If You’re High Watch This Video of Glass Blowing

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Netflix Is A Joke

25 日 前

This 4 minute and 20 second Blown Away compilation will really blow your mind.
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Burcu the Badass
Burcu the Badass 7 日 前
This blew up my mind not respectfully
Travis Richey
Travis Richey 13 日 前
This has been saved to my "Videos to watch if I ever get high" playlist. ~Trav
Phipho Vrabel
Phipho Vrabel 13 日 前
Im not even high but that glass looks like I wanna try taste it 😂 most satisfying vid i have ever seen
Deakin Billings
Deakin Billings 14 日 前
I was not high and enjoyed it
CH3RRYxB0MBx 15 日 前
As a high person watching this video, I can definitely say I'm a high person watching this video
A Green
A Green 17 日 前
And as Netflix recommendations go it was a bad suggestion. Honestly...they can't even get one thing right fml
Terrible Tall
Terrible Tall 18 日 前
Every veiw = Someone high... 😏💨
Snush Boi
Snush Boi 18 日 前
The moment I lighted my j .
YeetThe Skeet
YeetThe Skeet 18 日 前
This was crap, doesnt show any of the finished works
I Firios I
I Firios I 18 日 前
Yeah lets watch a calm interesJESUS FUCKING CHRIST TURN IT DOWN.
Wii Master
Wii Master 18 日 前
I'm disappointed at not witnessing the end product
Nazarene feliciano
Nazarene feliciano 18 日 前
forbidden candy
Tim Blackwell
Tim Blackwell 18 日 前
So were they making something to put together or individual things? And can you show the finished product(s)? I mean it was nice to watch and everything, but it seems more gratifying to see peoples hard work and dedication pay off in the end and like you’ve had a glimpse into a small piece of what they’ve gone through and can connect cosmically and anonymously through strangers who lead vastly different lives from our own. Nice video though all the same
Matthew Rosariob
Matthew Rosariob 18 日 前
I saved it for when I do get high later
Tsuka 2104
Tsuka 2104 19 日 前
Y’all make bongs?
Fatih Mynigga
Fatih Mynigga 19 日 前
The music fucks up the high
How soon is now
How soon is now 19 日 前
Amazing 😲
Jae Suh
Jae Suh 19 日 前
what did they even make though???
BadBoiDelicious 19 日 前
Netflix is a joke.
Antonio Victoriano
Antonio Victoriano 19 日 前
Why is this so satisfying 😂
jeaniebird 20 日 前
I guess I need to smoke a bowl, cuz it's really stressing me out that this video isn't exactly 4:20 long...
David Soegiarto
David Soegiarto 20 日 前
In the end, I felt obligated to just stand up and clap.
Eva de Prosperis
Eva de Prosperis 20 日 前
I don t get it
Kyle Kasper
Kyle Kasper 20 日 前
I just don't understand why this is under Netflix is a joke
Jermaine J
Jermaine J 20 日 前
I’m extremely disappointed the video wasn’t 4 minutes 20 seconds long
chewface 20 日 前
Why do people need to be high to enjoy something? Inb4 triggered druggies chime in.
kenny walker
kenny walker 21 日 前
Blew my shit
james rentas
james rentas 21 日 前
I feel like someone that has never been high before wrote that title.
Paco 21 日 前
Great shots. Terrible music!! WTF!
The God
The God 21 日 前
If you're high? Nah not a vid for that if youre tripping tho...
Jordan Sutche
Jordan Sutche 21 日 前
I'm high and would've liked to seen some finished pieces instead of glops of glass the whole time.
RD Simonse
RD Simonse 21 日 前
I now want to become high for the first time in my life so I can enjoy this even more...
5 28
5 28 21 日 前
Netflix Hidden in plain sight 🖕
Eva Turnquist
Eva Turnquist 21 日 前
I want to eat it
Joseph Dunleavy
Joseph Dunleavy 21 日 前
Buzz kill
Ranae Allen
Ranae Allen 21 日 前
They sure do make it look easy 😅
sanchez. hi
sanchez. hi 21 日 前
Show sucked but these scenes were cool
Sean Stand Up
Sean Stand Up 21 日 前
Music is dreadful had to mute.
Jacob Esquivel
Jacob Esquivel 21 日 前
I am high and this is fuckin me up
PVPI OLVS 21 日 前
Can you believe I’m watching this mesmerized 😭 yet going heavy in my thoughts back and forth - mind you my 👀 are gluuuuuued to the screen 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Daniel D
Daniel D 21 日 前
Forbidden Taffy
JustJay Plays
JustJay Plays 21 日 前
Everytime I see glass blowing it reminds of sugar sculptures.
Sarah Flanagan
Sarah Flanagan 21 日 前
Anyone know what the background music is? I like it
Frank Wayne
Frank Wayne 21 日 前
Talk about Netflix being on moment
forever me
forever me 22 日 前
It's looking more like a candy making factory!
SSDi Boi
SSDi Boi 22 日 前
Ur choice of music made me anxious
SSDi Boi
SSDi Boi 22 日 前
I watch 4 about 3 minutes but dude ur high
SSDi Boi
SSDi Boi 22 日 前
Dude ur high
Josue Luna
Josue Luna 22 日 前
Next time put reggae music 🎶 instantly didn't watch more than 5 seconds because of the terrible music
Duncan MacLennan
Duncan MacLennan 22 日 前
Did anyone else who was high think the glass looked delicious?
Johannes Andersson
Johannes Andersson 22 日 前
Honestly most of it looks like useless junk of my nightmares
oneshot_me 22 日 前
Sure would like to know where they got these clips from!!!
Cheezy Moon
Cheezy Moon 22 日 前
I wonder if the person at Netflix who uploaded this was also high? 🤔
Miguel Criado
Miguel Criado 22 日 前
😂😂 I actually started watching blown away a night that I was high as a kite 😤😤... binged... great art form
lolingJimmy 22 日 前
The forbidden caramel... Yum
Ricky Azua
Ricky Azua 22 日 前
If you watched that and didn’t think about a Plumbus once, then you’re not really high.
chevre beau
chevre beau 22 日 前
The forbidden candy
Not About The Clicks
Not About The Clicks 22 日 前
Mike Yeary
Mike Yeary 22 日 前
Glass making makes me really anxious. It looks neat, but whenever I watch it, I start imagining doing it and getting burned
Nathan Robert
Nathan Robert 23 日 前
Who else was waiting to the end to see a very ornate bong?
its YBA
its YBA 23 日 前
All that glass and not even ONE bong. 😩
Mohamad Safieddine
Mohamad Safieddine 23 日 前
How come this video doesn't end by showing all the bongs they spent 4:20 minutes making!! Someone should get fired literally
bianconeri1993 23 日 前
“What’s this while high” that’s poser shit - fuck you
Lars 23 日 前
the music is pretty uncomfortable for being high
kinda disappointed. I was convinced they were making bowls and bongs but we'll never know will we ?
Neko 23 日 前
not a single bong. disappointed
YYXVV 23 日 前
This music wants to be Sims loading screen/build mode music so bad rn
YYXVV 23 日 前
I'm not high and I watched this and the cops just showed up. Don't do.
Amy Loves History
Amy Loves History 23 日 前
Netflix just wanted to see how many people were high.
Rogelio Camargo
Rogelio Camargo 23 日 前
Put at .75 speed if you are high.
Siphosethu Sambulo
Siphosethu Sambulo 23 日 前
These look delicious
Its a mad mad sad world
Its a mad mad sad world 23 日 前
Rashad Lewis
Rashad Lewis 23 日 前
It blew it
I thought they meant Todd Glass!
Henry Rojo
Henry Rojo 23 日 前
Lemme Dab tf out and melt the skin off my hands trying this!!
Anthony Richmond
Anthony Richmond 23 日 前
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Wyatt Aaron
Wyatt Aaron 23 日 前
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Alexa Nicholas
Alexa Nicholas 23 日 前
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Alexa Nicholas
Alexa Nicholas 23 日 前
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Wyatt Aaron
Wyatt Aaron 23 日 前
How do I start trading with Mr Randy Burton
Alexa Nicholas
Alexa Nicholas 23 日 前
He's Really amazing with an amazing skills he changed my 0.3btc to 2.1btc
mondaymusic 23 日 前
Thought it was going to be a bong tho
Sophus VD
Sophus VD 23 日 前
Well I'm sleep deprived, that's gotta count for something
Arpit Sharma
Arpit Sharma 24 日 前
Reminds me of Dr. Stone
MHD viewer
MHD viewer 23 日 前
Yeah me too.... Bro u still high 😵
Gina Renae
Gina Renae 24 日 前
It's really the soundtrack for me!!!
John Clowes
John Clowes 24 日 前
And what was the end result of all these.
Blunted Vegas702
Blunted Vegas702 24 日 前
when im high i require better music..my apologize
amanda soraya
amanda soraya 24 日 前
Look like candy
Michael Hobbs
Michael Hobbs 24 日 前
Not high but my son is a hot glass artist and this is his normal 9 to 5 job. Great video makes me appreciate the hard and hot work it is to make beautiful glass😊
Armaan Mohsin
Armaan Mohsin 24 日 前
Thank you so much Netflix.
Larry Knicks
Larry Knicks 24 日 前
Well I wasn’t high at first.....
Gavin Millar
Gavin Millar 24 日 前
What?!?!? Why would I watch this high? How would it improve the experience of watching this pointless, directionless collage of images and sounds. Utterly irrelevant try hard attempt from a global corporation trying to weasel its way into a movement it clearly does not understand
Benedict LeGrand
Benedict LeGrand 24 日 前
😀😀 This video is the most satisficing video ever. And the fact that it came from Netflix!!! 😀😀
Minh Quan Vo
Minh Quan Vo 24 日 前
Maybe im not high before, but I am now that I have watched this video. Netflix, you bloody genius bastard
Oscar Acevedo
Oscar Acevedo 24 日 前
20 years in the future.. Netflix:Watch if you’re trippin off mushrooms
Osama Bin Swaggin
Osama Bin Swaggin 21 日 前
Yo real talk tho
Fan Ma
Fan Ma 24 日 前
I love the music! Its fantastic !
Error 24 日 前
The music is Always optimistic by Bruno Le Roux
Watching this video makes me high
Marta W
Marta W 24 日 前
I want to touch it
gmperotti 24 日 前
I love the idea of netflix promoting drugs😂/hj
Jordan Snyder
Jordan Snyder 24 日 前
@1:18 were they making a bong? Lol I mean, you said if you were high watch the video...
j&j j&j
j&j j&j 24 日 前
I just came here to say, I am not high
Error 24 日 前
-Anyone knows the name of the music?- I found it! Always optimistic by Bruno Le Roux
Ismail Mohamud
Ismail Mohamud 24 日 前
Shahrukh Shaikh
Shahrukh Shaikh 24 日 前
I liked the Music more than Video ❤️
Error 24 日 前
The music is Always optimistic by Bruno Le Roux
Daniel Hodges
Daniel Hodges 24 日 前
I spent most of this vid asking myself if they making bongs 😂
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