Andrew Schulz Explains How Trump Got White Men's Attention

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According to Schulz, white guys were primed for their own kind of revolution. Trump just gave them the words they were looking for. Schulz Saves America is now streaming only on Netflix.
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Dalton Pinheiro de Melo Filho
Dalton Pinheiro de Melo Filho 19 分 前
Same thing here in Brazil with Bolsonaro And the more the people against them point out their bigotry, the more their supporters gravitated towards them
David Foxall
David Foxall 時間 前
Is this meant to be a revelation? I could have told people this five years ago.
HarleyWayne 2 時間 前
Nah! They are ALL racists! They feel disenfranchised because Black people are finally being heard and that causes them to push back against the fact that ALL citizens deserve equal rights let alone civil rights. So no, miss me with this excuse making for racists cowards. #dobetter ❤🖤💚
See Ntende
See Ntende 4 時間 前
Makes you think
Vincent Jetton
Vincent Jetton 6 時間 前
Standing ovation to you Sir!🤣😂🤣👏👏👏👏
rulinghabs 6 時間 前
0:54. White guys. I can’t believe I scrolled down in the comments and didn’t see anyone mention him saying this and showing a picture of Elliot (Ellen) Page who just came out as transgender😂😂😂
I saw the whole show, it was hilarious
PranaGirl AmericanHoney
PranaGirl AmericanHoney 7 時間 前
Beautifully summarized!
Steven Opolis
Steven Opolis 7 時間 前
Dudes brilliant.
Big Sheed
Big Sheed 9 時間 前
Basically Trump said I am a victim like you are a victim and I fight for you even though I can’t fight for myself because I never win but I really always win and you will get tired of winning even though we all lost because I won and the only reason we lost was because of the radical libs who never win anything rig the election!
Courtney Williams
Courtney Williams 10 時間 前
This guy is funny while speaking the truth very rare talent
Señora Cheapee
Señora Cheapee 10 時間 前
Those guys knew what they were signing up for.
David Rodgers
David Rodgers 11 時間 前
Andrew, why are you talking like that?
Andre Adonis
Andre Adonis 11 時間 前
adam rocks with DONALD all’day..DONALD attracts “bro culture”..if you notice, the capitol rioters had no demands other “stop the steal” and keep a person in the presidency, who obviously isn’t fit..and adam is here for it..
Dennis White
Dennis White 11 時間 前
Was this a joke?
Mr. Ras Lyon
Mr. Ras Lyon 12 時間 前
....and he got the highest number of black and Latino votes than any other Republican ever. Race was an excuse thrown out because the establishment cant analyze shit.
Issie wizzie
Issie wizzie 15 時間 前
Well articulated.....than any news media
Felix Ndayis de Bologne
Felix Ndayis de Bologne 15 時間 前
I am using this in my next class .
K Ro
K Ro 15 時間 前
Trump did better in 2020 than he did in 2016 with every demographic group except white men. His support by white men went down so much that he lost the election.
Kevin Washington
Kevin Washington 16 時間 前
Andrew should become the next talk show host after Stephen Colbert retires...
truth131313 16 時間 前
Pc movement ruining comedy for everyone 🤣🤣🤣
Nick 17 時間 前
And this was made BEFORE the Capitol riots yet every point he makes hits the nail on the head
Seymour Butts
Seymour Butts 17 時間 前
I never understood the attraction.Always complaining bitching and moaning playing the victim. He always sounds like a whiny pussy to me.
David 17 時間 前
Racism has always been around and it was trump that gave the white guys hope that someone would listen to their complaints that there wre way more many minority opportunites and benefits for them than there are for white people.
Esmirna Ramirez
Esmirna Ramirez 18 時間 前
Is he sitting on a big toilet?
Patty Viviendo
Patty Viviendo 18 時間 前
Yup 👍 he told them they’re number one and the best.
John Shim
John Shim 18 時間 前
Trump was more a repudiation of Clinton and the corrupt DNC that supported her over Sanders
Thorgha Nudha
Thorgha Nudha 19 時間 前
Trump also lost cuz despite gaining bigly on minority votes, he lost the old white people vote. That's of course assuming any democratic brown country will ever want to import dominion for their next election.
Ahmed Is King
Ahmed Is King 21 時間 前
This guy’s delivery is amazing
Gabriel Diggs
Gabriel Diggs 23 時間 前
Donald Trump kept Hitlers speeches in a drawer by his bed according to his ex wife Ivana Trump. What he tried to pull the last 4 years was a copycat move unoriginal and doomed to fail. The guy is a lazy fraud and has been his whole life.
John Rivera
John Rivera 23 時間 前
Hilarious and accurate brotha!!
Maggie D
Maggie D 日 前
That is good food for thought. Interesting, they ended up become the villain they believed they were not as portrayed by the media. The irony is most of the media is controlled and run by them.
N.H Cal
N.H Cal 日 前
Yup. That's pretty much it.
rtswift 日 前
Crew socks and dad sneakers? Is Andrew 50?
Pavanan M S
Pavanan M S 日 前
Coffee bean running marathon..Dude
AJ Kilford
AJ Kilford 日 前
When a comedian explains reality
Michael G
Michael G 日 前
This guy is really hot.
jessica santos
jessica santos 日 前
No corazón esto no es un problema de disenfranchisement, no es que los Estados Unidos esta súper mal como país y como sociedad, si no pregúntenle a sus adolescentes
Mel Low
Mel Low 日 前
So what! Are we supposed to sympathize with these people because they felt disenfranchised? Nazi’s felt the same way before they attacked everyone around them. *HOW YOU FEEL SHOULD NOT CHANGE HOW YOU ACT MORALLY*
Kal- El
Kal- El 日 前
I mean I’m not white and I hated PC culture also
Midwesterner 23 時間 前
It started to go too far. And now it is PC culture on steroids with the cancel culture.
Polly Pockets
Polly Pockets 日 前
Fuck Lena Dunham. She is an awful person.
Yoda Man
Yoda Man 日 前
those camera angles were more pronographic than they had any right to be. glad those splash marks werent white.
David Kirton
David Kirton 日 前
Well said
Manbha Lalhlimpuia Basan
Manbha Lalhlimpuia Basan 日 前
I blame women
Dominique McQueen
Dominique McQueen 日 前
Everything he said is true- particulary the part about white guys' identity being the cuase of most of the world's problems. "They felt like they were under attack for exsisting" *welcome to the black experience*
Dominique McQueen
Dominique McQueen 17 時間 前
@papalevies actually I'm not. You don't even know me enough to prove that.
papalevies 日 前
You are part of the problem
sEEk-Oreo 日 前
Nah, they just don't like the idea of equality, they feel minorities are coming to take over. They don't understand that people just want equality, nothing else.
oliver wenzel
oliver wenzel 33 分 前
@Ray Genuinely curious here. Is there anything that would make you believe, that self proclaimed oppressed groups, do want actual equality? I realize this is pretty tough question to answer in a YT comment section, But even so, I still think it's an interesting question to reflect on 🙂
Ben Sanderson
Ben Sanderson 3 時間 前
It’s not equality they don’t like; its plutocracy
Ray 6 時間 前
They talked about this on Sam Harris's podcast. White men feel disenfranchised because they are worried blacks and feminist women aren't fighting for equality but want to be at the top and oppress white males. To be honest that is what women want even if they won't admit it.
Jamal Wolcott
Jamal Wolcott 日 前
Okay but... didn’t we already figure this out?? Lol look around 💀
Aronda Jackson
Aronda Jackson 日 前
That's sad that they felt that way, but looks like they could have went to other places to find a since of acceptance.
makita 日 前
Well said....and very accurate. !!! “ Hey Trump “. 🖕🖕🖕
Doctor Bashir
Doctor Bashir 日 前
A smart easy to digest accurate summation that is self aware. How did it get on the internet?!?
JacobSurratt 日 前
It's Andrew Shultz so the content will be gold, but this lacks the energy of the pre-netflix version of the show.
Patricia Gaudette
Patricia Gaudette 日 前
Tenacious One
Tenacious One 日 前
That was good 👍🏾
frog neckmen
frog neckmen 日 前
Carlos Mencia 2.0
Abdul Hakeem
Abdul Hakeem 日 前
This was prophecy
JM W 日 前
Ha, you have lived long enough! This rage began in the 70’s...
The Franchise
The Franchise 日 前
This is some ignorant white power BS. Here's the truth - new Pew Research poll on how Americans view President Trump’s job performance five days before he leaves office: whites w/no college degree 44% approve 52% disapprove everyone else 19% approve 79% disapprove Andrew is the new hipster Rush Limbaugh with joke writers
r0b 2 日 前
I do miss good rock bands. Rap is getting lame.
Smarks -
Smarks - 2 日 前
Finally fucking with Netflix
Junia Stainbank
Junia Stainbank 2 日 前
"More Kenyan than a coffee bean running a marathon" is the funniest thing I've heard in 2021 yet.
Charles Deherrera
Charles Deherrera 2 日 前
Forget about my personal views for a moment.... You're killing it right now dude👍 Extremely well done.
Eko Jar
Eko Jar 2 日 前
I'm a white dude and I think any white dude that feels disenfranchised is a delusional pussy. I have a very big and colorful family, I hang out with my little nephew and niece all the time , they are white and black and I love em to death and they love me, but I am terrified of what I am seeing in America right now. I will do everything and anything to make sure they have a good future after im long gone and it really has crushed me to the core that any group of people could hate my baby nephew and niece when they are the sweetest kids on the planet. You need to look in the mirror and quit being a scarey pussy for no reason. When we are all called to the gates of heaven, you will not be let in.
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 2 日 前
You know what... just listening to this makes me wonder if all races lived in their own separate areas if that would be better. Like all white on one continent, black another, amerindian another ... and so on. N just never interacted with each other... im exhausted
MEng 13 時間 前
@Jay Johnson Doesn't matter if someone FEELS uncomfortable. The problem is when they take those feelings and codify it into law. You don't have to like people.
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 13 時間 前
@MEng laws aren't the only problem. People just feel so uncomfortable around people of other races and then all chaos break loose. Im tired of it.
MEng 14 時間 前
We're the same thing bro. Color is a silly way to divide people. It would be like dividing people based on she size. The only issue that needs solving is people creating laws that adversity affect certain races, it's the ultimate cancel culture.
Marty Gray
Marty Gray 2 日 前
In the U.S. military, there is a part of a General Courts Martial _Dishonorable Discharge_ ceremony where fellow members will turn their backs (do an about face) on the dishonorably discharged member who leaves behind their uniform and shoes, then that member is taken to the bases' front gate. The members, in formation, will then be given the command to "about face" where they will see only the uniform and shoes. In donald's case, the *_trump stench_* . I hope the military physically turns their backs on donald. Also, the public can show donald they have _no respect_ for dear leader (only of his white nationalists, Al Queda/base) by showing him the soles of their shoes - a gesture of disrespect in Arab culture.
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 2 日 前
"made it look like he was fighting for them." keywords _look like_ Anybody with a discerning mind could see DJT is only fighting for himself.
RogunK 5 時間 前
His 9 executive orders on stopping/preventing human sex trafficking and funds to help those that were trafficked?
Ray 6 時間 前
Of course, Trump is a narcissistic and pathological lying con man. He tapped into rural white male rage from the Steve Bannon playbook. The next republican president just needs to do the same but not have all of the negatives that Trump brings.
Greg 日 前
@RogunK Possibly self-serving. Trump might have shaved a few years off his upcoming prison sentences. 😂😂
RogunK 日 前
Criminal Justice Reform Bill?
Jack Halas
Jack Halas 2 日 前
Nailed it!
Alexandria Robinson
Alexandria Robinson 2 日 前
He needs a bigger chair
ben landro
ben landro 2 日 前
did you ever think its more complicated than his truncated explanation?
Craig Emery
Craig Emery 2 日 前
As a Marine veteran I can honestly say white people HATE it when they have a brown person superior to them. Not all, but a good portion just can’t take it. So they blame Obama on dumb shit or complain and blame him for the smallest things.
Wannabe Bonsai
Wannabe Bonsai 2 日 前
What can I say, we are the arbitrageurs of blanket societal generalizations, whataya x pect? Lol 😉
c s
c s 2 日 前
Horsesh@t! White men gravitated to Trump because we love America. Unfair trade from china pushed my vote for Trump.
yoidkldk 2 日 前
Starting? Ummm...that has been since 1865.
bandiceet 2 日 前
This last U.S. federal election was so divisive, so Pro or Anti Trump, that alot of people forgot that a fair portion of people weren't voting for Trump, they were voting for the Republican party - and their policies on Fiscal Conservatism and the such like. Though in his campaign in 2016 you could see Trumps language with words like "My Fellow Americans...." rather than Clintons language of "To my fellow women...." or "To the minorities of America....".
Alex B
Alex B 2 日 前
This is really good
Sepehr Daghbandan
Sepehr Daghbandan 2 日 前
I don't think he needed much effort to get their attention. By listening to this asswhipe quite certain.
Drink Your Podcast
Drink Your Podcast 2 日 前
A lot of people apparently don't know who Hitler was. Trump isn't even close to Hitler. Everyone assumed trump would push the red button but he never did. Better yet , he kept "war" out of the american terminology for the last 4 years and people are still complaining. He's the first president who's trying to lower government spending. He's basically doing most things right, and the left as well as the system absolutely hates it. Simply put, trump can't be influenced by anyone but the american people because he's independently wealthy. But people are sheep by nature and want a politician to help run a country which is a business. Literally makes no sense. #trump2020 #cantsensorconservatives
Dana Carter
Dana Carter 2 日 前
Schultz is so smart its scary. But we still don't give shit about white males feeling....disenfranchised hhhahahhahahahahahah
richard ramfire
richard ramfire 2 日 前
Trump spoke to the American hillbilly class like no other
Rachel Swanson
Rachel Swanson 2 日 前
Making fun of those who come forward with sexual abuse/rape allegations is your lowpoint.
Damien Lewis
Damien Lewis 2 日 前
plow through those jokes baby, you got them all in
rash b
rash b 2 日 前
Shout out to black wizards Dean and MJ. 😂 The brotha Dean was kind of just there. He had a good smile though which brought good vibes to Gryffindor. Okay, I tried. Still glad he was there.
Secret Weapon !
Secret Weapon ! 2 日 前
I've got no problem with real conservative values like small government, low taxes, personal rights. I've got no problem if someone wants to fight extreme PC-woke culture. I DO have a problem with choosing a "savior" that is a straight up criminal mafia boss that will do or say ANYTHING to benefit himself personally at the expense of the rest of us.
I see the white main stream is going to try to force andrew schultz down our throats even though he’s not funny at all.
Cris Mike
Cris Mike 2 日 前
Farrakhan already basically said this. Lol
David McCain
David McCain 2 日 前
My favorite moment when, at 2:10, Schulz states " . . .the press was trying to take down more white dudes than an out of work actress. " If you look for/Google/clink on the stories that appear on the box to Schulz's right, you'll find all of those stories were written by both men and women. . . who have ZERO to do with the press. In fact, they hate all of the media ( i.e. the press ).
Jennifer Adams Franklin
Jennifer Adams Franklin 2 日 前
He said, “ruining comedy for everyone.” 🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅
lewis20002000 2 日 前
As a black guy, I saw this way back in 2015. I know exactly what you mean. There was some dishonestly going on about race. You can't insult a whole group, bc of a few. We all have parts to play, thus we all have to a part of the solution.
TheDizzleHawke 2 日 前
“Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.” George Carlin
Pink Harlequin
Pink Harlequin 5 時間 前
@Ray I don't care.
Ray 5 時間 前
@Pink Harlequin lol I don't even think your correct
Pink Harlequin
Pink Harlequin 5 時間 前
@Ray Like I said, pay me and I'll back it up.
Ray 6 時間 前
@Pink Harlequin Don't make claims you can't back up.
TheDizzleHawke 2 日 前
@Pink Harlequin meh. You made the claim. You bear the burden of proof.
Cjxtreme66 2 日 前
I mean, he's not wrong.
Jason Black
Jason Black 2 日 前
Dude just said they trying to take down more white dudes than a actress out of work lmao that is fucking hilarious 😂😂😂
Ray 6 時間 前
With that haircut you can see why she's out of work
Aracnix 2 日 前
It's just so sad that for a few years in America, white men were feeling the same feelings minorities - especially black people - have been living with since the beginning of the nation. Truly. What else could they possibly do but take it all personally and attempt to dismantle the society that wasn't kissing their butt any more?
Julian Tapia
Julian Tapia 2 日 前
He basically did what Hitler was known for having done: He targeted a certain group that felt they were suffering, made them feel validated in their fears, pointed at and blamed other groups as reason for why things were getting so bad or the obstacles against getting better, and he stirred them up into enough of a frenzy that they were willing to follow or do anything. What little he actually did or accomplished compared to all the things he said he would is irrelevant. Even with documents or transcripts or televised moments of the house or senate proving he was lying, he and his government followers (whether they followed because they too believed him or just joined the bandwagon) fed the lies that bettering this country was not happening because of resistance from the other side. The republican party will never be the same, because such a large vocal percentage of its voting base and the boot licking clout chasing politicians were willing to follow him no matter what the truth really was, because he made them feel Validated.
Ray 6 時間 前
Everything you wrote in your first part was spot on! The next republican will just do and say the same things to get that group. They used to be the tea party. It's easy to trick them
Julian Tapia
Julian Tapia 15 時間 前
@Killian Green at the beginning, yes. Reaching this point of fervid fanaticism? No, that's not just politics
Killian Green
Killian Green 15 時間 前
This is just called politics.
Julian Tapia
Julian Tapia 日 前
@Monk white people have been targeted in this way for years and pandered to for decades. The 50's to the 80's in particular were all about white people, not to mention how white people convinced themselves that manifest destiny was worth taking land away from native people living on this continent before them. Yes, almost anyone is capable of throwing others in a group under the bus. Even with all these lessons from other countries and our own history, people were still gullible enough to buy into trump validating their conservative or oftentimes white feelings just because they were tired of pushes for equality no longer giving them the right be prejudicial without backlash. People voted for trump the first time for all sorts of hopeful or genuine reasons. People voted for him this time and still support him now because his hostility and 'white America first' rhetoric appealed to them.
Monk 日 前
Because whites were the only group that hadn’t been targeted in that way. Every other group has been riled up in this fashion. Every other group has already been racially pandered too. People also make the assumption that people of the same race can’t disenfranchise each other. I’d like to remind everyone that diversity and the idea that whitey gotta step aside is a western, and in progressive terms, *white* idea. Plenty of white people would disenfranchise white people for the sake of this idea and they’ve said so.
Sam Rosenberg
Sam Rosenberg 2 日 前
This is absolutely fucking fantastic. So accurate.
Ammari Bourgeois
Ammari Bourgeois 2 日 前
Ummmmm. This was spot on!
jan coo
jan coo 2 日 前
Good analysis! Imagine being this angry from feeling disenfranchised, now imagine being disenfranchised.
Jai L.
Jai L. 2 日 前
This was well articulated. Really good perspective.
edward richard
edward richard 2 日 前
I didn't vote for Trump the first time. He got my vote the 2nd time because of the laws and the accomplishments that him and his cabinet set forth. Also because Biden's career of lying and pandering.
edward richard
edward richard 2 日 前
@tori2dles in reality you didn't even look up what they have accomplished.
tori2dles 2 日 前
You should read more analytics of his self-congratulatory reports and announcements. Many of them were false claims. Others were programs that had already been established that he disbanded, then restarted again - just less effectively. It made me so mad because people thought he was doing something great, something new. In reality, he either was lying or rehashing something (at a substandard quality) that people didn’t really know about (because former presidents just did their jobs without bragging), then made a big deal about it as though he was amazing.
HelloFriend 2 日 前
What a whiny baby that cites not a single major news source when saying white men are under attack. Wah wah wah, as a white man that has every advantage, this guy tries to make excuses for white guys who never asked themselves if they deserve any of it or put themselves in someone elses shoes. He sprinkles in inflammatory jokes to try and make himself edgy, and doesn't really say anything 90% of the time. White apologetic dribble.
Brainiac Bold
Brainiac Bold 2 日 前
I think they try and live vicariously through him but have nothing in common other than being white
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia 2 日 前
This is what i was thinking, but could not articulate. I'm glad I'm not the only one looking back from a vantage point.
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