Comedians Fail At Guessing Swear Abbrevs | History Of Swear Words

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21 日 前

If you knew all of these we're honestly scared for you. If you got any wrong, brush up on your swear knowledge with History Of Swear Words, now streaming on Netflix.
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Olavo Xavier
Olavo Xavier 17 日 前
F-OH is Fackanol or Fuckyl Alcohol
Milan Garis Keras
Milan Garis Keras 18 日 前
Too many acronym these days. One thing for sure., F is for ****
Vesperitis 18 日 前
I like that Jim Jeffries is probably the most experienced and funniest guy on the panel, and he has the least knowledge about these acronyms.
Scorpio 19 日 前
Anyone else disappointed that Nickhead isn't in this one?
Scorpio 19 日 前
These are abbreviations, not acronyms. An acronym is one you say like a word, such as NASA.
Memes Of the century
Memes Of the century 19 日 前
Zero ducks given
subrosa 19 日 前
Jim Jeffries is total fake! He fabricated outrageously the interview of an Australian freelancer journalist Avi Yemeni. Pure leftard shit...
Keith 'Qzo' Iman
Keith 'Qzo' Iman 19 日 前
Where's the IPM? "I'm playing Minecraft",?
Ρο Κάππα
Ρο Κάππα 19 日 前
1:48 The joy on this guy's face is priceless. :D
DayInDaLife 20 日 前
this show is terrible... how about next time you actually have some information in it. No one cares what a bunch of comedians think. If this show just interviewed the experts and actually went into the real history of words, sounds and meanings it could have been one of the best docoseries of the year. Instead it is just unwatchable trash. So disappointing.
Albin Sekiraqa
Albin Sekiraqa 20 日 前
Zfg i love it
Swapnil Yadav
Swapnil Yadav 20 日 前
I'm a simple man, I see Jim Jefferies, I click.
Dhruv Singh
Dhruv Singh 20 日 前
why tf is a video like this made ?
Miles Law
Miles Law 20 日 前
Joel Kim actually got the last one. Holy shit.
Brad Ward
Brad Ward 20 日 前
I wish Nikki would JFGI already. Like all I'm waiting on is literally your hand ✋
leon huggins
leon huggins 20 日 前
How is jim jeffries still working????
Ryuuji Takasu
Ryuuji Takasu 19 日 前
Because he's the GOD of comedy
Nibberbobber 20 日 前
Jessica Cheramie
Jessica Cheramie 20 日 前
Jesus died for you was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures If you confess with your mouth Jesus is lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. Please repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior’
Jonathan Baird
Jonathan Baird 20 日 前
Would "GTFO" or "STFU" apply here?
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate 20 日 前
WTF= Easy FML= Easy SMFH= I didn't previously know this one, and I like the last guy's answer. Very creative. ZFG= I guessed it in four seconds. So happy. 😁 TGIFF= Somewhat easy FOH= I also would have guessed "F*** off, homie" JFGI= Didn't guess it. Never heard it before. GOOMFRM= I was guessing along the lines of "get out of my f***ing...", then the last guy guessed it before I could think of the rest. I got four, but because of that last one, I'll say I got 4.5/8.
Maxamillian Steele
Maxamillian Steele 20 日 前
Babs Ifeoluwa
Babs Ifeoluwa 20 日 前
Jim Jefferies na vibe😂❤️
Grey Ang
Grey Ang 20 日 前
When Joel Kim Booster got GOOMFRM right 👍😂😂😂👍
Grey Ang
Grey Ang 20 日 前
Jim Jefferies is that uncle that is the embodiment of ZFG 😂
Poet Drunken
Poet Drunken 14 日 前
@Grey Ang i need shot in my head
Grey Ang
Grey Ang 17 日 前
@Poet Drunken you need therapy.
Poet Drunken
Poet Drunken 19 日 前
@StupiderWithAB stfu u fckn prick
StupiderWithAB 20 日 前
I like the silliness of this almost as much as i like my silly and stupid videos. 🤔
S1L3NT G4M3R 20 日 前
Awkward Ninja
Awkward Ninja 20 日 前
None of these were acronyms
Awkward Ninja
Awkward Ninja 19 日 前
@nimue325 lol finally other people that this bothers. They form words, it’s not that hard.
unitedstases 20 日 前
And hello, initialisms.
nimue325 20 日 前
Hello, soulmate.
DX10HD 20 日 前
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 20 日 前
roflmao should've been the final boss
Vesperitis 18 日 前
too easy
Blueprint 20 日 前
kim joel booster at the end lol
Deven Solanki
Deven Solanki 20 日 前
"Comedians" Jim Jeffries
AdemolaVictorTv 20 日 前
I got everyone, OMFG, what am I?
S1L3NT G4M3R 20 日 前
12? jk lol
Rufaro Asuquo
Rufaro Asuquo 20 日 前
Spencer Bradley
Spencer Bradley 20 日 前
I fucking love jim
Lydia Lyon
Lydia Lyon 20 日 前
I guessed GOOMFRM. Feeling accomplished HAHA
Majesty Williams
Majesty Williams 15 日 前
I said man instead of mom though
Pranay Sheri
Pranay Sheri 19 日 前
I guessed WTF correctly, does that count?
StupiderWithAB 20 日 前
I like the silliness of this almost as much as i like my silly and stupid videos. 🤔
Liza Simpkins
Liza Simpkins 20 日 前
oh same I'm so proud of myself
Lydia Lyon
Lydia Lyon 20 日 前
@Chef_PC HAHAH my heart sank 😅😂 I'm right there with ya, bud
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