Bill Burr On Why Phones Ruin Comedy Shows | The Netflix Afterparty

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Netflix Is A Joke

26 日 前

Bill Burr talks about doing standup out of the back of a pickup truck and at Chappelle's summer camp on the series premiere of The Netflix Afterparty, streaming Jan 2.
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Sunstriker 8 日 前
I saw Bill Burr a few years ago in Detroit and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen, live. He loved the crowd and was able to really let loose on his material.
navdeep rajput
navdeep rajput 9 日 前
I don't know classic bill burr
streetcheese 11 日 前
who are all these weird looking children sucking up to him
DG31 13 日 前
Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy 13 日 前
Bill always shoots it straight. The cancel culture has gotten out of control and everybody is so butthurt these days. It's really disgusting.
Alien Paragon
Alien Paragon 14 日 前
Is that the kid from Goonies?
Drew Murray
Drew Murray 14 日 前
Lol she still doesn’t get it but David and bill do lol 😂
Accidently on Purpose
Accidently on Purpose 15 日 前
He is just a natural
crackcrock 15 日 前
matt 16 日 前
Beautifully said.
Becky_please_no 16 日 前
I'm a white lady with the name Becky and I wasn't even a little mad because it was funny.
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn 16 日 前
I dont have netflix, so where can I find the full episode?
dharmapunk777 16 日 前
Bill: Dave Chappelle had this summer camp thing... Interviewer: Blahaha!
Saqlain Alvi
Saqlain Alvi 16 日 前
Dave chappelle is the goat of comedy, bill burr right close behind
‘Sugar’ Rex
‘Sugar’ Rex 17 日 前
do people watch stand up to laugh or be offended, some folks really show up with the wrong energy
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown 17 日 前
Is the one lady relayed to mike Tyson?
Danielle Chrysogelos
Danielle Chrysogelos 17 日 前
Nicholas Wolinsky
Nicholas Wolinsky 17 日 前
Bill burr use to be the man! Not so much anymore hope he finds his balls again
Brian K
Brian K 16 日 前
he's married. so unfortunately theres no chance.
Nate Higgers
Nate Higgers 17 日 前
Netflix IS a joke
Pranav Sainath
Pranav Sainath 17 日 前
This interview is really good. But Bill, you still belong to Conan!
Hunter Anfinsen
Hunter Anfinsen 17 日 前
Comedians gotta have a pretty good pulse on the nation
outcastcwd 17 日 前
....Frigging LOVE that guy. 👍
whataloadofbollox 18 日 前
Newsflash: good news is not news, only bad news is worthy of reporting !
Devzillian 18 日 前
Bill Burrs JPgoon video titles always seem exaggerated. Like, he barely mentions things were more fun without phones and doesn’t delve into it at all.
Devzillian 18 日 前
What is that pink thing?
Hangfire 18 日 前
Yeah... I remember back when freedom of speech was a thing.
Fullmetal Alkami
Fullmetal Alkami 16 日 前
Yeah those days are gone
Ralph Morales
Ralph Morales 18 日 前
I love how he's earned that laugh after his voice changes because he's mad about something, you already expect comedy gold. It's like the ice cream song, you hear it far away and just want it to get here ASAP.
Vengeful Guppy
Vengeful Guppy 18 日 前
Remember that in order to write an article about "twitter explodes/outraged over XYZ" you only need to find 3 tweets out of 330M users.
Mr Foxydoodles
Mr Foxydoodles 18 日 前
I’m from California and this is true, LA especially dictates how “people should act” and its such a small demographic of California but its the “cool kids” amongst a bunch of people who are just trying to pay rent in this ridiculous state that has been ran into the ground by non California natives. It’s sad and now they move to Texas to do the same thing and leave us all here to pay for their bill.
Alien Paragon
Alien Paragon 14 日 前
I live in Texas and your comment is 100% spot on.
lazzy2012 19 日 前
The gal in the plaid looks like Momma Feretti from the goonies
Tom Lyons
Tom Lyons 19 日 前
Its like the white ladies say about men: If you're mad about Bill Burr's SNL monologue, you're the one he's talking about.
Kerry Young
Kerry Young 19 日 前
Love Burr and Spade. Chappell too. Burrs snl gig rocked.
Pizzahighfive 19 日 前
Social Media is controlled by the same people that control the entertainment industries and the regular media. Truth and human positivity is not allowed. Just division, drama, and war. Destroy the ones who control it all, for they're the current terrorists.
AK 4o
AK 4o 19 日 前
Is that all comics do now. Is cry about everything. Dave hasn't been funny in 7 years
Steve Muzak
Steve Muzak 19 日 前
SJW's are like 00001% of our population. Why we even care about their opinion?
RodJeez 20 日 前
News Flash: you aren't saying anything that's ACTUALLY controversial if you're on Netflix and Hollywood.
Kamran Griffin
Kamran Griffin 20 日 前
Nobody faints 😂
Rome The Revenant
Rome The Revenant 20 日 前
Holy shit thats David Spade? If he didnt open his mouth and speak I wouldnt have known because i genuinely thought that waa Gary Oldman.
Kin Crawford
Kin Crawford 20 日 前
Somebody wanna tell me who she is?
Joel F. Cardenas
Joel F. Cardenas 20 日 前
It's always the white woman trying to bring the white man down LOL
Shotgunsam 20 日 前
David spade is actually pretty witty, Adam Sandler kinda fucked his whole image
Shotgunsam 20 日 前
@Plissken holy shit bud you really missed my point.
Plissken 20 日 前
David Spade chose those roles. Why the hell are you blaming somebody else?
Tim Harrison
Tim Harrison 20 日 前
Best comedian alive.
better secret
better secret 20 日 前
White lady here. Never been mad. He is great and super funny
Mr Red
Mr Red 20 日 前
Who is the hot black girl?
Ay_Ay_Ron 20 日 前
Wow...Peter Macnicol has come a long way since Ghostbusters. 😳
Ahmed Is King
Ahmed Is King 20 日 前
Who’s the sexy lady
kanun lama
kanun lama 20 日 前
What is this...where can I find this?
tenj00 20 日 前
Remember Kids: Twitter is not real life. Its just a videogame that Journalists play with each other to feel self important.
Pedro Afonso
Pedro Afonso 6 日 前
Best definition I've seen yet
CanadianRM4 13 日 前
I somewhat agree. The part of Twitter that I believe is real life are the death threats and name-calling because Twitter accounts provide anonymity. That anonymity gives people a chance to unleash their hidden rage and hate, and still maintain their "good girl/guy" image when they go back to work or school the next day.
D. King
D. King 16 日 前
This right here
lazy chimp
lazy chimp 17 日 前
There are almost no real journalists left.
ci lavie
ci lavie 20 日 前
damn straight
Anderson Braun
Anderson Braun 20 日 前
2:02 That dude just loitering behind the couch like he wasn’t invited but the front door was left open
lego 11
lego 11 20 日 前
"They just talk to the ones that were mad" Major news networks + society
N8TVJohnSmith 21 日 前
Did Bill Burr help save comedy and Star Wars? 2020 wasn't so bad.
StraightupGamer 21 日 前
1000000000000000% TRUTH
Jordan Kit
Jordan Kit 21 日 前
Love Bill LOL
iH8TrumpTerrorists 21 日 前
this should be why "phone calls ruin presidents" lool
StraightupGamer 21 日 前
LMFAO! hahahahahhahaha
Jason R
Jason R 21 日 前
Amy Shumer really let herself go.
MrFunxy 21 日 前
WestCoastIrk 21 日 前
this really was a nice surprise after watching Cobra Kai
Sarcofaygo 21 日 前
Im old enough to remember when Bill Boomurrs complaining was tounge in cheek and not just endless whining
Ilove Potatoes Forever
Ilove Potatoes Forever 21 日 前
How are they sitting so close together, indoors, and without masks, but we can’t have schools, businesses, gyms, or restaurants open?
SpiderPig 19 日 前
@Steve Muzak could you also tell when Jesus is coming back?
Steve Muzak
Steve Muzak 19 日 前
@SpiderPig New World Order already started in every country. Get ready
SpiderPig 19 日 前
@Steve Muzak 1860s called, they want their meme back. Also I'm good I don't live in America.
Steve Muzak
Steve Muzak 19 日 前
@SpiderPig Doesn't matter. Prepare for civil war. It's coming.
SpiderPig 19 日 前
@Steve Muzak lol trump tard, you still think it's a democratic hoax you dumbarse?
EDarien 21 日 前
He just got done saying how all these NY and LA people live in a bubble and how real people aren't actually offended by all that nonsense and of course the white, lesbian feminist has to chime in saying how 'white ladies' were offended. No! They weren't. It's just 'you people.'
JewelTears 21 日 前
I liked that his SNL monologue wasn't safe. A lot of SNL performances last year felt over worked and purposely safe. Some people can be funny that way (drybar comedy) but that's not what makes SNL great
Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner 21 日 前
So glad Netflix signed Spade. It was so sad to see him get a perfect gig for himself on Comedy Central then watch the whole network go down in the same year. Good for Spade
Maea O'Malley
Maea O'Malley 21 日 前
Congrats dickhead
Ay Ve
Ay Ve 21 日 前
They keep giving the minority extremists a platform and the majority of people think thats a popular opinion. Its ruining our society.
Ay Ve
Ay Ve 19 日 前
@matthieu schmitter Wow, thank you for sharing!
James Smith
James Smith 21 日 前
Seeing Bill next to the stars of Cobra Kai really makes me think he'd be a great character in that show....
Lukas Schmidt
Lukas Schmidt 21 日 前
At the end the kid from "Cobra Kai" lol
Christopher M. Gitonga
Christopher M. Gitonga 21 日 前
Great Vid
Aftersun 20XD6
Aftersun 20XD6 21 日 前
He is spot on. The SJWs in New York and LA don't actually exist outside those bubbles. Yeah, you'll find cry baby wimps all over but outside of the city they are so very very few and far between.
David Brackett
David Brackett 21 日 前
Bill explains in detail how cancel culture singles out only offended people in entertainment and how it never represents the masses and this girl says “you got white women mad at you after snl” this is gold.
bragelbytes 21 日 前
Bill brings up a great point “they just talked to the ones that were mad”. We definitely have molded culture around not offending anyone when in reality most people aren’t easily offended. It’s also bad because if you, like me, support social justice movements i.e. Black Lives Matter, you get lumped in with these raving lunatics that want to cancel everyone. Both sides have people that get offended about everything and it’s become the outrage olympics when in reality 99% of us are able to be like “hey even if I don’t agree with a particular message it was still funny”.
360Cruzerman 21 日 前
LA and New York think the can tell the rest of the country how to think, feel and live. Which is why they asked their little brother San Francisco who's good with computers to rig the election.
Jon Banning
Jon Banning 21 日 前
Does David spade have a show on Netflix?
Léon Bottlaender
Léon Bottlaender 21 日 前
Ironic of Netflix to show that since they are a key actor in the cancel culture
Flaming Croatan
Flaming Croatan 21 日 前
Back when people have spines
Mickey Flanagan
Mickey Flanagan 21 日 前
Would love to hear more about Dave Chapelle Boot Camp for comics, is that an ongoing thing?
Too Much Time On Our Hands Productions
Too Much Time On Our Hands Productions 21 日 前 was so heated after that SNL bit. If there were ever a group of women that needed to be taken down a notch...
Anardo Cuello
Anardo Cuello 21 日 前
Who’s the black girl?
JayJay Stolte
JayJay Stolte 21 日 前
Fuck your safe space and fuck SNL
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 21 日 前
“It took me to the beginning of my career again. Oh you can say whatever you want again?” Well, be careful Bill. You made it big when other people got cancelled. No one was making it big without the risk of cancellation. Your stuff is always an inch over the line. I wouldn’t go two feet over the lines these days.
absolute free speech absolutely. 🇺🇸
Amber Davis
Amber Davis 21 日 前
he’s exactly right!
Chemii 21 日 前
The British tabloids do this all the time. 7 million people will watch and enjoy a show but 200 people will write in and complain about something and they report it as if it should direct any sort of creative decisions. 200 people out of 7 million is around 0.002% of the audience. A) Why is this news? B) Why does anyone care. Rediculous.
Stevo935 21 日 前
Brandon James
Brandon James 21 日 前
What do cancer jokes and cancer kids have in common? They never get old lol. I'm a leukemia survivor and was told this joke. I'm not a little pussy that gets offended, it's a joke. Jokes are supposed to be edgy and stupid. Social justice pussies need to fuck off and leave comedy alone. It's an art, if you don't like it don't listen.
Se7eN Cureton Reviews
Se7eN Cureton Reviews 21 日 前
God love em We need some real funny fucking shit
The Over/UnderThinker
The Over/UnderThinker 21 日 前
"I didn't... they just talked to the ones that were mad." too F-ing right! journalists are always looking for a controversy to have an angle for their story. That's why a lot of stars don't read their reviews. Writers always want to have a "hot take" or for there to be a controversy even when there is none. good for him to blow that premise up!
Austin David
Austin David 22 日 前
Surprising that Netflix actually posted this considering how biased their writers are
Austin David
Austin David 20 日 前
@Wheat Cobbler who hires the green haired lesbian writers, genius ?
Wheat Cobbler
Wheat Cobbler 20 日 前
Ahh yes, the Netflix writers that run the whole Netflix program
Smith 22 日 前
hipsters have ruined the entertainment industry
James Brooks
James Brooks 22 日 前
It’s so funny how they talk about how they love what it means to be a conservative yet they hate their president
Tee Red
Tee Red 22 日 前
What did he say on SNL that wasn't true?
Elizabeth Toner
Elizabeth Toner 18 日 前
Nick Gonzalez
Nick Gonzalez 22 日 前
And that white chick at the end proved his point saying that he made all the white women upset after his snl monolog. Just the woke NY and LA crowds were upset. Normal women found it funny.
russiancase 22 日 前
I've never noticed before. What's up with Burr's left ear?
Chandler Edwards
Chandler Edwards 22 日 前
Does Bill Burr tell jokes anymore? Or does he just moan about how he can't anymore?
Teddd 22 日 前
Bills the goat
Mark Andrus
Mark Andrus 22 日 前
Did they trick Spade into believing that was a casting couch? He looks a little too psyched to be there.
Nate Grimm
Nate Grimm 22 日 前
Not all white women were mad about his SNL thing, but all the people that were mad were white women. As is typically the case. There is not a whinier and more entitled group of people on the planet than liberal white women.
Ray 22 日 前
Has David spade pulled a Chevy Chase? They both woke up one day and weren't funny anymore
Patriot Armament
Patriot Armament 22 日 前
It’s sooo fucked it now days. Everyone’s a sensitive bitch. There’s no more humor or comedy
invisible snake
invisible snake 22 日 前
bro i couldnt sit with bill burr and not want to knock him out though
Josh Shakespeare
Josh Shakespeare 22 日 前
“I didn’t. They just talk to the ones that were mad” that’s a bar! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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