2021 Has Already One-Upped These Moments From 2020

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Netflix Is A Joke

10 日 前

Some pretty dark shit happened in 2020. Here's our chance to look back on everything and try to laugh about it. From the creators of Black Mirror, Death to 2020 is now streaming.
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Benga Ingrid
Benga Ingrid 50 分 前
Caitlin Reilly would havemade a phenomenal Karen too. She just KNOWS how to mimic their facial expressions, creepy menacing smiles, etc
Leah Hades
Leah Hades 53 分 前
Is any of this real?
Leah Hades
Leah Hades 56 分 前
That lady in the beginning? Is.... Is she real? Did that actually happen?
a c
a c 3 時間 前
I hope they will make 2021 too
Rachim ravix
Rachim ravix 6 時間 前
“Hunched backed lab assistant”🤣😂
Adrian Ramirez
Adrian Ramirez 6 時間 前
Bullshit show.
Yellow Cake
Yellow Cake 19 時間 前
Steven Collier
Steven Collier 22 時間 前
Too bad this channel only supports bashing conservatives. They should do a skit on people burning down their own towns because of racial injustice 😂😂. And now we have seen that big tech is trying to silence conservatives.
Alexia Torrez
Alexia Torrez 23 時間 前
Tiktok teens vs Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣
neil ferrer
neil ferrer 日 前
2021 is 2020 DLC!
Vincent 日 前
The "conservative voices are being silenced" gig is sooo accurate!
AirisRethan 日 前
It is still not your dialysis machine Kathy. Wait, why is 2021 starting just like 2020...oh HELL NO, NOT AGAIN.
Wil Z
Wil Z 日 前
I like how the part that is not acting is the funniest.
Danish Danial
Danish Danial 日 前
so this is america hmm
Young Rage
Young Rage 日 前
America needs to short it's shit out. It's about to be stepped on by sleeping giants
Nick Van Geel
Nick Van Geel 日 前
Is that Martin Freeman doing the questioning ?
Belal Uddin
Belal Uddin 日 前
One of the best documentary i ever seen.
ROB S 日 前
Wang Motions
Wang Motions 2 日 前
An yes, 2020 = Trump according to Netflix
Richy Nunez
Richy Nunez 2 日 前
I Do not trust the kingdom of the media why should I go left or right can your own hands that have built Idols lead you to Salvation no party fight for right only what it's right for them you fight only for the soul of mankind to lead astray God's children. my fath my belive Is in God,Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior "I Can Only Imagine" take note all cries on Earth do not go unheard or unpunished not in the presence of the Lord
Richy Nunez
Richy Nunez 2 日 前
Who has sent their Pirus ships to try cross Mighty oceans only to be struck down by winds and roaring Seas who has laid down Mighty barriers of Wind Fire and Ice isn't not God? and who has benefited from these miracles of weather did not the United States of America under God and which nation has felt the earth tremble where is your mother nature your climate change is real and your covid-19 will strike but only to those who have called it upon them selves for they wished it upon the weak the poor the helpless but everything will hit tenfold harder as the Bible says who created the heavens and the Earth and the universe and everything in it did not God? God made us in His image words of wisdom to the next false Kings rule in secret Fall secret and no one will ever remember thy name
TheFinalReader 2 日 前
Me watching this and slowly remembering that these events actually occurred in the world that I live in: 😂 😄 😅 🙂 😐 🤔 😨😰😱😭
Narendra Prasad
Narendra Prasad 2 日 前
3:30 That's Todd from BOJACK HORSEMAN
Medusa Gorgon
Medusa Gorgon 2 日 前
Shit is really going to hit in three days.
Siedah Holmes
Siedah Holmes 2 日 前
My mother actually believes the bit about Dr. Fauci, for the exact same reason as the actress in this satire, which is scary.
Mfundo Jose
Mfundo Jose 3 日 前
I choose to believe......😂
Boyer Industries
Boyer Industries 4 日 前
This is weirder than SNL has been in recent years. Please people (especially Samuel L) do your career a favor and stay far away from this new strange political parody phenomena
Samael 4 日 前
2020 : Trump acquitted! 2021 : uno reverse
Pat Gibson, Guitar
Pat Gibson, Guitar 4 日 前
comedians: saying "world wars" makes it funny. The punchline is accented by the whiny tone that is used and you realize that the speaker is actually dead serious. Now THAT'S funny comedy gold
High Hopes
High Hopes 4 日 前
Is they're a way to like and dislike this? I like the roasting of trump, but if you're going to roast trump you gotta roast Biden too!!!! Neither party is innocent.
joey gibson
joey gibson 2 日 前
@High Hopes god I hope so 🥳. Take care
High Hopes
High Hopes 2 日 前
Again I don't support either party. ONE DAY THE INDEPENDENT PARTY WILL BE THE PARTY 🥳
High Hopes
High Hopes 2 日 前
@joey gibson I think we're believing in our own conspiracies. I know these things happened and some dissproven. Thanks for sharing your view with me but I still think the things Biden has done are worse. Yes he's old, he'll even senile, but he's been a professional liar since college, and Trumps only famous cuase daddy's rich. Like Im saying they're both terrible.(I still plan on reading that book his niece wrote about him! It's kinda funny he tried to stop this book from being published 😆) I just think Biden would not benefit America at all, he will hold us all back as others manipulate him. I've seen him using a teleprompter, I've seen Obama and Mrs.Biden campaign for him. Biden is not his own person that's why I prefer the other asshole. Can I also mention that Biden is creepy, I saw a minister pulling their duaghter AWAY from him cuase he got to close. The hair sniffing. There was actually an allegation against Biden but the media dismissed her because it happened in the 90s and she didn't tell no one. Like I'm saying they're both awful choices but it was what we were dealt. The way you see trump is the way I see Biden. Were both manipulated by what's in our echo chamber and I keep trying to get out of mine. But thanks again, I wish you well👍
joey gibson
joey gibson 2 日 前
@High Hopes yes. I think Biden could handle being president. Sure I’d prefer someone younger, but he’d certainly be more fit for office than Trump. Big Tech didn’t silence Trump because of “politics” they silenced him because he incited violent treason at the capital and they didn’t want to let that happen. Also, that laptop scandal was a red herring. It’s totally unproven and most people who were up and arms about it didn’t even know what was supposedly on the laptop. It’s just a lazy half-assed distraction from all of Trumps more tangible scandals. Such as: -Pressuring Ukraine to influence the election by threatening to withhold military aid (even Republican senators don’t deny he did this. If you don’t think it’s a big deal I’d be happy to explain why it is) -Separating families of asylum seekers at the border and traumatizing the children (many sat in cells and were taunted by sadistic guards. Look up the reactions of children who left. They’ll never be the same) -Over a dozen rapes (he claims it didn’t happen but he blocked courts from doing a DNA test to prove it. If he were innocent the DNA would have cleared him, so you know why he blocked it) -Failing to condemn white supremacists immediately after Charlottesville (he did eventually, but he refused to at first. When someone shows you who they are twice, believe them the first time. It shouldn’t take you two weeks of public pressure to say “Nazis are bad”) -Mocking a disabled reporter (not a crime, but it shows you what a deeply awful person he is and really should have cost him your support) -Letting the Russians put bounties on our soldiers heads (He didn’t even hold an investigation into it, he just rolled over) -Using his supporters money to cover his own legal troubles -Never paying federal income tax -Saying a Muslim father of a fallen veteran beats his wife just because the man criticized him -Calling our veterans “suckers and losers” -Refusing to visit Arlington cemetery because it was raining -Telling the white supremacist Proud Boys to “stand by” -And, oh yeah, spreading disinformation about a deadly pandemic that killed 400,000 of our own citizens How can you still support this man?
High Hopes
High Hopes 2 日 前
@joey gibson Awesome I'm actually glad that your more in the middle just left leaning and I guess I'm more right Leaning. Anyway no I don't think every news outlet is biased against Republicans but social media is a different story. They do silence conservative platforms, even the Walk away campaign was taken down by social media for a while. They're are people in Quebec, Tokyo protesting for Trump to stay or at least hold up the people's freedoms. It seems more likey social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter want to spin a narrative that works out for their party of choice in this case Biden. Since they're able to cenor content, even ban voices THEY deem inappropriate. I don't believe in censorship and neither does the president. Coming back to News outlets not all of them are biased. But remember the New York post about the hunter Biden scandal? It was taken down and later brought back because they were forced to admit that a laptop of Hunters was in custody. Imagine that would've hurt Biden during election season. A lot of people said they wouldn't of voted for him if they new about it before they voted. All I know is this year was messed up all around the board. Can I ask you do you think Biden is CAPABLE of being the president? To uphold all of our freedoms we have right now, to fight for the American people and not sell us out?
David khual Khual
David khual Khual 4 日 前
it is your constitutional right to cover your mouth and it is also my constitutional rights not to cover my mouth... you're afraid you're gonna get the virus then stay at home but don't tell me to stay at home... i have freedom to assemble in the church as much as you have freedom to assemble at roads to protest...
Wilton Smith
Wilton Smith 5 日 前
Democrats mocking themselves! You can’t fix stupid. Except maybe with a Civil War.
Yugi Monstar
Yugi Monstar 5 日 前
"GO TF HOME!"🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jason Knowles
Jason Knowles 6 日 前
She s dumb phoebe in real life
Xavier Cortland
Xavier Cortland 6 日 前
Smash ps4 on the SIDEWALK
J Cushman
J Cushman 6 日 前
Thank you I needed that
B. Moye
B. Moye 6 日 前
I'm sorry some of this satire is going to go over SO many heads. I can't wait to see this link being used as a reference in some arguments on Facebook
Jennifer P
Jennifer P 6 日 前
How many Obama administration people on the board of Netflix?
Varun Nathamuni
Varun Nathamuni 6 日 前
I know this is rude to say but are these people idiots???I mean really ??? God why do people like the ones in this video exist ???
Pranay Dhariwal
Pranay Dhariwal 6 日 前
Best starting line : it’s still January 🤣🤣
Gilbert Cuellar
Gilbert Cuellar 6 日 前
This was a fukin comedy .. Thanks Republicans. Dumb asses ......#FUKTRUMP
Everett Burgess
Everett Burgess 6 日 前
Sounds like Laurence Fishburne is narrating.... when they cut from his voice to Sam, it made me think of that time when the dude thought Sam was Larry on tv...lol I wonder if they did that as a nod...
Hlengiwe Mtshatsha
Hlengiwe Mtshatsha 7 日 前
Lisa Kudrow is just brilliant.
Abby Willis
Abby Willis 7 日 前
kuryuz1 7 日 前
The iwo jima picture must of meant nothing to those real patriots pulling down the flag and replacing it with a trump flag
Guy Richardson
Guy Richardson 7 日 前
Yep. Yep. Yep. Almost. Okay, Bob. Whatever.
Hello my name is name
Hello my name is name 7 日 前
Truth stranger than fiction
Barbara Godin
Barbara Godin 7 日 前
In which my Netflix subscription paid for itself in 2021
Daniels H.S
Daniels H.S 7 日 前
🤣😂 Playing it dumb just like trump himself lol
Mahesh Thorat
Mahesh Thorat 7 日 前
Capitol Riot was one missing piece.
Rigoberto Torres
Rigoberto Torres 8 日 前
So this is basically a Muilti Million Dollar Corporation calling anyone who thinks for themselves a conspiracy nut.. Kinda Sus
Manan 8 日 前
We'll get through it , 2021 will be our year , we won't let covid or anything ruin it . Work hard everyone, best of luck. 👍
Barbara Knight
Barbara Knight 8 日 前
People with no brain, only violence. They couldn't count the mail in Ballots until the close of election day.
Classical Compositions
Classical Compositions 8 日 前
I love trump, because he single-handedly destroyed and dismantled the Republican party
Unknown Jones
Unknown Jones 8 日 前
I didn't hear the word bleach ?
Lorenzo Carmagnola
Lorenzo Carmagnola 8 日 前
This is amazing. Thank you Samuel L Jackson. You are the voice I need right now.
Andrew Conlyn
Andrew Conlyn 8 日 前
Was this written by the guys from idiocracy?
Slavsco 32
Slavsco 32 8 日 前
Best thing to happen 21. Comedy wise
Umi Mahuy
Umi Mahuy 8 日 前
Bwahahaha.... 😄🤣 the sheer bafoolery we’re witnessing IS quite comical! Thank you for this
Jack Crater
Jack Crater 8 日 前
I can't tell if this is supposed to be satire or not...
kahael08 8 日 前
Love they use the idiocracy narrator
LynxChan 8 日 前
January 2020: Trump impeachment January 2021: ONE MORE TIIIIIIMEEEEE!
Blake Hafley
Blake Hafley 5 日 前
Ikr 😂
Дмитрий Снижко
Дмитрий Снижко 8 日 前
Conservatives' voices r being silenced? Really? In Twitter, Facebook or.. oh.. right...👉👈
just another channel
just another channel 9 日 前
Isn't that pheobe from friend wtf
Soumya Prince
Soumya Prince 9 日 前
1:09 PHEOBE????????!?!?!
dOOmer _
dOOmer _ 9 日 前
This is perfect, unbiased and unbelievably funny. I love this. This can heal the world.
OzHoskins 9 日 前
Almost too frustratingly honest to be funny
Mafika Vezokuhle
Mafika Vezokuhle 9 日 前
Phoebe 😊
khairitannur 9 日 前
This year, aliens, Godzilla, and another pandemic. 🔬
Thiago Highriel
Thiago Highriel 9 日 前
"Conservative voices are being silenced" 😢
Modeling0216 9 日 前
DayInDaLife 9 日 前
Charlie Booker is a golden goose.. everything he touches is pure win. So glad screenwipe has returned (in a way)... hope we get 1 every year.
Jenn A.
Jenn A. 9 日 前
idk i just really like how sarcastic this is
Gregory Harris
Gregory Harris 9 日 前
These people have to be joking
Adam Adam
Adam Adam 9 日 前
I think 2020 was just warm up for 2021 !! ....
Howitzer XO
Howitzer XO 9 日 前
So sad you have to laugh
@1:24 White hood 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
J Dog
J Dog 9 日 前
A decade usually lasts 10 years... And 2020 was just laying out the red carpet for it.
You can't change your YouTube user name for 90 days
You can't change your YouTube user name for 90 days 9 日 前
I acc can’t tell if this is serious or not
Moeez Awan
Moeez Awan 9 日 前
"Their constitutional right to spread the virus" OMG that was hilarious 😂🤣😆
Gianluca L.
Gianluca L. 9 日 前
It's only fuckying January!!!!!!!!!
Not Dopler
Not Dopler 9 日 前
Didn't we almost start ww3 last january
Torey Townsend
Torey Townsend 9 日 前
This lady is just as bad maybe even worst than Trump. She said all of that just to come back and say that she didn't say anything about a transcript as well as the other stuff she mentioned, "good grief ", SMH!!! At this point Donald Trump and his whole team needs to be checked to see if they suffer from being bipolar or something to that affect, LOL!!!!
Torey Townsend
Torey Townsend 9 日 前
@xen0g3n You know what???? It did not hit me until I saw it all the way through, LOL!! This is like basically a movie "comedy" of the things that are taking place. Or another example would be like a Dave Chappelle Skit but in a movie form. Thanks for re enlightening me, LOL!!! #Respect #GoodDay
xen0g3n 9 日 前
You realise this is a satire piece right? This "lady" is Lisa Kudrow, who played Pheobe in Friends. Did you recognise Samual J Jackson? Hugh Grant? They were in it too, amongst others. That's what made it funny.
Collo kante
Collo kante 9 日 前
2021 is 2020 pro max
Crazy Teen Simmer
Crazy Teen Simmer 9 日 前
Looks like a whole movie....
Cruella Black
Cruella Black 9 日 前
2021 is going to be waaaaaaaaaaay better then last!!! Just wait until TRUMP THE ANTI CHRIST is out of office!!!! Give 2021 somw fkn credit for havin to clean up after last years MESS!!
RipeApple 9 日 前
Don't jinx it!
Khiang Titan
Khiang Titan 9 日 前
I just rub hard cut onion 🧅 directly in my eye 👁.....!!!
chirag yadav
chirag yadav 9 日 前
I choose to belive that 'The lady is mad' I choose to beleive that 'The lady needs a psychologist.'
salem mubarek
salem mubarek 14 時間 前
It's fake bro
Robin Voon
Robin Voon 9 日 前
One word : "FUNNY".
BillyGoat57 9 日 前
We all know deep down it’s the “ CIA “ !!!
Ignacio Muñoz Diaz
Ignacio Muñoz Diaz 6 日 前
@Sosa Guy Simply... sell weapons and spoil the foreign oil , the owners of the mic are the owners of the media ... And biden it's a warmonger and oil spoiler
Sosa Guy
Sosa Guy 9 日 前
If you are serious, what would be their motive?
Rashid P
Rashid P 9 日 前
What the hell ami seeing. I seemed to have missed some things here and there. I think corona took the wrong people.
Doc Holiday203
Doc Holiday203 9 日 前
99.7% survival rate is deadly asf.
Len Pilkington
Len Pilkington 9 日 前
I wish the damn actors would get to entertaining their paid to sing and dance not to give a opinion, hell i wish to news reporters would report the news but no we have to listen to their opinion, and we all know that opinions are like assholes we all have them and all of them stink whenever there used.
Michael. C Crawford
Michael. C Crawford 9 日 前
Comedians are going to have material for the next ten years just on trump family
Sosa Guy
Sosa Guy 8 日 前
@Michael. C Crawford let me rephrase then. I think you are right that comedians would have years of materials because trump jokes are easy to make. I was a bit confused with what you were saying after. Sorry for any misunderstanding i guess.
Michael. C Crawford
Michael. C Crawford 8 日 前
@Sosa Guy not picking fight. I'm simply trying to get you to see your comments. All of them. All I said was the comedians would have ten years of material on trump family. You didn't think so by your first comment but agreed few comments later. I thought you'd see it. Reread all the comments
Sosa Guy
Sosa Guy 8 日 前
@Michael. C Crawfordcan you drop it... if youre picking a fight with me dont do it in the comment section of a youtube video
Michael. C Crawford
Michael. C Crawford 8 日 前
@Sosa Guy you said there's so many jokes?
Sosa Guy
Sosa Guy 8 日 前
@Michael. C Crawford yes! why the question marks? i agree with you buddy
Badd Boyy
Badd Boyy 9 日 前
Samuel L Jackson : " Its Only Fuckin January " ...that was a dope intro 😂😂
Rachim ravix
Rachim ravix 6 時間 前
Said everyone watching what happened on the 6th
MR Campos
MR Campos 日 前
We all took the blue pill.
Jhefferson Barros
Jhefferson Barros 2 日 前
That honestly can be used for 2020 and 2021...
Blake Hafley
Blake Hafley 5 日 前
For real
Nelson W.
Nelson W. 9 日 前
The young white guy acting as a woke, virtue signalling SJW is the funniest
kil roy
kil roy 9 日 前
This is actually pretty funny. Is this a one-off or an upcoming series?
Shweta Navani
Shweta Navani 2 日 前
You do realize what you said didn't you? Is it supposed to be a sarcastic funny thing cause who would want a repeat of 2020? 🤷‍♀️
Lorna Thorpe
Lorna Thorpe 9 日 前
Somebody said, "2021 officially just told 2020, "Hold my beer."
Fenix Nyne
Fenix Nyne 9 日 前
When Samuel speaks... Its time to listen
ffic4life 9 日 前
When it gets to the white young woke guy talking about his allyship I lost it
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