Andrew Schulz on Why We Can’t Trust The Government

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Schulz Saves America is now streaming and the takes have never been hotter. Laugh at all the f*cked up sh*t that happened this year with Andrew Schulz, only on Netflix.
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John Kilgore
John Kilgore 5 時間 前
Love it this dude is going ham on all of them.
Grant Boshoff
Grant Boshoff 12 時間 前
Just finished watching episode 1 of the special. But I didn't really get the last joke where he smiles to the camera. Can someone explain it to me?
Rick Matsokotere
Rick Matsokotere 13 時間 前
Schultz is George Carlin with ADHD 🤣🤣
charmedlilsis1 3 日 前
LOEFFLER is not Beaker. MS's current governor is Beaker.
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire 5 日 前
KJ Lawson B
KJ Lawson B 5 日 前
Jack Nasty
Jack Nasty 5 日 前
Nah, man. The Capitol is our CHURCH. All hail the state! We need FBI tip lines so the pigs can catch these "dangerous insurgents"😂😂😂
Jack Nasty
Jack Nasty 5 日 前
Nice "anti-fascism"😂😂😂
Ken Dethstryke
Ken Dethstryke 5 日 前
I am shocked you haven't pulled this one yet considering how it ends. Oh snap.
Beefcake Sasquatch
Beefcake Sasquatch 6 日 前
Title says it all! Don't believe it watch simons whistlers videos on experiments the us government has done on it's people.
Future Global
Future Global 7 日 前
In light of the shit that went down in DC on 2021/01/06 you need to reconsider your position.
Crimson_ Kerbec
Crimson_ Kerbec 2 日 前
Has somebody who works in the capital and saw everything go down at home, he's still right. And the video still funny
CHIBI Zartist
CHIBI Zartist 8 日 前
Face lifT from a taxidermist LOL
Steven Medina
Steven Medina 10 日 前
Where’s the funny
Sharingan User
Sharingan User 11 日 前
Modi at 1:07 looking bad ass....not figuratively....rather literally...😅
Dans Earway
Dans Earway 13 日 前
Red pills for everyone
Gengar 14 日 前
Schulz saves America was great in my opinion..... All four parts were amazing & accurate...... great job Schulz, better then what I expected
Stranger In the Alps
Stranger In the Alps 16 日 前
It’s amazing that Andrew comes up with all these freestyle jokes off the top of his head. What a genius
Ro Raz
Ro Raz 10 日 前
Stranger In the Alps I don't think he comes up with these jokes off the top of his head. He's got a group of at least 3 people coming up with what they think is the best jokes
LSMG 17 日 前
Finally!! A Netflix original that doesn’t suck
QuantumElectricians 17 日 前
It wasn’t millennials buying all the toilet paper, it was middle aged, Christian conservative housewives scared out of their mind and thinking only of themselves as usual. There were no actual shortages from the factories. There were only shortages because of overbuying. If everyone just shopped like they normally did there would have been enough for everyone.
#classic hybrid#
#classic hybrid# 17 日 前
"When people saw the inconsistency in the rules, they began to question all the rules" that's true af
Internet Wonder Builder
Internet Wonder Builder 20 日 前
This was freaking amazing!
WordupknowJesus 20 日 前
EVERYONE please slow down and do some real investigation before you take this Covid shot. Why have all the deaths from the Flu and other health problems dropped tremendously since Covid 19 appeared?? Did you know the corona virus is a Flu virus that has been around forever? They have been trying to develop a corona vaccine for over 30 years but all the test animals died. They were fine until they came into contact with a Flu virus then their immune systems would over react in what is called a cytokine storm where your immune system attacks your own body. Watch Dr Sherri Tenpenny talk about this in some interviews here on if they have not deleted her videos, on youtube and watch Del Bigtree on the Highwire , have to search for his program because the powers that want to depopulate the world using this and other vaccines ban Doctors and Scientist that upset their agenda
LE0NSKA 20 日 前
yo, can someone explain the very last joke of the 1st episode? I'm either stupid af or out of the loop. he said something about "something that existed in the shadows for years and 'we' have to apologize to a certain group of people"..... what? who???
LE0NSKA 20 日 前
oh it's the concpiracy people... got it.. should've seen the name of e2 first
Tandem Mafia
Tandem Mafia 20 日 前
Lets overthrow the government you fucking loose pussies
Joe Blowe
Joe Blowe 21 日 前
Typical New Yorker, rather than criticize New York he just talks shit about California. Does he not realize California has a lower infection rate than NY? Why are they like this?
Filipe Rizzi
Filipe Rizzi 21 日 前
Em fim a hipocrisia!!!!
Christopher Noia
Christopher Noia 21 日 前
I’d love to see some people upset at his man spreading... in his own studio 😄
FinneySP 21 日 前
God bless you for that Vanilla Isis line
eucVibes 21 日 前
Playback Speed 0.75 ... Thank me later!
funnyguyinlondon 21 日 前
(Almost) the same old Schulz but with a very Netflix polish. The old setting was more authentic. Still good
Wasn’t funny tho
Donald Viszneki
Donald Viszneki 22 日 前
2020 and still equating democrats and republicans
Fan Tastic
Fan Tastic 23 日 前
😂 speaking of cheap plastic. Lmao
iscream22 24 日 前
Ivan Valentine
Ivan Valentine 24 日 前
feels different
Nicholas Harlan
Nicholas Harlan 24 日 前
Slow clap for shultz wholly shit. I know it wasnt a "special" but it was amazing.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 24 日 前
If you are or were confused about anything during this pandemic, he answered most of your questions at the very end of the video; "At the end of the day, money always trumps everything."
daft wod
daft wod 24 日 前
I actually thought this channel was dedicated to showing us the worst attempted comedy on Netflix. As an attack on the ever lowering standards... But Netflix are proud if this wank.
Clinton Kildepsteen
Clinton Kildepsteen 24 日 前
How come netflix can have the word "BULL💩" unblurred in a thumbnail, but if I say it in the comment section it gets deleted within minutes??? That's BULL💩💩💩💩
Sherman Ng
Sherman Ng 25 日 前
People are so naive that they think that Biden and Harris are actually gonna do something good for the people 🤣🤣🤣
C Wemba
C Wemba 25 日 前
simon scowled
simon scowled 25 日 前
Rules are only for the poor and powerless
L C 25 日 前
I hope they don’t assassinate Schulz
TheArKtec 26 日 前
Or maybe was the media saying it was toilet paper, this guy a fool.. someone should beat his ass.
BSH MUSIC 26 日 前
Andrew found the perfect way to describe pelosis face and now I can’t unsee it.
CaughtPicking88 26 日 前
He said winning the flu here
kim pantyhose
kim pantyhose 26 日 前
Oh these are so so lame....they're like John Oliver's little joke brother who wants desperately to play with the adults but just can't bring it with the same force or sophistication. I've said it so many times before, but since Shulz seems to be into stuff that has been done before - many many times - I'll say it again: These suck. They're lame attempts and social commentary that comedians were doing better than Shulz, and are presently doing better than Shulz on HBO, CBS, ABC, NBC, TBS, PBS, UHF, STD, S&M, PB&J, LTGBQ and STP. Andrew...please go yourself for the fiftieth time this decade and try again.
SomeKidBoom 26 日 前
Holy unmotivated camera moves, Schultzy, nobody needs a sweeping shot of your crotch. Especially, multiple times. And Netflix money trumps JPgoon money, eh.
MrRichierich 26 日 前
😂😂Amen Brother!!!
Jeffery's Mom!!!
Jeffery's Mom!!! 26 日 前
*Are you kidding!!...That wussy crap the left does is kids play compared to to the Right...Nobody is seeing the "funny" Irony between a Shoplifter that seals a Piece of gum Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy and finding dozens of Bodies under his House...Get real!!!*
1:34 crotch shot
Mark C
Mark C 27 日 前
Amazing Andrew!
Hydraulic Mobile Service
Hydraulic Mobile Service 27 日 前
Moving up the ladder congratulations
Stone Philips
Stone Philips 27 日 前
Not Funny! Light weight Dice impersonator🐒
Lil Hyphy
Lil Hyphy 27 日 前
Bee bop
Bee bop 27 日 前
Masks dont help and why is China out partying and living life so is Africa and all middle east countries. We are just slaves to fake fear. #Time2Divide
bukon90 27 日 前
The makeup make him look pasty.
Leatheryfoot 27 日 前
John Oliver, but funny without an audience.
jthreddragon 27 日 前
“Flew off the shelves like Gushers on Epstein’s island.” Hilarious, and historically accurate. Gushers were huge back then.
Michael Ang
Michael Ang 27 日 前
I noticed the crotch shot is all in your face about it. Anyone??
Japanese Comedian Meshida
Japanese Comedian Meshida 27 日 前
Good jokes!!!
Michael Walker
Michael Walker 28 日 前
Anyone else notice the weird change in audio from the old ones?
Dude ! When Fauci downplayed wearing masks, couldn’t you tell that Trump was Forcing him to say what he did ? Most of the stuff that you say is very true, (and funny) ! But Please don’t try to rank on Dr. Fauci, because he is a good and decent man, who is also in an incredibly difficult position, that DOES NOT amount to his faultiness !
LenisVideos1 28 日 前
Andrew says it like it is!... That incompetent Newsom clown is driving Californians to homelessness!
Brody C.
Brody C. 28 日 前
Inflatable fuck doll Gavin Newsom💀
Lachlan Bowden
Lachlan Bowden 28 日 前
Americas freedom ethic is actually the worst in terms of suppressing a pandemic. It's the one scenario where an authoritarian gov is the most effective... For a few weeks. Theoretically Covid could be over if everyone stayed home for 2 weeks... Obviously that isn't practical. The freedom ethic is what makes the USA so great when we're not in a pandemic, so ay, I feel for y'all. But you can't drink till your 21... What kinda freedom is that... Fuckn fony freedom.
Breeanne Daniels
Breeanne Daniels 28 日 前
beef and broccoli. he’s a new yorker. ❤️
Avarice21 28 日 前
Waluigi talking truth.
susan johnson
susan johnson 28 日 前
I must say you are quite descriptive. Thanks thou its interesting.
MrCleanPapi 28 日 前
Non Harlem comment: My reaction to this was that feeling you get when you n*t and she keeps sucking. *FeelsGoodMan*
Biggie Chiquito
Biggie Chiquito 28 日 前
Whyd you change the title??? You had called out Newsom.. who made you change the title???? Or delete it??? I remember seeing it and saying i gotta watch this later.. then cant find it
NerdCharms 28 日 前
That's a lot of uninformed opinions from a guy who looks like his hobbies are watching Entourage and inviting little kids into his basement.
kestrel archer
kestrel archer 28 日 前
That line about Kamala Harris career based of incarcerating weed smoker couple years ago and the fact that now weed became legal )implying She help jailed innocent people) is underrated.
afrobear2310 28 日 前
this was actually good
Anthony Lavelle
Anthony Lavelle 28 日 前
I love everything Andrew does, though I'm not too sure about the camera pointing directly at his crotch during half of this video.
K A 29 日 前
Not from the USA. Understood nothing and couldn't keep watching. Love Andrew tho❤️ Hope to see a stand-up from him soon!
Osama Bin trappin
Osama Bin trappin 29 日 前
Good to see this dude winning first heard him from joe rogan at first i thought he was a douche but you can tell hes trying to create quality
Mac_and_ Cheese
Mac_and_ Cheese 29 日 前
🖕 the government
Tilden Basson
Tilden Basson 29 日 前
"Vanilla Isis"😂
Justin Malone
Justin Malone 29 日 前
Another banger
Brandon R. Washington MBA
Brandon R. Washington MBA 29 日 前
talking to fast
Breath OfLife
Breath OfLife 29 日 前
Breath OfLife
Breath OfLife 29 日 前
4ohneys 29 日 前
Wow. I'm proud of you man!!!!!!!
Lee Constantine
Lee Constantine 29 日 前
Wouldn't mind Andrew Schulz to have his own late night satire show, and he can warm up the audience first.
His pants are too short
Freddy Kruger
Freddy Kruger 29 日 前
Money trumps everything.. good way to describe the whole layer of bullshits we all got this year..from astronomical subvention to already rich and bailed out companies/corporations/shareholders groups. It was all a fucking scam to make us obey more and be in more debt than we will ever be able to pay back to whomever countries owe money to.(Chinese interests..some banking group isolated in Sweden or Switzerland.. where they haven't been forced to wear mask or no lockdown or nothing whatsoever..funny that like in world War 2 the only place in the world that isn't touched is still Sweden and those Icelandic countries..even tho Corona got to completely isolated inuit community in Canada.. ) for real dont pay your tax next year..they gon make you pay for the money they sent their lil bailing out the way pfizer and moderna ceo don't even have stocks in their own company anymore..make it whatever you want. Its time to stand up the the bullshit on every level. Do a lil reset and break your programattion. You'll see that from the very beginning of your life Its all lies and bullshit to keep the ball of bullshit we've constructed well glued together. So yeah from this point..try some truth..self truth and truthful look on the bullshit. Have a good one.
Odinaka Okoye
Odinaka Okoye 29 日 前
That's wassup
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire 29 日 前
rigo62982 29 日 前
Wtf is this.. is this supposed to be standup. Or a new show on Netflix.. this is not standup..
Mush Mouf
Mush Mouf 29 日 前
Researching millennials and according to definition, you probably are one as well. Its those damn Gen Z youre after.
Leon Vito Vincent Radwe
Leon Vito Vincent Radwe 29 日 前
Bro can't find your content on netflix... Did you get kicked? For real tho is your content available in germany? Much Love fro over the pond
Handsin Group
Handsin Group ヶ月 前
Hasan Minhaj must be pissed right now.
Arrold Crestian
Arrold Crestian ヶ月 前
I can't watch the fucking special, more europe people with the same problem?
Drewe MacIver
Drewe MacIver ヶ月 前
He’s like a frag grenade - impressive and shocking, and it’s insults have no direction or grace. Having watched it on Netflix, I give this show 9/10, but I dock it 1.5 points for the spray-and-pray, so... 7.5/10 (plus a standing ovation, because WOW, a lot of the jokes in his special are 11/10’s!).
Roman Roman
Roman Roman ヶ月 前
I have a feeling this guy is going to sell out
Ceez B
Ceez B ヶ月 前
John Oliver did this first and did it better, next!
Ceez B
Ceez B ヶ月 前
Oh hey - here's the class clown act that really isn't funny but is only semi popular because he's joe rogan's friend and lives off the joe rogan bump.
tempestuouslobos ヶ月 前
This dude’s name is in the fucking title and damn near 90% of comments are misspelling it. What a bunch of idiots
The Love Bug
The Love Bug ヶ月 前
Lmao when he mentioned Jet Li and Bobby Lee's picture popped up
Beans Avacado
Beans Avacado ヶ月 前
"There's no pandemic playbook" HAHAHA YES THERE IS. It tells the Gov't what to do in case of a pandemic-- even covering specificly CORONA VIRUSES. Trump just screwed TF up.
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