biden’s crimes
Terminals 日 前
This is just like Pheobe🤣 she always bites herself in the ass🤣.
Faiza Binte Alam
Faiza Binte Alam 日 前
Is it just me or is there anyone who thinks the interviewer is Jude Law?
Clay Flix
Clay Flix 日 前
“So, what about Hunter Bi-“ “See? You don’t even wanna ASK about it!” 😂 This is spot on!
Ouriou de Nohr
Ouriou de Nohr 日 前
Who's trump ?
MantecadasPaulina 日 前
"whatever Bob" 😂
Anmol Biswas
Anmol Biswas 日 前
Trumpist Lisa Kudrow is just a weird mirror image of the hippy Phoebe Buffay
Stanley Curtis
Stanley Curtis 日 前
😂😂😂😂This is just gold.
Jishan Mallick
Jishan Mallick 日 前
She could be an amazzing republican politician😂
Avinash S
Avinash S 日 前
Lets go lisa
Adri 日 前
Who’s Trump 🤣🤣
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan 日 前
This is exactly how the cuckservatives behave.
ribshub mathur
ribshub mathur 日 前
This reminds me of pheobe argument with ross over revolution.
Leon Au
Leon Au 日 前
I love how the end she turn against trump completely. So much about foreshadowing.
Mono Nonny
Mono Nonny 日 前
oh....I don't think so.
Joshua Oluwaseyi
Joshua Oluwaseyi 日 前
“I choose to believe there is not” Me: when I get more than 4 Ds in a test
sablerocks 日 前
-Bob, we both know that’s not going to happen. -My name is James -Whatever, Bob Man, that was so Phoebe-esque xD
Jorge Soler
Jorge Soler 日 前
- suzy, can i call you suzy? - my name is precious - i can't say that
Macy Cool
Macy Cool 日 前
Whatever Bob. You can choose your own last name
bambit08 日 前
LISA KUDROW >>>>> LISA KUDROW!!!!!!!! Brilliant Lisa 💙✨💙
h Joseph
h Joseph 2 日 前
Picture Perfect Kayleigh McEnany she nailed this one
Vinicius Lima
Vinicius Lima 2 日 前
Why are we ignoring that most of the books really are “NYT bestseller”????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅🤣😅🤣
MMPJ Cari 5 時間 前
I know, right?
musikandfilms 2 日 前
I love her she's such an amazing actress
Andy Pittaluga
Andy Pittaluga 2 日 前
Love ya Lisa! You do that blond snake character perfectly! Man, that women always made my skin crawl. When watching her I always was thinking that she must be sleeping with that living pumpkin. Poor thing. What some women do for a career. Well, what some NASTY women do for a career... so sad and seriously disgusting.
Praveen bhanj deo
Praveen bhanj deo 2 日 前
Why Joe Rogan ?
Carlos Blanch
Carlos Blanch 2 日 前
Chris Pepper
Chris Pepper 2 日 前
Lisa Kudrow is so perfect in this
Aditya Krishna Rao
Aditya Krishna Rao 2 日 前
"the fact that doesn't care about your feelings".. Now who might that be referring to???
Bijelo Dugme
Bijelo Dugme 2 日 前
wow what a overwhelming stupidity
Elena M.
Elena M. 3 日 前
"conservative voices are being silenced by big tech" Aha. And you claim that's not true? So why has almost every single social media platform deleted Donald Trump's accounts? Why did some conservative twitter accounts lose thousands of followers in one day? Why did youtube delete thousands of channels that were talking about election fraud? Etc?
salome khrikadze
salome khrikadze 日 前
Trump was banned because he was inciting violence and people died as a result. He had a platform for most of his presidency and had no problem expressing his conservative opinions for years, ( btw he can still do that because the is the literal president and doesnt need to rely on twitter to have his voice heard. He isn't silenced, he can just call a press conference or something and let americans know whatever he wants them to hear) Also twitter was cracking down on nazis/far right extremists, these ppl followed conservatives on twitter and when the extremists got banned, the conservatives lost a decent chunk of their audience. Twitter isnt biased against conservatives, they just want to avoid voilence, the attempted insurrecrion was a direct result of crazy conservatives propagating a false narrative that led to chaos and nearly put american democracy at risk, they are just getting what they deserve.
Nick Thomas
Nick Thomas 2 日 前
@Elena M. Yes my answer is “yes” they are being silenced but that’s a good thing. They have nothing substantial to say
Elena M.
Elena M. 2 日 前
@Nick Thomas That's not an answer to anything I said. Whether they deserve it or not, they're obviously "being silenced". I criticize that they claim that it's not true. (Of course I also oppose the fact that it's happening, it's getting very bad, but that's not what I've written.)
Nick Thomas
Nick Thomas 3 日 前
Because conservative trump supporters are idiots and deserve no platform. Go back to being paleo conservatives and stay away from liberal progressive technology!
Lester Abastillas
Lester Abastillas 3 日 前
If it weren't for Google I would've thought that this was a real documentary.
Sonanki Ghosh
Sonanki Ghosh 3 日 前
she doesn't believe in evolution. so, she can absolutely choose not to believe in Ukraine.
LaubowiebassMusic 3 日 前
This is so realistic that’s almost not funny. I love Lisa.
Millicent Koranteng-Yorke
Millicent Koranteng-Yorke 3 日 前
Am I the only one who thinks that the guy asking the questions sounds like Michael Slicer from the Room Next Door?
Yasss Gawwwd!
Yasss Gawwwd! 3 日 前
She was on RuPauls Dragrace!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tenka Natür
Tenka Natür 4 日 前
1.22 hugh grant looks great with gray hair
Ngoc Anh Nguyen
Ngoc Anh Nguyen 4 日 前
Phoebe noooooo
Idéfixette 4 日 前
Wait... Am I seeing a blonde Hugh Grant at 1:18 or am I just being blinded by how accurate and funny Lisa Kudrow is?
Idéfixette 3 日 前
@Enakshi Nandi Ha! Thanks! PS: I didn't see the dot upon reading and felt mildly insulted 😂
Enakshi Nandi
Enakshi Nandi 3 日 前
You are. Blond and bald
Jose Eduardo Tschen
Jose Eduardo Tschen 4 日 前
Dr. Fiona Wallace 😂😂
Subhakanta Bhanja
Subhakanta Bhanja 4 日 前
Like a wasp or wife😂😂😂😂damn...
Natasha M
Natasha M 4 日 前
Love the facepalm statue at 1:20 🤦‍♀️
Timothy Morigeau
Timothy Morigeau 4 日 前
Nadira Adiswari
Nadira Adiswari 4 日 前
0:52 Joey's air quote gesture
Nadira Adiswari
Nadira Adiswari 3 日 前
@Cutiekioko hehe I meant she reminded me of Joey's gesture😂
Cutiekioko 3 日 前
@Nadira Adiswari Oh, sorry I knew that. I thought you were saying Lisa played Joey, but now I get what you were referencing.
Nadira Adiswari
Nadira Adiswari 3 日 前
@Cutiekioko joey is a character in Friends, which was a show that Lisa also played in
Cutiekioko 4 日 前
Velina Stoyanova
Velina Stoyanova 4 日 前
she is super funny
Someone You Probably Know And Like
Someone You Probably Know And Like 4 日 前
That Shapiro dig though XDXDXD
Someone You Probably Know And Like
Someone You Probably Know And Like 4 日 前
CONSERVATIVE VOICES ARE BEING SILENCED. [insert all the millions of conservative channels with millions of views and thousands of comments. Like I may or may not agree with you, but dafuq do you mean you are being silenced bruh?]
Isaac Schmidt
Isaac Schmidt 4 日 前
Get a VEEP sister show starring this character ASAP
Feel it Opening
Feel it Opening 4 日 前
Is the director voice Benjamin Rich from Bald and Bankrupt?
The chuube
The chuube 4 日 前
The "conservative voices are being sileneced" bit is literally 100% spot on. But honestly conservative voices should be silenced, for their own good as well as everyone elses
Felipe NS
Felipe NS 5 日 前
That is exactly right
user167 5 日 前
This is truly what it feels like arguing with a Trump supporter.
melissadgn 29 分 前
@Harry Ballsacky ?
Harry Ballsacky
Harry Ballsacky 16 時間 前
arctic bear
arctic bear 5 日 前
hahaha the history of trump presidency in 4 minutes
Gerard Marchais
Gerard Marchais 5 日 前
Une grande comedienne ... mais que c'est triste de voir le mensonge devenir la règle ... , pays de fou ..., folie encore confrmée par les évnements de ces derniers jours
Rachel Royce
Rachel Royce 6 日 前
She's such an underrated actress, I thought this was 100% real xD
Elena Christian
Elena Christian 6 日 前
"Conservative voices are being silenced." From your lips!
will y
will y 6 日 前
mrg00ddude 6 日 前
Lmao what happened to tuckers hunter biden evidence
Freedom Bibihigher
Freedom Bibihigher 6 日 前
Phoebe 😍😍😍
Jorge Luisillo
Jorge Luisillo 6 日 前
This character reminds me of Fiona Walice
Kyïv stuff
Kyïv stuff 6 日 前
Lol, now I’m feeling like a Schrodinger’s Ukrainian. Cheers from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv! I hope America will overcome all the troubles
MMPJ Cari 5 時間 前
I was just wondering if any Ukrainians saw this 😂. Must be quite a shock to discover that you apparently don't exist.
Jelena Petrovic
Jelena Petrovic 6 日 前
This is anti Trump propaganda material
ChilePopTvvevo 4 日 前
This is a parody u stupid
Marco Diaz
Marco Diaz 6 日 前
Lisa Kudrow’s parts are EVERYTHING!!!
Mrs. Love
Mrs. Love 6 日 前
Omg I didn’t know this was a skit until the 3rd time I watched it trying to understand wtf I was watching
N Harris
N Harris 4 日 前
That's some hella fine weed if you wouldn't mind sharing 😉💨💨
Rachel Royce
Rachel Royce 5 日 前
Me too sister. Me too.
dxfan18 7 日 前
Saw the title and thought she died
S H 7 日 前
We need more of this Lisa as non-official spoke person
Marcus Melancon
Marcus Melancon 6 日 前
As the White House Press Secretary that would be great
Rickard Kaufman
Rickard Kaufman 7 日 前
2:08- Well, that's ironically relevant.
Larryberry 7 日 前
Check your tape
JoeRoe2020 7 日 前
Aka: "All of Lisa Kudrow's Scenes in Death to 2020"
samantha chong
samantha chong 8 日 前
oh my god is this her best performance? i love her already but this is so good
Jemimah Ngu
Jemimah Ngu 8 日 前
Paul Bismuth
Paul Bismuth 8 日 前
That's genius.
Erin 8 日 前
This has been out for about 2 weeks and the “conservative voices are being silenced” bit has already aged like a fine wine
Nicolai Romanoff
Nicolai Romanoff 8 日 前
I have never liked those conservative women on media but this one I like haha
elaine courteau
elaine courteau 8 日 前
Any scene she was in was my favorite scene, and that’s putting the bar high because the whole show was hilarious, perfect! 😂
Stanisław Giers
Stanisław Giers 8 日 前
Trumpist supporters in a nutshell
Linda B B
Linda B B 8 日 前
Netflix? There's no such thing as Netflix. I choose to believe there isn't.
Ben Ronald
Ben Ronald 8 日 前
There is no such place as Ukraine 😂
Jimmy Biemans
Jimmy Biemans 8 日 前
Wow, her body language is even more on point than what she actually says. This is really impressive, even for an actor. 😲
Ashlee Cooks
Ashlee Cooks 8 日 前
She’s simply incredibly hilarious
Ray R.
Ray R. 8 日 前
I cant even laugh at this, its too damn accurate. Its wild when real life hyperbolic.
jdwinks40 9 日 前
Wow, accurate!
Alive Minds Run
Alive Minds Run 9 日 前
Not a Trump supporter but this mask bullshit has to stop. No evidence that show masks work on spread of viruses. All the randomized controled studies with verified outcomes show this. Lockdowns will cause more harm than good. The left have been completely radicalized calling for censorship for whom ever disagrees with them and have zero rational arguments, except "follow the science" even if it is completely bogus science.
Alive Minds Run
Alive Minds Run 6 日 前
@Edward WhiteBeard yes! if you want further proof of this, check out the comments of high profile Bulgarian pathologist, Alexov Stoian. He states that "him and his team have found no evidence of anyone on the European continent dying of a" novel corona virus"
Edward WhiteBeard
Edward WhiteBeard 6 日 前
No evidence show that covid even exist! let's hold the line patriot!
Anika Islam Misty
Anika Islam Misty 9 日 前
She is Phoebe Buffey in every where 🤣🤣🤣
The Comeback Kid
The Comeback Kid 9 日 前
This shit is dumb
Paul S
Paul S 9 日 前
This show needed a few more left wing idiots too to balance it out.
Joel C
Joel C 9 日 前
Lisa, is hilarious in this send up
Acrylier 9 日 前
Orange man bad propaganda Ft the queen
MrWillcapone 10 日 前
She is a treasure.
Pookie Wookie
Pookie Wookie 10 日 前
100000000000% Accurate!!!!
Funnnnnnnn 10 日 前
phoebe became a politician
James 10 日 前
Gonna anger a lot of trump rioters... uh I mean supporters... when they realize this is making fun of them and trump
teo 5245
teo 5245 5 日 前
@Linda B B so killing people destroying buildings and killing children is social justice ? How ?
Linda B B
Linda B B 8 日 前
@Alive Minds Run Indeed that double standard: some do riots in the street protesting social injustice while others commit treason at the Capitol trying to stop democracy and attempting a coup. They definitely should be treated the same.
James 9 日 前
@Alive Minds Run mad
Alive Minds Run
Alive Minds Run 9 日 前
What do you think blm and antifa did. Did you know that blm looters shoot and killed a black off duty police officer, because he was trying to stop them from looting. What a bunch double standard hypocrites you are.
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