Death To 2020: Greta Thunberg’s Davos Speech

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22 日 前

Death to 2020 is here and Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones are helping us process *everything* that happened this year. Featuring Samuel L. Jackson, Kumail Nanjiani and more, Death to 2020 is now streaming.
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Asturianix98 20 時間 前
For a moment I thought that guy was Taika Waititi.
siddharth singh
siddharth singh 日 前
I don’t know it’s soundproof
Super Nova
Super Nova 3 日 前
Some people call u selfish? "I don't know, its sound proof" 😂😂😂😂
Etienne ali
Etienne ali 3 日 前
I dont understand why people praise her for acting like a crazy person on the subway
Whanau Aroha
Whanau Aroha 3 日 前
Wait are you from here how did u get in 😂😂I'm sure we are not taking any passes 🤔
Whanau Aroha
Whanau Aroha 3 日 前
Shiet I knew we were all gone come to the end eventually on earth but daymm climate change is how we gone end ... actually I guess wat God made can be taking away🤔shiiet
FYRFOX198 3 日 前
Souvik Chakraborty
Souvik Chakraborty 5 日 前
Who the fuck is bark multiverse. He looked and sounded like kunal nanjiani
valerie vishnay
valerie vishnay 5 日 前
"No less a man than Jeffrey Epstein" 😩😂😂💀
lenny koss
lenny koss 6 日 前
Ali Fareed M.C.
Ali Fareed M.C. 7 日 前
Bark Multiverse should get a spin off lol
Nellie G
Nellie G 7 日 前
This looks hilarious.
Salman Mazumder
Salman Mazumder 7 日 前
Kumail looks so weird being ripped. I hope he is still funny.
Justin Griffin
Justin Griffin 8 日 前
None of the so called leaders at Davos wore masks or social distanced...the pictures Show that we are being scammed. Bill gates gets richer by pretending to be a philanthropist, just like rockerfeller, (who gates senior worked for) he will make a fortune from Vaccines. Foundations are simply a tax dodge while maintaining control.
Rascal Husky
Rascal Husky 8 日 前
I found this show very funny but very true . A well made film .
An Ra
An Ra 11 日 前
Wait what ?? This seem INCREDIBLE
Scott Pickering
Scott Pickering 12 日 前
People praising a brainwashed little girl because she's pushing the same brainwashed propaganda that they've been brainwashed by themselves. That's what we call stupid.
June Mwangi
June Mwangi 13 日 前
This is still so funny!
BxxDxx Hoodoo
BxxDxx Hoodoo 13 日 前
I almost laughed
People who Use youtube
People who Use youtube 13 日 前
A survival bunker in new Zealand?
thenu Baby King
thenu Baby King 13 日 前
First of all i opologize to you. I do a youtube channel."thenu baby king"if possible please like,subscribe,share and give
Benicio Moya-Moneo
Benicio Moya-Moneo 14 日 前
This mockumentary is pure propaganda
writerconsidered 14 日 前
What did I just watch? and who is this character named Bark Mulitiverse? Is this a parody?
macforme 14 日 前
There is NOTHING like satire to slap you in the face and show you what is wrong with society. You even laugh while being slapped. Thanks Netflix... this is amazing.
macforme 8 日 前
@Mike Munro 👍 Stay safe, Mike
Mike Munro
Mike Munro 10 日 前
hahaha so funny and true
god's best friend
god's best friend 14 日 前
or in other words
tilekt 14 日 前
How dare you?!
Christian Utama
Christian Utama 14 日 前
This guy is a billionaire? Last time I saw him, he was a taxi driver 🚖
TITANS TV 14 日 前
Tell this girl to go to school
The All Seeing Eye
The All Seeing Eye 14 日 前
Shreeker CEOs speech is the bullshit we are fed daily
Netflix is not a joke is a big shit !!!
Nishanth K
Nishanth K 15 日 前
Get back to school greta
Alexia Torrez
Alexia Torrez 15 日 前
Dear Netflix, this show was a great 👍🏼 idea, thank you 🙏❤️❤️❤️
Have you seen this?
Cami C
Cami C 15 日 前
Seen the memes, wanted to see the real thing
Tara Brooks
Tara Brooks 15 日 前
He went to Chris Rock. Couldnt hold the bag.
Zubaidah Saloom Sulaiman Al Tali
Zubaidah Saloom Sulaiman Al Tali 15 日 前
Wish they also included Trevor Noah 😁 but still loved it!!
solongsucka 14 日 前
fuck trevor noah!
Priya C
Priya C 16 日 前
Can't believe they didn't show all the performative celebrity social media activism 😌✊🏼✊🏼, while it's also true there were the ones who really cared and took to the streets
Zack Elliff
Zack Elliff 16 日 前
When I read this, I thought it meant she gave a compelling speech like Davos Seaworth.
Thunderstruck electronics
Thunderstruck electronics 16 日 前
What the lol
god's best friend
god's best friend 16 日 前
how do we make it green
k t
k t 16 日 前
Yes, parents should act like they love their children, but I'm afraid this country is losing common sense if they have to be reminded.
Forte Expresso
Forte Expresso 8 日 前
@suscribite ok 😅, but for parents their children are children even if they turn 60 while they are 90. Watch 107 yr old mother giving candy to her 80 yr old daughter. Responsibility doesn't end with age
suscribite 8 日 前
@Forte Expresso Nope, she is 18
suscribite 15 日 前
She is an adult
Archie Chugh
Archie Chugh 17 日 前
Laurence fishburn looked good
Ron Wade
Ron Wade 17 日 前
Pseudonyms, it's a joke.
MissEve954 17 日 前
The Boris Johnson parts were hilarious, I actually learned some new things watching this...I couldn’t keep up with the daily news in America 😂😂😂
Hello 17 日 前
Who owns this channel
Brian Stephenson
Brian Stephenson 18 日 前
This autistic little nut-job cracks me up!
Cj Gia
Cj Gia 18 日 前
This was the funniest thing I've seen in a long while. Sofa King funny! Then I realized it was All True! Lol. 🤣✌❤🙏🏼
andile ndlovu
andile ndlovu 18 日 前
"The junior harbinger" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Karan Kapoor
Karan Kapoor 18 日 前
Greta dumberg 😂😂😂
Happy Dice
Happy Dice 19 日 前
Without this clip, I would have never knew that this existed.
J-Rod Musik
J-Rod Musik 19 日 前
BOOOOO!! No. Why. We don’t need this.
Harry Heart
Harry Heart 19 日 前
This so fire!
Ragnar 05
Ragnar 05 19 日 前
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Igor Severic
Igor Severic 20 日 前
Great show...amazing acting and unbelievable year in a summary.
Gertg Derften
Gertg Derften 20 日 前
F s jackson
Abrahamic Religions Bow Before Nate
Abrahamic Religions Bow Before Nate 20 日 前
anything about HK or the uighurs in this movie? wonder if libbywood will look into the real scary stuf in 2020
Billy Badass
Billy Badass 20 日 前
What the actual fuck
Torsee 20 日 前
bones549 20 日 前
Sorry I don't take advice from a teenager. Go to your room
ocschwar 18 日 前
Is that why you don't have a hollowed out mountain in New Zealand?
Ivy Hnin
Ivy Hnin 20 日 前
What a sad life
ArcturanMegadonkey 20 日 前
she did well this time....she remembered to bring her script
Przemyslaw Lemieszek
Przemyslaw Lemieszek 20 日 前
Watch the entire show. And then draw your conclusions
Tsasan Tsetseg
Tsasan Tsetseg 20 日 前
The hell is this? Lol!😆
mister dog
mister dog 20 日 前
Oh look the poster child found her script again.
Kashan SR
Kashan SR 20 日 前
World Richest man: Jeff Bezos Netflix: Behold "Bark Multiverse"
Elon says hello
ethan bob
ethan bob 2 日 前
It’s Elon musk now so I guess that makes it more accurate 😂
Noartist 20 日 前
Netflix is a joke. This is complete crap and distasteful to make a spoof out of everything. I had to turn this off halfway because itbwas such typical backwards bullshit. Easy tonsee the political stance of those in film. Especially netlflix. Its all for perception management.
Space O
Space O 20 日 前
Omg. Lol.
Jim Harrigan
Jim Harrigan 20 日 前
Humans were born into paradise, but they looked around and said "Roll the dice again". Doubling CO2 is just that.
Gasmassk 20 日 前
Hahahah i’m not watching this shit
Bongo Fury
Bongo Fury 20 日 前
Almost as funny as Amy Schumer ....?
@solongsucka so you seen it? yeah. each to their own political affiliation i guess. my only guess is trump jokes weren't assumed funny by "some"
solongsucka 14 日 前
@ROWDYRICK you must be really dim witted
Lol u didnt watch shit... The jokes are fking fast and u cant catch em all. In one go. Watch the whole thing
bruce chen
bruce chen 21 日 前
Is this throwing shade, or is this for real. Got me attention.
Alessandro Tinchini
Alessandro Tinchini 4 日 前
Bark Multiverse. Right. That’s tongue in cheek for the Dark Multiverse in DC comics, where nightmare versions of superheroes live.
Siana Berar
Siana Berar 11 日 前
it’s called death to 2020
Charlene Delaney
Charlene Delaney 14 日 前
All comes down to the intention, but the trailer is made to bait.
Charlene Delaney
Charlene Delaney 14 日 前
@David Del Real Only the person posted the comment and channel owner can delete the comment. or JPgoon.
bruce chen
bruce chen 16 日 前
just don't own a gun.
Just Saying
Just Saying 21 日 前
Director : Don't people call you selfish Billionaire: I don't know it's soundproof 🤣🤣🤣🤣 He's my spirit animal
Tanya Stanley
Tanya Stanley 21 日 前
No it’s not climate change it’s about Gods wrath because ppl won’t repent
Ivy Hnin
Ivy Hnin 20 日 前
Thanks, Kanye, very cool
Elbert K
Elbert K 21 日 前
WTF did I just watch? 😅😅
viciousme90 21 日 前
🤣🤣🤣🤣 nice! bought a mountain hollowed it out built a bunker
SJ S 18 日 前
The mines of Moria
MechanicalDave79 21 日 前
The part about replicating the transmission of the virus throw a bat was difficult cause it kept flying away 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Acrylier 21 日 前
Marcos Luna
Marcos Luna 21 日 前
This is good
A K 21 日 前
FAR LEFT LIBERAL NONSENSE!!! Though I found it very funny in parts! 🤣
solongsucka 14 日 前
Simon 2517
Simon 2517 21 日 前
So this man was in a position to do something and said "fuck it, let's build me a bunker". Well that's inspiring
Simon 2517
Simon 2517 14 日 前
@Cj Gia "bruh" as in "yes it was very obvious that it is an actor playing a role therefore explaining that was not necessary" I didn't know people were unaware of the other definition of the word "bruh", also didn't ask don't care about your gender. Have a nice day
Cj Gia
Cj Gia 14 日 前
Okay. Bye! I'm not a brah, btw. I am female.
Oliver Drow
Oliver Drow 15 日 前
It inspires me. You dont get to decide what is or isnt inspirational. Evil and selfshness have inspired many people to do a great number of things. Not exactly watchable but the inspiration is undeniable
darker 16 日 前
This person was is a position to crack a joke but apparently people take it as real? That is both very sad and hilariously disturbing.
Cj Gia
Cj Gia 16 日 前
@Simon 2517 Sister? Maybe?
QD Rox
QD Rox 21 日 前
Snakes on a fame
QD Rox
QD Rox 21 日 前
Shots fired!
York Activities
York Activities 21 日 前
Greta 2050
imicca 21 日 前
Greta didn't even finish school, why would anyone take her seriously? She is a child actress, a personality
imicca 19 日 前
@Ivy Hnin she is an angry idiot, sponsored by literally every progressive leftist.
Ivy Hnin
Ivy Hnin 20 日 前
She’s the only one pushing for change, so we take her seriously.
sayan neogy
sayan neogy 21 日 前
Did George Carlin sent the script for this sketch from heavens...?
Slavsco 32
Slavsco 32 21 日 前
Sara Magz
Sara Magz 21 日 前
This is hilarious on so many levels ;)
Harold Lemons
Harold Lemons 21 日 前
Intravenous DMT
Intravenous DMT 21 日 前
For fucks sake she is annoying.
KavaLogue 21 日 前
This is how you do it. The writers/Jackson are clearly throwing shade at the likes of greta who for all her life has been used as an actual puppet. A technique used to convey nothing more than the opinions of her rich party and opera loving parents. It’s not going so far as to call them a flat out joke, but it’s the same territory
Ivy Hnin
Ivy Hnin 20 日 前
UNO reverse card
Bane 21 日 前
They are mocking you.
Tiago V.S.
Tiago V.S. 21 日 前
Way to absolutely misunderstand this mockumentary, let alone just this clip. The writers/Jackson are actually making fun of people that don't take climate change seriously. Based on your comment I assume you're one of them
KS Manu
KS Manu 21 日 前
''Don't people call you selfish?'' ''I dunno, it's soundproof''
Whanau Aroha
Whanau Aroha 3 日 前
Rascal Husky
Rascal Husky 8 日 前
So funny .
Pierre Makenson
Pierre Makenson 12 日 前
@KS Manu :D Soundproof from the outside.
KS Manu
KS Manu 12 日 前
@You Heard Me 😹😹😹
KS Manu
KS Manu 12 日 前
@Pierre Makenson ikr 😹😹
Ava Smuttz
Ava Smuttz 21 日 前
I also want to know what I just watched?
Patricia Bentley
Patricia Bentley 21 日 前
It was funny!
Magin 21 日 前
greta gonna be more popular than the gerber baby. Love it when billionaire elitist think that they can keep up their global pandemic depopulation agenda for containment of human ignorance, by using a young female just like hitler did. kind of touching watching one of the richest people in the world read a scripted prompt, line for line. Eyes dancing back and forth across the script even with all the editting done and the 3 or so camera angels all moshed up together.
Magin 20 日 前
@David Blyth of course Greta is being used. We all know that. She is also being manipulated into providing a service and also being lied to about the information she is speaking on. AND WORSE of ALL, she's still a child. Her ignorance put in place by her controllers and operators will cause not only her but everyone that believes her to be just another casualty of war, and I personally find that unacceptable and its personal in that way.
David Blyth
David Blyth 20 日 前
great is just being used.
Tommy 21 日 前
"[...] kinda like Billie Eilish." 💀
Tommy 18 時間 前
@MAAD TEE It's called a script, also everyone knows Billie at this point ngl
I'm surprised he knows her
Carmilla Smith
Carmilla Smith 6 日 前
How did she win Grammys again?
People who Use youtube
People who Use youtube 13 日 前
@Akash Deep omg
Akash Deep
Akash Deep 16 日 前
She got the best of my little sister. Now she dresses in black & thinks depression is cool. HELP
Perez 21 日 前
Petit 21 日 前
Death to 2020
Mr. Yusu
Mr. Yusu 21 日 前
" The Earth is fine, it's the people who are fucked. " - George Carlin
Tech Freak
Tech Freak 4 日 前
@Acrylier comedians often make us laugh at the truth.
Audio Pervert
Audio Pervert 14 日 前
A moronic movie like this, tells how stupid, dull and terminal, american society is. Celebrities, college professors, hoodwink experts, speculation makers and all such self-styled idiots believe in this dullest conspiracy theories. Like a bunch of zombies of a late-empire. Fuck Black Mirror and Netflix - It's a vicious part of the dominant culture. Made only to generate profit - keeping millions of zombies busy watching trash. This is not even a story - it's a bunch of montages stuck together to show stupid America is ... Sam Jackson himself is a pathetic vassal serving the dominant culture
It's Ika Bitch
It's Ika Bitch 17 日 前
@Acrylier What’s wrong with atheism?
Cj Gia
Cj Gia 18 日 前
@Acrylier That's kind of irrelevant, isn't it?
Acrylier 19 日 前
@Ellias Razali Yes, the dead atheist.
icci LinneSami
icci LinneSami 21 日 前
Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Amanda Barfield
Amanda Barfield 21 日 前
I thought it was fucking hilarious! You do you bro!
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