Lactose Intolerance Is Just A Tummy Ache | Kevin James

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Shelby-leigh 日 前
This man needs to get someserious education of these conditions. Or is he just so small minded and ignorant and so self absorbed. Shame on him for shaming men who have this condition.
Shells N Cheese
Shells N Cheese 日 前
Most of the comments are people telling their LI stories
The woman’s Corner
The woman’s Corner 3 日 前
Vegans 🙄😒
Norah L.
Norah L. 5 日 前
If my husband is being annoying I drink a milkshake 2 hours before bedtime 🤣 it keeps him warm at night.
Ari Renzi-Surprenant
Ari Renzi-Surprenant 6 日 前
I’m sitting here eating cereal with lactaid like: 👁👄👁
Sam Siryani
Sam Siryani 8 日 前
Men have become soyboys now.
TheCherryHomemaker 10 日 前
Ha ha my dad and 2 of his siblings were lactose intolerant and this was the 50’s so even though they were diagnosed it meant nothing they still had to drink the stupid school milk
NWE-KT Duce 12 日 前
just to let u know if u dont..that picture from bac in the day with the guys eating lunch on that beam was faked...the beam wasn't even 5 feet off the ground
Suban Subz
Suban Subz 13 日 前
To quote my buddy that is lactose intolerant "Chocolate milk tastes so good, its worth the diarrhea that comes after"
Bishop Lek
Bishop Lek 14 日 前
this guy sounds like the nurses at my local hospitals "oh calm down its just a tummy ache!" and then theres me, with 1 surgery and 3 stabbings under my belt along with bad stomach acid, yeah tummy ache all while having covid (which if you arent on a ventilator your lucky enougjh to just have breathing and stomach problems thank you canada for making me more weary of asking for help. self absorbed dickheads
Jerry Johnson
Jerry Johnson 17 日 前
F*** Trump. Love ice cream.
Jarrett L
Jarrett L 17 日 前
Our gen is full of weaklings
Robin L
Robin L 18 日 前
Lactose Intolerance is a very real problem and IT DID EXIST 50 YEARS AGO. This guy is an idiot.
Zebulous 24 日 前
Being lactose intolerant blows. I used to eat the shit outta dairy on top of insane amounts of red meat and booze. So I destroyed myself. It’s much worse than yucky tummy. It’s like getting shot in the stomach with a slug from a shotgun. I feel I have to defend myself here because I don’t ever admit it. Except for now. Because it’s anonymous.
Erwin Godwin
Erwin Godwin 24 日 前
Good point, toughen up America.
Rajan Khanna
Rajan Khanna 25 日 前
I agree to what he says even if it's a joke. But man! LI guys are annoying.
Kouji Chan
Kouji Chan 25 日 前
The most unfunny so called comedian in the history of ever. Holy fuck I yawned.
David Link
David Link 26 日 前
I just kinda for worn people, because either way I’m still eating it and suffering for it. Where as if I told it’s so you have a chance to stay away or you might die from my gas.
Omed Aziz
Omed Aziz 26 日 前
If you wear a tight Jeanz & Dyed your hair You don't deserve to listen to this good stuff . Go put two ear rings on like a little girl and pluck your eyebrowes softies It is a Shame what has happened to real men . 😏😠
Caleb Reznicek
Caleb Reznicek 26 日 前
America before sensitivities (pow, pow, BOOM. CHARRRRGE) Now, sir you offended me by saying that (said nothing for 5 minutes)
Nino Brown
Nino Brown 26 日 前
This is an Eddie Griffin joke lol
ArianitOnline 27 日 前
when I was in puberty I had problems with my stomach when I drank milk. always at the way to school. but I loved milk and didn't stop drinking it. and guess what. after 2-3 years (after puberty) I drink milk like an alcoholic who knows no limit and lost count without any problem with my stomach
SoCal Angler
SoCal Angler 27 日 前
Lol my friend was lactose intolerant and I would see him eating ice cre and pizza and shit. I would always ask why?? It's gonna hurt your stomach? And he always says it's worth it lmfao
Wolf 28 日 前
Vegans r pretty annoying too
Abdullah Ahmad.D
Abdullah Ahmad.D ヶ月 前
Kevin James looks like a real life Mr incredible
kris k
kris k ヶ月 前
On the positive side as being lactose intolerant. Its my heavenly laxative. When I need to clear my bowels there is nothing like a tub of ice cream. Its a gift in my eyes. lol
Maryam Ashraf
Maryam Ashraf 18 日 前
Hmm... never thought of it that way
Mickaël Hourlier
Mickaël Hourlier 29 日 前
Andrew Grippi
Andrew Grippi ヶ月 前
Sumit Das
Sumit Das ヶ月 前
Omg you said everything I had in my mind about lactose intolerance.
Ellias Razali
Ellias Razali ヶ月 前
Jameel Ja
Jameel Ja ヶ月 前
Actually, lactose intolerance has existed for thousands of years. #justsayin
King Bishop
King Bishop ヶ月 前
This video has given me so much confidence as someone who wants to try stand up because making people laugh is the greatest feeling ever! Not because his jokes were good but because I know mine can be much better and I’m thankful for seeing this
amanda caron
amanda caron ヶ月 前
Where are all the men’s I hear you Kevin .... yesss !!! King of queens lover here still watching the show in 2020 love you man seriously!
Krystal Morales
Krystal Morales ヶ月 前
They have a pill for it lol people just don't take it 🤷
john tan
john tan ヶ月 前
Im lactose intolerant and i only say it when others want to give me dairy product. Except ice cream that shit worth it.
Pickup Q
Pickup Q ヶ月 前
I take lactase pills and drink milk everyday. But it is painful, when i didn’t take the pills. Lactose intolerant is actually not the same for everyone. Some people take it okay. But for me, I will be very weak and sick.
Christian Cantarutti
Christian Cantarutti ヶ月 前
Always thought Kevin James favourite flavour would be vanilla like his comedy.
Don Jay
Don Jay ヶ月 前
*Lactose intolerant* we win the most annoying sickness in the world *Gluten* here I’m “checkmate”
workofivory ヶ月 前
Lol I get it but this makes it harder for us IBD folks. Promise we aren’t trying to get sympathy or be annoying- the pain is just not bearable!
Love None
Love None ヶ月 前
Same with the people that don’t drink, are vegan and/or gluten-free 🙄 #shutup
Charles Cain
Charles Cain ヶ月 前
You could just switch lactose intolerant with, "I went to Harvard."
Nix the Lapin
Nix the Lapin ヶ月 前
“There is not a more annoying group on the planet.” Vegans
Tessa Ayuningtyas Sugito
Tessa Ayuningtyas Sugito ヶ月 前
Me : typical asian with lactose intolerant Me : brown sugar boba milk, F*ck it, it's worth it...😂 😂
Amanda Diko
Amanda Diko ヶ月 前
I will not be silenced!
sham sublic
sham sublic ヶ月 前
No wonder I didn't know he was a "comedian" ...
Dad comedy is butt comedy.
Audio_Video115 ヶ月 前
I'm still not sure if I'm lactose intolerant but I never told anybody cuz I love working at my local ice cream shop for 3 years👌
Charmicarmi Cat
Charmicarmi Cat ヶ月 前
Ice cream is so good everyone I know who is lactose intolerant eats it anyway
Sam Loves Pills
Sam Loves Pills ヶ月 前
I always like Kevin James’s movies and think he’s a good actor but I’m thinking he’s a dick in real life!
Vupzy ヶ月 前
I was lamactos intolerant when I was young, but also had severe anxiety so what would happen is, I would get these tummy aches, but it would be so bad that I would break out in hives and rashes all over my body , I didn’t know what it is was until I got tested for it.
Darmo foreelz
Darmo foreelz ヶ月 前
Id say a vegan dude is more annoying cause they not only tell EVERYONE they are vegan but they also feel the need to sit and judge anyone that doesn't follow their own diet plan like "ohh are you really gonna eat that? don't you know where hot dogs come from?" yes bitch i do and im still gonna enjoy it!
Ben Gammell
Ben Gammell ヶ月 前
Forget lactose intolerance. It sounds to me like Kevin's real problem is with OSHA.
Christopher ヶ月 前
I think people bring up the fact that they're lactose-intolerant so as not to appear rude when turning down food
Christopher ヶ月 前
@Amanda Diko cool 👌🏿
Amanda Diko
Amanda Diko ヶ月 前
@Christopher 😂alright, I'm breathing...
Christopher ヶ月 前
@Amanda Diko How about you take a deep breath and calm down. I'm not shoving dairy products in anyone's face, as I have trouble digesting them myself.
Amanda Diko
Amanda Diko ヶ月 前
No we don't, we bring it up so you may expect what comes next if you insist in shoving dairy products in our faces!
Steffy Justin
Steffy Justin ヶ月 前
Ohh so that's what it is for you to be a man ?? To shut up, be tough and pretend you are OK when you're not ? Well, I prefer a man who has the courage to be true to himself.
Virat Desale
Virat Desale ヶ月 前
he's from Mr. Incredible right
Hunter Green
Hunter Green ヶ月 前
I feel different about myself now...
Chipwhitley274 ヶ月 前
I call bullshit... people with lactose intolerance? Gluten Free? Nah... they do not hold a candle to vegans. In fact... your lactose intolerant bit really sounded more like a bit about vegans. And Vegans will throw in that moral superiority delusion to make the degree of douche unparalleled.
Graeme Gunn
Graeme Gunn ヶ月 前
lol "Boo boo belly" and "yucky tummy".
Michael Wong
Michael Wong ヶ月 前
I know it's a joke, but raw milk has an enzyme called lactase. Lactase counteracts the "problems" with lactose. Homogenizing and pasteurization destroys lactase.
Eco Smith
Eco Smith ヶ月 前
I get yucky tummy you guys gotta scooch over!😂
Blaine Morrow
Blaine Morrow ヶ月 前
What is wrong with his shoes. They are like a size 30
7 A
7 A ヶ月 前
I wasn’t lactose intolerant until I decided to be adventurous at a farmers market and drink that raw milk...
Chipwhitley274 ヶ月 前
I call bullshit. Raw milk itself actually contains sufficient lactase to prevent intestinal issues... so even people with an existing intolerance should have no issue consuming raw milk... there is nothing in raw milk that would cause there to be a deficiency of lactase in a person who otherwise synthesizes it themselves.
Erick Hetfield
Erick Hetfield ヶ月 前
For most people it's just a tummy ache. A little discomfort, gases and that's all. In my case I just can't eat anything with the slightest amount of milk. Lactase supplement like Lactaid don't work. I get fever, very strong headache, body pain and a never-ending nausea and vomit cycle that last up to 6 hours. I don't bring it up in a conversation, and never knew anyone who would.
Erick Hetfield
Erick Hetfield ヶ月 前
@Chipwhitley274 It is weird. Because I thought at first, that I had an allergy to the milk protein. Because I felt really bad taking whey protein once, and it had almost zero lactose. But I used lactaid for over an year, with no major symptoms. Which seemed to indicate that my problem was with lactose. Now, I don't know. I just don't consume milk related stuff. About the headache, it's kinda normal for people to experience headaches eating matured cheese. I don't remember the name of the substance that causes it. And I already suffer from migraines. But it gets unbearable when I ingest milk. But the fever is a sign of a immunological response.
Chipwhitley274 ヶ月 前
@Erick Hetfield, Fevers and headaches are not the body's reaction to intestinal problems... because neither are an attempt to solve the problem... which is what symptoms indicate... our bodies reacting with defense mechanisms intended to resolve the problem at hand. And lactaid works because it contains the missing nutrient, lactase, that is missing in the digestive system. Lactase breaks down the lactose in milk, into simple sugars... which prevents the intestinal distress that normally results from undigested lactose passing into the colon and negatively reacting with bacteria. And the severity of a person's reaction to the undigested lactose has no bearing on whether or not lactase works... the lactase enzymes alway break down the lactose... that is what they do... and if the sugars are broken down... no negative intestinal reaction occurs... severe or otherwise. The fact that lactaid did nothing proves it was not lactose intolerance.
Erick Hetfield
Erick Hetfield ヶ月 前
@Chipwhitley274 I wasn't always like this. I've used lactaid for a long time. Than it just stopped working. It's probably a severe intolerance. It's rare, but it happens.
Chipwhitley274 ヶ月 前
That sounds more like an allergy than an intolerance.
Starshadow ヶ月 前
I learned with my mom that there are different levels of lactose intolerance. The mild version would be what was described. For my mom, dairy products swell her throat to where she can't breathe if she eats too much of it. Small amounts she's fine. But those that are lactose intolerant and shove milk products down their throat because "i'm just gonna sit on the toilet for a while". Wait until what level of immunity you do have goes away and it's no longer sitting on the toilet. It's rushing to the hospital because you can't breathe anymore.
Chipwhitley274 ヶ月 前
@Starshadow, I'm sorry... but the swelling of the throat is an allergic reaction... that is not an intestinal issue... it has nothing to do with the the intestine's inability to process lactose and breaking it down into simple sugars... it also has nothing to do with bacteria in the colon that is reacting negatively with the undigested lactose.
Starshadow ヶ月 前
@Chipwhitley274 normally I would agree. Except this is straight from the doctors that have seen her.
Chipwhitley274 ヶ月 前
It sounds like you are confusing an allergy with an intolerance... they are not the same thing.
Bodhi Blake
Bodhi Blake ヶ月 前
Let them use your toilet with no air freshener.
BeHappy ヶ月 前
"And I do cross fit" LMAO
shuggarush ヶ月 前
If i have dairy, i will have a bit of tummy ache and take a dump. It's not that serious.
Jersey LTD
Jersey LTD ヶ月 前
Yesssss i agree hahaha
Syed badsha
Syed badsha ヶ月 前
U know what I'll stop saying it
christinamforte ヶ月 前
What does having a penis have to do with not wanting diarrhea?
Saul Mullen
Saul Mullen ヶ月 前
Omg I have so many stories because of lactose intolerant siblings 😂
Tyler Plueddemann
Tyler Plueddemann ヶ月 前
I can think of a group worse than gluten free and lactose intolerant and it’s called the vegans!
Claire Haire
Claire Haire ヶ月 前
I didn’t realize how many ppl worship cheese till I said I was lactose intolerant. They order nachos for the table and I say no & I swear I hear a record scratch . I don’t want ppl till low then you gotta prove how lactose you are lmao.
AxeKick80 ヶ月 前
Yeah it did exist 30 years ago. I was lactose intolerant as a kid. Had to drink a special kind of milk. So there Kevin James 😂
Debut Hunter
Debut Hunter 22 日 前
It's not stated literally - it's referring to the fact that it wasn't common place or prevalent in common culture that long ago for people to claim dairy intolerance.
Mackin Cheez
Mackin Cheez ヶ月 前
Rob Warren
Rob Warren ヶ月 前
Shit didn't exist there
SomeNoob Jons
SomeNoob Jons ヶ月 前
Gluten douche? Ever heard of vegans?
Jay Squad
Jay Squad ヶ月 前
Kevin James makes comedy for people that occupy half an elevator with only their robust figure.
Tresean Williams
Tresean Williams ヶ月 前
It's a lactose intolar- rant
Dominic Graham
Dominic Graham ヶ月 前
Lactose intolerance is actually a lot more common in other areas of the globe... But that's just me not getting the point.
Dominic Graham
Dominic Graham ヶ月 前
​@Islandgirl POV "The exact number of adults with lactose intolerance is unknown. It is common worldwide, affecting the majority of the world's population (with an overall estimate of around 65%). Traditional food cultures often reflect local variations in tolerance. In the United States, prevalence of lactose intolerance varies among ethnic groups, being most common in people of African, Hispanic/Latino or East Asian ancestry, and least common in people of European and Indian descent."
PetraFór ヶ月 前
Me I don't mention it I just say no thanks to ice cream or cake. Then comes the whyyy??? It's ice cream/cake! What's wrong with you you wierdo.
mamaveros ヶ月 前
Yes!!! Finally somebody said it!!! I hear his late King of Queens father in law telling him about it 🤣🤣🤣
Taylor Johns
Taylor Johns ヶ月 前
Lactose intolerance was a Seinfeld joke over 30 years ago.
Jordan Elizabeth
Jordan Elizabeth ヶ月 前
All my lactose friends eat dairy... they rather go home and bomb up the place... and I’m here to feed their addiction
Grievous ヶ月 前
There are gluten douches coming into my work all the time and they just love mentioning it.
kubtastic ヶ月 前
I'd rather drink Milk of Magnesia than Milk of Cow, thank you
Shiyi YIN
Shiyi YIN ヶ月 前
we need this for 2021
Kelly B
Kelly B ヶ月 前
I've never met a lactose intolerant person that just doesn't give a fuck and goes hard on dairy anyway
Corina Rodriguez
Corina Rodriguez ヶ月 前
Angela NIchols
Angela NIchols ヶ月 前
Dude looks like his impending heart attack is already scheduled. Looking kind of sickly.😵
bonke kunene
bonke kunene ヶ月 前
Are you a gluten douche?
Roland Albert
Roland Albert ヶ月 前
King of queens my favorite show to watch. I think this guy try to get away from the Doug character but he should have embraced it maybe his movie career would have been better.
Black Young
Black Young ヶ月 前
Y'all remember super dude from Allthat😂he had that problem.
Kaai Williams
Kaai Williams ヶ月 前
Technically, we only developed the ability to drink milk about 8,000 years ago around the time when we domesticated cattle . On a evolutionary scale, being lactose intolerant is the norm
Chipwhitley274 ヶ月 前
Before pasteurization... it was moot... because there was sufficient lactase in the milk itself to prevent any intestinal issues.
BeHappy ヶ月 前
Das Dovian
Das Dovian ヶ月 前
Rare is the lactose person I've met, including myself,that turns down dairy. I will handle the wrath later, just let me eat my nachos in peace.
Gabbi Durham
Gabbi Durham ヶ月 前
It’s the same with gluten. You ask if they have celiac’s disease and they say no. Like why
forcryinoutloud 23 日 前
@Eddy Del Rey What an idiotic thing to say. Train your fucking servers better. People who have severe allergies shouldn't have to live like god damn hermits because of lazy fucks that can't learn to take allergies SERIOUSLY. Jaysus.
Valerie Z.
Valerie Z. ヶ月 前
@Eddy Del Rey Most restaurants are actually really good about it. Even fast food places like In N Out. I'm just providing a different perspective because my family deals with this a lot. We can eat almost anywhere and feel comfortable.
Eddy Del Rey
Eddy Del Rey ヶ月 前
@Valerie Z. I agree but don’t expect that from a Bjs restaurant . The card is actually really helpful . I’ve dealt with them before .
Valerie Z.
Valerie Z. ヶ月 前
@Eddy Del Rey I understand that, but fine dining is its own thing. Most restaurants aren't that cautious and meticulous. My grandma continues to eat out for two reasons. 1) She found restaurants that understand her situation and are used to her eating there. 2) She has the opportunity to educate people on celiac. When she eats out, she shows the server her celiac card and usually they take it back to the cook. She'll order something that is pretty easy to fix (steak salad for example) and be happy as long as she doesn't have a reaction. She will do her research and ask questions to make it easier on the cooks. Oh you fry onion rings and fries in the same oil? No problem, she won't get the fries. People with celiac usually take these extra steps because they understand how difficult it can be. I think anyone can eat anywhere as long as they take precautions. These things may annoying or difficult for servers/cooks, but it's apart of the job. People with celiac shouldn't have to stay home because of their allergy. Tending to their needs can be difficult, but it's not impossible. It's on the guest to be thorough and make sure the servers/cooks understand their situation.
Eddy Del Rey
Eddy Del Rey ヶ月 前
@Valerie Z. we are trained at fine dining to ask a certain way . If people don’t know what celiacs is , they are not at danger . They are just being picky . Now, if they do know what celiacs is , we run to the kitchen to speak with the chef to make sure their meal is prepared safe . We write on the ticket order “ SEVERE GLUTEN ALLERGY PLEASE SEE SERVER “ we also have to alert the manger who has to deliver the food . We can get fired for not following protocol . In my opinion , if someone is severely allergic to something it is just best to not eat out. It makes it difficult for untrained servers and kitchen staff
Quincy Elam
Quincy Elam ヶ月 前
I'm lactose intolerant..... and I dont turn down dairy products cause momma didn't raise no bitch. The other people that I know that are lactose dont turn down that shit either. It's to good to pass up, fuck the tummy aches.
Tyrann Chase
Tyrann Chase ヶ月 前
is this kevin james or doug heffernan? same person :)
Chase JabL
Chase JabL ヶ月 前
I'm technically lactose intolerant but you would never know that by any of my actions or words. Dairy is too good...
Stephanie Belyavskaya
Stephanie Belyavskaya ヶ月 前
I still watch King of Queens to this day 💕
J ferguson
J ferguson ヶ月 前
I’m the opposite. People always see me eating something and go “hey aren’t you lactose intolerant?” Yea but dude ... ice cream...
Kitiera Skye
Kitiera Skye 3 日 前
Lmao same
Ari Renzi-Surprenant
Ari Renzi-Surprenant 6 日 前
Same, but for me it’s pizza.
timebreaker bardock
timebreaker bardock ヶ月 前
Same here
Morse Code Stutters
Morse Code Stutters ヶ月 前
Same but with pizza lol
Tilmann Giese
Tilmann Giese ヶ月 前
Yeah, it's like people never heard of lactase pills...
Rudy Labsilica
Rudy Labsilica ヶ月 前
"Toughen up America!" Exactly!
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