Jerry Seinfeld & David Spade's Secrets For Making Great Comedy

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Plus Jerry on his new book “Is This Anything?” and why David used to wear so many sleeveless shirts. Catch more David and Netflix stars in conversation on The Netflix Afterparty, coming this Sunday December 13.
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Eltercero 7 時間 前
Spade needs to take a link out of that Rolex bracelet. But otherwise, great conversation. That was great to watch.
Devon something
Devon something 15 時間 前
Comedians in cars finally a series I can watch to be honest.
Luan Nguyen
Luan Nguyen 日 前
What I would give to see Seinfeld on Lights Out..
Sue Jones
Sue Jones 日 前
I love this comedy banter
Michel Puertas
Michel Puertas 日 前
According to IMDb, Seinfeld only has 1 Emmy. Where did the other one come from??
Lola Bear
Lola Bear 日 前
Love Seinfeld. What's not to love?
Lola Bear
Lola Bear 日 前
Man, I was always sure Spade was from North Jersey. wowo He is so cool. It's gotta be bc he is intelligent and sarcastic. lol and his reserve. It's a great combo.
Pawky & Sticky
Pawky & Sticky 日 前
“Yeah it’s called a cloud” lmfao
Paul Henderson
Paul Henderson 2 日 前
Great interview with Jerry listening to David! I think I learned more about David than I ever wanted to? I've met David three times in person, but I actually only ever connected with him personally for the first time tonight. I've always liked his onstage persona and comedy, in general, but I liked him, tonight. It was beginning to feel a little gay, and maybe like he was gonna try and make some awkward move on me, but he chilled and things were cool again. But, yeah, great interview.
Dennis P
Dennis P 2 日 前
Sorry Jerry - Haven't worn layers (T-shirt under shirt) at ANY age. And I have been through many ages. Had no idea it was "against the rules". Ughhh
David Kang
David Kang 2 日 前
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Rebecca Dolashewich
Rebecca Dolashewich 2 日 前
Mr Wonderhung
Mr Wonderhung 3 日 前
I love how these guys are so casual and yet revealing without the stiffness that seems to plague some presenters/podcasters
Ted Sterrett
Ted Sterrett 4 日 前
Cool funny, and smart!
Thomas Hammersmith
Thomas Hammersmith 4 日 前
I'm still laughing at "got a black magic marker"
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook 4 日 前
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Ryan White
Ryan White 5 日 前
"where my Camerys at?.. Land Cruiser knows what I'm takin about." 😂 Oh Dave. Who's your favorite little rascal?
Gee Willickers
Gee Willickers 6 日 前
New York produces some of the best comedians. I attribute it to the ridiculousness of New York culture and people in general.
Skurge Drakken
Skurge Drakken 6 日 前
Every time someone mentions Barry Sobel, all I can think about is "Buck Jackson's mother !" , lol
B Singer
B Singer 6 日 前
The unusual paint indirectly treat because pizza perplexingly grin times a upset shock. limping, penitent tail
1 2
1 2 6 日 前
The scattered loss accordingly scream because willow phytochemically replace aside a ruddy mitten. various, super bone
Mario Segat
Mario Segat 7 日 前
Yeah, it's called a cloud 🌥
Jon Adams
Jon Adams 7 日 前
Lights out was a good show, I’d like to see it on netflix
donato1026 8 日 前
I love the cork-board filler... lol
Thomas Walsh
Thomas Walsh 8 日 前
Give it up Jerry. You were never really that funny anyway.
Andrew Conroy
Andrew Conroy 8 日 前
Such casual genuine chats, no filler, no BS. Nowadays its hard to find
Tommy Hunt
Tommy Hunt 9 日 前
david ur g8t, ur audience 2 small
Tommy Hunt
Tommy Hunt 9 日 前
follow j advice
Tommy Hunt
Tommy Hunt 9 日 前
good guidance, not s
Tommy Hunt
Tommy Hunt 9 日 前
rich is not funny
Tommy Hunt
Tommy Hunt 9 日 前
coffee car is too arrogant
Tommy Hunt
Tommy Hunt 9 日 前
you guys are so valuable, no stupid cffee car
Tommy Hunt
Tommy Hunt 9 日 前
jerry we luv ur luv
Tommy Hunt
Tommy Hunt 9 日 前
omg, so funny
Tommy Hunt
Tommy Hunt 9 日 前
i want to learn
Tommy Hunt
Tommy Hunt 9 日 前
not a bro, the judge is present
Tommy Hunt
Tommy Hunt 9 日 前
not a cool guy. a brilliant comedian
Michael A MN
Michael A MN 11 日 前 Jerry argues with Jim Norton. Great ending.
Alisienne D'Angoulême
Alisienne D'Angoulême 12 日 前
Amen ... When Nancy Pelosi..." Reserve her a body bag & all the other Dinosaurs in govt ... 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Love David's lava lamps & princess phone ... Political jokes are so lame talentless ... These two are writers ... Writers Survivors Older Yeah with
Gabriel 12 日 前
My 2 favorite comedians in the same video!!!!! Awesome 👌
Jean Hantman
Jean Hantman 12 日 前
I’ve been waiting for Spade on Comedians/Cars forever
Moe Philiz
Moe Philiz 14 日 前
Jerry fuck you . What the hell : I park in the red zone because I’m rich. Fuck you and all you fuckheads rich assholes. What a person 🤮
Life's Abeach
Life's Abeach 14 日 前
David Spade does great comedy? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Ryan Nickens
Ryan Nickens 14 日 前
Good editing in this video
John Moreno
John Moreno 14 日 前
thank you guys , you guys are great ,you got heart .
john daly
john daly 15 日 前
I like Jerry and loved his TV show, but I don't understand why a hit TV shows makes him the stand up joke expert. I can think of 20 comedians I would rather go see do stand up other than Jerry and Spade is one of them.
Joel LaFortune
Joel LaFortune 15 日 前
i LOVE DAVID SPADE!!! David is the funniest. i love that candid moment about his dad. Jerry is hilarious! i could watch them go back and forth all day
Lovely Garden
Lovely Garden 16 日 前
Although I love these guys I must admit I have lost some respect that none of them has spoken out about the covid 19 scam, they know its all fake, they know its not real and they are so afraid to be slammed by the media. This is the time we need them most... speak out and help to stop the destruction from lockdown and business being lossed over a virus that has never been proven to exist.
Reggie Henderson
Reggie Henderson 16 日 前
Spade is smart to keep his politics private, he's probably a Trumper and that just wouldn't go over well.
Reggie Henderson
Reggie Henderson 16 日 前
Interesting... I have heard comics complain that musicians can just do the same songs over and over again, but comics always have to have new material. But Jerry is arguing for keeping a comics "greatest hits" in the act. This also reminds me of Steve Martin not wanting to re-do his material at the top of his fame, even though that's what people were coming for, and then later realizing that it was a celebration, and people liked to hear the jokes live, even though they had already heard them.
Judy Pratt
Judy Pratt 16 日 前
Entertainment is essential as in bread & circuses.
Jim M
Jim M 16 日 前
Ok, I'm a writer, and EVERYONE I know who's in this game has read 'On Writing' by Stephen King. Now comedians (and more importantly, wanna-be comedians the way I was a wanna-be writer) have their book to get a handle on their art.
Rusty Smuckers
Rusty Smuckers 17 日 前
Jerks. But I wanna know where did they get their ideas from?
Lancelot Arc
Lancelot Arc 17 日 前
Jerry Seinfeld the secret Ayn Rand disciple.
Spartacus_Collector 17 日 前
Jerry's Superman artwork is awesome!...Anyone know recognize it? any details?
kCdy 17 日 前
Love this genuine stuff.
Theresa Kilcourse
Theresa Kilcourse 18 日 前
Seinfeld seems like such a jerk these days. I'm sorry.
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet 19 日 前
If Seinfeld has a secrete for comedy, I've never seen or heard it.
Willette J
Willette J 20 日 前
For shame. Jerry, you should be massively embarrassed by your success. You probably STOLE the place of a qualified black man 😂😘 how will you repent this sin against mankind? Write more stuff about whites!
Kevin Dorcy
Kevin Dorcy 21 日 前
Really sucks to hear that about your dad.
Alan Suess
Alan Suess 21 日 前
Thanks guys good stuff
JP 22 日 前
And just like that, Spade will forever question his collar/t-shirt decisions just a little more than he had in the past.
The Cheap Bastards
The Cheap Bastards 16 日 前
what is the deal with color/t shirt combos? lol
Carenna Willmont
Carenna Willmont 22 日 前
You are so much fun David. Sorry to hear about your father checking out. It is his loss!
Mike wig Johnson
Mike wig Johnson 23 日 前
Seinfeld good comedy? Hahah. I love david spade but have never seen what is funny about Seinfeld unless you are in elementary school. Just my opinion
Karen Davis
Karen Davis 23 日 前
Oh, I love this between you Seinfeld and David Spade, just phenomenal!! I gotta let this secret out that I've held in for decades....I've always been so in love with David Spade, blush blush blush!!!! Oh I wished I could talk to him, lol!!! Wishing you both a Happy Holiday season!!!
UnixStudios 23 日 前
Whoever told Jerry Seinfeld he was funny?
mkjnh uygtrf
mkjnh uygtrf 23 日 前
The scared son fittingly hammer because hoe astonishingly relax pace a assorted wish. scintillating, awake cow
JMH 24 日 前
FACT: George Carlin created more than two "great" hours of comedy in his lifetime
Drift Wood
Drift Wood 22 日 前
Georges Carlin had MANY hours of pure BRILLIANT material! Carlin is probably my all-time favorite comedian ever! Norm Macdonald is at least top 3 too.
K P 24 日 前
Does he have pictures of him with his 17 year old girlfriend?
J O N A H 25 日 前
Seinfeld trying to remain relevant - People forget he committed statutory while filming Seinfeld. Her name is Shoshanna Lonstein, look it up people.
Christoph Hanke
Christoph Hanke 22 日 前
Who cares? Seinfeld hasn’t made me laugh once. Not even chuckle. I don’t care for the guy and never have.
John Moirano
John Moirano 25 日 前
hey you guys are really funny
Shibby120 25 日 前
Wow Seinfeld is such a manipulative narcissist. Not surprising.
Shibby120 25 日 前
Imagine publicly bragging about parking in the fire lane..
Shibby120 25 日 前
Yes I remember all the sitcoms on Nickelodeon they had one phone on the wall in the kitchen ha ha. We had cordless phones when I was a kid
Yankee Pirate
Yankee Pirate 25 日 前
Yes, those phones are absolutely indestructible. I once saw a pissed off hooker hurl one on a 100 ft cord through a sliding glass door right after she sprayed thr room w/ the crystal on the bookcase&the phone still worked fine afterwards, but it was the bigger more durable "Square Base" model. I'm not sure those fluffy little long light phones could handle the same abuse&still dial the cops afterwards (my job in that scene).
Latif Tayour
Latif Tayour 25 日 前
So much great wisdom.
spiegel 25 日 前
Love seeing top comedians talking about their craft and seeing how they think and relate to each other. Seinfeld was my favorite in my 20's and 30's and Spade has been my favorite ever since.
David Nantz
David Nantz 25 日 前
I didn't think Jerry's last special was very good. It seemed like he was rusty.
Dagger Heart
Dagger Heart 25 日 前
everything they're saying also applies to songwriting
Manda Blake
Manda Blake 25 日 前
Abandonment issues. You're insanely worthy of love. Even when you think you deserve it the least, you need it the most. Met you years ago in Palm Desert and will never forget your flirty charisma!
1ls376 26 日 前
1:23 "What is the deal with brown Trimline phones?" It's not Trim and it's not a Line.
Frank D'Amelio
Frank D'Amelio 26 日 前
Thnx Jerry, always great content!
WWBIII 26 日 前
I rarely comment on entertainment channels, but thank you Mr. Spade (and Mr. Seinfeld) for generally avoiding politics and race material. Your comedy is indeed important - especially now. What you do is more than "just jokes". Most other 'comics' have become so, so tiresome.
Phil Scott
Phil Scott 26 日 前
18:23 "there were musicians and poets AND jazz..." lol.
Astro Gremlin
Astro Gremlin 26 日 前
So where is this Denny Johnston guy? 3:41 Good for a special. Maybe just one special. OK, fine. I want to see this guy.
Terri Sutherland
Terri Sutherland 26 日 前
Funny....the car show jokes!
Leone DiMare
Leone DiMare 27 日 前
Real Comics Being Real People. That's what I'd call the show. We're all a bunch of crazy ideologs now and we need to watch you guys to learn how to act normal. Have you see the Try youtube channel? Irish People eating and drinking stuff for the first time. It's brilliant. We could learn how to be human from the Irish. There's one long-haired guy with a beard who calls himself Irish Jesus who's funny even when he's not drunk. Hey, what did you two think about Bill Burr doing SNL? I thought it was the happiest I've ever seen that poor tormented bastard. And the show was one of the best I'd seen in a long time. Can you two call Lorne Michaels and have the talk? "You know he made your show shine, Lorne. You need to ask him back on the show. People are talking. They noticed how much Bill enjoyed being on the show. They like to see him happy. I mean, they LOVE to see him angry, but not everyone is a putz. They like to see him happy too. Good material, Lorne. Good material." I'm not trying to be funny here. I want Bill Burr back on SNL.
shanmank 27 日 前
Two dudes trying to out un-funny each other
That Guy777
That Guy777 27 日 前
sorry Jerry, but your comedy doesn't work with a man balding, imagine if you had David's hair!
sooke54 27 日 前
Anyone else pissed that Jerry (and Rob Reiner) park in the red zone? "Hey, I'm rich and famous, I can park where I want." Entitled douche move.
peace and love
peace and love 27 日 前
Spade should've skipped flashing Jerry with your zillion dollar rolex he has lots of cars that their tires cost more and should've just done your hair properly...a little of Miss Clairol number 5 and a pair of scissors
peace and love
peace and love 27 日 前
Jerry has billions of dollars but no good microphone
Ned Studios
Ned Studios 27 日 前
Wish Netflix would do a thing on Johnny Carson. Most in here wont have a clue who I'm talking about but if you went on Carson and he gave you the wave to come over to the desk you made it. It was or used to be a right of passage for most comedians and Jerry was one of those.
isabela barlow
isabela barlow 27 日 前
6:24 jerry Seinfeld has that joke in his book love it lol
SS 27 日 前
two of my favs of in comedy.
Ana von Rebeur
Ana von Rebeur 27 日 前
Netflix´s Seinfeld Special is GOLD
Ana von Rebeur
Ana von Rebeur 27 日 前
Spade is not the star! Why he cannot shut up?
Joshua Klein
Joshua Klein 27 日 前
It’s called a cloud😂
Ana von Rebeur
Ana von Rebeur 27 日 前
Too much of name throwing to each other as competitive macho peacocks...
robert lambert
robert lambert 27 日 前
Love it I’ve got too get off my ass
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