Comedians On What's Wrong With White People

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14 日 前

"Black Lives Matter" shouldn't be a controversial statement but here we are. Michael Che: Matters, Katt Williams: Great America, and The Degenerates featuring Donnell Rawlings are now streaming on Netflix.
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Lex Talionis
Lex Talionis 時間 前
If MLB really care about black people then they would protest the 30 daily murders in Chicago 45 on any given weekend
Charles Griggs
Charles Griggs 2 時間 前
Black women if you don't kiss their ass. Deprived,l lonely.
Colleen Willard
Colleen Willard 3 時間 前
Thanks for telling me what "white" potato salad is. I've heard of it but. . . I'm white and I ain't never had that nasty sounding stuff in my life, thank god🤣
Lars Johansson
Lars Johansson 4 時間 前
You mean white americans
Adam Last name
Adam Last name 5 時間 前
Waiting for “Comedians on what’s wrong with black people”
Joe Stubblefield
Joe Stubblefield 5 時間 前
U notice whites was laughing extra hard at the Trump votes🤣🤣🤣
R-D J 8 時間 前
Goodness.. if this doesn’t ring true at this very moment, Idk what does 😅😪😬
Sean Humphreys
Sean Humphreys 8 時間 前
Strong Will
Strong Will 10 時間 前
Michael Che's bit was lowkey genius on the Chappelle side of the game
A T 10 時間 前
Kat omg love him!
Jdawg B
Jdawg B 7 時間 前
Brandon Apfel
Brandon Apfel 11 時間 前
The only reason people are disagreeing with BLM is because not all black lives matter to BLM organization when a little black kid gets killed from black on black violence BLM is silent when a majority of the police force is black and one of them gets killed they are silent they complain about slavery once existed where in Africa slavery still exists to this day and BLM is silent they are Marxist movement if you go look up their organization and most people who are with BLM don't even realize this
Divine Snefer Bashiyr Douglas!!
Divine Snefer Bashiyr Douglas!! 11 時間 前
We are Global African Indigenous people!! Love and Unity is the best key for us all together!!💯 Also Giving thanks to the Great Mother's/Goddesses and Great Father's/Gods and the Ancestors and Guardians!! Saying from Snefer aka Bashiyr!!🤴🏿👸🏿
House of Matrix
House of Matrix 14 時間 前
Michael Che is hilarious & Katt Williams in rare form & “I’m reaching for potatoes”
Comfort Nyoni
Comfort Nyoni 14 時間 前
That " seriously STOP talking to the police " t-shirt at 10:53 .
Anthony McLaughlin
Anthony McLaughlin 14 時間 前
What's wrong with white people? They should have never learned how to navigate a boat and outlawed school buses .
Niecy Is here.
Niecy Is here. 14 時間 前
Katt is King.
angela brown
angela brown 15 時間 前
What biatches.. I'm white and I'm embarrassed that they do that
Carl Bowles
Carl Bowles 16 時間 前
White riots, put out the fire whe own this shit. Kat nailed it 100%.
Russell Sanders
Russell Sanders 17 時間 前
Thats because they all have there own minds towards the shit they want to do and too many gd agendas.. Thats what the problem is.
Lekeshia Hunter
Lekeshia Hunter 18 時間 前
Michelle Carter
Michelle Carter 18 時間 前
I needed this laugh 😆 🤣 😂
Jay Cope
Jay Cope 19 時間 前
“400 years of slavery, killed for existing, destroying literal populations of us” “Get over it” “9/11” “Never forget the WORST event in history
Smoke 2 Think On
Smoke 2 Think On 19 時間 前
Racism: okay as long as it's directed at white people. Y'all are sick in the soul.
Jay Cope
Jay Cope 19 時間 前
We direct it at white ppl cuz most yt ppl start the shit or they refuse to believe what we telling em. So we joke about it just like how y’all joke our shit. Don’t act like we segregating yt or ruining blood lines with red lining, destruction of property, forcing u to become property etc. racism is not ok but we are saying jokes and yt “try” to say jokes, it’s a “joke” with no punchline just blatant racism my guy
Raul 21 時間 前
When does the "White comedians on whats wrong with Black people" special come out?
BurrosSWE 22 時間 前
The BLM bit was trash but rest was pretty good.
Tuk asfuk
Tuk asfuk 22 時間 前
I would buy an "all buildings matter" shirt 🤣
Cloud King
Cloud King 23 時間 前
The middle comedian is funny but what he's talking about is stupid AF. I hate people that shit talk and act like equal rights aren't a thing the past 300-400 years have been working towards. But for some reason within the past 5-10 years people act like they're oppressed its absolutely fucking dumb
khaosflare 日 前
Nobody: Not one soul: D.R.: "HUAHAUHAU-HAUHAU"
Matt K
Matt K 日 前
If black people would stop killing black people, then blm would have some meaning, but if they don't even believe it,why should we?
Chris Fortune
Chris Fortune 日 前
According to the law everyone has equal rights. It's how it is put into practice that's not equal.
Jay Cope
Jay Cope 19 時間 前
Perfectly said and that’s the main issue.
Flabberghasted Symphony
Flabberghasted Symphony 日 前
Imagine being a potato and having it all end like that with barbeque becky
Dustin Connolly
Dustin Connolly 日 前
white people white people white people.........jesus
Braam Smith
Braam Smith 日 前
I thought it was going to be comedy.... turns out to be NOT funny black racists being NOT funny.
Kenneth Lauer
Kenneth Lauer 日 前 if you think blm to blm
Awesome A
Awesome A 日 前
Uh oh he got a point...blm
Stefani Dowling
Stefani Dowling 日 前
2 HaHa's u going straight to jail 😂😂
Q Baggett
Q Baggett 日 前
Naw white people just broke glass at the capitol and not a mufuckin thing happened😲
Jon Mattingly
Jon Mattingly 日 前
Imagine for just a second about a company putting out this title with a different race. They would be straight up fucking canceled and all sponsorships withdrawn. Y'all wonder why racism is still around, It's because of shit like this.
natejames11 日 前
9/11 joke kinda dumb we lost black people too that day
Ketra Dillard
Ketra Dillard 日 前
New meaning to Kat's whites riot skit😶😧😲
Frank Ndemba
Frank Ndemba 2 日 前
Baby do you love me..?...what are u talking about..i love everybody 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Blaq Betty
Blaq Betty 2 日 前
The second guy is really good
Will Not
Will Not 2 日 前
How's this okay and not part of the overarching porblem? when all you have to do is change the skin color that's the butt of the joke to make it not okay
FrankieUtka 2 日 前
Michael Che is a treasure, we must protect him at all costs😭💕🔥🔥
Naveed Mughal
Naveed Mughal 2 日 前
Just be civil!
Naveed Mughal
Naveed Mughal 2 日 前
White people had to force them selves to laugh the whole time. Lmao. If they didn’t.... lmao
Ivaylo Iontchev
Ivaylo Iontchev 2 日 前
No one is saying black lives don't matter. But the correct slogan should be "black lives matter too".
Jason Eaton
Jason Eaton 2 日 前
This was cool til I seen kat.. stop it right then.. never ever ever was a fan
Boomer Ang
Boomer Ang 2 日 前
1:07 That's so police brutality...
Willie Thomas
Willie Thomas 2 日 前
If black lives matter be good to yourself and your neighbors
XEverlastingXChaosX 2 日 前
Katt williams will forever be one of my favorite comedians his impressions be on point 🤣🤣🤣
Sanjulo1 2 日 前
Rawlings is funny asf !
Sanjulo1 2 日 前
Hah Hah Haaah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Adam Fraser
Adam Fraser 2 日 前
Imagine if this was titled “ comedians on what’s wrong with black people “
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye 2 日 前
@Kian B Doesn’t really come off as one from the simple the fact there’s people deluded enough to actually believe it true. People is cuckoo for Coco Puffs.
Kian B
Kian B 2 日 前
@Meme Iselfaneye just a lil joke bruh
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye 2 日 前
@Kian B Just as much wrong as anyone else.
Kian B
Kian B 2 日 前
It’d be a short ass video 🤷‍♂️
Rick Flair
Rick Flair 3 日 前
Don’t care. More black complaining.
Zach Rohler
Zach Rohler 3 日 前
Whites dont break stuff during riots because our taxes built the stuff, or we own it lol.
Ronnie Williams
Ronnie Williams 3 日 前
I’m reaching for the Potatoes, Lol! The Parents must really love that joke, the first 10-15 times. But, after 20-23 times it might get a little old. Every Thanksgiving, I would wear I don’t snitch T-Shirt.
The county’s Finest
The county’s Finest 3 日 前
Ok so now can we have a 12 minutes of white people talking trash about black people??
Mary Porras
Mary Porras 14 時間 前
@Cockoff Gewgle how is that relevant to any of the jokes? Also racists use their power and the system to oppress and murder people without fair punishment as "civilians" hate groups and police
Cockoff Gewgle
Cockoff Gewgle 15 時間 前
@Mary Porras Using perceptions of the past to justify treating races differently in the present. Isn't that what racists do?
Mary Porras
Mary Porras 19 時間 前
You have had that for 400 years and still doing it and this isn't talking trash it's the truth that's why it's shameful
Cockoff Gewgle
Cockoff Gewgle 3 日 前
That would be hate speech
Yoginirunner 3 日 前
2021: they learned how to riot properly and shocked the world as well
Apit Aziz
Apit Aziz 3 日 前
The first comedian keep repeating stupid sound..dammit
Karen Day
Karen Day 3 日 前
Those guys were good!
T Gags
T Gags 3 日 前
Fuck off
Bobby Ramirez
Bobby Ramirez 3 日 前
"I'm Rioting"!!🤣
Chris Farley
Chris Farley 3 日 前
I guess you think your funny, White people don't go around breaking windows or burning businesses or LOOTING, Were the ones that have to pay for it, YOU KNOW TAXES.
nephewsb 3 日 前
Now change 1 word and see the outrage
Katie Glass
Katie Glass 3 日 前
But... All live do matter. On the real. Not just white people, not just black people... I'm talking Middle Easterners, Asians, Native Americans, Russians, Germans, Sweeds, Polish, any and every ethnicity under the sun matters. And every single human on this earth matters. My dad was straight outta Woodstock... I believe that every life on this planet has a purpose and is born of love. We need to fight more for each other... Because everyone's life is precious and has meaning. Much love to everyone here. ❤
Goddess ByBirth
Goddess ByBirth 3 日 前
I need Katt to come out with something in 2021 it's gonna be a doozy the black community has been going through some shit 😩
RAW TV 3 日 前
They had 4 years to practice 😂
Robin 3 日 前
Imagine a White comedians on what’s wrong with black people.
Santiago Dominguez
Santiago Dominguez 3 日 前
But they do thou... so what’s the point
your huckleberry
your huckleberry 3 日 前
Nigeria protested with signs that said (our) lives matter. This is funny if you're not stupid. If you're stupid this is offensive or a release for resentment.
Naomi Bee
Naomi Bee 3 日 前
“Can you jus be CIVIL? Turn the fuckin hose off. 🤷🏻‍♀️” 🤣🤣🤣
Robert Ashton
Robert Ashton 3 日 前
Wtf is this how can this be allowed to even be put online by Netflix. I’m fuming. Fucking dickheads
Robert Ashton
Robert Ashton 3 日 前
Hang on a minute. What if Netflix made a video on “what’s wrong with Black people” -by white people. How do we feel this would go down? Wankers
Spartacus 77
Spartacus 77 4 日 前
At the end of the day, it’s not a race war. It’s a class war. There are wayyyyyy more white people that DONT experience “white supremacy” on a daily basis like all these people claim. You are all trippin. Because the media instructed you to think that way. Change my mind.
Spartacus 77
Spartacus 77 日 前
I will
Drealskero 2 日 前
Nah, keep thinking like that.
AP Harford
AP Harford 4 日 前
The US Capitol rioters definitely watched the Kart Williams special
birdmangorilla100 4 日 前
Donnell Rawalings trying to sound like Dave Chappell
Alex Hankins
Alex Hankins 4 日 前
The people who prattle on about equal rights and black lives mattering are the ones who threaten them. They're just lying. It's not as if they can win regular people's votes by saying, "Let's teach schoolchildren to hate white people and straight men!"
Cockoff Gewgle
Cockoff Gewgle 3 日 前
You can when 40% of the country is non-white and the opposition is much more extreme.
silly guy
silly guy 4 日 前
Who the F said black lives didn't matter? Iv never heard anyone say black lives didn't matter.
silly guy
silly guy 2 日 前
@Trev Dakine judging me because of my name. To bad my name isn't god of men. Just answer the question above
Trev Dakine
Trev Dakine 2 日 前
Your name is fitting then.
saint3211 4 日 前
Imagine being invited to a bbq and you don't bring meat.
Halal Meatz
Halal Meatz 4 日 前
But if you’re not black then the one sound you never want to hear is “aye excuse me; lemme hollar at you for a min”. 😂🤣
Cheyenne Alvis
Cheyenne Alvis 4 日 前
I guess the main difference between BlackLivesMatter and the KKK is that the KKK will burn your store, your restaurant, and your neighborhood down. And BlackLivesMatter will spray paint #BLM after they do it.
OneEco 4 日 前
If a white person riots, they have very specific targets. Proven from the capitol, churches, schools, concerts. If everyone else riots, they're targets are the streets, minor/major businesses along the roads, cars, intersections, etc.
Colin Reese
Colin Reese 4 日 前
Katt Williams plus two racists.
Elizabeth R
Elizabeth R 4 日 前
Try reading The Greatest Privilege we Never talk about An article that is written by Saeid Fard About an 8 min read and will blow your mind and blow up what you think about white Privilege......plz READ it before replying to this comment
mikecoble2001 4 日 前
Katt thought 2017 was bad.... Lol
Dwurgy 4 日 前
Literally nobody disagrees with the sentence “black lives matter.” People are against the BLM movement and organization that have been built on lies about police brutality and systemic racism.
Amaury Deborggraeve
Amaury Deborggraeve 4 日 前
bruh its white americans dont bring us europeans into this 🤣
JYG 3 日 前
Nah Europeans are on some bs as well
Damion Wise
Damion Wise 4 日 前
Why would you dislike? This is funny!
SamuraiTakuan 4 日 前
BLM wants to resegregate schools tho I agree with BLM as a statement but the organization just wants to ruin the country
Elise Shapiro
Elise Shapiro 4 日 前
uhhhhh.. what??
grimreeper 4 日 前
Well...I wonder what Katt Williams has to say🤑 you must had pissed them off...
Blessed.2.Teach.4.God 4 日 前
Fuck this bs, a video title like this in the other direction would never fly. #hipocrasy
Blessed.2.Teach.4.God 4 日 前
@Elise Shapiro I know, but you can't help it.
Elise Shapiro
Elise Shapiro 4 日 前
Awwwww I'm sorry
Sillas Lucena
Sillas Lucena 5 日 前
When he made the battery percentage joke i looked at mine and it was 69% lol neat
XEverlastingXChaosX 2 日 前
Dude i come up on your comment and my battery was left at 69%🤯 no lie 😂
2Pacula 5 日 前
Up next: Comedians on what's wrong with black people
Robert Parker
Robert Parker 5 日 前
White people you like you were keeping a secret. 😆😆😆 Love you Katt!
joey boomer
joey boomer 5 日 前
Black privilege you think you are funny.
Kirby K
Kirby K 4 日 前
Insomniatic 0206
Insomniatic 0206 5 日 前
All buildings matter was too good!
arkgaha randan
arkgaha randan 5 日 前
isnt that yet another mention of the comic that the dude is throwing water on a building that is not on fire?
Zebastian Aesir
Zebastian Aesir 5 日 前
Imagine if the title said "Comedians on what´s wrong with black people".
Dez Mitchell
Dez Mitchell 5 日 前
Shut your fine ass up!
AK Blades
AK Blades 5 日 前
"Comedians on what's wrong with black people".... you've had quite a few decades, get your shit together.
Brent Daniel
Brent Daniel 5 日 前
Can you imagine if Netflix made the headline but for blacks?? .. because they won't lol.
Sono Acqua
Sono Acqua 5 日 前
Imagine that someone is yelling in your face ‚everybody has equal rights’.... while getting In your personel space and forcing you to kneel down and repeating after them in fear.... black people.... do you see sth wrong here? Everyone has equal rights- that’s fundamental truth. But if you attack someone- your destroying that order. Eh...Being American ... this is so confusing. U don’t know if you’re proud of your country or you hate it. Praying for you guys... you have lots of things to work on... as many nations these days...
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