Andrew Schulz on BLM Protests and Defunding the Police

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ヶ月 前

According to Andrew, protest history explains why riots are sometimes the only option. Schulz Saves America is now streaming, only on Netflix.
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Lance Smith
Lance Smith 18 時間 前
You don't reform the police. You reform people. People have to know the truth.
4techboy 日 前
Andrew is exactly right on "Defund the Police." It's the worst marketing slogan ever!
Pat Mar
Pat Mar 2 日 前
what a goddam fool
Ethan Collins
Ethan Collins 2 日 前
🥱 defund the police = more crime these people are so ignorant
Josh Goodloe
Josh Goodloe 4 日 前
Nihal VV
Nihal VV 4 日 前
Sgt Nooodle
Sgt Nooodle 5 日 前
Mmm no when most of them say "defund the police" they actually mean to defund and abolish the police. What you're saying is the mainstream media talking point to not have people actually go look into the groups making these demands.
Brian J
Brian J 5 日 前
Young social services go on a few calls, pee their pants, then gain some experience and once they learn more about the real world then learn when to request law enforcement presents on certain calls and which calls merit/require the use of LE. Everyone living in the real world besides the criminals know the value of law enforcement.
Jukka Miettinen
Jukka Miettinen 5 日 前
Jose Jaquez
Jose Jaquez 5 日 前
Props to Andrew Schulz for putting himself out there like this. Allot of his audience will hate him for this, so i appreciate this as someone who grew up 2 blocks from LAPD's rampart division and has full knowledge of the need for change in policing.
themrnorwood 6 日 前
"more inbred than the body of Christ" #barz
A T 7 日 前
Political theater!
Coltious Tayloropitous
Coltious Tayloropitous 7 日 前
We don't need to reform the police we need to reform a certain culture in this nation and keep them from committing almost all the crime.
Leann Hocus Pocus
Leann Hocus Pocus 8 日 前
Republicans say BLM protests were unjustified after decades of peaceful protests. Republicans storm capital building because Conservatives are not being heard.
Stephanie Donato
Stephanie Donato 8 日 前
Defund the police is bad branding. It should be refund our community. Put $$ back into schools and after school programs. Mandate cops insure themselves so taxpayers don't have to pay for wrongful deaths. If they have to pay for their crimes they will be forced to learn how to de-escalate a situation rather then hide behind theier guns. Make gun training 1 full year not 6 months.
Andrew Stevenjo
Andrew Stevenjo 8 日 前
And since all the people who stormed the capital feel the same way, Schultz just endorsed their violence.
Thomas Willard
Thomas Willard 7 日 前
Except BLM is protesting the unjust treatment of minorities. The Trumpets were trying to overthrow the results of a Lawful election. Also, only one group beat a cop to death on the Capitol Steps.
Cap’n Salt
Cap’n Salt 10 日 前
Schulz for president anyone?
Netta Boo
Netta Boo 10 日 前
Your official
Sarfaraz Riaz
Sarfaraz Riaz 11 日 前
Tajr 12 日 前
I keep getting the fifth the layer of the joke once he's 10 jokes past. Andrew is the goat
Chicken Speed
Chicken Speed 12 日 前
Mob justice is a reaction it's not right it's not good but it happens
SunGod97 13 日 前
People who think he’s defending “defund the police,” maybe look at the whole “worst marketing campaign” joke
David khual Khual
David khual Khual 13 日 前
defunding the police means defunding the police... they don't want the cops that's plain and simple... they are the same people who made chaz... as long as criminals kill cops, cops are gonna protect themselves...
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire 13 日 前
THE MERCENARY 2020 NOW ON AMAZON PRIME.........................
EazeYT 13 日 前
You can’t reform a system and people who are morally bankrupt. You have to find ways to reduce crime at the source. Police don’t prevent crime. Use their huge budgets to make real change on the ground.
B I 14 日 前
First, stop listening to people who don’t know anything about law enforcement. When they say defund and try to make sound prettier (restructure), it is still defunding, moron.
Skeletal Pirate
Skeletal Pirate 14 日 前
My question is why do the rioters destroy their own locally owned businesses? At least make it government property or something lol
Victor Hugo Sanchez Mercado
Victor Hugo Sanchez Mercado 14 日 前
#Restructurethepolice 💪🏻
J Singh
J Singh 14 日 前
Oh look it's the white Hasan Minhaj
Red wave California Conservative
Red wave California Conservative 15 日 前
Kamala Harris on 6-17-2020 “They're not going to stop before Election Day in November, and they're not going to stop after Election Day," Harris continued. "Everyone should take note of that on both levels, that they're not going to let up and they should not and we should not." Speaking of violent blm rioters and looters after they burned thousands of buildings.
beetalius 15 日 前
Police have been reforming, killings by police officers are on a 10yr decline. The problem is, most of these high profile cases were misrepresented in the media as murders when they weren't. So theres outrage when it happened. Then when the truth comes out, everyone who was told it was murder is told it's a horrible injustice. All the while CNN makes their best ratings ever.
Mustard Skaven
Mustard Skaven 16 日 前
Except they actually want to DEFUND the police entirely. Claiming they actually mean restructuring the police is giving them too much credit.
Mustard Skaven
Mustard Skaven 15 日 前
@Hectic Energy Where exactly did I claim that every individual had the exact same political goal? THEY refers to those calling for defunding. I never said there were no people who proposed restructuring the police.
Hectic Energy
Hectic Energy 15 日 前
“Them” like it’s a collective block of one mind and purpose that sat down and actually wrote and ratified a policy proposal. Some, yes, actually want to totally cut police funding.. but it’s also true that others advocate for more specialized “task forces” that are trained to deal with specialized situations such as mentally disabled.
Thimo 17 日 前
It's easy: Get rid of drug laws and the Interaction with Police will reduce drastically
Thimo 14 日 前
@Hello There Also, it's not just about controls if addicts... Controls about selling Marihuana will go down (Cause it will be legal), just as consuming those drugs
Thimo 14 日 前
@Hello There Sure they will. But that's not the reason, imo, for most Police Control today. Even here in Germany, most controls of people are about Drugs and drug dealing, not stealing
Hello There
Hello There 14 日 前
Interaction will still be the same because junkies will still be out robbing for their heroin.
TC Nelson
TC Nelson 17 日 前
Add Kelly Thomas to that list as well. Tragic.
Martin Miller
Martin Miller 18 日 前
Is this a skit on an idiot leftist who doesn't understand what they are talking about?
Karsen Griffin
Karsen Griffin 18 日 前
Wow so. Netflix paid Schulz to do Hassan Minhaj’s show? Got it.
bandit 18 日 前
Nailed it everytime GOAT is real
Random Idiot
Random Idiot 19 日 前
Wont work cuz... Cases are cherrypicked to fail.. On legal terms
EskiLdn 19 日 前
Its really weird to me when people say "why do you talk about the riots all the time when theres way more peaceful protests happening???" its like bro, first of it shouldnt be called "peaeful protest" its not a protest if its not peaceful and second off, rioting is illegal. Its like saying why are you talking about mark beating Rebecca all the time when most of the time they get on really well???
MPR 20 日 前
Good job explaining that Andrew!!
Richard Macias
Richard Macias 20 日 前
Check Out!!
Little hands gives Covfefe
Little hands gives Covfefe 20 日 前
Absolutely right, worst marketing campaign. When it really should have been ‘De-militarize’ the police. Or ‘De-martialize’ the police.
Little hands gives Covfefe
Little hands gives Covfefe 20 日 前
Fire 🔥
FireFacts 21 日 前
The 11 goals of the Frankfurt school of thought that was founded in 1923. 1. The creation of racism offences. 2. Continual change to create confusion. 3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to kids under the age of 10 and encourage pansexualism. 4.The undermining of conventional schools and teachers authority. 5. Huge immigration to destroy national identity. 6. The promotion of excessive drinking and drugs. 7. The emptying of churches of every type to stop the formation of organized groups. 8. Create an unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime. 9. Promote dependency on the state or state benefits. 10. Control and dumbing down of the media. 11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family unit. This school was shut down when Hitler went to power and it's members moved and worked in universities and schools around the world but mostly in US. More particularly to Columbia, Princeton, Brandies, California and Berkeley.
You Mang
You Mang 22 日 前
Good job not mentioning one black on black gang member murder. You might as well have done this on VICE
Hudjimin 23 日 前
dumb guido shitstain
GucciMayonnaise69 23 日 前
Fuck this guy he ain't even black so he don't have an opinion on the matter and fuck blm
cokie cokester
cokie cokester 24 日 前
If their not going to do their job, defunct their ass!
sombrerofatcat 21 日 前
Mr Boombostic
Mr Boombostic 24 日 前
Smh🤦‍♂️... schultzy, schultzy, schultzy.
Hank Myers
Hank Myers 24 日 前
Really so firing rockets is Peaceful Protesting?
Marc Gyver
Marc Gyver 25 日 前
Andrew, wtf, man. Come on.
M 25 日 前
Of course Netflix is in it with China to try to break down our society 😂
Nadezda 26 日 前
This is weak af. Andrew was lighting topics up throughout the earlier part of the year. This re-shoot has no energy whatsoever. Grats on the Netflix gig I guess.
Chastity Fadely
Chastity Fadely 26 日 前
So what exactly do cops sign up for being a public servant? Just speeding tickets and kidnapping kids? Making sure your county has people in jail to pay some bonds and absolutely nothing else? A public servant who has to deal with public has limited things to do while you're in uniform? So they just get armored vehicles unnecessary funding throughout the whole us brand new cars uniforms, so their job title is make sure you write tickets collect that money for the county or?? Big waist if you ask me, they do absolutely nothing .our medical does a lot for us ,our firefighters do a lot for us; volunteer search-and-rescue do a lot; don't think cops should have to be something plow streets while they're driving around deliver groceries to old people something besides plot on families
sombrerofatcat 18 日 前
@Chastity Fadely first the atf shoots your dogs second either your lying or your stupid because if you have a gangster family there shot for being gangsters
Chastity Fadely
Chastity Fadely 18 日 前
@sombrerofatcat so no job title 4 cop? Do what they want when they want? Fire at will? &help cps kidnap kids and no SAR? Montrose,Co cops shoot you& your dogs! Real talk
Chastity Fadely
Chastity Fadely 18 日 前
@sombrerofatcat I'll call my gangster family before id call some pussy ass hater cops . Cops have shot 3 people in my life so far! Unarmed people! Dum-mas!
sombrerofatcat 21 日 前
And If i see you at one of your peaceful protest and shoot at you who you gonna call the cops dumbass
Dank Loser
Dank Loser 26 日 前
All that rioting and nothing has changed Bldm it’s never going to anyways
Javier Oliva
Javier Oliva 27 日 前
I'm sure Mr. Schulz is a nice man and means well but he is naive about BLM and the larger movement behind them. BLM is the organization set up to use people with real grievances for a more sinister purpose. Historically, workers, minorities, poor people or anyone who thinks they are getting screwed over have been exploited in Russia, Latin America, China and used to topple those governments and install an even more oppressive government. What would help black people? I have some thoughts but I'm nobody and nobody gives a fuck what I think. This man has some thoughts (yes he's black)
ツ大德 27 日 前
I don't believe they should defund the police, I just think they should actually give a damn about anyone other then themselves and do us all a favor and get people who actually wanna help and not fuck things up a bit more.
Soul Mind
Soul Mind 28 日 前
was this supposed to be funny? horrible on every level
Raindrop#1 28 日 前
So you say one thing that means another thing wow that makes sense.
Hawkeye Mihawk
Hawkeye Mihawk 29 日 前
1:53 are you saying that they're to stupid to know what the word "defund" means?
K Coup
K Coup 3 日 前
apparently you're *too* stupid to know how to write properly. :-)
Brian Baldwin
Brian Baldwin 29 日 前
This guy is a fucking tool. Shultz...hmmm doesn’t sound black, sounds like a different victim class. This reminds me of an old saying, “the “something” will cry out in pain as he strikes you.”
DaAllah W0lf
DaAllah W0lf 29 日 前
As black guy schulz is just keepin it 💯
Lil Complex
Lil Complex 29 日 前
Because he’s not saying what you wanna hear?
T Bella
T Bella 29 日 前
Looks like Netflix got in your pocket just like Spotify did with Rogan. Hope that money keeps you warm at night. Sure odd Andrew gets a Netflix special and now he tippy toes on anything controversial.
Jorge McCullough
Jorge McCullough 29 日 前
So what, should we start locking up ALL the cops that MIGHT have crossed the line while serving the public? Innocent until proven guilty applies to police too.
Catfish John
Catfish John ヶ月 前
Just another influencer paid to sell us woke bullshit and identity politics.
deziree lynn
deziree lynn ヶ月 前
isn’t the midwestern malificent what tim dillon calls his stepmom? lol
精萃篇 ヶ月 前
The link has the names, email, address and phone numbers of the house representatives. Also includes examples of letter and email. Please send the letter to your representatives.
Zhengrui0 ヶ月 前
Keep it up, Shulzy! Now you can see how many of your fans actually have rational brains vs just like hearing you bash hypersensitive pluralists at your gigs. Sadly, most people can't tolerate any thoughtful engagement with their opposition.
DragonHunter190 ヶ月 前
BLM is just a bunch of anarchists and terrorists!
Lil Complex
Lil Complex 29 日 前
@DragonHunter190 you do realize they’re BOTH called BLM right?
DragonHunter190 29 日 前
@Lil Complex I never was talking about the movement.
Lil Complex
Lil Complex 29 日 前
@DragonHunter190 I’m talking about the MOVEMENT not ORGANIZATION. If one of the leaders is a convicted terrorist....does that mean everyone in BLM is a terrorist?
DragonHunter190 29 日 前
@Lil Complex Have you ever looked into their leaders backgrounds? One of them is a convicted terrorist!
Lil Complex
Lil Complex 29 日 前
@DragonHunter190 because most BLM protests are peaceful. So I disagree.
Ribb Rotgut
Ribb Rotgut ヶ月 前
Your white guilt is cringe
Keeping it Wild
Keeping it Wild ヶ月 前
I love his comedy, however this is not funny at all! Stop playing politics and get back to comedy man!
Michael Hanlon
Michael Hanlon ヶ月 前
Well this is disappointing.
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez ヶ月 前
Shawn Blastow
Shawn Blastow ヶ月 前
I can’t wait for them to release more episodes I watch this for six seasons Straight
Illavick ヶ月 前
Rioting is by definition a large group of people being violent and destructive. It has nothing to do with protesting or creating change. Some riots function under the guise of political activism but that's not what defines a riot anymore than, say, murder. Some murders are committed under the guise of creating political change but that is just incidental to that particular murder. A riot is not a protest. Some protests become riots. A protest doesn't have to effect change. Just because people protest doesn't mean they get their way. Just because people protest doesn't mean people deserve to get their way. Just because people protest doesn't mean they are right. Just because people have a right to protest doesn't mean they must have the government or whatever power they are protesting automatically give them whatever they want. Grow up. A riot is a load of BS. It's angry people throwing a fit and destroying things because they feel justified that they can get away with it due to the large numbers of people involved. That's all it is. It's crime that becomes justified in the minds of criminals due to the increased likely hood of getting away. That's fine. Play the game and take your chances. If you lose and get caught, you knew the rules and you rolled the dice anyway. Can't do the time, don't do the crime.
Frosty Wasp
Frosty Wasp ヶ月 前
Go ahead and disagree with me or give me your opinion. Humanity as a whole has not fully grasped the concept of equality. Our system and culture has not grasped and struggles to practice the concept of equality. We will not have the correct system to deal with the mentally ill drugged out person whom is armed and will attack people regardless of being talked down respectfully. We do not have the ability to fully cure mental illnesses as far as I have seen. These issues will keep on spreading worse. But the funny thing and grateful thing is that we see it. An we are trying to do something about it. People are trying to find solutions and not ignore it. I hope we will find the correct response to fix these issues equally for everyone
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez ヶ月 前
Jack Witter
Jack Witter ヶ月 前
I can't believe how many republican snowflakes there are in the comment section
DaAllah W0lf
DaAllah W0lf ヶ月 前
Its more Half Conservatives and Half Liberal
daft wod
daft wod ヶ月 前
Half of everybody sees the world a certain way and you hate them for it. We dont hate you, even if you are transgender.
Logan Ray
Logan Ray ヶ月 前
Instead of saying "Defund the police," the slogan should've been "Defund the War on Drugs."
Logan Ray
Logan Ray 13 日 前
@EazeYT Yeah it does. Plenty of people have been killed in no knock drug raids carried out by the police. Breonna Taylor being one of them.
EazeYT 13 日 前
Unarmed people getting killed has nothing to do with the War on Drugs.
David Winehouse
David Winehouse 15 日 前
@Future Global the government doesn't pay white supremacists though.
Future Global
Future Global 15 日 前
How about “Defund Qualified Immunity” or “Defund White Supremacists”?
Gluemonkey 17 日 前
@David Winehouse Ahh fair enough
iscream22 ヶ月 前
What a unfunny hack. Look, it thinks it's making profound points
JimBobBek ヶ月 前
The only reason I can’t give 100% is him is we can’t hash this out together and we are Eskimos
Yvng Swayy
Yvng Swayy ヶ月 前 click this link to buy one of my face mask that support BLM also reply other designs i should make for face mask
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton ヶ月 前
Officially the stupidest shit I've ever seen. By the way, all the alliteration just tells me you're overcompensating for being unfunny.
T4 ヶ月 前
room temp iq time
Jason Kelley
Jason Kelley ヶ月 前
Did anyone laugh? Or was it just claughter?
Davien D
Davien D ヶ月 前
Just u frowning karen
Mattus’ Apparatus
Mattus’ Apparatus ヶ月 前
Yes. We white people are OK with cops killing white people if they’re doing illegal shit and not obeying or assaulting cops. That’s what makes us different. We don’t see them as victims of cops so much as we see them as victims of their own actions. And if you’re centered around personal responsibility, you HAVE to be ok with it, irrespective of race
Joe Q
Joe Q ヶ月 前
another one bites the dust
Don Quixote
Don Quixote ヶ月 前
Nope, andrews wrong on the rioting and defund the police, burning down your local shops business does nothing but discredit your movement and make you hated by normal people, innocent people dont need to be hurt or killed to get your message across to politicians.
Anne B
Anne B 18 日 前
@Oba You could argue conservatives get tarred and feathered now in a way. If you don’t agree with the far left, if you say all lives matter, if you claim there are only two genders, if you are pro life, etc.....your career can suffer, you can be banned from social media, I saw a video where a bank was not allowing conservatives to bank there, etc.
Oba ヶ月 前
​@Don Quixote You have it twisted there was no US to sell out there was Great Britain which was the legitimate government of the colonies which loyalists were law-abiding citizens of. In the same way, you say that the people affected by BLM riots have nothing to do with police killing you can make the same argument for loyalists who had nothing to do with their government's oppression. Being that people affected by riots today and loyalists in the times of revolution are just as innocent as one another why is it that American children are taught one is patriotism while the other is called terrorism. Let me make it clear I did not say what is right and wrong though I am saying that it is hypocritical to glorify people who were much more brutal and terroristic than the BLM rioters of today. Either they're both patriots or both terrorists I'm fine with either.
Don Quixote
Don Quixote ヶ月 前
@Oba you're comparing loyalists, the people who wouldve sold out their country, to people who have absolutely nothing to do with police killings, stop trying to compare the two they arent the same. Youre grasping at straws.
Oba ヶ月 前
@Don Quixote well you are wrong because they did tar and feather loyalists and the burning down of their houses wasn’t uncommon either.
Don Quixote
Don Quixote ヶ月 前
@Davien D no i mean the ones who arent burning their neighbors house down in the name of "justice", kinda sad how i have to explain what normal is to you, obviously you are not.
daft wod
daft wod ヶ月 前
Can we have a full list of celebrities who endorse looting so i can do some last minute Christmas shopping!?
Red wave California Conservative
Red wave California Conservative 15 日 前
Kamala Harris on 6-17-2020 “They're not going to stop before Election Day in November, and they're not going to stop after Election Day," Harris continued. "Everyone should take note of that on both levels, that they're not going to let up and they should not and we should not." Speaking of violent blm rioters and looters after they burned thousands of buildings.
Rico Dont worry bout it
Rico Dont worry bout it ヶ月 前
Aye me 2 if they don't care im pretty sure they don't mind me looting they house with all the nice shit they got lol
Mario Chavez
Mario Chavez ヶ月 前
WTFUCK They are really selling goat shirts now 😄😄🤦🤷 WHY???
Selina Lau
Selina Lau ヶ月 前
this dude has no career 🥴
Gluemonkey ヶ月 前
@Selina Lau Yawn louder, it's the most interesting noise you will ever make.
Selina Lau
Selina Lau ヶ月 前
@Gluemonkey if he is the future, the future is boring and unfunny, yawn
Gluemonkey ヶ月 前
He's the most successful (most watched) comedian on JPgoon and JPgoon is the future. The future is already here.
JJGlanton ヶ月 前
Look at this fucking idiot.
R M ヶ月 前
Its snowing left and right in Canada.. but somehow there are still more left and right snowflakes in this comment section??
German Realist
German Realist 27 日 前
​@R M You sound like Sargon.
R M 27 日 前
@German Realist you seem really cool
German Realist
German Realist 27 日 前
Attacking both sides is always dumb and weak.
Robotokosan 12
Robotokosan 12 ヶ月 前
Disingenuous, Sloppy, and Banal. Who is this?? ^That’s rhetorical. I don’t care...
Alex Pardon
Alex Pardon ヶ月 前
Doubt Schulz would be endorsing violence if the riots reached his house. Dishing out his poorly thought out philosophies from the safety his white, toilet-looking throne.
Davien D
Davien D ヶ月 前
White toilet throne apt description of America
mathew ヶ月 前
Yeaaaaah your losin your edge Andrew. It’s clear by your mental gymnastics here your trying to pander . I like how you act like you don’t . Maybe check your script for logical contradiction and stop redefining words to make your points hit home . The only joke here is you my guy
adrenallen ヶ月 前
Andrew Schulz thinks mexicans are for farming...
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez ヶ月 前
It's a fucking joke. Sincerely, a Mexican.
Shiro Saieko
Shiro Saieko ヶ月 前
He roasts everyone
Mike Huntiches
Mike Huntiches ヶ月 前
Don’t commit crimes and follow police instructions and you’ll be fine...oh yeah, and don’t be violent
Beastmode 44
Beastmode 44 14 日 前
Tell that to tamir rice or breonna taylor
Isaiah _plays
Isaiah _plays 26 日 前
yes this is a RIGHT COMMENT
Alexander Aldana
Alexander Aldana ヶ月 前
Shulz sure does get a whole lot of uhhh anti maskers in his comment section.... Yikes.... 😬
spoocyguy ヶ月 前
F*ck off with this nonsense.
Book E
Book E ヶ月 前
You’re an adult human being and you’re trying to justify rioting. Please re-examine your life.
Omar Vazquez
Omar Vazquez ヶ月 前
Defunding the police is literally the stupidest demand.
Vetterli Vitali 1870
Vetterli Vitali 1870 16 日 前
@Sherman Ng and less equipment and training which means that the officers will have fewer options, less confidence and experience.
Isaiah _plays
Isaiah _plays 27 日 前
i know if you defund the police then more crime rate and they will be crying for help
Sherman Ng
Sherman Ng ヶ月 前
@Omar Vazquez For example, Seattle is cutting a lot of cops and the police chief resigned. Crime went up.
Omar Vazquez
Omar Vazquez ヶ月 前
@Sherman Ng In conclusion, there will be LESS justice than there already is.
Sherman Ng
Sherman Ng ヶ月 前
Exactly. Defunding the police means more police will be dismissed, making the job way harder for remaining police who are more likely gonna make terrible mistakes. BLM could've focused on stricter trainings but no.
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