Eric Andre Pranks Chloe Veitch From The Circle | Worst Interview Ever

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29 日 前

An extremely game Chloe Veitch from The Circle thinks she’s being interviewed by an entertainment news show, but that’s only because she has no idea who Eric Andre from Bad Trip is.
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Dessa Rose
Dessa Rose 47 分 前
The fact Chloe is confusing Eric Andre is so funny 😭
RehanRC 2 時間 前
"pardon?" lol
lucas s
lucas s 日 前
It's kinda weird to see Andre behaving this much.
T J 日 前
Eric couldn't be himself so they had to edit it to look more awkward
Antonio Manuel Cadenillas Diaz
Antonio Manuel Cadenillas Diaz 日 前
TibbyProductions 2 日 前
Let's be honest, who didn't she fancy
TibbyProductions 2 日 前
She should go on Are you the One
lydia love - urinternetgf
lydia love - urinternetgf 2 日 前
ryanscottadkins 2 日 前
This was basically just an interview... and it was horrible...
Robert Frost
Robert Frost 2 日 前
This is the best ad ever and it has no views haha
Lo The Goat
Lo The Goat 2 日 前
I love chloeee
The Rebel Dottie
The Rebel Dottie 2 日 前
She is so incredibly stupid.
lecario ti
lecario ti 3 日 前
Love her energy, I would not even know how to respond to half those questions 😭
Monica R
Monica R 3 日 前
I like how she made her own side effects for to swat the graphics away
Monica R
Monica R 3 日 前
I wanna see the whole thinggg
Jason Brown
Jason Brown 3 日 前
This girl is legit dumb
Jason Brown
Jason Brown 3 日 前
Yip, they message you directly
Nicole Gottselig
Nicole Gottselig 3 日 前
Lol, takes off the hat in the glasses like that was giving anything away! 😅😆
SleightSoda 3 日 前
Literally who is this chick? Terrible idea to crossover two audiences that literally never intersect
BlackFaithProduction 3 日 前
6:57 “I’m like FLAT broke. I made NO money this past year.” 💀😂😂😂😂😂 Straight face and all. That made my day!
Galaxy 4 日 前
Omg Chloe was such a good sport on this one
Manny Khan
Manny Khan 4 日 前
Wow she really is an airhead. Saw her on The Circle and THTH and looks like she just wants to bare all to win anything.
DJHannibalRoyce 4 日 前
Why am I stanning now
Majestic Squid
Majestic Squid 4 日 前
She seems really smart, which is unusual for attractive women.
oxforddictonary 4 日 前
Ughhh how can you NOT love Chloe lmaoooo She's just ....precious. She should have won the Circle!
SaulexisCL 4 日 前
Awww love herrrr
Aaron Instone
Aaron Instone 4 日 前
Did he actually close his eyes for 20 minutes 😂
BT 4 日 前
"have we started the interview yet ?" Lmao I love her.
Kindhearted Greatperson
Kindhearted Greatperson 4 日 前
Ian Reed
Ian Reed 4 日 前
“im really tired....i’ve been up since 11:30 am”
Joanna Livadas
Joanna Livadas 5 日 前
Ugh two icons truly
Sentient Rock
Sentient Rock 5 日 前
I feel like the best part is when she sings but the sound is copyrighted :/
Olive Green
Olive Green 5 日 前
She acts like she doesn't have a brain
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday 5 日 前
Hahaha Chloe is such a good sport 🥰
Marissa 5 日 前
Chloe's reactions are soooo funny 😂😂😂😂
Luca Siladji
Luca Siladji 5 日 前
thank GOD they added her swatting the graphics at the end
KungFuGenius 5 日 前
How cute was the effects thing at the end lol
Alya Aliski
Alya Aliski 6 日 前
chloe's too pure for this :(
Fari 6 日 前
I'm just jealous that Eric André is the only person who got to hear her sing that song 😂
Robert Aguirre
Robert Aguirre 6 日 前
She’s so dumb…..
Quaid Pollonais
Quaid Pollonais 6 日 前
I quite enjoyed this
immeatom 6 日 前
I️ love Chloe!! She's so funny!
Al Sal
Al Sal 6 日 前
Factual Genius
Factual Genius 6 日 前
Chloé should have a new bachelorette type of show on Netflix. It will be complete entertainment.
Hillmidget 4 日 前
Hahahaha imagine she would say she loves and will marry them all at one stage or another XD
Gabbi Gurule
Gabbi Gurule 6 日 前
I absolutely love Chloe, I cheered for her the whole time❤
Armando Andrés
Armando Andrés 7 日 前
Netflix are doing a excellent job promoting their shows I might check this out
Merrill T
Merrill T 7 日 前
She's a great sport wow
imkerbal 7 日 前
This girl is a bitch
Driskull 7 日 前
Gianni Dags
Gianni Dags 7 日 前
"you signed up for parler on january 6th so you could speak your truth" Im dead
Mister T
Mister T 2 日 前
@Kate Gehlen Close enough 🤣
Kate Gehlen
Kate Gehlen 4 日 前
“oh is that an app about jesus?”
Anne marie Hayden
Anne marie Hayden 7 日 前
I’m a patient person and I was getting impatient with this 😹chloe is a gem
Joel Okello Lapyem
Joel Okello Lapyem 7 日 前
Ya....she's definitely seen the Eric andre show
Kristen Flojo
Kristen Flojo 7 日 前
After watching this, I’m an even bigger fan of Chloe 😂
Michael Fil
Michael Fil 8 日 前
Sorry, Chloe is the breakout star of the Circle? Chloe?!
J K 8 日 前
Lmao Aaron Andre is the best
Ian McKenna
Ian McKenna 8 日 前
I'm really going through a rough time.
gomcoclamp 8 日 前
the way he took the hat off, as if she would recognize him then -
hillary buff
hillary buff 8 日 前
Omg she is SO SWEET!!!
Lindsay Fitzgerald
Lindsay Fitzgerald 8 日 前
I freakin love her lmaooo
zhulia 8 日 前
I love when a bit of Eric Andre actually gets to peep through in a genuine reaction - just lovely.
zhulia 8 日 前
This just made my goddamn week.
short stACK
short stACK 8 日 前
An app about Jesus?
Kid Latchkey
Kid Latchkey 8 日 前
Omfg I love her. She’s amazing. Even Eric Andre was like “LOL WOW”
Alessandro Zotti
Alessandro Zotti 8 日 前
I WANT TO SEE HER REACTION TO THIS VIDEO!!! please get Chloe to react to this
Shawn for President
Shawn for President 8 日 前
I have no idea who she is, but I like her. She was a good sport
Tierny Touch
Tierny Touch 8 日 前
“Do you want me to dance?” “I don’t feel comfortable answering that question.” “Oh... sorry!”
ZakR 8 日 前
She took it like a champ
yvessadlaurent 8 日 前
Chloe!! lmao this interview makes sense if you've seen season 2 of the circle or know her personality
Anne marie Hayden
Anne marie Hayden 7 日 前
Or too hot to handle
aaronSanchezz 8 日 前
I thought British people were supposed to be smart lol
Gio Chamba
Gio Chamba 8 日 前
lol she's so annoying and clueless, i'm glad eric got her lmao
Remy Carreiro
Remy Carreiro 9 日 前
Eric is living proof that confidence can bag any woman. No wonder dude was smashing Rosario Dawson.
mchikos 9 日 前
Check out Aaron in his new movie!
Jocey Vee
Jocey Vee 9 日 前
This was fantastic.
douglas dacosta
douglas dacosta 9 日 前
MC Dano
MC Dano 9 日 前
1:38 you can tell he broke character when he said no to her asking about whether someone contacts you to get the vaccine. He was like “wtf no!” Lol
ChrosTV 6 日 前
@DylzerNSA This is how it works in many European countries!
MC Dano
MC Dano 8 日 前
@DylzerNSA oh ok lol complete opposite in the US
DylzerNSA 8 日 前
That is actually how it works in the UK!
Frank Roberts
Frank Roberts 9 日 前
“Wha is that? An app abou Jesus?!
Anni Bellamy
Anni Bellamy 9 日 前
Nathaly Buruca
Nathaly Buruca 9 日 前
“And what are you doing about climate change” ....,,,.,....
Ash Nair
Ash Nair 9 日 前
She’s a national treasure.
Ingrid Emerson
Ingrid Emerson 9 日 前
An app about Jesus? 🤣🤣
Vicki_Brosh 9 日 前
Loved her in The Circle! This is hilarious, she was such a good sport! 😂😂
Abdullah Jimmy
Abdullah Jimmy 10 日 前
I thought she was from too hot to handle
Cage McKinsey
Cage McKinsey 10 日 前
This reminds me of when he interviewed the babes of Instagram. That’s one of my favorite pieces of content he ever did haha
GanjaFreedom420 10 日 前
This is so fucking Gold. Eric Andre is a fucking genius
Mr. Biswas
Mr. Biswas 7 日 前
No doubt
Not Aaron Paul
Not Aaron Paul 10 日 前
Didn’t bad trip come out like a year ago? Like even before the last season of Eric Andre show?? Lol why he still promoting this
Not Aaron Paul
Not Aaron Paul 9 日 前
@James Whiteford lol that’s interesting, i looked into it and it was accidentally put on Amazon prime and then got posted as a torrent, so I actually did see it months ago i just didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to 🤪
James Whiteford
James Whiteford 9 日 前
Was only released about a month ago
Alden Legge
Alden Legge 10 日 前
I think we can all agree, she didn't know who Eric Andre was even after the reveal 😄 I didn't even realize he was supposed to be in disguise with the beanie and the glasses.
Mister T
Mister T 2 日 前
Aaron lmao 🤣🤣
Denton Visual
Denton Visual 10 日 前
Hahahaha she handled Eric better than most celebrities! This was a brilliant idea
Smort Guy
Smort Guy 8 日 前
To be fair she doesn't have to deal with the extreme discomfort of being on his show. This was pretty great though lol
Rafael Lima
Rafael Lima 10 日 前
I don’t know why people think fake lips and fake teeth look good
Rafael Lima
Rafael Lima 7 日 前
@bottedup because they’re veneers man, I know teeth.
bottedup 8 日 前
How do you know her teeth are fake?
TattedBoi 10 日 前
Literally the dumbest girl in the whole world, how you get pranked yet still be dumber then the pranked, she literally so spaced about everything in this world too it's crazy
dessi 1992
dessi 1992 10 日 前
was able to be just as funny not even the same room genius
Amin Zarei
Amin Zarei 10 日 前
You guys just ruined a great episode of Eric show. Man she could be a perfect guest :/
David Pantsaver
David Pantsaver 10 日 前
Eric's new co-host
mycollegeshirt 10 日 前
I dont understand all the love this broad is getting, she's so goddamn stupid.. like seriously? is it just me.. ok.
Emilia Frangedakis
Emilia Frangedakis 10 日 前
She’s fucking awesome 😂 took it like a champ. And she’s so naturally hilarious and kind hearted
Marco Coelho
Marco Coelho 10 日 前
this needs more views omg
brian sanchez
brian sanchez 11 日 前
This is literally very toned down version of the eric andre show
Daniel Brisbin
Daniel Brisbin 11 日 前
thats good comedy
Brittany Anderson
Brittany Anderson 11 日 前
Check out Erin in his new movie! 😂😂
andiemichellee 2 日 前
I died at that part lmao
Treyvon Thompson
Treyvon Thompson 11 日 前
Erin's movie is great. And Miss Savenyay was great on her show.
XDXD XDXD 11 日 前
I love how she is genuinely thinking hard abt everything 🤣 you can see it on her face 💗💗💗 she is a whole mood
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