Andrew Schulz Explains Why America Is Not That Bad

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Netflix Is A Joke

ヶ月 前

Like it or not, Schulz is speaking his truth. And the truth is? America's not actually that bad. Schulz Saves America is now streaming only on Netflix.
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SMARTART 14 時間 前
The 80% lumpen proletariat isn’t in the center within the context of American political window. They would mean they’re all idealist libertarians.
Abdirazak Ali
Abdirazak Ali 5 日 前
Physics: There is a point beyond which matter is incompressible. Andrew Schulz: Hold my WinRar.
Cade Schilperoort
Cade Schilperoort 6 日 前
This guy is funny as fuck
MrJekyllDrHyde1 6 日 前
The US media extrapolates the few bad apples when discussing foreigners too
behrouz Muny
behrouz Muny 8 日 前
Man, where do you buy your clothes? They're very good
Elizabeth Toner
Elizabeth Toner 10 日 前
Nuar 10 日 前
Channel: Netflix is a Joke. America: Hold my beer.
Gumaro Guzman
Gumaro Guzman 11 日 前
do y’all think he’s trying to send a message?
Gene DeAngelo
Gene DeAngelo 11 日 前
Once you see his hands moving all over the place when he talks, you can't unsee it. Dude, keep your fucking hands still. LOL My retarded, ADD, non able to focus minuscule brain can't focus.
Ossama Arvayani
Ossama Arvayani 12 日 前
Imagine how hard it is to make those photo animation without laughing
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 14 日 前
Your comedy is dope but fake stained jeans aren't
Ethan Eck
Ethan Eck 16 日 前
The devil comes out in New York accents
The Washington Redskins
The Washington Redskins 17 日 前
Trans-Siberian orchestra is dope
William Hargreaves
William Hargreaves 17 日 前
it’s not offensive at all, it’s comedy I hate woke people But it’s also not very funny Idk
Francisco Gutierrez
Francisco Gutierrez 17 日 前
As a Mexican in Houston...I can confirm about the ICE agent...😆😆😆
Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds 18 日 前
This dude has been putting out great content for quite a while now!
Jordan 18 日 前
That is an amazing joke, thank you Andrew. You give me hope my needless history knowledge can be used in a context like this
Gregbot9000 18 日 前
This may be the only commenter on youtube where I need to slow down the playback speed.
josephWOO 18 日 前
it's such a shame that Andrew's netflix special couldn't be with a live audience. He's so good at crowd work
oneski io
oneski io 18 日 前
Turns out not only white guys! The arguments were so laid bare that Many people of colour realised that they were conservative on many issues! They did not believe that hard work, success, speaking well, objectivity and individuality was just whiteness! Great monologue!
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil 19 日 前
Emperor God Trump
choosyduchess25 19 日 前
The fish lips and labia neck. I'm dead. ☠️☠️☠️
HereComesDatMan 19 日 前
With the Elliot Page at the end for the win. 😂
Deven Rivera
Deven Rivera 20 日 前
This is nothing new from Andrew. His jokes are flawless, he elaborates and transitions from one joke to another and great timing. Def funniest comedian today.
mohamad harake
mohamad harake 20 日 前
a true comedian.. all he needs is a chair, a camera, some logic, and some decency..
Oliver McDonnell
Oliver McDonnell 21 日 前
I've never seen anybody neatly fit sentences that long into one breath
Dr. Kaczynski
Dr. Kaczynski 21 日 前
Did he just explain to me his joke was good? This guy gets worse by the day.
coco Boo
coco Boo 22 日 前
Houston has more asians than mexicans
Douglas Billington
Douglas Billington 22 日 前
Robert Smith selling $40 funnel cake at the Laissez- Faire. Just such an awesome nerd joke.
Logan Dee
Logan Dee 22 日 前
I thought he was dead for a while cos he wasn't posting on his usual YT page
Jens Kristian Moerkved
Jens Kristian Moerkved 23 日 前
In case you’re wondering: Google laissez-faire economics
exzisd 23 日 前
haha that Elliot Page bit..
Stuck in the Middle
Stuck in the Middle 23 日 前
If we don't get things together this nonsense will be at our doorsteps.
Jake Tobin
Jake Tobin 23 日 前
‘Twas an amazing joke sir
जिज्ञासा 23 日 前
Jokes are tighter than aoc's cups
Realm Gold
Realm Gold 24 日 前
Well damn.
Yemi Speaks
Yemi Speaks 24 日 前
Can't wait for Wall Street Journal to label the show as Cis White Apologetics. Lol
Fire & Air
Fire & Air 24 日 前
Oh didn't even realize this was Netflix channel no wonder the comments feel so damn outta place
Donald Cady
Donald Cady 24 日 前
Andrew is the bomb.
Pearcey111 24 日 前
He is talking much faster than he ever has before, I would say he is reading off a teleprompter, he needs his teleprompter is for news reporters not Schulz
X - Force
X - Force 24 日 前
It's actually much worse, and the more you know, the worse it gets. So yes, ignorance *is* bliss, and sadly some people just will never get it until they experience it first hand, or vicariously through someone they love.
Talim Palomino
Talim Palomino 22 日 前
How do you mean
Nawar Torres
Nawar Torres 24 日 前
Willem Schellings
Willem Schellings 24 日 前
That was an amazing joke
Aaron Artiaga
Aaron Artiaga 24 日 前
Someone explain the john Smith joke
Romulus Maximus
Romulus Maximus 24 日 前
"America is not that bad" ...proceeds to talk about the superficial stuff instead of the corruption, war mongering, oppression, illegal spying etc etc
Justin Pettit
Justin Pettit 24 日 前
Think he's talking more about the people than the government
The faceless Question
The faceless Question 24 日 前
"...Obama's more Kenyan than a coffee bean running a marathon..." Damn!!! Hahahahahhaaaha
Anne B
Anne B 25 日 前
I think I’m going to be Trans-Siberian Orchestra gender 🤣
yaser khalid
yaser khalid 25 日 前
Fun fact: Schulz filmed this at his own studio. He's winning! 💪
nel del
nel del 25 日 前
You have to be on your A game when watching his stuff. This dude is pure gold.
BigAntTV w
BigAntTV w 25 日 前
Bill maher knock off
glenn morris
glenn morris 25 日 前
Why are anarchists bad?
Jacob Sobelman
Jacob Sobelman 25 日 前
I just noticed when Andrew says “white guys” he includes a pic of Elliot Page
Rick G
Rick G 18 日 前
Kitty Pryde (Shadow Cat)
Newt Rockstar
Newt Rockstar 18 日 前
@Dayone gaming hahaha same, who damn so many sex changes
K D 19 日 前
Jhosh Urena
Jhosh Urena 20 日 前
Who fucking cares
Mikey Beatz
Mikey Beatz 21 日 前
Was he male in 2016 tho 🤔
kc bh
kc bh 25 日 前
That was brilliant. Haha.
Sherman Ng
Sherman Ng 25 日 前
For those of you who are saying that America is that bad, get out of here and move to Hong Kong/China/Latin America and see how you like being controlled by communists. There are many others that are dying to come to America the legal way. -Sincerely, an immigrant from Hong Kong
My name Is jeff
My name Is jeff 25 日 前
Andrew of Netflix?!?!?! Let’s go!!!!!!
Smile_bro 25 日 前
Anyone here keen on explaining the "amazing joke"?😬
MD JACK 25 日 前
More Kenyan that a coffee bean running a marathon. 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🤭💀💀 I’m done.
Edlin Kanichayi
Edlin Kanichayi 25 日 前
Labia neck is the best Trump joke I've heard to date
AceLinkFPS 25 日 前
I still believe Tulsi Gabbard would have been a great president for the US.
AceLinkFPS 24 日 前
@google isevil sorry bro Idk if you're disagreeing or not😅
Swobhineet Swain
Swobhineet Swain 24 日 前
google isevil
google isevil 25 日 前
You kidding? If She were in charge, NO ONE would question the results. Even Trump would have given up if he lost to her. The fact that HARRIS will probably be the first female president is scary because we could have a REAL leader as the first female president, not some evil yahoo who kept people in jail for profit.
Ramos Ramos
Ramos Ramos 25 日 前
You guys need more than 2 parties for democracy you know that right ? 😂😂
Brian Banegas
Brian Banegas 25 日 前
Emmanuel Makoba
Emmanuel Makoba 26 日 前
Amazin! Even tho I support Trump rather than anything Democratic, All his jokes be on point. Lots of truth in here.
Hayley Lewis
Hayley Lewis 26 日 前
the only time he Jokes about Politics is in a non political way ie the Liassez-faire Joke would be funny if you put it into context sometime and called out the greatest threat of our life time Neoliberalism which was born from liassez fare politics. He is the smartest Comedian I know but he does not seem to use his inteligence to change this horrible shit
Brian G
Brian G 26 日 前
Actually, I can find an Antifa asswipe in about ten minutes. Good luck trying find a member of the KKK.
Brian Banegas
Brian Banegas 25 日 前
there was a small town in Illinois that was jokingly referred to as KKK ville. I think it was some of the shitheel local Kida fucking around thou
Stakz Da Great
Stakz Da Great 26 日 前
P C 26 日 前
That neck zoom in LOL
Alex James
Alex James 26 日 前
Bro I liked you doing standup...the Netflix special just made me and my girl tired of your voice after 5 mins. Felt like dad jokes going second by second by second. Fuckin bummer. I was so excited to see that special. Other people seem to like it tho so...each their own
Rogue Cheddar
Rogue Cheddar 26 日 前
Nice shot of Ellen 'Eliot the Idiot' Page, there at the end.
jeremy edge
jeremy edge 26 日 前
At least Schulz hasn't forgot the man bad
jeremy edge
jeremy edge 25 日 前
@google isevilword, that's one way to look at it
google isevil
google isevil 25 日 前
To be fair, he's not wrong. Trump HAS been playing the media like a fiddle. He knows EVERYTHING he does will be reported on by the media in a negative light so at some point he decided to say "Fuck it, I'll be you villain." And played into the "Big Bad Orange Man" for the Left to hate. Perhaps it wasn't the best strategy as it justified too many people to vote for the corrupt establishment, but Schulz isn't wrong.
Mekehl Lane
Mekehl Lane 26 日 前
Man this guy sucks
Tim Dunn
Tim Dunn 26 日 前
Hidden Leaf
Hidden Leaf 26 日 前
yo is this being shadow banned? lol youtube is sooooooooo bad now.
Raj S
Raj S 26 日 前
Yo this guys amazing.
google isevil
google isevil 25 日 前
He has a shit ton of videos on his JPgoon Channel. Check them out, he's hilarious.
zmeicorp 26 日 前
What Andrew is saying is true, but i feel bad for the people who'll learn about this from this video.
jhathk jhathk
jhathk jhathk 26 日 前
This seems like basically a rip off of Hasan's Patriot Act. No big deal really, political comedy shows are nothing new. I appreciate the focus on centrist views, and the amount of jokes per minute everyone else is thrilled about, but I would just try to make the jokes funny. I find myself waiting to laugh and it never happening.
Steve Fettuccine
Steve Fettuccine 26 日 前
the list of genders >> whoopie cushion, trans-siberian orchestra, finger puppet, helicopter parent. amazing
google isevil
google isevil 25 日 前
No apache attack helicopter on the list? I FEEL OFFENDED!
Daniel Ochoa
Daniel Ochoa 26 日 前
He's amazing I saw em last year in Chicago and was worth every penny so mad that this year it was postponed 2x cause of the stupid ass virus
Saifuddin Rehan
Saifuddin Rehan 26 日 前
can't help but burst LOL when the picture of "white guys" comes up...😂 🤣
WCGreeny 25 日 前
I mean, it's not wrong. lol
Srimani Pandey
Srimani Pandey 26 日 前
I studied economics, that was a good joke. Lol
R D 26 日 前
*America isn’t that bad *If you have money.
google isevil
google isevil 7 日 前
@R D You really waited until that event just to comeback and gloat? Just to say "Ha ha, America bad." I can't stand people like you, laughing at the suffering of others. Because make no mistake, what happens next is scaring the shit out of everyone here. No one wants this... but I'm glad you were able to find some humor in this.
R D 10 日 前
@google isevil I’m going to refer you back to your previous statement “Trump was never the problem”. Were you one of the brave freedom fighters that marched on Capitol Hill the other day?! Haha America is a fucking joke, the laughing stock of the west. Still though, not bad to live in. 👍🏼
google isevil
google isevil 13 日 前
@R D And how easy do you think it is to buy firearms? In some areas, it's down right impossible to buy anything bigger than a nerf gun. The hoops you need to jump through just to buy a gun can take weeks and weeks, paperwork and background check after more background checks and paperwork. Not all states are the same, I know this, it's no where near the problem you think it is. Again, you're just ignorant. The NRA doesn't hold nearly the amount of power you think it does and hasn't since probably the 2000s. If anything, tech companies hold way more power these days. You act as though I like that. As though I haven't been screaming my fucking head that Biden would go back to doing that. As if I haven't been trying to get people to listen only to get told to shut up. You act as though people in America haven't been screaming for DECADES we want out of the Middle East. You think we WANT our soldiers to be committing war crimes? You think we WANT our people dying over bullshit? FUCK OFF and FUCK YOU!
R D 13 日 前
@google isevil Are you denying that the ease of availability of arms in your country isn’t a problem? You can go into Walmart and buy a fucking hand gun! Morons. The NRA own you and your democracy. I don’t support Biden or Obama either, they’re are just puppets to your corporations and lobbyists too. Your country are the biggest terrorist organisation on the planet. So actually, yeah living in America isn’t that bad, you’re on the right side of the drone strikes.
google isevil
google isevil 13 日 前
@R D With all do respect please stop talking. Just because one idea works in another nation with a smaller population doesn't mean it'll work everywhere. Even still, you have small towns with officers miles away from helping if there's a break in or a wild animal attack which is why people want to be armed. Not everyone lives in a city, I actually just visited my uncles and it's surreal. There aren't even any street lights in his town. No fences but most people have firearms in their house just in case. Even now, we have people who completely distrust the police and city's where the police are straight up ineffective and ignoring 911 calls. Sure yeah, let's give our guns right now. That'll solve problems. And Trump was never the problem. People on the Left screeched about him being the problem. He wasn't. Biden isn't any better as under him and Obama many people, many children in Iraqi were droned. The Middle East was further disrupted and Clinton wanted a full on war with Russia over Syria. Biden is no better. Hell, I actually would have taken Trump over Biden. Only because I know what'll happen under Biden. Same bullshit that's been a staple of U.S. foreign policy since I was born. Honestly, you seem to be a very ignorant person when it comes to American politics.
xFoxySupreme 27 日 前
You gotta admit, when this bullshit ronies is over, Andy is gonna blow up and sell out stadiums!!!
Lil Hyphy
Lil Hyphy 27 日 前
Matthew Bustos
Matthew Bustos 27 日 前
That Adam Smith joke *Chef kiss*
Arthur Fonzarelli
Arthur Fonzarelli 27 日 前
New title. 40 year old guy talks like a bro and distractingly moves his hands.
bukon90 27 日 前
It looks like he’s sitting on a giant toilet😂.
Jason 4 日 前
Sit down comedy
Ossama Arvayani
Ossama Arvayani 12 日 前
Thats why he stands up in the end... But I giess netflix cut that part to roast him🤣
Belle E. Flopp
Belle E. Flopp 15 日 前
I can’t unsee the toilet now 😂
Adrian C
Adrian C 18 日 前
im watching this while on the toilet
Swann 27 日 前
It’s « Who cast », not « Who casted ». I can’t believe writers make that mistake all the time 😕 I’m not English and even I know this.
AeromethEyez 27 日 前
20% is still a fat fuckin piece
fasmal27 27 日 前
Does he sound nasally cause of COVID?
Arif Jonatan
Arif Jonatan 27 日 前
I feel like his previous videos (before Netflix) were much funnier. He also made shots left and right back then, but it was still funny.
ptofacommunity 27 日 前
The laissez faire joke was indeed an amazing joke
Mightyy. Jahh
Mightyy. Jahh 27 日 前
Labia neck 😂😂
Nonder 92
Nonder 92 27 日 前
That throwback Terry joke was much appreciated. That was such a huge deal back in the day!
Anne B
Anne B 25 日 前
Yes, I was just thinking, omg, I remember that drama.
Pro Jey96
Pro Jey96 27 日 前
Ajajaja i have been watching him for a while now, said it before, i said again, Andrew packs so many jokes and jabs in this mini videos, it pretty awesome
Brandon Face
Brandon Face 27 日 前
My man plays all sides. Comedy has no party affiliation. I refer you to Don Rickles. He and Reagan were best friends, even though they had different beliefs.
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 27 日 前
Does anyone want to try to explain the Adam Smith joke? I understood the Laissez-faire part, but I feel like there are at least 10 other jokes in there.
karm Pashn
karm Pashn 27 日 前
"Leans in like Biden on a 7 year old scalp" 🤣🤣🤣 Andrew schulz is a hidden gem about to outshine every comedian out there.
James Bond
James Bond 3 日 前
Has been for the last 2 or 3 years now
alaknayfati 28 日 前
Pure brilliance #schulzyforpres
Roger Moore
Roger Moore 28 日 前
Hey, some of us remember when Dennis Miller did this waaaay better. Shame on you, Shulz, donate all proceeds to the 'Miller needs a liver' GoFundMe. lol
Shardul Nikam
Shardul Nikam 28 日 前
Loooool white guys poster 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Luana Moraes
Luana Moraes 28 日 前
It is an amazing joke
heapbag 28 日 前
He's ultimately centre left, but realizes his livelihood rests on the right. Definitely funny but definitely confused.
google isevil
google isevil 25 日 前
This is the first time you've seen his act, huh?
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