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If you're watching this you probably have a fur baby by your side. And BTW, calling your pet a "fur baby" is creepy. Joe Rogan: Strange Times, Felipe Esparza: Bad Decisions and The Standups featuring Nikki Glaser are now streaming on Netflix.
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The official hub of Netflix stand-up, comedy series, films, and all things funny - curated by the world’s most advanced algorithm and a depressed, yet lovable, cartoon horse. Their unlikely friendship is our story…
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Victoria Kar
Victoria Kar 5 日 前
Second part creeped me out. Too long of a joke. If she just mentioned it in passing,ok,haha. She made it creepy.
Razle Frazle1999
Razle Frazle1999 7 日 前
The beastiality bitch's clip ends at 11:43, for my fellow disgusted humans.
Mistrkevin 11 日 前
Nikki sounds like she’s doing her best Louis ck impression. Or is this always her act? Idk I don’t know her.
Bao Han Huynh Pham
Bao Han Huynh Pham 11 日 前
Dogs and cats are both loveable domestic pets, but I think their animal instincts after taming are kinda... different, *Dogs* : Oh hello there, I don't know you. So how about you keep a little bit of distance from me and my hooman until we're friends, okie? Okie, new friends? *Cats* : SUBMIT TO YOUR FATE, PEASANTS! luv u human. BOW DOWN, BITCH!
Tar Am
Tar Am 11 日 前
First one was hilarious ! I watched it twice and died laughing twice. Second one is an unfunny disgusting waste of time. Skipped it.
Gabrielle Summers
Gabrielle Summers 11 日 前
Cats will find a way into a tank to kill a little critter fish rodent it dont matter. My cat will attack a dog
DinaG 9 日 前
My eldest cat hates my dpg w a burning passion so they stay in seperate parts of the house otherwise my cat will attack my dog (who is 5 times his size)
Elizabeth Hale
Elizabeth Hale 12 日 前
Who was the last guy??
J Svendsen
J Svendsen 12 日 前
Whoever the 2nd act is is a disgusting human. I could not wait for her to be over. Had to fast forward.....and I am not a fucking prude. She is just gross.
Juanita Martinez
Juanita Martinez 13 日 前
W t f ??? 😧 BEASTIOLOGY. How bout NOOOOOOOOO !!!
sikoo31 11 日 前
It's beastiality
J Seri0us
J Seri0us 13 日 前
bestiality isn’t funny and just because dog-companion culture has taken over America does not make that middle skit okay.
John Bar
John Bar 14 日 前
Glaser isn’t funny. Does she get off on awkward laughter?
Surabhi Yadav
Surabhi Yadav 14 日 前
Lol.I like how he compared the murderous tendency of a cat to the "having sex" tendency of a human. 😂
Luca Stedman
Luca Stedman 14 日 前
Summat wrong with that bird! But it's hilarious.
τhεShiττyShoω 15 日 前
8:27 Alright! we get it! it's NOT supposed to be sexy ... Jeezus ... I'm watching, getting breakfast at 9 am feeling like it's kinda early to be hearing this sh#% XD still love Nikki, but seriously WHAT the F#&% X'D
Alisa Johns
Alisa Johns 15 日 前
Yuck 🤢 beastiality
Janette Ibarra
Janette Ibarra 15 日 前
" Bitch you know me -.- " - cats 😂😂😂😂
Leonardo B
Leonardo B 15 日 前
Who else stopped the video in the middle of Nick's act? I love female comedians just as much as males, but the extra sexual thing was funny, not even when Amy Schumer did 🤢🤮
Gabriela Cirelli
Gabriela Cirelli 15 日 前
Nikki Glaser, I'm not a fan. She didn't make me laugh at all and then I just fast forwarded. Rogen and Esparza were great!
Alexandra Henderson
Alexandra Henderson 6 日 前
High Prophet
High Prophet 14 日 前
Cool story bro
Roxanne Perez
Roxanne Perez 15 日 前
That girl was gross
ja krispy
ja krispy 15 日 前
11:42 to skip the one in the middle
Nancy Schwartz
Nancy Schwartz 13 日 前
Middle was effing cringe. She needs a close friend to give her some constructive criticism to DROP that entire act.
J Seri0us
J Seri0us 13 日 前
Thank god I was tryna skip the shit
McKenna Estelle
McKenna Estelle 15 日 前
I loooove Joe Rogans bit
Daniel Beaney
Daniel Beaney 15 日 前
My cat makes that noise. But the biggest thing she's eatten (with me anyway) was a moth. But she would probably go for a pigeon not like a small bird
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 15 日 前
This was pretty funny up until Nikki Glasser... then it got cringy. She spent 10 min talking about her animal giving her head. Clearly she can't think of better content.
Jessica Nicole
Jessica Nicole 15 日 前
Should have kept the bestiality "comedian" out of it. Her whole "bit" was just fucking gross 🤢🤮
Rich Hopkins
Rich Hopkins 16 日 前
Science has studied that particular mental state of cats when they zone in on other animals and they just chirp and chitter.. Science has concluded that they don't have the slightest clue why cats do it. NO CLUE!!
Rich Hopkins
Rich Hopkins 6 日 前
@Alexandra Henderson Seems like a logical explanation 😁
Alexandra Henderson
Alexandra Henderson 6 日 前
It's them mimicking
Lilac Moon
Lilac Moon 9 日 前
@Adrian Yo true.
Rich Hopkins
Rich Hopkins 11 日 前
@sikoo31 whose neck is right where?
sikoo31 11 日 前
Bro it's cause their neck is right there
Bailey L
Bailey L 16 日 前
The cat and the hamster one is true with one of my cats,, found one of his paws in the cage 😅 hammy is fine btw
Lakiela Manning
Lakiela Manning 11 日 前
Poor hammy!🤣🥰🤣🥰🤣🤣🤣
Rose Tyler
Rose Tyler 13 日 前
Fine for now lmao
Jasmine Hurtado
Jasmine Hurtado 16 日 前
Oh man I can't wait the second comedian. That's just nasty. 😭 Sorry not my type of humor. I kept cringy.
Jasmine Hurtado
Jasmine Hurtado 14 日 前
@Gonzo Productions bruh, I'm 19
Gonzo Productions
Gonzo Productions 15 日 前
You're like 30, who cares
fun_paparazzi 16 日 前
The bit about cats’ involuntary noises had me in stitches! My Yoshi does this, all the time. Her variation sounds like a cross between a chattering squirrel and a cooing baby- in other words, creepy-cute. As for Exorcist noises, they sounded like a cougar’s roar
lindsay matheson
lindsay matheson 16 日 前
So, out of a 15 minute video you dedicated 7 minutes to Joe rogan.... Why????
rikomarusama 12 日 前
I think he just had the longest bit. :\
The Batman Who Laughs
The Batman Who Laughs 12 日 前
I don't like Joe Rogan that much but that shit was funny.
Richard Hernandez
Richard Hernandez 14 日 前
Bro that bit wasn’t that bad, why the hate?
Cheryl A
Cheryl A 15 日 前
The first comedian was the only funny one.
Gerald mastercub
Gerald mastercub 17 日 前
The Dog woman segment was Not worthy of laughs! Just not a comedy Good Time segment! No wonder I stopped watching with her part! Ruined the whole video!
Irish Losito
Irish Losito 10 日 前
Couldn't agree more. 🤮
FedoraDog13 12 日 前
If it had been a one-and-done joke, it would have been funny. But as a long bit, it's just creepy and gross.
J Seri0us
J Seri0us 13 日 前
bestiality is a bit outdated I gotta say; the shit was no funny.
Daniel Beaney
Daniel Beaney 15 日 前
... couldn't help but think that she's just desperate for both laughs and a meaningful relationship. But i could just be WAAAY OVER THINKING IT!?
Zoe Shaw-Allen
Zoe Shaw-Allen 16 日 前
I agree, made me feel a bit sick tbh I skipped the second i realised her whole skit was on that
Karla Jaeger
Karla Jaeger 17 日 前
Before we broke up my ex had birds in my 3rd apt, a papillon, and a cat. Avery was smart but Lima was too brave. She flew off my gf's glasses and landed in front of the cat. I swear before I grabbed Lima the cat looked at me as if to say, "is this a trick?"
Sally 17 日 前
Rogan giving creepy roided rage vibes I would not want to be alone with him anywhere
Sally 5 日 前
@Top Lobster uh, I didn’t mean hang, I meant like share an elevator ride
Top Lobster
Top Lobster 5 日 前
I bet he wouldn’t want to hang with you either
sikoo31 11 日 前
That's just his act, he's a very calm person
Svet U
Svet U 17 日 前
Rogan is funny
Tuberwolf 18 日 前
odd 1k views
sarina76667 18 日 前
Lol and then there’s my cats. The hamster was his best buddy. My cockatiel and the other cat are serenading each other and grooming like they’re dating. And my male cat would only make that chittering sound whenever I was laughing. It was like he was trying to mimic my laugh lol
2021 Indigenous Education
2021 Indigenous Education 10 日 前
Precious 😍
sarina76667 15 日 前
@witchprojekt666 aw thanks! I don’t think anyone does really.
witchprojekt666 16 日 前
@sarina76667 damage control in general. We all do it in someway and for as elitist as people can be we all still are subject to the same classical conditioning we use to train animals or teach kids. We all really ain’t that different haha. Appreciate you for your patience at work 🙏🏽 I’m sure you don’t hear that often enough.
sarina76667 16 日 前
@witchprojekt666 yes I work in the clerks office of a courthouse now. It’s civil department so I don’t handle anything criminal, but that just means people are more pissed off and my department gets blamed for everything even stuff that isn’t in our courthouse. Thing is my office are the people trying to help. We don’t give anyone special treatment because we can’t. There’s no special treatment to give. Private attorneys always try to convince us “but we’ve always done it that way.” No you haven’t. “Well it must have changed recently.” No it hasn’t. We’ve never done that. “How long have you worked here?” 14 years. “Well can’t you do it this way just this once?” No. Watch them throw a fit. Guess I’m a different kind of bouncer lol
witchprojekt666 16 日 前
@sarina76667 honestly I see the same even in grown ass adults too. Lol *i was a bouncer in a bar pre covid
A W 19 日 前
I respect Nikki Glaser but wtf that was horrific, really uncomfortable ..
Where do you keep UR eggs? ???
Where do you keep UR eggs? ??? 14 日 前
Yeah dude I like Rogan too as a person but I don’t find his comedy funny at all especially in this video.
BigDirtyFo 16 日 前
I stopped watching after she "joked" about her dog eating her pussy, thats not shock comedy. Thats you needing shock therapy.
shafali1972 18 日 前
I love her, but I am sick of the "sexually desperate" drivel that has become her act. I know she is way better than this but honestly once she started hanging out with Amy Schumer, her act turned into 1 trick just like Amy and you see how her career ended so I am hoping that at some point Nikki finds another subject to talk about. I don't believe she is trying to be a shock comic, she used to talk about other things and be funny.
Mis ericordiam
Mis ericordiam 18 日 前
That’s the point-she’s shock comedy.
Industrial Animation
Industrial Animation 19 日 前
I think it’s safe to say this is the longest anybody has thought about getting eaten out by their dog
Rae 14 日 前
Bruh. I felt bad for the audience lol 🥴
Jeremiah .A
Jeremiah .A 19 日 前
People like to shit on Rogan's standup but this whole bit and the whole special were very good.
Top Lobster
Top Lobster 5 日 前
He isn’t the best comedian, but his Netflix specials are good work man. My top 15 for sure
Jeremiah .A
Jeremiah .A 11 日 前
@sikoo31 - I think so too.
sikoo31 11 日 前
I feel like people don't like it when someone is more than one thing, and Joe is a lot of things
tom barrett
tom barrett 15 日 前
rogans funny as hell to me he's not like the goat but hes mad funny
Katelyn K
Katelyn K 19 日 前
I’m disappointed in myself! Same random doggo, same
Katelyn K
Katelyn K 19 日 前
Someone got shadow banned 🤣
Julian Avina
Julian Avina 19 日 前
Hasn't reached a 1000 views in over a week? Odd lol
Matt Scalf
Matt Scalf 20 日 前
Fuck cats 🤣
Queen She Nunga
Queen She Nunga 20 日 前
Okay guess I'm the 5th😅
Mattyu 20 日 前
Yay I'm the 4th
Anvay13 21 日 前
Im the third Indian guy here. And also the third guy in general.
Mags Yilden
Mags Yilden 16 日 前
Weird. They got shadow banned or sum shit lmao
Aditya Nathanael
Aditya Nathanael 21 日 前
Lol is it really just 60 views for a week? 😂
Annie Chakraborty
Annie Chakraborty 21 日 前
Am I really the first person here?😂
Sadish Radish
Sadish Radish 18 日 前
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