15 Minutes of Shockingly Good Impressions

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Nothing will ever be as impressive as Fred Armisen doing every single accent in the continental US. Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers, Mo Amer: The Vagabond, Trevor Noah: Afraid Of The Dark and more sick impressions are now streaming on Netflix.
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Alyssa Parke
Alyssa Parke 日 前
Referring to the first guy- I'm mad cuz the Jersey was only the fuckin north Jersey, cause we got two parts dammit. Three sometimes. otherwise he's pretty damn good though.
Michael Woo
Michael Woo 日 前
In my headcanon, the Obama-Mandela interaction is FACT.
Ney6 日 前
Three geniuses 👏 we're such a lucky generation - only one click & quality stand up - behold
Shani t
Shani t 2 日 前
Trevor noah is so hilarious I love him
Traci Morales
Traci Morales 2 日 前
“Idaho and Seattle” I feel like my whole state just got ignored 😅
Karl mag's
Karl mag's 3 日 前
Hey! It‘s Mlepclaynos
Ava Salvatore
Ava Salvatore 3 日 前
Naomi Bee
Naomi Bee 4 日 前
Loved the ptown reference by Fred! 😂 He ended with “No. - no. Smh” Haha! So Portland!
this life though
this life though 4 日 前
thumb print......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahah
G Hintz
G Hintz 4 日 前
I noticed that Fred flaked out on attempting Louisiana. Cajun French accents aren't traditionally country, then people from New Orleans have accents similar to a handful of New England accents.
Trevor Noah, we know that Obama never spoke like that
ImGoinToHellForThis 4 日 前
Bravo. Seriously. All'em!
BetterLifeAhead 6 日 前
Gotta say, his Georgia was all wrong. We keep our Rs. That's more of a Louisiana thing. We sound more like his Kentucky.
D DeWitty
D DeWitty 6 日 前
I wonder if he could do my accent. I was raised in three different cities austin,chicago and finally richmond. I get asked all the time "were you from? cause I know its not here". I now live in houston. I have incorporated all three together.
Jasmine Monroe
Jasmine Monroe 6 日 前
Fred Armisen is great!
Mikhailovna Inna
Mikhailovna Inna 7 日 前
Fred is brilliant the more I watch the more I love.
FR Z Tzayawan
FR Z Tzayawan 8 日 前
I love Fred Armisen
Eileen_A_B 8 日 前
So Barack Obama stated off as an Eddie Murphy character 🤣🤣🤣
Keneil Shah
Keneil Shah 8 日 前
He invented Obama’s Mandela’s Obama voice live on stage
Debra Helmlinger
Debra Helmlinger 9 日 前
Trevor also sounds like Jim from taxi at the dmv office, hilarious.
Sharlene John
Sharlene John 11 日 前
He got New York down to a "T"!
Maryo M
Maryo M 12 日 前
Trevor is the 👑
Jenny Gomez
Jenny Gomez 12 日 前
Nah Dallas more southern lol
Jenny Gomez
Jenny Gomez 12 日 前
I’m from Virginia though lol
PippyLongStockings 12 日 前
Lol Connecticut sounds like Boston and Queens had a baby
Dulce Barrera
Dulce Barrera 12 日 前
As an interpreter attending all over US the first guy was in point.
Raven Forshee
Raven Forshee 13 日 前
As a West Virginian born and raised, Fred Armison nailed our accent so correctly that he sounded exactly like two of my uncles
Roz Collins
Roz Collins 8 日 前
Agreed! I'm a Virginian and he nailed that Richmond accent. Beauty.
Elithrae 13 日 前
Armisen gets credit for remembering the "Yinz," but that's West PA / Pittsburgh, not Philly. And the West PA accent sounds *nothing* like the Philly accent. Same state, different worlds lol. I was sad he skipped Arkansas tho, because boy is that a total shitshow.
Sarah Kelly
Sarah Kelly 15 日 前
Fred's regional accents were perfect. Didn't realize how similar Seattle's "these are the words" and San Francisco's "here are the facts" sound in tone and cadence.
Chante Lewis
Chante Lewis 15 日 前
Oh Trevor!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Haley Keck
Haley Keck 15 日 前
Fred's North and South Carolina accents were eerily accurate lmao, he sounds just like my aunt
Maxwell Scott
Maxwell Scott 17 日 前
Funny Duluth impersonation; dead on too. lol
L Scott
L Scott 18 日 前
Dude, Long island is not one of the 5 boroughs! It's STATEN ISLAND!!
HiSomebody TrackingMuch?
HiSomebody TrackingMuch? 18 日 前
Who is the dude at 525? Muhammad who?
Sandra Williamson
Sandra Williamson 18 日 前
,1,st guy boring.
Enki Kiwi
Enki Kiwi 19 日 前
"Ohh yeah, comediannnnn. He's like Bill Cosby!"
Harshvardhan Singh Ranawat
Harshvardhan Singh Ranawat 19 日 前
Trevor Noah's Barak Obama impression was like Kevin Hart's real voice😂😂
Marie E.
Marie E. 16 日 前
Dee D
Dee D 19 日 前
Trevor Noah is so brilliant
Esi Rex
Esi Rex 19 日 前
5:25 that shit is accurate as fuck, I've been to school with those people
Jaiye Maynard
Jaiye Maynard 19 日 前
Aside from the first guys impressions I'm always surprised to see an American that knows their own geography.
Kurt Sudheim
Kurt Sudheim 20 日 前
I'm not even American, but somehow I just feel that fred's are so right, that even the ones I've never heard before I trust in him! Mo's aussie & Russian were horrible but the others were okay
Cassino plonkage
Cassino plonkage 20 日 前
Mate...the second guys Aussie accent was pitiful! Farkn ell carnt
fun_paparazzi 21 日 前
-“My name is Mohammed” -“For real, bro? You look exactly like Hector!” 😂😂😂
Harley Thomas
Harley Thomas 22 日 前
Oh boy worst Aussie accent ever
Förnamn Person
Förnamn Person 22 日 前
That second guy's swedish accent was awful.
Jasper Sky
Jasper Sky 22 日 前
Trevor is sooo good at voices
J amato
J amato 22 日 前
Obama never sounded like that!
Javier Cooper
Javier Cooper 22 日 前
Trevor Noah 😂😂
A T 22 日 前
"Haaaaaa aaahhh aaaah ah ah"
Tiffany 24 日 前
How do you know you're in the south? South: What was you sayin' Everywhere else: What are saying?
Will Vail
Will Vail 25 日 前
These are accents, not impressions.
teacher Becca
teacher Becca 24 日 前
Trevor Noah is famous for his Mandela impression(and his Obama is pretty on point too😅
didderjade 25 日 前
Born in Seattle and still largely retain that cadence. I thought my over-articulation of words was just me, but Fred nailed it so eerily well, I never thought about it as an *accent* until now.
Jessica Oudbier
Jessica Oudbier 25 日 前
Explains my accent perfectly. Washingtonian who spent a lot of time in San Diego with relatives from Texas and Kentucky. Holy shit.
mild soup
mild soup 26 日 前
Dude Noah was crazy!!!
Ishan Taldekar
Ishan Taldekar 26 日 前
He skipped mississippi n honestly i dont blame him
Geesedude 27 日 前
Russian is way off. Work on it dude.
Chad King
Chad King 27 日 前
The fact Fred can just hear that and replicated it on command each time !!!
Gimi Armany
Gimi Armany 27 日 前
Fred Armisen is LIT!!!👍🏾👍🏾💥💥❤❤❤🤣😂🤣❤❤❤
Artemis vsVenus
Artemis vsVenus 27 日 前
As a Jersey Girl, I verify that yes we are about to throw a punch.
Winter Val Thanne
Winter Val Thanne 27 日 前
Those east coast accents are dead freaking on 🤣🤣🤣
Cameron Barker
Cameron Barker 27 日 前
“Born in Miami but I still have this accent” 🤣🤣
B. R.
B. R. 28 日 前
I love you Trevor Noah!
KuroiHato69 28 日 前
Fred Armisen was incredible!! He nailed the accents perfectly!!!
Mutuota Kamau
Mutuota Kamau 28 日 前
Hahaha... Skipped straight to Trevor...
Corey Still
Corey Still 28 日 前
How was any of this shit funny???
Nothemba Goldstein
Nothemba Goldstein 28 日 前
Omg.....Mandela and Obama. Frickin SLAYED me!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dustin 28 日 前
why is it that white people are the only ones who can be ragged on? I'm not white myself but it's exhausting seeing it
Slambam73 28 日 前
VA is one of the most complex accents...sorta southern/Maine/midwest mix.
Kaye Hardy
Kaye Hardy 28 日 前
A. W.
A. W. 29 日 前
How dare he spend .00001 on Oklahoma's accent 😭😭😂. Go to broken bow and compare it to northeast oklahoma. You'll be surprised
jordania moore
jordania moore 29 日 前
North Carolina is pretty spot on
ThatTeslaGuy 29 日 前
Elon & Trevor - making america great again
fennec fawkes
fennec fawkes 29 日 前
Why isn't Trevor Noah's entire England invading India not on here?
Patricia Green
Patricia Green 22 日 前
Because this bit is just about accents and dialects.
Isaac Kangas
Isaac Kangas 29 日 前
Not enough O on the Minnesotan accent
john dandola
john dandola 29 日 前
Fred - not accurate and also not funny.
Tatiana R
Tatiana R 29 日 前
Mo Amer 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tim Bahr
Tim Bahr ヶ月 前
Trevor Noah always funny
GinsuSher ヶ月 前
That last guy was really unfunny.
Reflecting Both Sides
Reflecting Both Sides ヶ月 前
I almost clicked away on Trevor Noah. My A.D.D kicked in and I wasn’t laughing BUT it was worth the wait. He killed it!
Harley Likes Magic
Harley Likes Magic ヶ月 前
None of this was funny.
Udoro Gatewood
Udoro Gatewood ヶ月 前
Lesa Jones
Lesa Jones ヶ月 前
As a Houstonian... there’s a polite hospitable scolding in everything we say...
Theosis_rednek ヶ月 前
get back on the plantation where everyone calls each other colors!
NomadOne33 ヶ月 前
“Austin wants to have fun.” That was Dimebag Darrell’s area. No one had more fun then Dime.
Sakura Moonflower
Sakura Moonflower 16 日 前
God rest his soul.
Mickey Rube
Mickey Rube ヶ月 前
Netflix WTF. These are mostly accents, not impressions.
Reyna Arawan
Reyna Arawan ヶ月 前
It's so weird that the accents are so different for English speakers even though they're all speaking the same language and come from the same place. Most of them aren't even bilingual/trilingual/... Are French Speakers dealing with regional accents the same way? I know in Asia, it's usually completely different languages where the region changes.
French have different accents too
Reyna Arawan
Reyna Arawan ヶ月 前
@LESTERAMA I think that makes a bit more sense because everyone is either mix race or come from a colonized culture in Latin america so the accent might come from the lost indigenous languages.
Don't know that, but un Latin America the diferent accents that there are on spanish is overwhelming.
Nile Jones
Nile Jones ヶ月 前
“That’s my business not yours”’lmao
Eclipse1369 ヶ月 前
I miss Obama!
Elle ヶ月 前
Fred truly showing how many people haven't travelled... all his accents are accurate! Fucking brilliant
Grey Ang
Grey Ang ヶ月 前
"Imagine if I spoke like this, do you think people would've voted for me" 🐭🐭🐭🐹🐁😂
Achilles Eels
Achilles Eels 3 日 前
Grey Ang
Grey Ang ヶ月 前
Fred needs to do a doctoral thesis on this 😂 My boy Mo Amer has the energy on point! Trevor masters his impressions and showed you his process as an act, absolute respect 🙏
Estee Hanvey
Estee Hanvey ヶ月 前
Connecticut sounds exactly like Richard Gere
Hi How are you
Hi How are you 23 日 前
Omg yes it does. Awesome observation.
Teemu Wathén
Teemu Wathén ヶ月 前
Imagine if the first 5 minutes were funny. The first 8 minutes actually.
A W ヶ月 前
Mo Amer is the sh*t!
Alex ヶ月 前
“U’r not been chased anymore “🤣🤣🤣
mzmendy ヶ月 前
I just gained a new respect for Fred Armison's normal speech pattern.
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown ヶ月 前
The way the first dude tackled the accents as someone that travels and heard it all, it just genuinely made me happy how authentic he is
Shane Russell
Shane Russell 2 日 前
Except he basically ripped it off Jimmy carr he just added a map and pointer
Corleone 3 日 前
Fred has become “the first dude” and now I’m sad 😂😂😂
William Smith
William Smith 6 日 前
It's pronounced 'nuni'
Lacy O'Connell
Lacy O'Connell 13 日 前
@Ahmed Mo Don't forget Melipnos is spelled with a Clay.
BearsBeetsBattlestarGalactica 17 日 前
@Ahmed Mo psh like enough ppl watch that 4 u to expect any1 2 get that joke. Ive seen almost the whole 1st season and I didnt even get the connection
xzeroevil ヶ月 前
Trevor noah is trash . look at the daily show shadow of its former glory
Pr3ssPl4y ヶ月 前
56 million weekly viewers says otherwise you dolt.
Sergio Roca Tovar
Sergio Roca Tovar ヶ月 前
I wish there were comedians like this in my country. They usually do a really bad accent when they try to imitate my region.
Sergio Roca Tovar
Sergio Roca Tovar 20 日 前
@Red Ram Nah man, I'm serious. They end up doing it so bad that it isn't funny. At least he knows where to draw the line between funny and insulting.
Red Ram
Red Ram 20 日 前
I can’t tell if you’re serious
Russel Webb
Russel Webb ヶ月 前
I believed what he was saying to be 100 percent truth until he got to Montana and I realized this man knows nothing.
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia ヶ月 前
Way off on Houston impression
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