Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Arsenio Hall Tell a Crazy Richard Pryor Story

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8 日 前

What do the greatest comedians of all time talk about backstage? Legends.
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Scott Olesen
Scott Olesen 5 時間 前
The daffy alloy intermittently unfasten because yarn distinctly bathe around a protective transport. ablaze, handsome ticket
Jonathan Lawson
Jonathan Lawson 17 時間 前
That's a fuxking classic pic of Prince on the bass ...
Christopher M. Gitonga
Christopher M. Gitonga 22 時間 前
Thank You
Now I know why Arsenio Hall shows keep getting cancelled... He's corny AF.
Smug 日 前
That was a shit story lmao, everyone tried to hype it up
daniel loyola
daniel loyola 日 前
I wish i could hang out with these guys in the same room and just laugh😁
Andrew Ball
Andrew Ball 日 前
Dave Chappelle been in the gym !!!
Grayson DuBose
Grayson DuBose 日 前
the name drop comedy tour
Lexor888 日 前
What kind of lazy underpaid fu## is responsible for this billion dollar companies YT-channel? The stupid outro music being 5 times louder than the actual video, I've seen better editing on channels owned and done by teenagers...
Allan Hutton
Allan Hutton 2 日 前
That wasn't crazy it was clickbait bullshit
Retro917 2 日 前
I'd like to Netflix get Arsenio Hall and so a version of what David Letterman currently doing unscripted
Ashlee Renae Larsen
Ashlee Renae Larsen 2 日 前
Love the name
mongo slade
mongo slade 2 日 前
We're is this whole thing
Automatik 2 日 前
Dave Chappelle is so many light levels above Chris Rock. Chris jokes are funny, but I never liked his delivery so it lessons the funniness, kinda feel like he's trying too hard to make the joke funny, lol.
yitzhak g
yitzhak g 2 日 前
If you haven’t already, go listen to The Champs podcast with Arsenio. Some awesome stories on that episode. Great story teller.
m. deicke
m. deicke 3 日 前
Netflix is stealing HBO and comedy central's lunch every day. This is what comedy fans want.
Felicia Maria Cook
Felicia Maria Cook 3 日 前
Legends altogether
Gabriel Alexander
Gabriel Alexander 3 日 前
Does Arsenio even age???
Victoria McFadden
Victoria McFadden 3 日 前
What do we need Arsenio Hall there for?
Isaac Rambo
Isaac Rambo 3 日 前
Let's build each other up not break each other down.
Ms. M
Ms. M 3 日 前
Where is Dave Chappell NOW??!!! How old was that clip too much computer technology out here now!!! WHERE IS DAVE CHAPPELL NOW???!!!🤨🤔 I’m a fan and I wanna know 🤨🤨
DigitalMicks 3 日 前
Where is this from? I would love to see an entire series of all these great comedians shut chill and talk memories
SAM . O A 3 日 前
This story is GOLD! Arsenio sounding just like Richard 🙌🏿🙌🏿
samkachar 3 日 前
Interesting fact: Kevin Hart was in the room the entire time but the camera didn't pan low enough to see him.
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore 日 前
That's cold.
Michael BATMAN Keaton
Michael BATMAN Keaton 3 日 前
Arsenio hall is a scumbag
Zachary Wycuff
Zachary Wycuff 3 日 前
Who is the random white guy on the couch and how can I make that be me
9 9
9 9 3 日 前
Patrice O'neal was better than all three of you combined.
Fusion Bunker
Fusion Bunker 4 日 前
So the crazy story is that he sat on a step? 🤪
Bigred911 911GT
Bigred911 911GT 4 日 前
Chris is a bigot
Bhupinder Sandhu
Bhupinder Sandhu 4 日 前
Eddie the goat
MonkeyPie 4 日 前
Man what a story.
Uncle Tony
Uncle Tony 4 日 前
And Dave is like, who cares! Lol
deadbutworking 4 日 前
Clickbait. Chapelle and Chris Rock tell nothing
Dauliron the Bard
Dauliron the Bard 4 日 前
This is why meeting elders and talking with them is so important. To expand your knowledge.
DLX Infinite
DLX Infinite 3 日 前
Sheeet....not all "elders" are filled with superior knowledge. Some of them are fuck-ups.
Weston Charm
Weston Charm 4 日 前
I would literally pay to hear great comedians share their stories. Comedians and Old-school prowrestlers tell the absolute best stories. Storytelling is a dead art. It's good to see that people can still tell stories.
Bigdaddyp28 4 日 前
Just the experience to sit in a corner in this room and listen to these 3 legends tell stories...
Paul Duarte
Paul Duarte 4 日 前
From where is this footage??
Wheelman 4 日 前
I do wonder what they think about Katt
AR 12
AR 12 4 日 前
Legends only room!
Hedy Did
Hedy Did 4 日 前
Chappelle got his lbs up.
Hajoura flower ox
Hajoura flower ox 4 日 前
Am I the only one who noticed they don't have masks on... well i guess I'll go get my name changed to Karen..
ardie fuqua
ardie fuqua 3 日 前
This was taped in 2017
Yo Mamma
Yo Mamma 4 日 前
Legends in the building. Man this an iconic moment. There will never be another.
DANNY D 4 日 前
Friendly Neighborhood Maintenance Man
Friendly Neighborhood Maintenance Man 4 日 前
What special is this?
Travis Neville
Travis Neville 4 日 前
Too be a fly on the wall
Karan Gera
Karan Gera 4 日 前
Oh to be in a room with these people!! Such legends
P Jay
P Jay 4 日 前
Chris Rock did Tamborine back in 2018 - this footage is almost 3 years old. Dave's been yolked, folks...
HeyDude 4 日 前
🖕Pedo Netflix and 🖕anyone who supports Netflix
Butch Wilson
Butch Wilson 4 日 前
I need an hour or two more of this.
Mad Jim Jaspers
Mad Jim Jaspers 4 日 前
Ppl always like why is Dave so zen and chill nowadays? Amongst other things, he high all the time, ganja daily folks.
themoe85 4 日 前
Wow that is amazing. I would love seen that. How u think eddie feel to have Richard Pryor watch u do u act that huge honor wow so magic wow I wish I could see that.
Harry Bush
Harry Bush 4 日 前
Arsenio Hall. Legend right there. I would have loved to be in this room listening to these stories. Ill look like a little kid sitting indian style on the floor.
mttbrad777 4 日 前
what % of the population would be cool enough to even be in that room, let alone partake in the conversation?
Gamers Thumbs
Gamers Thumbs 4 日 前
Is it me? Cause i didn't want this to end.
mirzamay 4 日 前
What a fun hang out session. I'd love to hang it with these guys and hear their stories.
TGF25 4 日 前
Chris Rock is the OG to Dave Chappelle, like Eddie Murphy is to Chris Rock & Martin Lawrence! I'm glad Chappelle gives Chris that respect too because people be trying to play Chris Rock like he ain't Top 5 status, but even Chappelle knows the REAL!
Kevin Grayl ml
Kevin Grayl ml 4 日 前
Eddie may have had more commercial success but Richard was the master...Hands Down!!!
donHooligan 4 日 前
Bill Burr so jealous of Eddie.
akil ahmad
akil ahmad 4 日 前
This is how you get Hollywood stories
Henry Meow
Henry Meow 4 日 前
Ahhaha Dave chápele hahaha just pouring away hahahaha
Color MehJewish
Color MehJewish 4 日 前
Legends? More like "Sellouts" Or did we forget every one of them caving to the industry after it broke them? I got a great "joke": A woman named Oprah walks in to a bar.. except it's not a bar it's Chappelle's bedroom. Threatens his wife and family until Dave throws away his massive payout to run away to another continent and bulk up while watching his back constantly. Oh wait. That's not a joke. It's RL.
Beach Lover
Beach Lover 4 日 前
Damn! I sat here with a big smile on my face geeking out
Jingoea 4 日 前
Such a crazy story. I do get nervous for how much we see Dave smoke in general. His voice has gotten so raspy over the years, but I love it when he is telling stories! LOL What sick behind the scene chat between greats!
Dennis Leavitt
Dennis Leavitt 4 日 前
chapelle lookin like the black carrot top! All buffed up with the sleeveless shirts!
Ram Tam
Ram Tam 4 日 前
i miss the old Chappelle
sly stallone
sly stallone 4 日 前
Beautiful talent in one room! Amazing!!!!
Aotaskan Bearprints
Aotaskan Bearprints 4 日 前
I would love to see that
Rain_ man
Rain_ man 4 日 前
Fucking Dave Chappelle is bulit more than when he was younger
Naaman Brown
Naaman Brown 4 日 前
That's amazing
Danny Fabre
Danny Fabre 4 日 前
i want to see the full version of that video... I feel like this in itself is a Netflix special...
Mihai Ştețco
Mihai Ştețco 4 日 前
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3: 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16: 16 “.....Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Matthew 3: 2
D-UniverseTV 4 日 前
u can tell Dave Chappelle KNOWS that he's the GOAT..
dick fister
dick fister 4 日 前
Dave is looking jacked
Ossian 4 日 前
Dave is surprisingly ripped
Shaun James
Shaun James 4 日 前
Amazing story
crazzyak 4 日 前
Buff Chappelle!!
Jon Jon Harreld
Jon Jon Harreld 5 日 前
Kp SA 5 日 前
Is this from a show?!?!? Man, I wanna see Chappelle Camp sets from everyone so badly!!!
Kessiena Ehiemua
Kessiena Ehiemua 5 日 前
Chris Rock tends to repeat everywhere that Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy did not get along but he (Chris) and Dave Chapelle are close friends. He said it on Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stein show last year without being asked, now he's doing it again. So what? Let it go and mind your business. You can't keep trying to ruin reputations of legendary comedians in attempt to present yourself as the best. Charlie Murphy said on The Breakfast Club before he passed away that when people asks him question about that, he finds it dis-respectful.
Moses Mosaic
Moses Mosaic 5 日 前
Arsenio casually explaining why he thinks Eddie is actually the GOAT
Killingaprilfoolsday 4 日 前
lol it was the 80s, nobody was better then Eddie around that time.
Raphael De La Ghetto
Raphael De La Ghetto 5 日 前
These comedy specials are the main reason I keep paying for Netflix
Fijago Rockabilly
Fijago Rockabilly 5 日 前
That is the greatest moment... end of!
Abraham Jos
Abraham Jos 5 日 前
Men dont Bitch!
erick001bc 5 日 前
R.I.P Prince, Charlie and Eddie Murphy.
Meme Bigboy
Meme Bigboy 4 日 前
R.I.P Eddie?!? Ya had me in the first half ngl...
Alex Entwistle
Alex Entwistle 5 日 前
It's like every episode of JRE. Comedians talking about comedians talking comedians and/or the comedy store.
Ser Winzzalot
Ser Winzzalot 5 日 前
Charley TV 2010
Charley TV 2010 5 日 前
What show is this???
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham 5 日 前
Frankensence Gold (was it golden rod) and Mur....Mur Fee..looks like vasoline..Mummyfixation
Gameboy Girl Games
Gameboy Girl Games 5 日 前
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 5 日 前
Chappelle, stop f.ng walking around.
Serjohn 5 日 前
i bet charlie would have said it better
Andre Frattino
Andre Frattino 5 日 前
Oof! To be in THAT room. I'd pay all my savings (which wouldn't be enough) to just sit in the corner, shut up and listen to them go!
Ashley C.
Ashley C. 5 日 前
I love seeing artists in the same field supporting each other. These men are all legends in their own right, and it is so wonderful to see them together.
Nicki Daniels
Nicki Daniels 5 日 前
I had no idea that Eddie & Richard didn't care for each other. I ❤️ them both & they fooled ALL of us.
unzunzvroom 5 日 前
90s Chris rock is the best
Isaac Hoeschen
Isaac Hoeschen 5 日 前
Is . . . Is Ted Danson the one filming this??? Like you only see the head of the guy with the camera very briefly, but I'm like 65% sure it was Ted Danson
biggj21 5 日 前
I want ya to put yo hands together for ah mister randy watsonn👏🎤
Udoro Gatewood
Udoro Gatewood 5 日 前
WHAT A STORY!!!!!!! ❤️
Jeffrey San Juan
Jeffrey San Juan 5 日 前
"This some good ass cheese!"
Aaron Moher
Aaron Moher 5 日 前
Dave focused on the drink more than the story.
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