How Bill Burr and Tanner Buchanan Almost Met | The Netflix Afterparty

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18 日 前

Once upon a time, Cobra Kai's Tanner Buchanan nearly interrupted Bill's phone call to say hi. What he didn't know was that he'd be sitting right next to Bill in the near future. The series premiere of The Netflix Afterparty is now streaming.
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Boots of Spanish leather
Boots of Spanish leather 2 日 前
I would be so uncomfortable being the only person standing. I wouldn't want to be there
moehio 2 日 前
Tanner really thinks he's important, don't he?
Maverick L.
Maverick L. 3 日 前
Bill is funny in any environment
Key Keeper
Key Keeper 4 日 前
In the thumbnail it looks like Bill is saying that to tanner which is hilarious
Joel Reisig
Joel Reisig 5 日 前
Being on your phone in the elevator is rude. My dad was in an elevator with another lawyer, didn't know the guy, who was on his cell phone. My dad decided it was a good time to sing 100 bottles of beer on the wall!
keith sprague
keith sprague 8 日 前
Why is that kid wearing my grandmothers coat?
Niceguy EDDIE
Niceguy EDDIE 9 日 前
Weird blue outfit.
Chris Dean
Chris Dean 9 日 前
Covid yet they can all just meet up. Wake up people.
Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice
Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice 9 日 前
When are they gonna make a series based off of Crossroads? Man that would be cool too. Vai is still around!
alex jones a real hittah
alex jones a real hittah 9 日 前
man Tanner's straight crippin
Christian Stoleski
Christian Stoleski 9 日 前
Bill burr ;p
ChucksterOLove 10 日 前
That was thoughtful of Tanner to not interupt Bill, most people would obnoxiously interupt the call and ask for a picture...😄
John Wu
John Wu 10 日 前
bill needs to be a recurring character on every show, next up cobra kai season 4
Darkwing Dave
Darkwing Dave 10 日 前
I love Cobra Kai... That's the best show right now, tomorrow and forever. Keep up the amazing work, everybody!!!!
Josh Cate
Josh Cate 10 日 前
3 kids that could put Bill Burr through a fucking wall.
Josh Cate
Josh Cate 10 日 前
It was a play on Burr's characters catchphrase, don't read it as gospel.
Justice Beaver
Justice Beaver 10 日 前
Lol they couldn’t
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez 10 日 前
Miguel dress like Sean penn in mystic river too fly for my eyes😎😎😎
BT 10 日 前
Not sure why..but these interviews seem awkward and out of place. Imagine Barbra Streisand hanging out with Justin Bieber. You can't picture it can you? random.
xilo301 10 日 前
Billy burr would have insulted 10 minutes to tanner if he interrupted a bussiness call.
Daniel J
Daniel J 10 日 前
Shawn Hunter anyone?
Blue Collar Men Productions
Blue Collar Men Productions 10 日 前
Bill Burr and Johnny are two peas in a pod
Tommy G
Tommy G 11 日 前
Miguel looks like Fez from that 70's show
Spooky 11 日 前
mandalorian x cobra kai?!?!?
Pelado 11 日 前
Get bill burr on cobra kai please
benjamin abdu
benjamin abdu 11 日 前
Yeah i neither...did i get the joke...
Jerrald West
Jerrald West 11 日 前
The fuck are the actors for Miguel and Robbie wearing😆? Robbie looks like Madeline all grown up with that jacket and hair, and Miguel looks like he's about to go slap a hooker around in that 70's crap he's wearing.
Katerina Berhami
Katerina Berhami 11 日 前
I love tanners shoes does anyone know where to buy
FormerBangalorian 11 日 前
Xolo dressed like Rick Dalton from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Hink Hall
Hink Hall 10 日 前
It’s official. I’m a has been ol buddy.
sergio urtuzuastegui
sergio urtuzuastegui 11 日 前
netflix is a joke so is your mother lol
Fernie Ariel
Fernie Ariel 11 日 前
The concept of this show is great but it’s hosted by the 3 most un-funniest people they could find. Bill should host this show! Can you imagine? He would interview the hell out of people.
Fernie Ariel
Fernie Ariel 10 日 前
@John Smith You should apply for this show, you're just as funny.
John Smith
John Smith 10 日 前
Shane Reimroc
Shane Reimroc 11 日 前
Why is there a guy standing behind the couch?
James Desomma
James Desomma 11 日 前
Both the guys were dressed horribly! That all blue shit was ridiculous
V Rodolfo
V Rodolfo 11 日 前
Ex stromtrooper almost meet johnny's son. Thats almost perfect :P
Ryan H
Ryan H 11 日 前
that was not a story
Sheesh King
Sheesh King 12 日 前
Will 11 日 前
lol you're not the only one
Jason Quiroz
Jason Quiroz 12 日 前
Robby is a complete dumbass though! I do honestly hope he gets some sense and joins Danny and Johnny's new team.
TMJ 12 日 前
Biggest Star here in this Show. Is BILL BURR. hope to see u reprise the Role of Mayfield in New Republic StarWars.
Sun Chips
Sun Chips 10 日 前
Nope, wrong. Miguel’s outfit is the biggest star on this show.
mitrooper 11 日 前
It's too bad that Mayfeld didn't make it out of that Imperial compound, ah well, he gave his life for the greater good, may he rest in peace.
Tiger Dragon
Tiger Dragon 11 日 前
Oh. He will. Its Bill Bur. Its part of the act.
Tomiwa Aina
Tomiwa Aina 12 日 前
What's this from and where can I watch the full thing?
HD 12 日 前
Ellen is looking well
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 12 日 前
Bill burr should do a cameo in Cobra Kai
Twyin Lannister
Twyin Lannister 13 日 前
Why are xolo and tanner dressed like starsky & hutch?
Christopher Foley
Christopher Foley 10 日 前
Best of the Miguel and Robbie comments
Ryan Leadbitter
Ryan Leadbitter 13 日 前
Lmao why did I think it was Bill Burr saying that in the thumbnail
Jakob Rodriguez
Jakob Rodriguez 13 日 前
This was the worst story ever, not Bill’s fault, kid just can’t tell a story
J-800 Model HaHaHa
J-800 Model HaHaHa 13 日 前
Both featured in 2 of the greatest shows of all time... The Mandalorian and Cobra Kai 👌
Bionic_Spider 13 日 前
Xolo look like he Finna star as Priest in another Superfly Reboot 😭
Rangga widhiarso
Rangga widhiarso 13 日 前
I see this man before....mandalorian??
Dynamic Voltage
Dynamic Voltage 13 日 前
Bill should have been the pawn shop worker in Cobra Kai
William 2 日 前
underrated comment
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez 13 日 前
Didn’t this guy die in a terrible mining accident? RIP mayfeld who totally died in a terrible mining accident
John Cunningham
John Cunningham 5 日 前
Wow never saw that joke before. That meme totally didn't get old and deflated in 2 days flat.
TianWangTuoTa 12 日 前
I heard it was a refinery explosion. These accounts were reported by a brown eyed man.
Anon. Exe
Anon. Exe 13 日 前
Why is Miguel dressed like a mob boss's cousin😂😂😂
Anon. Exe
Anon. Exe 9 日 前
@Zhello 😂😂you've seen the ads
Zhello 9 日 前
Because he is a level 1 Crook waiting to be a level 35 Boss.
Pike Roast
Pike Roast 11 日 前
Yeah, the one who do too much drugs and ratted out the family business type
Tony Potatoes
Tony Potatoes 11 日 前
probably just how he dresses lol
TheAllSeeing 11 日 前
"How 'bout another joke Robbay?"
fiscer247 13 日 前
Bill probably loved the fact that the kid didn't say hi to him because he was on the phone. That's just good manners, unlike Kesha who tried to get a hug from Jerry Seinfeld.
RyPiggy Lebruski
RyPiggy Lebruski 11 日 前
Jerry Seinfeld just kinda dislikes it when people talk to him though. He seems like a very private person
Bill Randolph
Bill Randolph 13 日 前
That Fortune Feimster either talks about herself or throws in the fact she is gay every single time she opens her mouth. Netflix needs to replace that Idiot with someone more interesting.
positrack99 13 日 前
Except for Miguel, the acting from the JPgoon cast of adolescents this show is saddled with is not so good.
John Smith
John Smith 10 日 前
positrack99 12 日 前
@Silver Toe I'll agree about Hawk. He has a tough role as his subplot calls for him to act Eli and Hawk's internal conflict.
Silver Toe
Silver Toe 13 日 前
Honestly I think hawk did pretty good. Aside from some of the script he pulls off facial expressions pretty well
Noor 13 日 前
Xolo looking good AF with that outfit. The man has got swagggg
Steven Fairlie
Steven Fairlie 10 日 前
He's a flamer
Jovany Marquez
Jovany Marquez 11 日 前
@Eric Ortega Wtf is tanner wearing xolo got swag
Noor 12 日 前
@Eric Ortega At least 21 people disagree with you. If someone is good looking they can wear anything and they will look good.
Eric Ortega
Eric Ortega 12 日 前
It's probably the worst outfit anyone could wear
Sir Drudles
Sir Drudles 13 日 前
At this point in my life everything is a jojo reference
YoDog JC
YoDog JC 10 日 前
@Yahye Ibrahim bill burr mentioned reo speed wagon which is also the name of a character from jojo
Yahye Ibrahim
Yahye Ibrahim 11 日 前
how is this a jojo refrence
Aj C
Aj C 14 日 前
Haha did anyone else notice his story is "I almost said hi once" and Bill Burr is like WTF dude lol
Aj C
Aj C 13 日 前
@DoubleO88 🤣
DoubleO88 13 日 前
😂 😂 He was so bored, thank god Spade saved it with his joke at the end.
mikeyp8044 14 日 前
if Bill Burr us on Cobra Kai... someone's gettin PUT THROUGH THAT FUCKIN WALL!
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis 14 日 前
Good for netflix for immediately getting Spade a show when comedy central canceled it. I thought his show was fantastic, getting better, and actually still worked with the work-from-home zoom-type calls.
Pierre 14 日 前
wow what a great fuckin story bud
vik saggu
vik saggu 14 日 前
Shawn Hunter?
DIYTFY 14 日 前
What a dum suit
Jimothy Snooker
Jimothy Snooker 14 日 前
well he's on the phone in that story. I could meet my hero tomorrow and have enough respect to not interrupt someone on a call. especially if you can tell it's important. good manners kid
Da1 King0fWakanda
Da1 King0fWakanda 14 日 前
Mandalorian and Cobra Kai both had amazing seasons. Both of their finales were INCREDIBLE.
Ajay Khande
Ajay Khande 6 日 前
@Damont Patelz you don't have to
José Luis
José Luis 12 日 前
I like Mando more but that's just me
Da1 King0fWakanda
Da1 King0fWakanda 12 日 前
@Damont Patelz Mandalorian still might be worth a watch.
Damont Patelz
Damont Patelz 13 日 前
I don't watch star wars
Blue Sky
Blue Sky 14 日 前
Did they make Xolo sit behind the couch for a legitimate reason? lmao it can't be social distancing, look at everyone else, wtf
ChaseEverything 13 日 前
He's in a wheelchair.
John Cena
John Cena 14 日 前
Why so much attention to tanner
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn 15 日 前
Miguel is dressed like Al Pacino in Carlito's Way 😁😁🤣
Death Dealer
Death Dealer 日 前
stefano bandhawk
stefano bandhawk 12 日 前
My man, Charlie!! Good catch bro 🤝
wnterszn冬 12 日 前
He’s just standing like Hannibal
Joel Gonzalez
Joel Gonzalez 13 日 前
Its xolo
Finlay Potter
Finlay Potter 13 日 前
The ending tho 😪
Figueroa Films
Figueroa Films 15 日 前
That guy looks so awkward in the back.
tristan carter
tristan carter 14 日 前
bruh miguel ain’t just “that guy”
ThunderGod 918
ThunderGod 918 15 日 前
They kids are the worst part this show they can’t act. They look dumb asf in real life to especially Miguel. 😂
Elmar live happy
Elmar live happy 15 日 前
you love that show but can not shake hands with the actors when you come in...arrogant prick
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 15 日 前
Why is Miguel's actor just awkwardly sitting behind the couch...
Dread Pirate Roberts
Dread Pirate Roberts 14 日 前
Because they knew how many guests were coming and still couldn't arrange better seating
TheLoos3Goos33 14 日 前
Because Netflix insists on making things awkward. He looks so out of place being the only one sitting that high.
Alan Ortiz
Alan Ortiz 14 日 前
Because of covid they have to be sitting apart and there's not enough room on the couch.
J R 15 日 前
I didn’t even realize Xolo was there till you pointed it out
Sr. Chiqi Tibum
Sr. Chiqi Tibum 15 日 前
I just watched the first episode. Sadly, it just felt like a Netflix commercial the entire time. This snippet was the most entertaining bit. I think the size of the room and the format (which is like Lights Out, but unfortunately with way fewer comedians) are problematic.
k S
k S 10 日 前
It gets much better
John Smith
John Smith 10 日 前
See the rest You will love it
AT3D 15 日 前
Cobra Kai feels like a really good Disney Channel movie lol.
Devastator 6 日 前
So the only good one?
Justice Beaver
Justice Beaver 10 日 前
Power rangers
Irvin Alexander Flores
Irvin Alexander Flores 11 日 前
@Sabretooth Studios true lol
Doc Savage
Doc Savage 12 日 前
Only the best Disney movies drop the word "pussies" every 10 minutes.. 👌
Chrissy p
Chrissy p 12 日 前
Nah Disney Channel sucks nowadays. Plus if it was on Disney it'll be a Cobra Kai:Musical 😂
Roose Tetanus
Roose Tetanus 15 日 前
Why does Tanner Buchanan give me the Jonathan Brandis vibes?
popeye697 13 日 前
Because of Sidekicks with Chuck Norris?
Denise L
Denise L 14 日 前
No. More like Rider Strong from boy meets world
Phil Mehr
Phil Mehr 15 日 前
Cobra Kai is my favourite show - has some nice LAYDEES
Mulder's Mayhem
Mulder's Mayhem 15 日 前
Saying Hi is for the weak
Butter Toast
Butter Toast 15 日 前
Tanner should play terry McGinnis in Batman beyond
vcwchen 15 日 前
bill gets his training season 4
Hispanic Fence-sitter
Hispanic Fence-sitter 15 日 前
My favorite comedian likes my favorite show?
Some Guy
Some Guy 16 日 前
David Spade looks like he took over Larry King Live
The Z Review
The Z Review 16 日 前 Think I found a massive spoiler for Season 4! Also season 3 was awesome 🙂
mugensamurai 16 日 前
So they make the latino kid stand like a security guard...
OceanMetTheSky 14 日 前
@Roostertail Spice by the way, "velcro heads" thats real uh... hilarious. Good joke
OceanMetTheSky 14 日 前
@Roostertail Spice everyones so fucking sensitive that its hard to know whats satire and whats not anymore
Roostertail Spice
Roostertail Spice 14 日 前
@OceanMetTheSky Man you velcro heads just don't get jokes anymore and just want to be pc sjw for everything huh?
OceanMetTheSky 14 日 前
Literally the "white kid" on the couch started the first half of the show behind the couch. Get a grip
john wheeler
john wheeler 16 日 前
Miguel sitting in the back looking like security at a strip club in the 70s
phj223 10 日 前
What's up with that, he looks like he wasn't invited to the party.
Hamza Malik
Hamza Malik 10 日 前
I didn't even notice him
Rhys Wallace
Rhys Wallace 11 日 前
Best comment
TheMasterQuests 12 日 前
He's pimpin in the back
Lee 80s
Lee 80s 13 日 前
😂😂😂😂😂😂 LMFAO
danielc 16 日 前
Wtf is robbie wearing
Mr. Feeny
Mr. Feeny 16 日 前
I like how they addressed the problem. Damn spot on
SLE 297
SLE 297 16 日 前
I really don't like that kid and wish they replace him with another actor because he ruins the show
SLE 297
SLE 297 13 日 前
@Jovany Marquez yes that little shit Robbie is annoying as hell! I wish they choose someone else to play that character because i really like this show and he gives me the shits
Jovany Marquez
Jovany Marquez 13 日 前
Who which One I agree with changing the one who plays Robby
Brandon Royce
Brandon Royce 16 日 前
Good on him! I think most people would interrupt someone if they were on phone, and they probably wouldn't see anything wrong with it.
yuh yuh
yuh yuh 16 日 前
What he should've said was, "I wanted to say high but I didn't want you to yell at me."
spartanical 16 日 前
that was excruciating. it's what makes us appreciate great story-tellers like Billy Burr!
Clout Claudius Charles
Clout Claudius Charles 16 日 前
Why Does xolo look 30
Sahej 16 日 前
The 2 best shows of 2020
Henry Hammond
Henry Hammond 16 日 前
You don’t say hi to Bill Burr. You say hey go fuck yourself. That’s how he knows you’re a fan.
Raynard Middleton
Raynard Middleton 17 日 前
why Xolo lookin like he in Carlitos Way tho lmao
Unorthodox 17 日 前
Why does it seem like Tanner is lying and making the story up as he gos..CRINGE😂😂
Roger Karmacharya
Roger Karmacharya 17 日 前
Cobra kai is awesome...but tanner Buchanan needs acting classes
Jovany Marquez
Jovany Marquez 13 日 前
@Roger Karmacharya I agree on the hawk part he completely changed his body language when he went from Eli to hawk . I disagree with the xolo part I think he is great is some of the lines he is given that sometimes aren’t good but in season 3 I think h was great all around . Now for tanner he isn’t good he makes the same face for everything
Jovany Marquez
Jovany Marquez 13 日 前
@Butter Toast No he doesn’t
Roger Karmacharya
Roger Karmacharya 15 日 前
@Butter Toast Agreed...but he comes through except few scenes...but tanner is intolerable... Mary mouser is a close second though....Hawk has the best performance among the teen actors.
Eagle Fang
Eagle Fang 15 日 前
@Butter Toast Naw he is a good actor get over it sucka =]
Butter Toast
Butter Toast 15 日 前
@Eagle Fang nah alot of his lines feel forced
Visual Reaction
Visual Reaction 17 日 前
Cobra boy is odd
Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson 17 日 前
This show was bad
Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson 15 日 前
@Red Mosquito the cohosts don't have charisma. The audience reaction are akward
Red Mosquito
Red Mosquito 15 日 前
Super awkward and the cohosts added nothing.
Jason PDSI
Jason PDSI 17 日 前
Jesus Christ, does Tanner ever not wear fantastic outfits with in public?
Jason PDSI
Jason PDSI 14 日 前
@OceanMetTheSky I'm not one to judge...😏
OceanMetTheSky 14 日 前
@Jason PDSI You know that dude insulting his outfits wears shirts with eagles on it and has holes in his underwear
Jason PDSI
Jason PDSI 17 日 前
It's spelled "gay", you knuckle-dragging mouth-breather
Eagle Fang
Eagle Fang 17 日 前
Keen j
Keen j 17 日 前
Why is this a clip
idont wantcorporateretaliation
idont wantcorporateretaliation 17 日 前
i gave up on this kid trying to explain how he almost met Bill
Bacon Ocean
Bacon Ocean 17 日 前
2021 already doesn't make sense I even forgot David spade was there as i typed this comment lol
tanner so easy to look at lol
Ash Flexum
Ash Flexum 17 日 前
I read the thumbnail as "I wanted to say hi to baldy"
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