15 Minutes Of Pure Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias Stand-Up

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15 日 前

We heard you like Fluffy so we made you this video. One Show Fits All and I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry are now streaming on Netflix.
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LeonaLeona KrulishKrulish
LeonaLeona KrulishKrulish 時間 前
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Jody Daugherty
Jody Daugherty 12 時間 前
Fluffy for President 2025
Santos Roman
Santos Roman 14 時間 前
No funny, you talk to much about you son.
Primrose Xin
Primrose Xin 19 時間 前
Me:Oh this is the grown up Manny Delgado!
Holden Cross
Holden Cross 日 前
How do I know if I’m not a terrorist!?!? Ahhhhhhhh!!! *head explodes*
ryan s
ryan s 日 前
Fluffy nailed it on the head. We need more people like Dave and fluffy
crimson ice
crimson ice 日 前
click bait lol it 14:30 not 15 min shamless XD
randomdude1810 日 前
Dude take me as an exchange student... Plz man
Michele Porch
Michele Porch 日 前
You are the first comic to say this!! Much respect baby!!! Different opinions are fine w/respect! God Bless
jay makowichuk
jay makowichuk 日 前
Thanks for the laughs
Im from the third world
jay cao
jay cao 日 前
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Tom Sdralis
Tom Sdralis 日 前
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Brian Ginn
Brian Ginn 日 前
It's our differences that makes us "Merka"!
Kirill Naumov
Kirill Naumov 2 日 前
That feeling when they promised 15 minutes but you only got 14.
Wendy Busby
Wendy Busby 2 日 前
I only drank Jeager once and woke up in the County jail. Nough said.
Chaplain Hammer
Chaplain Hammer 3 日 前
“...and you’re paying for it”.
Question Everything
Question Everything 3 日 前
I respect fluffy more than George Lopez.
Ray-rayd 3 日 前
13:57 listen to the guy in audience's laugh
Chaika Gaz
Chaika Gaz 3 日 前
Fluffy: Give me a third world foreign exchange student! Frankie: can i go back home now to america? They dont have mcdonalds..
Cody Myers
Cody Myers 3 日 前
Bruh I laughed so fucking king hard my chest hurts and I don't know if it's the COVID or not
Lex Pullman
Lex Pullman 4 日 前
I can’t laugh he looks like he’s 2 steps from deaths door.
Aussie born and bred
Aussie born and bred 日 前
Maybe he is?.....??? But i bet he's "lived" more in his life than you ever will ,if you live to be 100, life is not about how long you live, but how you live life✌✌peace
Painfully yours
Painfully yours 4 日 前
I might be the only person who don't find him funny at all.
Cj McElroy
Cj McElroy 3 日 前
Then don’t watch the video.
BlackPes 4 日 前
The black ppl voice always get me its sooo true
royalewithcheese 4 日 前
AHAHAHA funny fat dumb guy saying dumb sht.... me entertained
dntworryboutmyname 4 日 前
I love Dave, i wanna meet him.
Jacob Morgan
Jacob Morgan 4 日 前
Always love his impressions
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 4 日 前
I wasn’t paying attention to the video just the audio... I looked up and asked, “when did Fluffy add quick changing to his bits?” Majorly confused hahahaha
Red T
Red T 4 日 前
Fluffy's charm: 50% clean and respectful humor (as opposed to the insult humor displayed by so many others) 25% sound effects 12% gestures/body language (eg - holding out his hand to show us the text message from Dave) 10% self-deprecation/humility 3% making fun of Frankie = 100% hilarious
Sunshine Girl
Sunshine Girl 4 日 前
Hail to the King of Mexicans 👍💖💕🙋‍♀️😁
Mikaylia Draper
Mikaylia Draper 4 日 前
This is for Netflix! the people who replace Comedy Central
David Thibodeau
David Thibodeau 5 日 前
So boring unreal
Billakos Papas
Billakos Papas 5 日 前
I wish Dave was in this comment section...
Miikka Välimäki
Miikka Välimäki 5 日 前
Hard core third world country=usa
Fridge Raider
Fridge Raider 5 日 前
"He has all his shots... LADIES." 👁👃👁
Azozi Sketches
Azozi Sketches 5 日 前
EREN 8:04 !!!!!!!
Andres Reza
Andres Reza 5 日 前
@9:05 he looks like a pug
Rohan Gupta
Rohan Gupta 5 日 前
I love how the producer tried to go to multiple wide shots, trying to capture the light guy but failed everytime 😂
Thomas Broking
Thomas Broking 5 日 前
Lmao the whole piece
Alucard Moon
Alucard Moon 6 日 前
I hate this fat samoan he was less funny the first time I heard him
Micean Hearns
Micean Hearns 5 日 前
Dude If you dont like dont watch his stuff
Joseph Chadwell
Joseph Chadwell 6 日 前
I could get along with Dave. At my job i was informed by my boss that i was to real. I am honest cause that is what I want no matter how painful because there are way to many liars running around giving there opinion which is total crap. I wear these shirts with sayings on them at work and every chance I get. One of my coworkers wore a shirt that I had to ask him where he got it. The shirt had this saying on it “ Hey do me a favor STOP talking”.
Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks 6 日 前
Yep that's funny Achmed ain't fat
julie mcfarlane
julie mcfarlane 6 日 前
nothing fucking wrong with a wall
Micean Hearns
Micean Hearns 5 日 前
Yeah sure nothing's wrong
e Corona
e Corona 6 日 前
Wow. I ALMOST laughed several times 🙄. The funniest thing about this was Dave.
Geraldine Granado
Geraldine Granado 6 日 前
U mean the Wall Mexico built to keep Guatemalan out. Get political or religious and i leave. Bored.
angryBorderschick 6 日 前
Everybody needs 15 mins. of Fluffy a day!
etnad yarag
etnad yarag 6 日 前
“Want kid from third world countries so they can appreciate what we have in this country “ very true , I grew up in third world country and poverty is nothing in the US what poverty in third world
Evilpimp 6 日 前
I'm Mexican and this guy isn't the king of Mexicans, fuck this guy. Disliked
Dark Vamp
Dark Vamp 6 日 前
So we are not going to talk about Dave was texting while driving? LMAO
remixthestyle 日 前
Probably did a voice to text message.
Chakib Kb
Chakib Kb 6 日 前
I still think of franky as an eleven year old
Brahmansh Singh Nagi
Brahmansh Singh Nagi 6 日 前
India is the hardcore third world country.
Ivan Tarnyagin
Ivan Tarnyagin 6 日 前
Do you have the same Ryan as the misfits??
Dawn Lapka
Dawn Lapka 6 日 前
He has all his shots... Little does he know that we need them again! I think it's just a good idea for health and wellness! God bless you, Fluffy! You need to come talk to some more Catholic kids! Rock on for the bus drivers, too!!!✌️🤗👋⚕️😋🙏 actually, he knows, because he is a well educated comedian! 🤗
GenFalcon 7 日 前
Aged like milk. Those Maga nazis killing us, gotta love terrorists.
anya margaux
anya margaux 7 日 前
i thought this is comedy?
thanos koumpanis
thanos koumpanis 7 日 前
God I love the harcore Republicans
Nadine Stewart
Nadine Stewart 7 日 前
0:11 xx
Jonathon Taylor
Jonathon Taylor 7 日 前
Only 14:30, I want my money back
Elmer King
Elmer King 7 日 前
Aye look hes crying i bet i taste like gravy
Dennis Borjonmarquez
Dennis Borjonmarquez 7 日 前
Everyone says this. But Gabriel is tha guy you want to drink with.
david martinez
david martinez 7 日 前
Don't know why but the guy saying in the background the knife made me laugh
Erick Rivera
Erick Rivera 7 日 前
00:43 what a class act...so chill about it but he still made his point across lol
Madison Ruggiero
Madison Ruggiero 7 日 前
When Dave laughs it sounds like me crabs 🤣🤣
Dr. Dave Salisbury PhD., MBA
Dr. Dave Salisbury PhD., MBA 7 日 前
Fluffy is one of my favorite comedians because he always shows respect to the people who help him. Bus drivers, spotlight movers, his mom, etc.
Hodgies Wife
Hodgies Wife 7 日 前
Fluffy gets it 💛🗽
I don't find this guy funny at all, Bill burr, Andrew Schultz, Dave Chapelle, they are funny, this guy is not.
Mark O'Connell
Mark O'Connell 7 日 前
@7:37 Or that you can’t laugh till you pass out at one another. lol
Nin Hang
Nin Hang 8 日 前
We’ve been scammed of 29 seconds
Vibhor Wase
Vibhor Wase 8 日 前
2:34. Absolutely correct. Americans and their children take a LOT of things for granted. *A LOT* Try visiting a third world country and you'll even appreciate the air you breathe in U.S. of A
ryan clark
ryan clark 8 日 前
Haris Sunandar
Haris Sunandar 8 日 前
Please give the video English subtitle
GOD Aim 8 日 前
That intro is sus
Sardonic Spartan
Sardonic Spartan 8 日 前
Dave is the real hero.
Wxiba 8 日 前
"15 minutes of Fluffy" Me: this must be that new math
Care Dave
Care Dave 6 日 前
@Azure Dragoon Netflix be sus
Azure Dragoon
Azure Dragoon 6 日 前
Yeah, unfortunate. You'd think they'd be legit but the video itself isn't even a total run time of 15 minutes.
Care Dave
Care Dave 7 日 前
Fluffy Math :)
Clint Gasman
Clint Gasman 8 日 前
You are so right
Smokescreen Stings
Smokescreen Stings 8 日 前
This dudes a joke. Literally, if the dudes still stealing jokes Joe needs to heelhook him to a new dimension.
Space Junki
Space Junki 7 日 前
I think you might need to work on your grammar before trying to insult someone. Also, if you don't like him then leave lol. Nobody said you had to watch the video and express your worthless opinion.
Awesome 🥰
Valdeito Silver
Valdeito Silver 8 日 前
West Point for Franky. Lol
Greg Krueger
Greg Krueger 8 日 前
Normally I wouldn't say nothing because I really like your comedy but apparently you must have a problem with the wall so just because you're a Spanish-speaking person you feel that everybody should be able just to come into this country without doing it the right way my parents were immigrants and they came the right way I have no problem with immigrants coming to this country as long as they do it the right way but the sneak in here no and I think you should think twice about that
humboldt glitches
humboldt glitches 8 日 前
I love this about fluffy ele everybody love everybody
Jayna McQ
Jayna McQ 8 日 前
Im diabetic too and i LOVE JAEGER!! can't have anymore but i luved in Germany for 5yrs so i think i had enuff!😂😂
TheDWZemke 8 日 前
Mexico has agreed to pay for Trump's ankle bracelet saves everyone for paying the wall
Laynna Lucia
Laynna Lucia 8 日 前
Cant wait for September to roll around. Hopefully it doesn’t get canceled/re-re-scheduled. I got tickets to see him for the 2nd time!
Alexis Blair
Alexis Blair 8 日 前
Fluffy’s old white man laugh is terrifying
Nuno M
Nuno M 8 日 前
Manny Delgado does stand up?
a bonzai
a bonzai 9 日 前
Gabriel: if i'm gonna do an exchange program, give me a kid from a hardcore 3rd world country Me: i volunteer 🙋‍♀️
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas 9 日 前
Dave was love
Dax Hallman
Dax Hallman 9 日 前
Fluffy and I can do crunches anytime. We'll get ripped after the Jäger.
Benny Rangel
Benny Rangel 9 日 前
Funny video 😂
SpaceCadetLaC 9 日 前
Hes just not that funny anymore. Last neflix special was trash for anyone that isnt Texan or Mexican.
Uneasy 321
Uneasy 321 9 日 前
Made my ass spit my milk when Dave texted Luffy "And your gonna pay for it"
Mark Beatty
Mark Beatty 9 日 前
Love fluffy in every special he gives props to at least one person who has an undervalued job. Love this man
Valeria Novoa
Valeria Novoa 9 日 前
As a kid from a Third World Country, please pick me 😫 I'm willing to be part of a kid's swap
SEN Pt 9 日 前
Probably THE best humorist on the world,, by a far lead.Luv-u Fluffy !
GodOfKa 9 日 前
7:36 the transition between the honest trucker and talking about alcohol is seamless! Keep up the good work. I know I got a long way to become as good as you!
Sergey O'Neill
Sergey O'Neill 9 日 前
You say 15 min but its 14:30. Get it right.
Ashmyka Ferns
Ashmyka Ferns 9 日 前
The aberrant brush periodically fool because bean clasically afford in a sparkling debtor. gainful, kaput adult
Liam Taylor
Liam Taylor 9 日 前
The first two seconds of that intro music had me double checking what I’m watching
Persona Humana
Persona Humana 9 日 前
He is kind fat ... How is the fat rate in USA ?
Marcitos Tacitos
Marcitos Tacitos 9 日 前
why are you asking this in a youtube comment section?
Aniel Shrestha
Aniel Shrestha 9 日 前
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