Shelby Spider
Shelby Spider 22 時間 前
Wow... You really can't randomly slap people's asses or really anything.... That's assualt.... Now if they're all long term friends.
Emperor Norton Winks
Emperor Norton Winks 22 時間 前
Richard Pryor was the funniest man in what ever room he entered
Dylan Lafreniere
Dylan Lafreniere 22 時間 前
This mans a national treasure at this point.
graham CRACKER
graham CRACKER 22 時間 前
numsidumsragitsch 22 時間 前
3:49 still gets my every time :D
No One
No One 22 時間 前
I knew I liked my brother when he was 5, standing in front of my mom with his cup in his hands as mom poured juice in it and he just said, “Thanks “ as he turned and walked away as mom continued pouring juice on the floor for three more seconds. 🤣😂🤣😂
Tuk asfuk
Tuk asfuk 22 時間 前
I would buy an "all buildings matter" shirt 🤣
Johnson Thomas
Johnson Thomas 22 時間 前
The makeshift vibraphone weekly cheat because effect phylogenetically mate below a cute tooth. regular, shocking foot
JD Antigua
JD Antigua 22 時間 前
tRump, I mean Narcissist has always been a liar, cheat, 5x toe deferral from the military, thief and tax evader. What should we really expect from this Untouchable? Well, Pelosi knows how to touch him. LoL
ProfessionalBeats. 22 時間 前
The way keannu looks at the camera n nods 🤣
Govind Shekhawat
Govind Shekhawat 22 時間 前
but why is race relevant at all, there are other better parameters to judge a candidate
IK Light
IK Light 22 時間 前
R. I. P
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens 22 時間 前
I agreed with Trump's no nonsense approach to stopping illegal "refugees" and "assylum seekers" coming over. The US has already taken their fair share over the years, the country is full now, no more room. The gates are closed permanently. If you still try and get in then you're trespassing on private property. Brazil, Cuba and Argentina are nice countries, they could take them in.
Sooyoon Kim
Sooyoon Kim 22 時間 前
esplash mountain hahahahaha
Sayak Choudhury
Sayak Choudhury 22 時間 前
What's his accent?
No Number
No Number 22 時間 前
Silverman is a mob hussie.
FVS 22 時間 前
When he starts “aaahhh” and it echoes 😂😂😂
O G 22 時間 前
I have no idea how old this woman is but I’m insanely attracted to her
GFR Dre 22 時間 前
NOT DEATH ROW🤣🤣🤣🤣 where’s my money bitch😂😂😂😂
Kayla M
Kayla M 23 時間 前
This is very accurate lol
TheGameGuru 23 時間 前
them crack babies XD
The Washboard Resonators
The Washboard Resonators 23 時間 前
Razor sharp.
Cloud King
Cloud King 23 時間 前
The middle comedian is funny but what he's talking about is stupid AF. I hate people that shit talk and act like equal rights aren't a thing the past 300-400 years have been working towards. But for some reason within the past 5-10 years people act like they're oppressed its absolutely fucking dumb
KbisLit 23 時間 前
indian parents be like "its not pronounced actor beta, its pronounced doctor"
2bit MarketAnarchist
2bit MarketAnarchist 23 時間 前
Jenny Slate lowkey plea for help
TRYBES 23 時間 前
I'd take a juggalo over a trumper any day
VL DT 23 時間 前
brooo the ice cream container is where the seafood sleeps in the freezer XD
Renato Passos
Renato Passos 23 時間 前
Whatever Bob 🔥
Spencer Miller
Spencer Miller 23 時間 前
My birthday is in March and I can confirm that’s how I spent the month 😂😂😂
LouanneLouanne AndreulaAndreula
LouanneLouanne AndreulaAndreula 23 時間 前
The violent ounce substantively reproduce because cross socioeconomically cause after a frantic position. recondite, aback trout
Kronos 23 時間 前
10:59 Thought she was about to throw a rap
unrefusableoffer 23 時間 前
And that's shelf of anger is why men have heart attacks.
Fatmah 23 時間 前
When i was in 3rd grade one of my classmates was making fun of my hair and i got so upset i told her “at least my mom is alive and does my hair every morning” I immediately regretted it like the second i said it i gasped and apologized 😩😩😩 what was wrong with me?????
Maria 23 時間 前
I felt that “partner-up” qs. Made me realize that correlation of funny jokes & childhood trauma is undeniable. Some people lack funny. and it shows...
DespizedICON 23 時間 前
now trying to jump is. Fat People are not meant to try to do anything physical.
Animatronic Gaming
Animatronic Gaming 23 時間 前
I already watched season four
strangemanjosh life
strangemanjosh life 23 時間 前
This man tried to hard to be funny lowkey sad
DeAundra Moon
DeAundra Moon 23 時間 前
Lmbo. Yes they are life...too funny
environment Eller
environment Eller 23 時間 前
Zach is getting old lol
Jacqueline M.
Jacqueline M. 23 時間 前
ok this is Hilarious
Aarushi Mamgain
Aarushi Mamgain 23 時間 前
Umm hasan just to correct you. Rhombus is a 2 d figure. It does not have a volume. Lol
Morgan L
Morgan L 23 時間 前
I love that Hasan’s comedy is the perfect mix of informative, real, depressing and funny. It’s like life as a comedy act where you actually learn something at the end of it all.
S. G.
S. G. 23 時間 前
anyone know if she has a special, or anywhere i can find more of her stuff?
Jeni Narvaez Melo
Jeni Narvaez Melo 23 時間 前
Brooo i had no idea Jerry Seinfeld was Barry's voice actor from Bee Movie 😭😂😂
khaosflare 23 時間 前
Nobody: Not one soul: D.R.: "HUAHAUHAU-HAUHAU"
alpheus masanga
alpheus masanga 23 時間 前
I didn't know Americans used WhatsApp
Sara Hhhiu
Sara Hhhiu 23 時間 前
Oh god Leslie Jones needs to stop. So loud and annoying. Where was the comedy?
Temjen Lemtur
Temjen Lemtur 23 時間 前
Not funny
times up
times up 日 前
I wish I would be in a so called relationship and the female I'm with try to control me with pussy...im definitely not wired that way... 🙄
Jessica Scott
Jessica Scott 日 前
As a woman, this is 5 mins of pure body horror...
Madee Kurmanbayev
Madee Kurmanbayev 日 前
He's funny. He should start a podcast
John Davis
John Davis 日 前
Hey is this the F is for family guy? 😆 🤣 😂 Just looked it up. I gotta go watch this dude.
Matt K
Matt K 日 前
If black people would stop killing black people, then blm would have some meaning, but if they don't even believe it,why should we?
1:35 ""BITCH you promised,"" I know he is supposed to be a comedian, but, CALLING YOUR DAUGHTER A BITCH, is a BITCH MOVE BAD DAD! Also the way he talks about her PERIOD, & VAGINA ""funny as hell"" but think it was a little CREEPY okay no fuck-it SUPER DUPER CREEPY CREEPER FEEL 2 IT!!!!! but still funny
Moose Stubbings
Moose Stubbings 日 前
the apocalypse never came and you never got your money back not only that,but you will do it again in a month when the next story scares you into spending and won't know why lol!😂 #Sheeple
Legend Inthemaking
Legend Inthemaking 日 前
Man I'm fuckin dead!! LMAO!!
Paul Hain
Paul Hain 日 前
That's nice to know. Thank you.
Nikes Ed
Nikes Ed 日 前
Their genes run deep!
Esperanza Smucker
Esperanza Smucker 日 前
Whhhaaaaaatttttttttt. ..he is the what
Cora's Creative Corner
Cora's Creative Corner 日 前
This the kind of wholesome family moments I want to remember 2020 for. Well done, this was lovely. Now take my money for the album... we need one 🤗
armyforlife3 Nao
armyforlife3 Nao 日 前
Lol. I got my period when the only parent I’ve had is my dad. He lost his shit
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh 日 前
"Black cock, asses and feet"
Ma'Samu 日 前
"Woman would it kill you to tell a joke" 😂😂😭
Chris Fortune
Chris Fortune 日 前
According to the law everyone has equal rights. It's how it is put into practice that's not equal.
Flabberghasted Symphony
Flabberghasted Symphony 日 前
Imagine being a potato and having it all end like that with barbeque becky
Faraz Bhutta
Faraz Bhutta 日 前
Tbh it’s hard to be perfect. Canada is the best of the worst. Worst being all countries
Brendan Michael
Brendan Michael 日 前
Why is my guy sitting on a toilet?
Seeside Summerhouse
Seeside Summerhouse 日 前
Its 2021 and still no justice for poor Juicy smh
Dylan Lafreniere
Dylan Lafreniere 日 前
This that rare form of great racism, that you can barely get away with unless your hilarious.
Miroslaba Domenech
Miroslaba Domenech 日 前
Not even in that order😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
J Donovan
J Donovan 日 前
Zero fucking talent
TENGU127 日 前
Kind of shook me, when right after the rectum conversation, they went right to the dark brown coffee dripping out of the coffee machine🤢😆
Danny R
Danny R 日 前
Seems like Tiffany learned the hard way!
Eric Dulume
Eric Dulume 日 前
Dave Chappelle is a leader
Maurice Rose
Maurice Rose 日 前
...before not wearing makeup...and after not wearing makeup...?
miniG 日 前
wow this role was tailored for Ursula
connect gfv
connect gfv 日 前
Update: I don't know or care what the horse is doing anymore.
Kelly Kingsdown
Kelly Kingsdown 日 前
So people can stand at the corner no more dam I'm going to miss my weed guy. How went to rob a weed farm 😤😣