17 Minutes Of Comedians Talking About Marriage

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Are you married? Well these comedians tell us what it's like. From being married, having married friends to the perfect marriage advice. Can you relate?
Comedian Lineup -
Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive,
Chris Rock: Tamborine Extended Cut,
Katt Williams: Great America,
Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas,
Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend's Boyfriend,
Jen Kirkman: I'm Gonna Die Alone,
Christina P: Mother Inferior,
Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife,
Ray Romano: Right Here, Around The Corner,
Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millenial,
Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours To Kill,
Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid
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Memorabilia Madness M&M
Memorabilia Madness M&M 17 時間 前
Tracey Morgan is the least funniest person on the planet
O HP 日 前
The embarrassed star namely dream because egg cumulatively suppose onto a eight harp. agreeable, female fertile jury
Mogamat Ismail
Mogamat Ismail 日 前
This was supposed to be jokes about marraige...........not vulgar jokes....
Why does he always ask where shit is? Because wives move shit. You have it where you want it or where it goes, then magically it is moved to a place you would never put it.
Manasvi Sharma
Manasvi Sharma 3 日 前
Okay Christina P is SO FRICKING GORGEOUS. Like ooh mama! 👀
BA BA 4 日 前
Chappelle looks like a bodybuilder
Jay Davis
Jay Davis 4 日 前
On point
Joshua Tolosa
Joshua Tolosa 5 日 前
These people really need a counselor....
Samuel Orozco
Samuel Orozco 5 日 前
17 minutes of comedians talking about marriage and some random footage of jerry seinfeld
marie kastler
marie kastler 5 日 前
Chris Rock speaks TRUTH! Oxytocin is My drug of choice!
Lionel Jose Duterte
Lionel Jose Duterte 5 日 前
Rajiiv Isree
Rajiiv Isree 5 日 前
King katt
Kam Novak
Kam Novak 5 日 前
holy shit that has to be the worst outfit ever on iliza
soulassassin0g 5 日 前
Men cheat because they're horny, women cheat because they found out their man cheated on them.
soulassassin0g 6 日 前
How does Chris Rock look younger now than when he did in the 90's?
Olivia Howard
Olivia Howard 6 日 前
I needed this.
elijah west
elijah west 7 日 前
Dick for dishes ctfu
Anna Dibba
Anna Dibba 7 日 前
man i like the obamas- still sweety dotty on one another. gives me hope
Okwudilichukwu Nwawuzie
Okwudilichukwu Nwawuzie 3 日 前
Am sure you live with them right? Stop looking at the cameras
Lillian Smith Whyte
Lillian Smith Whyte 7 日 前
😂😂👑🤰👑❤✌thanks for sharing be kind to one another❤✌✌✌✌🍵🍵❤
Toya Williams
Toya Williams 7 日 前
These were hilarious!!!
dangerouswater 7 日 前
Chapelle put on some serious shoulder...looks like a pool table with only the 8 ball on it .
Lil Dominicana
Lil Dominicana 7 日 前
“You gots to fuck” ~zebra
Al Taylor
Al Taylor 8 日 前
Kittens without Whiskers?! 😄
Fahad Nazir
Fahad Nazir 9 日 前
I don't know who finds Ali Wong funny. She tries too hard but all of her jokes are just unfunny and pathetic.
Marion Hensley
Marion Hensley 9 日 前
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Reactiontime6000 8 日 前
I wish I knew who asked
Kyle Billie
Kyle Billie 9 日 前
16:36 That sounds like a marriage wanting to end.🤔
Chris Romero
Chris Romero 9 日 前
Yea;we ain't fucking no mo...25 yrs into this fucking marriage, makes me want to leave... guys Need it..even if you don't....dam...
gostwriter511 9 日 前
"Sometimes you gotta suck a melancholy dick" 🤣🤣🤣
poohbeartube 10 日 前
I've learned to communicate with a ridiculous degree of specificity with my live in girlfriend. For example "What time is your flight leaving?"
VonFels 10 日 前
Imagine going to a couples therapist and getting this advice straight up. Might reduce the divorce rates mentioned in the one clip.
David Ross
David Ross 10 日 前
I loved being married even though my ex wife despised me. I don’t know if I’ll ever know why I was happy under those circumstances.
blessing 951
blessing 951 10 日 前
Where is my man Eddie griffin here
Ekang Lawrence
Ekang Lawrence 10 日 前
That last joke was hilarious🤣
Pete laRosa
Pete laRosa 10 日 前
I just want to say that the Lord Jesus Christ loved you very much and died on the cross of Calvary for you. You can accept Jesus as your savior anytime you want. As the old saying goes he is only a prayer away. Peter
Timbo Mac
Timbo Mac 10 日 前
Damn -Dave is looking pretty jacked now a days
Everett Sykes
Everett Sykes 11 日 前
Ali Wong: The Rimmer! Lol
Michael Blue
Michael Blue 11 日 前
Comedians speak the truth
idesofmarchUNIAEA 11 日 前
Trevor Seath
Trevor Seath 11 日 前
Mike Birbiglia is wrong. 40% of first marriages end in divorce. That’s a massively different statistic from the one he quotes. He says, “manogamy” is impossible. Dumb. It’s not even funny - it’s just a string of lies.
Lill M
Lill M 12 日 前
"Laura, I don't even know if you know what an airport is..." 😂😂 Good one Nate Bargatze
Gerald Torres
Gerald Torres 12 日 前
lol, I can eat 😻 in a horrible mood, never a truer statement.
Jonathan Reeve
Jonathan Reeve 12 日 前
Thank you for saying how long the video is, in minutes. Because I couldn't tell from the length of the video. Don't call your video "Comedians Talking about Marriage." Say the length of the video, in minutes and seconds. It's the right thing to do. It's not like there's already a function for that on JPgoon, which tells you how long each video is.
Adriel Torres
Adriel Torres 13 日 前
Nope am out
Joe Star
Joe Star 13 日 前
@9:11 she is female, Asian and funny. What the hell is going on here 😳
Joe Star
Joe Star 13 日 前
Chris Rock is stupid
bunchomarbles 13 日 前
The person at 4:05 needs to drop their skincare routine cause HOLY MOLY!
Jazz House
Jazz House 14 日 前
This is hilarious!
All this trash food for the mind
Chris Walls
Chris Walls 14 日 前
Fight and make up in bed lol
Mike Horton
Mike Horton 15 日 前
Omg I’m always asking my wife where shits at. But in my defense she always puts shit somewhere other than where i left it or saw it last. Like a fkn mina bird
Plot twist all three owners last name were Wong
There is a laundromat +2 other laundromats the one laundromat named his business to Wongs don’t make it white… The other two businesses are irrelevant but the one laundromat who had the clever name got all the business
Ronald M Harrison
Ronald M Harrison 17 日 前
Ebby C
Ebby C 18 日 前
".....so, what do you think I wanted to know when I asked that." 😄
Elliot Nogo
Elliot Nogo 18 日 前
13:55 he's so right
El Plebe Uchiha
El Plebe Uchiha 18 日 前
“So you were fucking so you forgave.” NoCAP! [+]
tomselek1000 18 日 前
Ali Wong crushed in her bit! 😂
Indy B
Indy B 18 日 前
This couldn’t have popped up at a better time lol
Larry Hart
Larry Hart 18 日 前
We have to ask because women are always moving everything in the house .
Dr. Phillips
Dr. Phillips 19 日 前
Omg facts
toro5280 19 日 前
6:10 Well, what you really mean is no one farted in your bed in four years except you. You had enough of sharing your bed with another farter. I get it. I am sympathethic to your plight. It is very different with own farts and other people's farts. When it is your own you usually know how it will go down.The built up pressure at the exit point, the sustain, the pitch, the vibrato, even the decay. With the decades you have learned not to overdo it because this is usually when a shart occurs, so you keep the bursts and the arpeggios short and controled. The only surprise might be a flavour you don't remember eating recently. But it is different when you don't expect it. When they release it loud and abrupt at 3 AM is awful enough. You are dreaming you are at the theatre, watching the play and BANG Lincoln gets shot two feet from you. But the he quiet ones are those that really get to you. They actually sneak to you. First you feel the room temperature change and there is a presence that makes the hair on your neck stand. Your brain gets overloaded with the signals your nose is sending him and tears and snot start rolling down your cheeks, messing up the pillow. You try to crawl out of the bed and reach for the window, like that lady from "The descent". After awhile you learn to keep a gas mask on your night table. An Atropine Sulfate Injection in your pyjamas left breast pocket... Always be prepared like that kid from "Final destination", trying to cheat death.
gamby16a 19 日 前
It's scary how accurate so much of this is. I'm 18 years in, BTW. Nate's resentment is palpable. Wow.
Ferd Janklow
Ferd Janklow 19 日 前
Jerry Seinfeld is not now, nor has he ever been, funny.
Lou-Ann Daprato
Lou-Ann Daprato 19 日 前
Very funny
Jason Houck
Jason Houck 20 日 前
It says comedians but there’s women🤔
Jason Houck
Jason Houck 12 日 前
@tayo lenson Chris Rock is alright but Kevin Hart is REALLY funny
tayo lenson
tayo lenson 12 日 前
None of these were funny to be honest, I didnt even crack a smile the whole video
Jason Houck
Jason Houck 19 日 前
@e Oh shut the fuck up it’s a joke😂
e 19 日 前
@Jason Houck ah, an incel
Jason Houck
Jason Houck 19 日 前
@e Not really😂
Florence Nyakio
Florence Nyakio 20 日 前
I'm not married but I live with my Mum and I irritate her always asking her whether she wants the 2 ltr soda or the 1 ltr. So........ I can imagine what being married is like.
tayo lenson
tayo lenson 12 日 前
Tf is wrong with you, who buys 2litre cooldrink
Cee Sno
Cee Sno 14 日 前
Stop and do.
kd78orangerangerpete 20 日 前
most didn't marry well or choose correctly if you really think this way.
Tim Google Boland
Tim Google Boland 20 日 前
Wow...Christina p. Gained all that weight in just the last few years
Jeb Leee
Jeb Leee 17 日 前
You must think you're really pretty
blicket 19 日 前
That's all you got? Huh...
Ginny Saucier
Ginny Saucier 20 日 前
Jo Go
Jo Go 20 日 前
Dick dishes sounds good right about now
Lynn I Poor
Lynn I Poor 20 日 前
Atticus V
Atticus V 21 日 前
Ali Wong gotta be one of the thirstiest women put on earth
Sheryl Hokianga
Sheryl Hokianga 21 日 前
bahahahaha! It Was Naughty Enough 2 Watch Without Adding My Comment! lol
Sanchez Brown
Sanchez Brown 21 日 前
For the record, us husbands wouldn't ask you wives where stuff is all the time, if y'all wouldn't have this incessant need to move EVERYTHING you see.
petter215jones 4 日 前
@Sanchez Brown on point!!! I got thru this everyday and ask her why u move it...😂 men put things to know where they at... Until the woman hides it from us (but in her eyes moving things to make it neat around)
Ebby C
Ebby C 16 日 前
@Sanchez Brown my bad too I read "when you don't know me" and I'm like jeeez ok. I had a female flatmate once who used to put things (my things) where she thought was 'better' and it pissed me off so much I had to tell her to stop. I knew a guy who had a habit of throwing things away. Like he'd just decide something's useless, and throw it away. Even if it wasn't his. So maybe women like to move things, and men like to throw them away. lol
Sanchez Brown
Sanchez Brown 16 日 前
@Ebby C I thought that was, my bad. I guess I just have an odd outlook on what's funny 😂😂😂
Ebby C
Ebby C 17 日 前
@Sanchez Brown wow, thought this was comedy.
Sanchez Brown
Sanchez Brown 18 日 前
@Ebby C idk how you could even fix yourself to call me lazy when you don't know me. We care where stuff goes, which is why when we put something somewhere intentionally and y'all move it, it's irritating lol
youngB 21 日 前
Whenever Chris rock talks, I visualize a scene from “Everybody hates Chris” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he literally just did stand up comedy jokes as the main narrator on the show, what a fucking guy 🤣
Rant All About It
Rant All About It 17 日 前
Ajesh Benny
Ajesh Benny 21 日 前
Dave 💕💕💕
Stacey Tierney
Stacey Tierney 21 日 前
Chris Rock I got to call you on that one clear f****** the whole time and he was f****** me in ways I didn't even know I'm like talkin stabbed in the back but otherwise I think you funny as hell
Nothing Fancy
Nothing Fancy 21 日 前
Also...I don't get the whole eating a$$ thing.
Nothing Fancy
Nothing Fancy 21 日 前
People need to think. Stop giving into feelings.
Michael Blue
Michael Blue 11 日 前
Thinking is hard work, that's why most don't do it
Aleyna Mutlu
Aleyna Mutlu 21 日 前
Ahh they should have added Eddie Murphy’s raw stand up show “half” bid. Oooh Eddie i didn’t know you were here omfofo and I were talking on some issues lately.
TAS 22 日 前
Adore Chris !! Mike
James maddison
James maddison 21 日 前
Hello pretty How are you doing?
theodore roberts
theodore roberts 22 日 前
As I have been lead to believe, from married men, that after marriage, in most cases, sex stops. That would never work for me, it would make me cheat. I'm gonna get sex somewhere, if not at home....
Kris Latoya
Kris Latoya 19 日 前
@theodore roberts I often wonder if that is all to it or just greed. I'm not married but would like to be some day. A lot of the stories would make your mouth drop. People really out here fronting.
theodore roberts
theodore roberts 19 日 前
@Kris Latoya me too! Just like women will talk to orher women, men will talk to orher men, but not as much with each other and there are so many differences among people. I knew one guy who had very little nice to say about his wife, until both of us found ourselves at her parents house, where she told him I was her first boyfriend. Very uncomfortable. For one, I didn't know he was talking about her. It was totally not planned. I was there to visit the whole family and didn't know he was part of it or would be there.
theodore roberts
theodore roberts 19 日 前
@Kris Latoya examine the relationship, something is not right in it, or someone. I don't think they wake up one day and decide to cheat. Find the reason, if you're that interested. When I and another man talk in private, you'd be surprised what comes out (away from their significant other). What's the old saying? Happy wife happy life. A lot of men are not happy, they're miserable!
Kris Latoya
Kris Latoya 19 日 前
What about the ones in marriage, great sex life and they're still stepping out with multiple people. That is the ish that scares me.
theodore roberts
theodore roberts 19 日 前
@e sex is an integral part of a relationship. When the sex ends, why stay? Careful, you're not just talking to me, other men will read this and some feel the same way I do.
Vanya Jelezarova
Vanya Jelezarova 22 日 前
Last guy was my favorite! I don't know him.
Lesley Glendenning
Lesley Glendenning 21 日 前
Nate Bargatze
Hoodwaze 21 日 前
Right. Trying to find him in the comments
gully.foyle 22 日 前
NETFLIX - Do you really need to be so vulgar in your captions? Kids don't need to see this...have some decency.
cmnsns 22 日 前
Why can’t I find these women funny? Is it just me? I feel like I have to make an effort to laugh.
tayo lenson
tayo lenson 12 日 前
@e Well maybe he just doesn't understand womens humour, pls dont let what people on the internet say get in your head, trust me its not worth your time get frustrated by these people (because you cant fix stupid). Stay away from things you find negative and only keep positive people around you, you'll be a much happier person (:
e 12 日 前
@tayo lenson yh sure maybe these women arent funny but he's insinuating that women arent funny-
tayo lenson
tayo lenson 12 日 前
@e he isnt really. For me though all comedians arent that funny and I have to say I must laugh in order to laugh.
e 19 日 前
its because ur an incel
Latifa Jenkins
Latifa Jenkins 22 日 前
I want you to talk like regular people lol
Mellanie Paliau
Mellanie Paliau 22 日 前
What does a studio apartment look like, coz I'm sure it would be an upgrade from the really poor people that living standards in my country.
Mellanie Paliau
Mellanie Paliau 9 日 前
@tayo lenson Papua new guinea
tayo lenson
tayo lenson 12 日 前
@Mellanie Paliau where do you live
Mellanie Paliau
Mellanie Paliau 19 日 前
@mau d thank you. we just have room share a bathroom and kitchen with like 20 to 30 people
mau d
mau d 20 日 前
It is a one room apartment. So everything on the same room
Bricia12345 22 日 前
That last guy, blaming his wife for not answering correctly a question he didn't ask right... how about asking "what time your plane lands in FL babe?" Versus, his stupid question.
Lauren 22 日 前
Main mommy 👖
Ingrid Grattidge
Ingrid Grattidge 22 日 前
And some women are just whacked.
Ingrid Grattidge
Ingrid Grattidge 22 日 前
Clueless dicks being real.
Ingrid Grattidge
Ingrid Grattidge 22 日 前
Dicks on the beach. If you want to keep fing.. you got to be how you were before you became a Dick.
Commentor 22 日 前
8:09 probably because you moved it. I set something down in one spot and my wife puts it in another spot.
Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa 22 日 前
Funny to hear men who have failed miserably in THEIR MARRIAGES try to tell the rest of us marriage is no good. I think I see the problem.
Alabi David
Alabi David 日 前
@tayo lenson 15 year old, huh? Get some perspective about life from these men. The stats don't look good. I think the lesson is to protect yourself in any relationship. A girl's gonna try to break your heart, and you might be caught off guard if you ignore some of these signs .
tayo lenson
tayo lenson 12 日 前
Me too, I am a 15 year old boy and I often hear people complaining about marriages but often the men dont even reliase they in the wrong in and they were just being lazy or what not.
Revolution 2020
Revolution 2020 23 日 前
The key to getting a lot of sex as a husband is to be an adult around the house and awesome in bed. Then you'll never have a problem.
Jan Scott
Jan Scott 23 日 前
Being alone and old is worse than smoking two packs a day.
Mungi Michael
Mungi Michael 15 日 前
In the end, we shall all die
Victor Udora
Victor Udora 23 日 前
Fredrik Ek
Fredrik Ek 23 日 前
Everybody loves Raymond....
srami004 23 日 前
To, Christina P., and this is on behalf of most if not all men, we ask you where everything is because you guys tend to take things and move them around without telling us. You guys move in and suddenly shit gets missing.
srami004 23 日 前
"Just got married again." -Tracy Morgan He is getting divorced again. Sounds like this needs to updated...Lol Damn
Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor 21 日 前
Did He really damn
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